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1708: If You Only Aim For Perfection Then by James Altucher on How To Strive for Progress & Personal Development

2020-08-14 | 🔗

James Altucher reminds us of what happens if you aim only for perfection.

Episode 1708: If You Only Aim For Perfection Then by James Altucher on How To Strive for Progress & Personal Development

James Altucher is an American hedge fund manager, entrepreneur, bestselling author, and podcaster. He has founded or cofounded more than 20 companies and says he failed at 17 of them. He has published 11 books, and is a regular contributor to The Financial Times, TechCrunch, and The Huffington Post. USA Today named his book Choose Yourself one of the 12 Best Business Books of All Time.

The original post is located here: https://jamesaltucher.com/blog/achieve-perfection/

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This is optimal. Living daily episode, seventeen o aid eight- if he only aim for faction, then by James Ile de jure James Altitude, our com and I'm just a moloch, Happy Friday, welcome back to optimal living daily or o hildy or old. If you like, where every blogs to you for Free an award winning podcast thanks to you and thank you to authors for giving me permission, I could not do it. Tell them James Auditors, a popular one, he's also podcast her. Let's get right to his post continue, optimizing your life, if you only aim for profit, and then by James Altvater, James Altitude, ARCA perfectionism. My dad would hit me if I brought home a report car with one b and even worse, alphabet student.
Some of the cliche to say that protectionism is the enemy of perfect, particularly unopposed about being perfect, because it's true, if you only aim for perfection, then you won't take enough risks. Risks are the cracks in your life where knowledge and experience conceived through and in fact you an aid to admit about myself. But when I love something I wanted to be perfect. When I throw my all into something I want to win all the time. That's just set up for disappointment. I try very hard to go with the flow a bit more try my best to give a control over the result, but as a practice and I'm working on it, don't care what people think. Most of the time, I don't care but then sometimes I do. Last night I went on a podcast at the comedy seller in New York. I never been on their podcast before was afraid. The other guesswork judge me, depending on how funny I was sore, not is hard to be yourself in every situation. We know why I suspect
there is no such thing as myself. Depending on mood. Chemicals lie circumstance The cetera myself change as every day we can only do our best here, and even that is hard to do. Does no recipe for authenticity. Just try to be honest and say was on my mind without hurting anyone follow up. I am horrible at follow, does how bad I am asked to speak at the european be open, fifteen thousand Some people were there. I spoke, it was fun. I went on stage with one percent of the things I own and I said: ok, I just moved to the stage. This is where I live every laughed and that's how it started. After was one of the founders of Serbian, be wrote me to thank me and said: stop I next time you were in town, guess what I didn't back, then this is normal for me I am so bad had following up. This happens every day of my life and then people get upset at me.
And forget about me and so on. If I'm just a tiny bit better, follow up over the past many years, my network would be a hundred times bigger. It's already pretty big. The good news is this. I realise that if I follow up even years, later. Ninety percent of the time, people or even more surprising, happy. Then if I followed up right away or maybe there's just wishful thinking in any case I wish I were better at this learning. I read a lot. I love to read Reed Nonfiction Biographies literary fiction thriller fiction in books about games most every day I read a little bed from all of these non blessed in that may have a pod cast, so they get confused on a book. I can call up the author and say come on my podcast when I get to ask all the questions I wanted, but then my forget my.
Areas gone worse with age, but I was coming down with early onset Alzheimer's. What am I read a book and wrote my podcast producer and said: let's have this guy on the podcast. He wrote a great book and she wrote back James. You already read look you're too came on the podcast and we released a month ago well, never mind, then so ass to even dumber, who wrote friggin, ah mix how much he remembers when he reads a book. He reads hundreds of books per year to research, his own books and bowed CAS. I thought he would say fifty percent. He said maybe one percent few, so here's a key read them talk talk about it with peers. For me, I also tried a right ten things I learned from Ex. I do this on books, podcast people it even songs. I like many thing, then teach what I learned. Maybe in a talk, maybe by living it may we are writing. If I try to do all of these
Unless you pour your life into a piece of knowledge, you'll never drink fully from it being a good father. I am oh Kay at it's. Ok enough that I know my kids love me and learn from me, and I think I'm a positive in their life was I want to think about it. I feel a little bit sad MIKE I can be doing more when I try, but I don't know like could try harder such an important job to hand off to the world better adults than I was thus other world can get better. That's the compound interest of the planet. Mackay Mama call my kids now, you just listen to the post titled. If you only aim perfection, then by James Altitude of James Altitude, ART Tom off some comments. But first have you ever wondered if you eat, stem and core of corn or the skin and seat of a pumpkin Cindy's a plant based knack brand. The creature
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Goodbye visiting Zen beat our com and getting thirty percent off, plus free shipping on a new family box of either stakes or bites. That's one box and either fifteen pouches, a veggie bites or fifteen veggie sticks for thirty percent off plus free shipping. It they get a James. He always has a unique perspective, and probably one of the original minimalist out there as living with very few things for a good portion of his life. I think you still there as the Doha me to it. As far as is the James elder, to show its a popular one and, of course, in five more about him and James Altitude, our com, I still struggle with perfectionism with certain aspects of our part gas network, But slowly have given a more more control, not only been a good thing as difficult. It is to do relinquishing control and perfection tendencies does pay off in the end is vehemence, I'll leave it there for today. Thank you for being here and listening. Everyday, have a great rest of your day and I'll be back over the weekend or your optimal life.
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