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1704: What We Learn About Life from Fairy Tales by Jeff Goins of Goins Writer on How To Find Your Life Purpose

2020-08-10 | 🔗

Jeff Goins of Goins Writer reminds us of what fairytales can teach us about life.

Episode 1704: What We Learn About Life from Fairy Tales by Jeff Goins of Goins Writer on How To Find Your Life Purpose

Jeff Goins is the best-selling author of five books including The Art of Work and Real Artists Don't Starve. On his blog, he shares his thoughts on writing, life, and creative work.

The original post is located here: https://goinswriter.com/fairy-tales-life/

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real quick if you've been struggling recently with stress and anxiety than the daily shine podcast is a show that is here to help this podcast was created by two women of color who didn't see themselves reflected in the mainstream wellness community and they're on a mission to make caring for your mental and emotional health easier and bring more representation and inclusion into the wellness space and they also have a free self care app that makes caring for your mental health at dealey have it if the daily shine podcast sounds like the podcast for you you can tune it to episodes every weekday so they never miss a beat listen now to the daily shine cast on spotify or wherever you listened to your favorite podcast this is optimal living daily episode seventeen o for while we about life from tales but jeff coins going writer dot com enemy narrator just a moloch reading you blogs or articles every single day of the year from the best authors i can find online and we give the central nice in short so let's get right to it as we optimize your life
mommy learn about life from fairy tales by jeff going of going writer d come at the beginning of every great story before anything exciting happens we see some that looks a lot like normal life long before the british in a laser dragon or the heroin embarks on a quest we see earn some unsuspecting play streaming of something more in beauty and the beast my personal favorite disney class belle things of wanting more than this provincial life in star wars luke can't wait to escape the bottom of a farm his life and in the wizard of oz dorothy sings about life somewhere over the rainbow it had dismissed such people when we meet them in everyday life as dreamers or even downright crazy but are they really i used to get up early on saturday mornings and right essays that i would then save on my computer and share with no one i dreamed of publishing mice where he's somewhere but for years they never left
i've heard of my living room i am not alone in this this dream if another life does a preoccupation george bailey and it's a wonderful life and the fixation walter media is the reason we sometimes daydream or stay up late watching movies our lives are haunted by the ghost of what might have been here's the good news though this is worse story always starts with an unrealized dream hope deferred a life on lived before chain of events sets the hero on a course to his destiny there's a sense that there should be more to life than this but hopefully that's not where the story ends an important moment everything begins to make sense does it was storytellers call the inciting incident the moment when they characters perspective changes and the tail of an average person living in average life becomes one of mythic proportions but something has to happen
for any of this to take place the character must choose to enter the story bell goes to find her father luke leave home with obi wan dorothy get swept up in a torrent in any great narrative there's a moment where a character decides to be more than a bystander that's really wanted where it begins with the decision to act this choice though is often priests he did by a feeling of discontent which is why when people are called to some great task they know it they recognise the prompting to do something significant something bigger than themselves and then respond why because i ve been waiting for their whole lives frustration prepares you for your purpose my friend ben armand says every dream begins with frustration and i think this true but their frustration must be funneled into awareness at least action otherwise it becomes bitterness you must be willing to do something
to step out into the unknown and see what happens until you make this choice you will continue feeling frustrated other people succeed and shocking it up to lock or some unfair advantage you'll be jealous and critical and wonder why not me in doing this you deceive yourself because truth is some do yet lucky and others have been born into privilege but what are those things to you you are still called chances come to us all all but only those who are ready recognize them so before you know you're calling is you must believe your call to something even if you don't know oh what it is yet that nagging sense at everything is not as it should be that you were meant for more than the status quo is important clue and will you do with that is essential to how your story unfolds what this means is you dont need some big and you just need to be a little dissatisfied with the way things are to possess a premonition that something is amiss and you may hold the keys of fixing it
you don't need some big lucky break or a golden opportunity he don't even need to just know you're supposed to do you just need a willingness to begin only then can dedicate yourself to the work required i love you and only then will you know what it's worth without this awareness so you won't be able to recognize the opportunities that come and they always come to those with open eyes action is required so what does this mean practice first you must acknowledge the story that you're in and recognise that your gift is needed the word it will not be made right until you see things as they really are then embrace a frustration that you feel and decide to do something about it committed to a course of action is essential to getting on stock
you must act paying attention to the lessons you'll learn along the way and stay flexible enough to change course as he discover new information all this of course is predicated on doing something every great story begins with awareness police action you must enter the tailors unfolding around you and choose to become a part of it otherwise you're just another dreamer staring out into an open field or seeing sums add song about a rainbow in stories are rarely made by those who only dream you just listen to the boat i told what we learn about life from fairytales by jeff coins of goings writer dot com and i'm sure we ve also with untangling the wires of our ear buds at some point our lives and before you drop hundreds of d there is a wireless pair check out the wireless ear buds from rake on re
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because wireless is but by re con dot com slash old if they get a jeff you're saying how so many stories and movies take this same path when you are aware of it you notice it more more where a regular open experience experiences something often supernatural doesn't do with it this conflict but then i realized that they need to change from really also raised like fairytales or a christmas carol too may jim carry movies like liar liar bruce almighty the very common formula and i'm a sucker for every time but seeing this in hearing this hopefully we can take away what jeff was saying we need the awareness and action consistent actions what gets us to where we eventually wanna be so they began to jeff he's great writer come by goines writer dot com for more have a great rest of day i will see you tomorrow as usual we're optimal life awaits
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