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1783: [Part 2] 3 Exciting Facts About Goals That No One Talks About by Benjamin Hardy on How To Pursue Your Goals

2020-10-28 | 🔗

Benjamin Hardy discusses some special parts of goal-setting that no one talks about. This is part 2 of 2.

Episode 1783: [Part 2] 3 Exciting Facts About Goals That No One Talks About by Benjamin Hardy on How To Pursue Your Goals

Benjamin Hardy has been the top writer on Medium.com since late 2015. He focuses on self-improvement, motivation, and entrepreneurship. His writing is fueled by his personal experiences, self-directed education, and formal education. His research focuses on the psychological differences of "wantrepreneurs" and actual entrepreneurs. He lives in Clemson, South Carolina with his wife and they are the foster parents of 3 children.

The original post is located here: https://medium.com/thrive-global/3-exciting-facts-about-goals-that-no-one-talks-about-98b69c01c5b5

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This is optimal, living daily episodes. Seventeen. Eighty three three exciting facts about goals that no one talks about our two by Benjamin Hardy of Benjamin hardy dot com and I'm just a moloch happy middle, the weak ones. They are welcome to the old pod Castillo L d by cost optimal living daily. Where I read to you, like a big, ongoing audio boat from many different authors, tat being a country. Wishing from yesterday so or recommend listening to yesterday's episode first, but for now get right to part. Two ants are optimizing your life, three exciting fact about gold tat. No one talks about our two by Benjamin Hardy of Benjamin Hardy Doc on fact, number two: we setting. Oh, your brain will immediately begin producing obstacles pointing the way your brain. Is a brilliant organism. When he said, new goal, one in which you truly want. Brain and body will immediately be
conjuring up obstacles to achieving, like all these obstacles can be, an annual time based skill based relationship based? They can be anything. The obstacles are what you must successfully ass through in order to get to where you want to go. You never pre qualified to do something great minutes by passing through the obstacles that you become great passing through the obstacles is how you are transformed and changed as a purse If we are willing to pass through difficult challenges than you are, what psychologists would call emotionally inflexible emotionally immature. He won't deal with challenges and obstacles childish, stuff. It takes them. Who flexibility to take on challenges you ve never taken on before mostly avoid hard emotions and most people evade true learning, which is the essence of passing through obstacles upward. Your success becomes inevitable when you stop avoiding growth and instead it becomes your quest. Joy
and obsession. Indeed, you can get to the point where you thrive under pressure. You can learn to of doing things which produce anxiety and even awkward emotions boy I needed a film and add for promotional, girly, runny and decided to film the ad from my cell phone in a grocery store, surrounded by several people. It was totally awkward for me No, it wasn't I'd people looking at me and wondering what I was doing. It is exactly Why did it? As the saying goes, his to learn to meditate out a nature. Try learning to meditate on the back of the boss. You get to choose house You're learning curve is we face big obstacles head on, other than from the side or avoiding them for years. Then you deep in your learning curve, as you make your life curve steeper through increased external difficulty and pressure, your inner resilience, confidence and capability inquiries robber brought one said quote:
We are kept from our goals, not by obstacles but by a clear path to lesser goals and will not actually obstacles as too be from getting from where you are too, where you want to be. Instead, it is by a voice, waiting. Those obstacles and by opting for an easier path with fewer obstacles. Fear is the direction of your ideal future. Everything you want is on the opposite side of fear and obstacles. The obstacle is the only way forward, so that number two. Your brain is a brilliant machine. When he set a goal, your brain will immediately point the way to achieving that goal in the form of obstacles is by power Through those obstacles, are you transform yourself into a person that can have your goals in fact, number three, if you not pursuing a bigger future, then you're living in your past if not currently pursuing, goals that challenge and excite you do you're, not Exciting are interesting person, people who aren't striving for
the bigger are boring. People were shot. for something bigger have run out of future. In the words of Dan Sullivan we run out of future, then you have nothing to Therefore, in the here and now, you're not actively trying to change things, you're, simply existing and dragging their feet. Your brain is nothing to engage at your atrophy being as a person. People are very quick to get into subconscious pattern. This is easy to spot relationships. The longer relationship exists, the more passed there is to draw from our relationship in the morning. The patterns are to occur, keeping the relationship from point a new and exciting places. Having NGO gives you something We need to focus on May gives you a future to pursue, and only by pursuing a bigger future. Can you create different results from past, if not creating a new and exciting future, then you're living a pattern from your past. If this is the case then your life relationships are dull, boring
and sub power. Your life doesn't have to be dull and boring your life should be filled with excitement and surprise. You become more spontaneous, inflexible, as a person by pursuing a new and different future, What do you want? Your romantic relationship to look like what you want, you, environmental look like when you want your income to look like when you want your body to look like you get to decide all of these things. You get to decide your lifestyle, happiness, success, connection and joy if Yo Creed, things in your past and our environment are creating them for you set go and begin living a new and exciting future cree new emotions allow yourself to have more surprise and spontaneity in your life. Stop repeating the pattern of the past. Stop living a boring law stop living a boring day today. Do something different the little imagination, embrace some crazy emotion,
by taking new action. Surprise yourself and others by doing something totally different. Your brain needs to things to thrive, nutrition and novelty. novelty is newness. Your brain literally needs to do something: new markets old and all that. brain is not going to produce, inspiring or interesting ideas and outcomes. Break the habit of the past break the patterns of the past of greater relationships. Today of grade your confidence, a your environment and income have fun play more embrace. Surprise, embrace success. You just wasn't a party, the post, titled three exciting fact about goals that
no one talks about by Benjamin Hardy of Benjamin Hardy Darksome. A real, quick thanks to anchor for hosting this podcast cast anchor is the easiest way to make a cast they'll distributor podcast for you, so it can be heard everywhere spot by Apple Podcast, Google, podcast and many more. You can easily make money from your bike ass to with no minimum listener ship aggregates you everything you need in one place for free, which you can use right from your phone or computer creation tools like record and edit your podcast. So it sounds great download the anchor up or go to anchor dot fm to get started. Beg you gonna, Benjamin. one small part of this that I really loved was. I quote: it's easy to learn to meditate on a nature trial, learning timidity on the back of the bus, as someone has done his fair share of meditation. I can definitely relate to this.
and also to the idea that we often sit down to meditate and don't because we're like I'm and there's construction going on outside or it's too loud to meditate or the mood in this room isn't right to meditate. I need a gong or the right background. Music or the right meditation cushion was real nice things, but really has zero to do with the meditation itself. You can meditate when you're washing the dishes, technically, not the formal, seated meditation, but you can do it and he can play: meditate on the back of the bus but our minds, but these obstacles in the way and think we need perfection to begin when in reality we don't need much at all. If anything, this is true starting a new habit. New business in learning growing, pretty much everything so great quote. To think about today have a great rest of your day and I'll. See you in tomorrow, show or you're off to my life away.
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