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1760: An Excerpt from the Book Time Rich: Do Your Best Work, Live Your Best Life by Steve Glaveski

2020-10-05 | 🔗

Steve Glaveski shares an excerpt from his book titled Time Rich: Do Your Best Work, Live Your Best Life

Episode 1760: An Excerpt from the Book Time Rich: Do Your Best Work, Live Your Best Life by Steve Glaveski

Steve Glaveski's mission is to unlock the latent potential of organisations and people to create more impact for humanity and lead more fulfilling lives.

He is CEO and Co-Founder of Collective Campus, an corporate innovation and startup accelerator based in Melbourne, Australia with clients across the world. ‍ He is the author of the current Wiley book, Employee to Entrepreneur, which is available in bookstores around the world, and previously self-published two books, including an Amazon bestseller.

Steve co-founded Lemonade Stand - a children's entrepreneurship program, hosts the Apple Podcast charting Future Squared, is a founding investor in Konkrete, a blockchain-enabled share registry and is a contributor to Harvard Business Review.

When he's not working, he can be found in the gym, at a heavy metal concert, hiking in the mountains whilst listening to the Joe Rogan Experience, riding his motorbike (or skateboard), reading a book, or doing an occasional bit of what barely qualifies as standup comedy!

More about the book can be found here: https://www.timerichbook.com/

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This is optimal living daily episodes. Seventeen sixty an exit from the book time rich. Do your best. Work live your best life by Steve, gloves key and I'm just a molecule personal narrator reading to every including holidays, usually from blog site from books. Like today tell you about the author, right after the readings over now, let's get right to it as we optimize your life. An exit from the book time rich. Do your best. Work live your best life by Steve ASCII, Why are you always working so late? Last, a colleague from a big for firm, They told me they usually work until ten p m and sometimes even into the morning hours. The response was predictable. One I can leave until my boss does I actually getting much done in the evening. I asked no really displays out
too often at large professional services firms and profit seeking enterprises in general were hours, worked, is wrongfully conflated with productivity, and I get it out. Others are far easier to categorize and makes sense of than output, which is a lot more arbitrariness, heuristic working world, The reality is that after you ve worked, a number of hours, the connection between effort and reward is no longer linear the diminishing law overturns, takes hold what we should be Managing instead of time is attention. Attention is becoming increasingly hijacked in a world of attention. Merchants Laurie does away with real time notifications. You probably found yourself deeply immersed in an activity. When the rest of the world cease to be you, the time, and we were surprised to see that hours had gone by your in what psychologists call the flow state. First coined by hungarian american psychologist me hijack semi high in nineteen. Seventy five mile zone.
a flow as the zone or deep work, but it's more than that at its core flow who is living rather than merely existing picture alone surfer paddling furiously as a match. The speed of incoming to meet her wave pop up onto their feet in height, ideas suing barrel. At that moment, a surfer isn't thinking but the bills they need to pay or the arguments they may have had with their partner. Earlier that day, they are than they're unlikely to catch the wave one server catches a wave therein total flow deeply immersed in the active surfing men in their mind, the rest of the world simply ceases to exist. The flow state extends beyond just team athlete. domains it extends to our work, is critical to heuristic work such as writing performing music computer pro
framing raven preparing a legal argument. In fact providing we are truly immersed in the activity we can find flow and all sorts of places, for example, cooking yoga painting taking photos. Gardening, really contracts. Pan writing a ten year Kinsey study on the flow stayed found that top executives are up to five hundred percent, more productive when they are in a state of flow account, Mentoring study by scientists had advanced brain monitoring, also found that being in flow cut half the time it took to train novice marksman up to an expert level, but here's the thing most reports suggest that we can only spend about four hours in flow per day, and that the return Our time and energy begins to take her off fast. After that. This is what called the point of diminishing returns, create hardy one, a friend's leading mathematicians of the first half of the twentyth century, started his day with breakfast checking the cricket scores.
and settling in for a long day in the office along, for our day that his from nine until one p m. He would be immersed in mathematics the rest of the day. He busied himself, with leisure activities, might games of Tennyson long. Oxen nature he told Fellow Oxford, Professor Cps know that four hours creative work. A is about the limit for a mathematician Charles Darwin, to only worked about five hours a day, and I included a break for lunch. can stop him from coming up with his groundbreaking theory of evolution, a survey and working lives of scientists carried out in the early nineties, fifties arrived at the same conclusion. The data showed an M shaped curve that rose steeply a first in PETE at ten to twenty hours per week, scientists working thirty five hours a week were half as products. It was twenty, our we colleagues now it is working long hours, not making more productive, but the lack of rest can harmless.
Hours you spend in the office. This makes you less per. In the long run to further this point to sixty plus hours away Researchers were the least productive of all Carl, Anders Ericsson observe the same pattern in a study of violins students at conservatory in Berlin. The nineteen eighties, according to Ericsson, quote, deliberate practice is an ever full activity that can be said seen only for a limited time each day and cruel practice too much you increase. The odds are being struck down by injury or burning yourself out, students marked for greatness, they observed, has several short practice sessions each day. Each asking about eighty to ninety minutes with half hour breaks in between the actual practice time. added up to about four hours a day. This upper limit Ericsson concluded is defined quote not by available time by available mental and physical resources for effort full pay
Actus end quote after interviewing the students, it became clear that quote, it was primary their ability to sustain the concentration necessary for deliberate practice that limit their hours of practice and quote this is why many executives report being more or less done by mid afternoon, but also says many nonetheless report staying in the office until MID evening, so maybe Four hours a day of deliberate focus is all it takes, is not for Charles Darwin might be just enough for you You just listen to an excerpt from the book time. Rich. Do your best. Work live your best life by Steve, Kaveski and I'll. Tell you about him and Justice but first I ve always felt like your own worst enemy. Do you be yourself up for not having enough motivation and go through with your plans. If you feel like this chain of native thoughts, if
your mental health in a monkey is a great podcast to listen to, and our monkey addresses situations that you man I faced daily like irrational impulse. This loss of motivation and everything in between and of the understanding self little better addresses problems directly and provides you with some actionable tips for moving forward. Man similar to the optimal living daily shows in her monkey keeps episodes, short and sweet evidence, going some episodes that talked about creating motivation to work at home feeling at peace with uncertainty and learning how you can follow. Through. With your comments, I reminded of some alternative ways. I resolved my daily issues and I highly recommend checking them out? You can listen. You, inner monkey on Apple podcast, Spotify him more and of the show linked in this episode description man about today's author, Steve Clavecin. First I'd recommend coming by his website
Eve, glove ascii, dot com that spelled g l, a v s K. I hears a bunch of stuff there download to check out of courses books any of the podcast called future. squared Steve as an entrepreneur, author and podcast host, whose mission is to unlock the leading potential of people, something the more impact for humanity and led me fulfilling lives. He is the sea of collective campus and innovation accelerator based in Melbourne Hand, Singapore that works with large organ nations around the globe. They worked with overall, hundred start ups, which have collectively raise overtones five million dollars. He also founded limb made stand a children's entrepreneurship programme, very cool so again, come by Steve, clever ski dot com for a lot more I've only this episode discretion. Therefore, today. I hope you having a great day and back tomorrow as usual. We're my life awaits.
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