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1681: Consider, Commit, Lock by Tynan on How To Develop Self Discipline & New Habit Formation

2020-07-18 | 🔗

Tynan shares his thoughts how to develop self discipline.

Episode 1681: Consider, Commit, Lock by Tynan on How To Develop Self Discipline & New Habit Formation

Tynan was named as one of the top 25 best bloggers in 2013 by Time Magazine. He believes in making deliberate decisions and breaking away from the herd mentality. He likes learning new things, building habits, exposing the world, connecting with awesome people, and creating good work. The New York Times Bestseller “The Game” featured him as one of the main characters, as he was one of the most famous pickup artists in the world. In 2008, he sold everything he owned and went on an extended world trip, becoming a fervent minimalist. Fun facts: he’s a college dropout, was a professional poker player, Courtney Love was his roommate for 9 months, and he once built a swimming pool in his living room.

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This is optimal living dealey episodes. Sixteen eighty one consider commit lock by time in of time, and I come and I'm just a moloch, your very own. Personal area today in everyday, including weekends and holidays, since not a typical podcast There are no interviews, in short, almost always fewer than ten minutes. The new year listening from a website. There are lots of ways to listen, for beyond the go, the most convenient is from a smartphone using up I guess I've just gettin aben subscribed to the show for free to get new episodes and without a right to it, asked her optimizing? Your life? consider commit lock by time and have tightened outcome. People often comment that I have a lot of discipline. Even if you go through some comments on posts in this blog you'll see people saying that even agree with them. I've been working. This Polly phases thing for over two months now
very few nights have gone by that have been involved in intense struggle to stave off sleepiness. The funny thing is that I used to be completely undisciplined, there's almost a joke amongst my friends and families. What changed listen on the problem is that I didn't trust myself if I said I'm in eat meat for thirty days. I knew that, since I was undisciplined that in may not actually be true, so one day, three, he rolled around and I saw hamburger think so consciously well. I'm gonna make it thirty days anyway and hot shower down even small, things like saying: I'm really go to sleep after one. More game would just stretched my promises to myself were worthless Maybe you have a similar problem. I think most people do just look on Wikipedia all of the people who tried Polly Phase Exley some of it deleted, but the sad fact is that at least ninety five percent of people have not they knew when they started that they may not follow through. So when they were tired
at five a m Wendy they just side and when back to sleep, the truth is that I am probably less suited to adapting to this than any of those people. I haven't had These alarming years, I had no structure to my sleeping patterns manner. Routinely slept for nine ten hours per day. The only reason still doing now is because, from the very beginning I said, I'd stick to it, no matter what I've never even considered giving up. Because of that commitment here I send my humbly submit as being the best way to make any decision number one take plenty the time to think through your decision. Think of how it will affect you do have all of the information, if not yet it think of yourself as a robot you'll get a program at once. So do I right. Make sure that in the moment you make this decision, you are confident about it number two
now that you ve, gathered all the information you need to make a decision commit to write it down. If you have to make sure that there is a distinct moment where you cautiously commit that decision to your memory number. Three no decision has been thoroughly thought through and made so you lock it in under no circumstances can change. That decision now sounds harsh and it might lead you to take some incorrect actions from time to time. But if you don't follow this process, you will waffle Then it make exponentially more errors. If necessary, you can add a safeguard into z, commit process. I often say I will do x for one month and then re evaluate real benefit to the system. Is that every decision you make is with a clear head when the going gets rough in his time too you ve already got your mind made up to you I can really make an informed decision, acquit polytheistic sleeping when I'm exhausted at five. A am, of course not
my sleep, illogical, say anything to. Let me go back to sleep, but since I committed to polytheistic sleeping for life, I will never give up, Let me give you a real world example that nearly every one of your readers will go through about it you're, a girl, mousing relationship. The girl was one of, if not the most beautiful girls. I'd ever talk to let alone dated we ve been together for almost a year you're, not some incredible experiences together, my loved her and she loved me. However, she drew he too much, but I knew that because of that I'll, never marry her We ve been together long enough that she was talking about marriage was convinced tat we would someday get married. Is that one day that I would have to break up with her, despite the fact that I loved her, I knew that it was in my best interest, as well as hers for us to break up. Also she kept trying to quit drinking, but whenever she would start again because of lack of discipline, it would upset me the drama in my life than I need it. It was a tough decision, but eventually committee
