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1720: Three Sides to Resilience and How to Boost Yours with Mindfulness by Dr. Russell Thackeray of Qedod on Meditation

2020-08-26 | 🔗

Dr. Russell Thackeray of Qedod talks about resilience and how we can boost our own.

Episode 1720: Three Sides to Resilience and How to Boost Yours with Mindfulness by Dr. Russell Thackeray of Qedod on Meditation

Dr Russell Thackeray is an expert at assisting people and organisations drive change, achieve goals and win, in a constant and sustainable way. A psychologist, coach and hypnotherapist, Dr Thackeray regularly works with the ‘soft issues’ in business by building the strong culture and emotional and mental toughness that allows people to thrive, whatever life throws at them.

The original post is located here: https://qedod.com/three-sides-resilience-boost/

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real quick if you've been struggling recently with stress and anxiety than the daily shine podcast is a show that is here to help this podcast was created by two women of color who didn't see themselves reflected in the mainstream wellness community and they're on a mission to make caring for your mental and emotional health easier and bring more representation and inclusion into the wellness space and they also have a free self care app that makes caring for your mental health at dealey have it if the daily shine podcast sounds like the podcast for you you can tune it to episodes every weekday so they never miss a beat listen now to the daily shine cast on spotify or where we listened to your favor podcast this is optimal living daily episode seventeen twenty three size the resilience and how to boost yours with mindfulness by doktor russell daiquiri of coo ee oh deed our com and i'm just a moloch the guy that reads you articles or sometimes book herbs everyday including holidays for over four and a half years now covering personal development or self help how deliver better life in la more so was with permission
the authors or websites just hit the subscriber follow bun in your podcast out to get new website for free and without skywriting hence our optimizing your life three size the resilience and how to boost yours with mindfulness my daughter so dark array of coo ee deed i larry ward as a phd in religious studies with an emphasis on buddhas meditation in euro size he's a christian teacher and armor teacher working in retreat with people who are interested in the path of mindfulness and buddhism and additionally working with selected club hands in corporate settings applying how to be resilience in the times in which we live a primary characteristic of human beings is our capacity for resilience is an inherent human quality the question is can we learn to enhance the quality and ourselves and between us we are very complex creatures and many of our life exe areas of either pleasure or displeasure can trigger and
these stabilize are nervous system in emotional experience such as anger joy happiness or sadness is an experience communicated to us our body don't learn how to be sensitive to the information coming from our body we become less skilful on our ability to be resilient for life learning to be more skilful and body awareness is a very important tool the willingness to be more in touch with our emotions why are we drugs to improve our resilience and our ability to change more quickly part of the issue is that we may have either consciously or unconsciously decided to stop learning proper cultural orientation nor our conditioning as we get to a certain stage of success or development means at the rest of our lives is spent just go do the motions of keeping the level in place how can we well our resilience further very looks resilience in three different ways number one the first is to and how to develop com in yourself this means or how to
i'm your body and mind down this wonderful practice and maybe a life's work for some when we learn to do this we can continue discover over and over again our own history depth and greatness as people individuals and collected this is fundamental and deeper than just relaxation come your body and mind is about mindfulness levels a mindfulness can be attained through meditation which empowers the networks in our brain allowing us to pay attention enhancing our ability to attention is how we recognise what is happening with our body when we are calm we can have peaks of clarity of what is really going on with us emotionally once you are aware and you start to manage yourself better meditation is a skill but things can come up to blogger progress seen guy it's an instruction learning how to learn so that it is sustainable fermentations were
people start after learning but instruction is needed to progress people often expect sudden changes to occur and perhaps give up too easily if people are introduced mindful his meditations skilfully carefully deal experience immediately some joy and some relief in terms of their resilience mindfulness is about self awareness being skilful and man yourself your motions and your mind part of it is to do with the vividness of your experience that becomes possible in a state of mindfulness number the second is emotional resilience learning the skills of working with our feeling in the accompanying emotions that may arise skill that larry uses on a daily basis is the awareness of breathing patterns his breathing provide information about what his mind in emotional life is experiencing very confused emotions or thoughts are arising if we can evaluate these in the workplace or in relationships
wintry opportunity for clear comprehension of what is happening there we have freedom of choice at a whole different level emotions are therefore reason they are there to help and protect us they help us make decisions state give us power energy and uplift it is only poor use or lack of control that can make them negative making a choice now how you emotions is all about how to understand the positive effects of having an emotion in the first place in number three the third is cognitive resilience the stories we tell ourselves about who they are what's happening in where we are going to school listen to learn how to wisely refrain otherwise we get caught holding onto a previous frame on which no longer applies to our current real situation refraining is not escape but the only to look again and re imagine what is happening when in a challenging situation which because on the negative we could polly right
on a number of negative things about this situation in a couple of minutes when asked to write a list a positive we find it's a whole lot harder the more you think of problems the more problems you have cognitive resilience helps nurture possibility questions rather than problem driven ones are nervous system is designed to protect us so we are wired to notice what is negative first cognitive resilience is learning to know that this is what is happening down learning how to but things in the framework of well look at all the positive connected to this cognitive resilience learning how to work with your mind in terms of its images the mood and expectations it creates in you in the story you embody about what is possible for whatever environment you are in some people genuine you do not know what they want or where they want to go they drift along which is fine but his learning to learn or training yourself to be in control of your mind does not knowing can take you into a free state
but in the state of not knowing you still have choice and real possibility you have to the resiliency within yourself to move towards possibility once you know direction you wanna go in a question of cognitive resilience is what would it take for this to work human seem to have an addiction to what is not working resume it is not about escaping from what is now working but working through it and beyond you just listen to the post title three
as the resilience and how to boost yours with mindfulness by doktor russell daiquiri of coo ee oh de dot com a real quick thanks to anchor for hosting this podcast anger is the easiest way to make a pie cast they'll distributor podcast for you so it can be heard everywhere spotify apple podcast google podcast and many more you can easily make money from your broadcast to with no minimum listener ship anger gives you everything you need in one place for free which you can use right from your phone or computer creation tools lighter recording eta your podcast so it sounds great download the anchor up or go to anchor dot fm to get started they get a doctor russell for letting me share his work iqe dod dot com for a lawn mower leave it there for today thank you for listening and being here and for subscribing to the show have a great rest of your day and we back tomorrow as usual or your altima life away
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