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1764: Moving Toward A Positive Psychiatry: The Zen Psychiatry Manifesto by Dr. Elana Miller of Zen Psychiatry

2020-10-09 | 🔗

Elana Miller of Zen Psychiatry talks about how to move towards a positive psychiatry.

Episode 1764: Moving Toward A Positive Psychiatry: The Zen Psychiatry Manifesto by Dr. Elana Miller of Zen Psychiatry

Elana Miller is a psychiatrist based out of Los Angeles, California. She loves to write, read, and make music. Elana received her B.A. in psychology at Harvard University before studying at the Keck School of Medicine of the University of Southern California, where she was a member of the Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Society. I completed my psychiatry residency training at the University of California, Los Angeles, where she was nominated as a UCLA Exceptional Physician.

The original post is located here: https://zenpsychiatry.com/moving-toward-a-positive-psychiatry/

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This is living daily, daily episode. Seventeen sixty for moving towards a positive psychiatry does and psychiatry manifesto by Doktor, Ilona, Miller of Zen, psychiatry, dot com and I'm just to Molly optimal, living daily old or o L. show where I read to you from articles, I think, are amazing. With permission from the others, one article o day every single day of the year. Although you live a more meaningful life in Europe, They show that covers personal development or self help. Minimalism, inspiration, motivation, although fun stuff. So without that, right to it as we optimize your life. Moving towards. a positive psychiatry, the Zen cycle, Every manifesto by what you gonna Miller of Zen, psychiatry, dot, com. There's something wrong with the way we look at mental health these days, or rather The problem is that we don't look at mental health and instead focus on mental illness trinity.
People less sick, but rarely If we talk about making people more well, in reality, most let trying to make our way through the world are sick, but we aren't well either were burden by fear, doubt or insecurity. We feel off, maybe slightly anxious or depressed. But not to the point of being clinically diagnosed and dont know why maybe so busy running around doing all the things were supposed to that we doin realized. Something is wrong until we stop me before a weekend off vacation, a trip, etc in the silence and Tom are flooded with an answer that old feeling that something in our life isn't right and feeling because I've been there myself? My felt that even everything in my life look good on paper I wasn't happy or satisfied. I felt blogs. Doing things I knew I should do without understanding. Why? Sometimes? I still feel this way. I have discovered that the most meaning
will change comes through not just effort but insight, not about putting your nose to the grindstone enforcing yourself to feel a certain way around about yourself into this process of self discovery. Actions are aligned with your values, taking a positive perspective, psychiatry means You number one take responsibility for it, where you are my talk to someone externalize is the cause of everything, bad inner life to outside forces. I know positive changes won't happen until they start to understand their own power to affect their life in both pop. If an negative ways There are times when negative things happen that are outside of our control. Rossmore and a focus on the ways we can influence things. This means taking possibility for the habits we formed an feelings. We have cultivated the powder, shape. Your life is in your hands, not in the hands of fate or any other person,
The person who is responsible for changing your life number to all learn about yourself before he can take me Action is needed, an honest view of your strengths and weaknesses in this knowledge then something you gain all at once, but something take out on a lifelong basis, the matter busier life. Is you need to take time to reflect We need to be willing to see things about yourself, terrible flattering and not so far I really knowing yourself, you take them, I kind of action to get where you want number three take action to get where you want to be I wish you were ass, simple, ass sitting around and intersecting until the answers come to you, but it's not. You need to learn take action and move forward even when, especially when you are uncertain or afraid I know from my ex
greenside excitement, motivation enjoy all sprang from these two key steps reflecting and acting taken again and again, one after the other. We learn to work through your fear. Doubt insecurity, anything possible number four, cultivate wisdom and compassion we may really hard or our culture tends to em. Size, values like achievement and monetary success over kindness in what we say: You have kindness, we mistakenly believe this means giving selflessly to others, whereas true compassion starts with how you true yourself in his book the wise heart Buddhist psychologist, Jack, cornfield rights quote, action is not foolish, it doesn't just go along with what others want, so they don't feel bad. There is a yes income passion, men. There is also a no said with the same, of art, no to abuse no to racism, notifying
