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1682: An Excerpt from the book Reframe the Day: Embracing the Craft of Life, One Day at a Time by Adam M. Lowenstein

2020-07-19 | 🔗

An excerpt from the book Reframe the Day by Adam M. Lowenstein.

Episode 1682: An Excerpt from the book Reframe the Day: Embracing the Craft of Life, One Day at a Time by Adam M. Lowenstein

Adam M. Lowenstein is the author of Reframe the Day. He spent eight years working in American government and politics, most recently as a speechwriter and strategic communications advisor in the United States Senate. Today, Adam lives in London with his partner, Erin, and writes frequently about politics, work, and life. Visit his website, see his latest work, and subscribe to his newsletter, “Reframe Your Inbox,” at www.adaml.blog

Learn more about the book here: www.adaml.blog

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This is optimal. Living daily episode. Sixteen eighty two, an excerpt from the book rephrase the day embracing it draft of life one day at a time by Adam M Lowenstein, remunerated just a moloch reading you blogs or articles every single day of the year, but sometimes book excerpts like today I've actually near it in an excerpt from Adam before back an episode? Sixteen hundred in a garden, before you today, so that less get right to it, as we optimum Is your life an exit from the book be framed the day embracing the craft of life one day at a time by Adam Am Lowenstein. Here's one, admittedly odd way to balance work and life work like your apparent of young kids, the sounds pretty strange, especially coming from someone without children, but what I have observed that families with kids,
don't have much time or I imagine energy for things that don't satisfy one of two conditions, number one has to be done or number to improvise. SAM and their families with real, meaningful value they have to prioritize differ, were deliberately an efficiently wonder I work didn't, has off staying way to catch him on emails because they spent the first three hours of the day on twitter debt to focus on what is most important and what matters if small humans, counting on them being there at five thirty p m. The same is true at home, these theoretical pair prince of young children. Don't have time or interest in scheduling the evening conference. Calls for the sake of scheduling evening conference. Calls there have the time or interest. In working relentlessly for the purpose of fooling themselves into a fleeting says of accomplishment or productivity evenings weekends they can, shins holidays. They know what matters and it isn't powerpoint like any boundary.
Working with the urgency of having kids at home, focuses the mind and closes off the impossible yet too in devising possibility of doing it, all it makes it more difficult to just fi obsessing over the small things I dont really matter in the long run when we know it can't do it. All we have to choose does not a call to action for working more efficiently or try to sneak in extra tasks after your hypothetical or real children are asleep, is a call to action for working, less doing less prioritizing, focusing on what's modem, horned and letting the rest go tweaking your price. So what you care most about in the first thing you sacrificed by default, I'm sure actual parents can find plenty of ways to quibble with, is imperfect and algae and I'm sure they're right I have, idea what it's like to raise a child, which is why I am not giving parenting advice. I'm simply urging you to organize your days. More deliberately, spend your time more intentionally.
And free yourself from the mythical idea that any of us, Do it all quote clarity, about what matters provide clarity about what does not as from Tell Newport indeed work. If you choose a prior As a small things, you inevitably run out of time for the big things work after all, expands to fill. The time allotted for it. This fundamental attribute of human behaviour was first captured and economists to November nineteen fifty five, the com to introduce the world. This notion, known as Parkinson's law or at least put into words for the first time, described a hypothetical elderly, lady of leisure, who spent an entire day crafting a postcard to her knees. This task quote would occupy a busy man for three minutes. All told end quote
but because this lady of leisure could spend all day. Writing the note. Instead of having to fit into three minutes. It took the whole day to accomplish. Setting aside the painfully gender stereotypes of the busy man and the lady of leisure, to simple observation of a Our full truth, has only become more relevant in an age of constant distractions, fighting for our attention and tasks fighting for our time within reason. The more time he set aside for something The more time that something will take. The last I may set aside for a project the more efficiently you'll get it done. The scientific laws. The foundation of my unscientific observation about how coworkers with children seem to get their work done and still find time for the things that matter to them. They recognized limits on their time and they work within those limits. They focused on and commit to doing the most important stuff first, this formula has worked particularly well for the software firm base camp company.
Co founders, Jason freed and do behind my hands and explain that base cave employees generally work of forty hour week for much of the year, no matter what quote, if you can't fit everything. Want to do within forty hours per week. You need to picking what to do not work longer hours as from their reason book. It doesn't have to be crazy at work based him of lawyers. As to what they need to do in the time they have if they are able to accomplish what they expected, they change their expectations, not their skin jewels. Parkinson's law applies to more than office tasks. It could be finding an apartment, searching for a job fitting in a word out, seeing friends and family really, anything else we can do more than we think in less time, We think that we have far more control over how we use that time than we think this observation comes with a critical caviar. However,
senior days with Parkinson's law in mine can make a dangerously tempting to set your expectations even higher and crime. And even more tasks and commitments, just because you can there be a missed opportunity Just because you can do more than you think doesn't mean you should the power lies in leveraging Parkinson's law to make more time for the things that matter Do you not letting the less important stuff take up even more time or mental energy than it already does? Dont do more for the sake of doing more, do more of what matters Perhaps the melancholy lady of leisure, who spend all day writing journeys, had it right, but working life. You have young, kids or, however, you choose to think about it. You can leverage power, Parkinson's law to make more time for the things that matter to you. When, specifically, you find this time I am as less important than the fact that you make a conscious effort defined at some time somewhere and with some regularity, here's the fine print. No one can live, fact or time manage their way to doing everything they want yet
entire online universe promises that each one of us can unlock secret reserves of time enough time to do it all if we simply work, harder and multitask better and hacker lies more craftily than any one else as base camp founders for didn't Hansen right. These hacks quote all reflect an obsession with China, squeeze more time out of the day and quote, but they re We note quote rearranging your deal. Patterns to find more time for work. Isn't the problem too much to do MR problem, the only way to get more done is to have less to do. End quote the next time. You're lucky enough to look. Tomorrow's calendar and see a day with our meetings are when you find yourself with a few moments On the subway or waiting for a meal without the incoming stimuli resisting instinct, a temptation to fill that blank space with something that will give you a false sense of productivity or importance instead feel that time with something that matters to you or
perhaps with nothing. After all, when the poor reminds us quote doing nothing often leads to the very best of something you just into an exit from the book, refrain the day embracing the craft of life. One day at a time by Adam M Lowenstein. Now I believe we have all dealt with wearing Airbus, that not only distract you bud to strike the people in your media vicinity and before he drop hundreds of dollars you ve gotta, show. The Wireless Airbus from re caught, rake on ear, buds, I read about half the price of other premium wireless ear buds on the market, with their quality being highly comparable to the top audio. Brands. You already know their newest MA. On all the everyday e twenty five year, buds other best ones. Yet, with six hours of playtime, seamless, Bluetooth, Perry more base, and a more compact design that gives you a nice noise isolating fit
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I have to clean the letter box, feed him Pat him make sure the room his cap proved all that stuff and that time has to come from somewhere. So now I've managed to fit that time into my schedule and still get my work done so interesting how that works out. Now, when I know he's gonna nap, I'm cranking on my work, but also trying to eliminate the stuff It doesn't matter so good stuff from Adam. His book is out. You can grab a copy and visitors. Websites his latest work and subscribe to his newsletter refrain your inbox at Adam L, DOT, blog they'll, do today of a great rest. Every day and I'll see you tomorrow for Inmost Monday, where optimal life awaits
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