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1731: The Horrifying Potential of Potential by Greg Audino on Finding Happiness versus Fulfilling Talent

2020-09-06 | 🔗

Greg Audino encourages us to assess the negative aspects of having high potential.

Episode 1731: The Horrifying Potential of Potential by Greg Audino on Finding Happiness versus Fulfilling Talent

Greg Audino is both a certified life coach and an actor. He combines his passions to create short and digestible videos which shine new light on the turbulent areas of life that many of us already have our minds made up about. Constantly seeking to share new insight, Audino uses humor and a variety of PG-13 examples to offer a refreshing and more relatable approach to self-development. TV fanatics can find him with principle roles on shows like Westworld, Now Apocalypse, NCIS:LA, and Jane the Virgin to name a few. Greg's videos, as well as information about becoming a life coaching client of his, can be found at gregaudino.com.

The original post is located here: https://medium.com/invisible-illness/the-horrifying-potential-of-potential-ddecfc3c2822

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This is optimal. Living daily episode, seventeen thirty one, the horrifying potential of potential, by Gregg, Adina of Gray, Gardena, DOT, com and just a moloch reading you blogs every single day of the year, top you'll ever more meaningful life. We have five shows covering a wide range of topics. Days, author Gregg is actually the host of two of our shows optimal relationships daily, And then optimal living advice where he answers your life questions check. Those shows out a lot more from him. But for now, since you he'll get right to it as we optimize your life. the horrifying potential of potential by Gregg Adina of Gregg Sardine Oda COM, though the constitutions of laziness and achieve can vary depending on where and when you are one of the few themes that
remained intact from generation to generation and from place to place is at least in this is to be looked down upon, while great achievements are to be celebrated. Business is the low road that anyone can take an effort. Often rigour A list of the outcome is the high road that requires people to give themselves an extra push before setting foot. We see this every day what being the media, the workplace or in our socialize. Who are achieving the most receives the most accolades attention. Men, seemingly the most respect to everyone else, part Only those who really feel as though they are the outside. Looking in whether all This validation is rooted in love or an envy missing worth paying attention to, even if you were paying attention to it from that It probably still one matter because at the end of the day, the achievers seem to be fitting in with society
fuller, better than you are and should come as no surprise, then, that everyone from all walks of life and with varying degrees of qualification, encourage others to not waste their talents. They claim that unfulfilled potential is a terrible thing and that we should approve create and utilise the gifts were given, as there are gateways to becoming as valuable members of society as we can be, as is the case with most things p will have their minds made up about? However, there is another by that is usually not considered. That is the fact that the talent unique to you comes with an experience. That's unique to you, because there's so much emphasis put on a cheese, mint people often stop there and forget to look past that achievement towards the person achieving it were prone to hearing more about what they ve done than about who they are high achievers can be on time. But the world one day and completely forgotten about assumes are no longer prefer at the same level and with little regard to why, though, there
associated with one another. Rest assured there is a great connection between ominous to warnings, don't waste your talent, and just because you can do something doesn't mean that you should the pair I'll proves itself relevant for many people, whether in for a rude awakening that they dont yet know about, or whether there too, and has already consume them in their too frightened to seek a way out of it. What does this look like, while usually starts with a realization, in that our time here is limited, and that is of utmost importance to fill that time wisely personae would say, she's a wildly successful figure, skater realises this pump. Your breaks remember more important and being a wily, successful figure. Skater she's person She has a name and our experience from skating isn't what you envision it to be is something that she's been pressured into by her parents she was a little girl has unleashed never really had a choice. It is consumer life, and now that she's older, to make our own decisions she finds out. Her talent is a waste of time,
because she never really enjoyed it in the first place, she instead is to pursue something else that she's always been curious about. Would. It have been better for her to stick with the skating, even though it made her miserable was doing away. their talent, not a healthy choice or whereby person be, who, after being person be, is a gifted singer, He too has an amazing talent and has found great success, except has come at a price, as his smile phase in his skin hangs a little bit more upon the receipt of each award he finds out. His devotion His town has taken away from other things he wanted to do with his life and that he has become too wait, a family, genuine friendships, more physical fees he's now incapable of doing it's been a life on shared with other people or other endeavours. His talent swallowed him hole and, at some point, became too big for him to reconsider.
should he have not put his talent to the side, at least for a little while, then you ve got person see she knows she can play professional basketball and she dreams of that lifestyle everyday. But if she's going to hate everything besides the end result, if she's gonna hate daily practice, the travel the time away from family the inability to play other sports because she might get hurt decommissioning. to pay her agent, the caddy news from her teammates the cheap shots from opponents. Why would she possibly waste at talent and do something else. It doesn't make sense. Look first at the person, not the talent, you may be in a similar situation, the idea of your potential and what kind of life can come from maximizing it, maybe and to a point. Where is counter active to your wellbeing? Maybe the pressures induced
your own version of achievement or the thoughts you imagine society is thinking about, you have left you afraid of the uncertainty of try something new sticking to your talent might feel like your only chance, while fear not we get that were already wasting your talent on an everyday basis. That's because of two things you don't know. Well, there's a more than two things you don't know about to that relate to the scenario. The first thing is that you don't know else. Your talented add you have no idea everyday there's a truly. ten billion things you're choosing not to do that. You might be amazing at giving all people celebrated for being at the top of their industries are genetically the most capable group gods of that are impossibly small. I've ever gone our country skiing a day of my life. But if I put the time and effort in, I might have the petition the bees are greatest Cross country Skeer that ever lived and I'll never know it too skills for anything these top reform.
Have gone to where they are more because of their choices, then, because of their natural gifts and that's fine, we can't Everything in reality means were wasting our talent for every single thing. We don't try. I didn't think you don't know which compounds that first aforementioned thing is what gonna be the right path to take for your health, your happiness, your fulfilment everything, This is the unknown that resides over all things in life. You don't know what will happen from one day to the next and trying to manipulate that truth. utilizing your talents in search of a lifestyle pay off rather than because they bring you legitimate. Joy is only going to end up in disaster you just listen to the post titled, the horrifying potential of
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