since both personal an worldwide. This is had not out of AIDS, but not of an unwavering care and quote with this type of compassion, is compassion, you can develop. internal strength that allows treat others in a compassionate way without signing Fighting your own needs number five take care of your body as much as your mind there, powerful connection between the body and mind, so you can't really take care of your mind without taking to every body to the opposition. It was well sometimes psychological distress can manifest itself physically the form of Samantha compliance. You can see a boost William primary care, doctors and your physical pain will not go away until you addressed the psychological distress thinking, everybody means eating well staying active and using mine altering substances in moderation. Most things are okay and moderation in you choose To do these things and I'll be honest, are not always the best about keeping up healthy habits specially with them.
The residency, but no What goes in and out of your body can have a powerful effect on mood. Number six years who, like medications and therapy wisely, we will not powerful tools and psychiatry, we have their techniques, psych cycle, dynamic, Psychotherapy, cognitive, behavioral therapy dialect they'll behavioral therapy, etc Wells. I've medication, such as antidepressants and as a complex and mood stabilizers, these are all extremely useful tools when used wisely, but care to decide where and when they should be used of nose, people tend to have extremely strong reactions to the use of medications and particular somebody all demand medications. Thinking appeal will be the solution for their problem. Others, want to avoid medications at all costs, saying they want to do things the natural way more extreme end more vilify medications as inherently evil. Like most things, the best approach is somewhere in the
I believe in using medications and we'll talk about them here, but there are only a part of that complex solutions that most people require a number seven life is an adventure. So have fun with it. Just in case Are deciding to serious on a break things down to the most basic concept? Life is a gift, Problems are rarely as serious as we think they are. If you take the perspective as well being an exciting journey rather than a death. The nation you need to reach. You can see. Failure is a mistake. in a greater context and, as part of the path run, the brink of so many citing discoveries in psychiatry these days. In some ways it s Argius, psychiatry today, is parallel to the field of surgery a hundred years ago. That is this. operating without antibiotics, with either anesthesia and with a limited understanding of the pathologies being cut out in psychiatry. We focus on symptoms is the underlying biological cause of many disorders is not fully understood. Brother.
in time. The most important discoveries in the field of mental health are about to be made, or our happening right now in the field is moving towards better integration of both scientific and spiritual side of the mind and brain with these changes coming fighting tools and strategies to make yourself healthier in mind body and spirit. At ten psychiatry, I share with you these strategies for breaking through the barrier of mental mediocrity and having a more fulfilling happy. An exciting life. A positive view cycle a treaty is about more than not being sick is about being well Care of your body and mind cultivate the feelings and life you wanna have in taking response. thirty, four, where you are and where you want to be is knowing that the power is inside. You not in the hands of any one else, to reshape your life. You just listen
to the post, titled moving toward a positive psychiatry, design, psychiatry manifesto by three alone, a Miller of Zenza Kind, treat our com. A real, quick thanks to anchor for hosting the spot cast anchor is the easiest way to make a pike asked they'll distribute your pocket. for you, so it can be heard everywhere: Spotify Apple, podcast, Google, podcast and many more. You can easily make money from your podcast too. No minimum listener. Ship anger gives you everything you need in one place for free, which it can use right from your phone or computer creation tools like to record and edit your podcast. So it sounds great download the anchor up or go to anchor dot fm to get started.
Take it out, your Miller he's been through a ton. Cancer relapse health insurance dispute. When you hear others going through things like that, it puts things into perspective, she's a really great blog full of wisdom, so come by sense. I carried out com to show our support, as they wish described about something not feeling right in life is one of the main reasons people come across, as shown in the first place, in search of something answers or help relate to get to know themselves in the world around them better, inter tips are perfect. Stepping up For that, so take them hard. If you're feeling like that and have a great Friday and Saturday weekend and I'll, see you over the weekend where optimal life awaits.
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