to breaking up with her forever breaking up is never easy, but stayin broken up is usually harder. I make up. Do you know who do that miserable broken up one? Second, back together, the next dance, nearly every one. For me, it was simple. I made my decision so I never even occur to me to consider taking her back. She called and called road emails and pushed all my bonds and believe me, after a year of living too, other. She knows our press, my bonds, but my resolve stay strong and eventually the calls tapered now, happily signal and happier than when I was with her. I believe she is aged him, most likely very happy, because I took the time to consider everything. I knew that this would be the right decision, even though there were rough times during the process. My always had an overarching feeling of confidence, and now that the dust has settled it proved to be the right move. If I
and been so firm in my decision I may still be waffling back and forth between being with her and breaking up. No one likes that part of our relationship, for example, is one I committed to eating nothing but healthy food. For a month I cut out ninety five percent. The foods that are used to eat and replace them Many cases with food said my wasn't fond of over the months my taste changed and I ended up extending commitment by seven more months. Even to this day, I ate one hundred Son healthy when I'm at home, but decided the more lenient when I'm travelling now I dont think most people will be able to build a sort of decision. Discipline overnight, Miser only didn't for music very difficult process, because also extremely undisciplined, by developed a similar process to build this discipline forever star of small, the serious use the process on every decision you make. This is what I did a car go through the process. Even doing such small things is eating lunch, you
your brain noses, a small thing is still feels good to commit to making launch and then eating it commit to. By giving your room to make a phone call. They need to make or even going bawling bowling. It doesn't matter but the commitments. Are it just matters at you begin, establishing a habit. Also remember to give yourself as much time as you need, an extra day of deciding is a far smaller loss than months of agonizing and flopping. Once you are good with small comments. Make larger ones eat no the sugar or refine flower for a week, go for a job every other day for two weeks pick things where you will never come senor ability to do them just to resolve. As you do this, you ll be a decree mental record of her how many commitments in a row you ve stock too, as I record yes larger me won't want to break it. In fact, I commit almost anything now, because I would do anything to avoid breaking. My record may take you a month, to really build a skill, but is one
I will be with you for the rest of your life when you build this trust in yourself, you are better equipped to deal with anything that comes your way and that, in turn, will build a tremendous confidence. He does listen to the post, titled consider commit lock by tightening of time, and I come not some comments, but first I used to think that eating better meant making fresh food from scratch every single meal every single day and the thought of it sometimes incursion me to eat more. But then I met freshly freshly understands that food needs to be delicious, healthy and so. Apple, because, let's be honest here, if it's not easy, I won't do it and if it doesn't he's good. I won't want it. I let freshly chef editress, as do all the hard work need to do is heat on my dinner and in three minutes. Undone, imagine better for you golden Oven, fried chicken cream
he Springtime risotto and fall apart. Tender beef brisket that just a few of the thirty plus Health conscious options to choose from and better yet avoid grocery shopping altogether and enjoy fully prepared dinners fresh, not frozen right here door. Now you can join also, one and a half million satisfied, customers escape the shopping, prepping, cooking and clean up freshly is offering. Our listeners, forty dollars off for their first to orders at freshly dot, com, slash old, that's freshly, dot, com, slash unwieldy and they get a titan. Agreed. This can take some time and is no easy feet by completely were, working on and his steps are worth, try I recommend writing those out. Those were or to think through decision completely from start to finish, and everything in between right that out there, right on your commitment, I'm pretty sure of her sums,
but he's showing that people who write out their decisions or commitments plans gold, although stuff, have a higher likelihood of accomplishing them so that important and at last lock it in. Possibly with a time limits. He can re so greatest from Thailand. They'll do for today. Before listening sticking around until the end of our great weekend, felicity in real time and I'll see you tomorrow, as usual, where optimal life awaits
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