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1659: Want to Change Something? Start Now, Before You’re Ready by Jeff Goins of Goins Writer on Inspirational Advice

2020-06-26 | 🔗

Jeff Goins of Goins Writer shares his thoughts on starting before you're ready to change something.

Episode 1659: Want to Change Something? Start Now, Before You’re Ready by Jeff Goins of Goins Writer on Inspirational Advice

Jeff Goins is the best-selling author of five books including The Art of Work and Real Artists Don't Starve. On his blog, he shares his thoughts on writing, life, and creative work.

The original post is located here: https://goinswriter.com/start/

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Real quick. I recommend listening to the show on Spotify. We can listen to all of your favorite artist and podcast in one place for free without a premium account. Spotify has a huge catalog of podcast on every imaginable topic, plus he can follow your favorite podcast. So you never miss an episode premium. Users can download episodes to listen to offline wherever and whenever and easily share what you're listening to with your friends on Instagram. So if you haven't done so already be sure to download the Spotify app search for optimal living daily on Spotify or browse podcast into your library, Tab also make sure to follow me. So you never miss an episode. optimal living daily. This is optimal living daily episode. One thousand six hundred and fifty nine want to change something start now before you're, ready by Jeff Goins of going to ride or die Edmund Arid or just a moloch, Oakum, two of them. living daily, o L D. For short, where I narrate the best blogging permission from covering productivity minimalism personal development and more days, article comes from
brand new author for the show, not totally Newbie them narrated him as a guest author from websites regularly feature here, so the name might familiar, is Jeff Goines. Although tell you bout him right after the reading. So for now, let's get right to our first post from him and start up miles. Your life want to change something start now before you ready. by Jeff coins of coins, writer Darksome was starting something anything Most of us think we need more than we have more information, more permission, more resources, but that's not true. We everything we need to begin recently us Florida and Chicago for a series of speaking and consulting geeks thanks for every one who came out and on these trips I ran into a number of extraordinary individuals whose names you probably one: no, but who are nonetheless changing their corners of the world
for the better. I am constantly amazed by thy over of people I encounter while travelling like the college administrator trying to elevate arts in their public consciousness of his city of a hundred thousand people or the young woman who is revitalizing small businesses and are economically depressed town, that married of artists, entrepreneurs and creative or using their. If on the internet to make the world a better and more interesting space, do know what all these people have common. It wasn't an ivy. They degree or a certain iq level. It wasn't in abundance of wealth or skill. In fact, none of them had all their stuff together These showed their idiosyncrasies in peccadilloes their own quirks and hang ups. They struggled with something in word. They were human, but they all had something else in common at some point, they decided to start in spite of feeling like they didn't have enough
Starting is the easiest thing in the world. Anyone can do it and yet most of us, don't we wait for someone else to go. First, we wait for the every they serve clarity or confirmation of what we should do. Next, we hold out hope for more money, more time, more people and we miss our chance. The world is change not by those who have figured out but those willing to began a learn this in my own journey, as a writer, an entrepreneur and he's imo started something my business, a blog book I've never felt like. I had enough the challenge always either the resources available, and yet each time I stepped out my always had enough today, I want There are three key lessons. I've learned from this process of starting things over the years, many of which fail In sum that succeeded to start anything, you have to begin where you are with what you have trusting that it's enough clarity
comes with action. You dont need more information. You don't need to just no to make the right choice, waiting for clarity before you act as what timid and foolish people That's a perfect formula to be laggard, someone behind the curve of evolution in a way for clarity before taking action. You act your way into is it harder than sounds, though, the challenging choices facing all of us require a great deal of risk on either side. For example, do I quit my job or not to make the big move across the country? or stay put for another year. Do you risk it all going after what you want, or is that selfish? How do we know what the next step is? The wisest people I've met have all said. The same thing you don't know you may have an intuition the sense, maybe even a gun, the next step, but nobody has all of life spelled out for them. We are all taking chances and moving in the direction of where we feel lead. If we're lucky.
For some of us. Life feels more like a shoot than perfectly orchestrated, no matter what there is not absolute clarity for any of us all our journeys or fill with uncertainty. As soon as you get moving, you start to see. What's ahead, the path becomes clear, as you start walking down it and with each re foot forward, you growing courage and the struggles always strongest before that for step. If you find yourself wondering what you're even doing unsure of what's next take heart, you are in good company, as I wrote in a popular post on medium quote when you're calling seems vague and unclear here on the right track and what we all want to be told quote. This is the way to go lock in it and all will be Fine and quote life doesn't work that way if you're feeling directionless this means you are in the midst of an incredible story. Called your life get ready something exciting
is about to happen. We follow those who go first, you don't need a way for permission. If you see a need meet it. If you know the answer rays, And it doesn't matter people look at you funny or if you end up standing out there, all alone with the world watching you. The truth is that we are waiting for you, This all leadership is the willingness to take the first step. You don't need to be the best or the smartest or even the most unique you. need to go first, like a random guy in a park bench who started belting out, Bon Jovi's livin on a prayer and kinda entire park to sing along holy. Did we start singing Maybe you and I can do the same leadership- is the art of going first. In fact, in ending often the company that is the first to market ends up owning. The category, for example, means say: pass the facial tissue is a pastor, kleenex being fur first mean stepping up and standing out before. Anyone else was willing to this kind of moving greatly exposed.
Believing vulnerable, but also means that others watching you in paying attention to your every move. When we step out like this, we never just know what to do, but his clarity comes with each step. We take, we begin taking more decisive action. The path becomes clear in pretty and we see others following her footsteps focus beats attention. You need a lot of people. attention to you to start anything, you often need a lot less than you think. Provided me, you know what you want and our work. We don't need the whole to listen to our message. We just need a tribe of true fans on whom we can focus and who, in turn will respond to our message in the region: our view with Brian Clark, on his podcast of a figure small, a shared, how my belief that I need a millions of fans to make an impact was wrong it turns out. I we needed a hundred clear what we really want. We realise we don't need much to get. There is a gift of intention and focus.
his. Why decided to experiment with what I call the hundred person rule? We have committed a crime. Only working with no more than one hundred people this year in hopes of going deeper with a smaller group of people, helping them achieve true, lasting transformation in their creative work so far is going great. I'm loving the focus and what the constraints are allowing me to do this on a huge audience that helps to work. bread is their intention and willingness to focus on the people for which the work was intended. Trusting that as they get it more, people will to be only to build an empire. You just need to find a few friends who ere you just listen to the postal, want to change something start now before you ready Jeff coins of coins, writer die com and it just came across Fidel. Yes, his genius. If something were to happen,
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code. Optimal at check out does EF, I de L, I, U S, vaults, dark, come encode, optimal check out and they get a Jeff. Just recently got permission to new his work. Giving it took me so long to reach out cause just been feature at least a couple of times across our shows, but from different blogs that we already have permission from slowly made sense to get permission to narrate from his own website. he's a best selling author of five books, including national, best sellers, the art of work and real artist, stone starve. You can check out newsletter on tips for helping your creative work succeed. Am I Goines writer dot com to learn more, that's g, I am s writer dotcom. There are lots of resources, there are always means a lot when you shore, authors or support they'll, do for today. a great day. Great start your weekend. If you listen in real time and I'll see you over the weekend where optimal life awaits,
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