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1787: Stop Overthinking by Ali Cornish of Everthrive on Creating Space for Reflection & Mindfulness

2020-11-01 | 🔗

Ali Cornish of Everthrive tells us to stop overthinking.

Episode 1787: Stop Overthinking by Ali Cornish of Everthrive on Creating Space for Reflection & Mindfulness

Ali Cornish created Everthrive as a response to the increasing pace, materialism, and detachment of today's society. Through words and photos, she brings awareness to the importance of living simply, healthfully, and authentically. Life can be better lived when we disconnect from distraction, slow down, and focus on what is truly important.

In addition to managing and contributing to Everthrive, she also helps others create compelling content for websites, campaigns, and social media ventures through The Media Acorn.

The original post is located here: http://everthrive.org/blog/2016/5/25/stop-overthinking

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This is optimal, living daily episode, one thousand seven hundred and eighty seven stop overthinking by Ali Cornish, I've ever thrive, Org and I'm just a molecule very own personal narrator today and everyday ray, simply read to you from amazing blogs or articles. So it's not a typical podcast. There are no interviews and it short, almost always fewer than ten minutes. A real, quick thanks to anchor for hosting this podcast anchor is the easiest way to make a podcast. They'll distribute your podcast for you, so it can be heard everywhere: Spotify, Apple, podcast, Google, podcast and many more. You can easily make money from your podcast to with no minimum listenership gives you everything you need in one place for free, which you can use right from your phone or computer creation tools like recording ETA, your podcast, so it sounds great download the anchor up or go to anchor dot fm to get started and without right to it and start optimizing your life
stop over thinking by allocating shove ever thrived, or I used to spend a lot of time over thinking trapped in the never ending. What, if loop, I stress about how intruders might access my I meant what, if I left, the candle burning at home will hissing radiator explode while my work or if I may be wrong can I dinner last night. What, if I talked too much or too little. Sometimes I feel for my water keys three times in the course of a train commute. It made my heart palpitate little less often ruminate on non ten symptoms. What if I had a terminal illness myself diagnose skin anomaly on web M D. Until concluding that, I must immediately seek a specialist visualize, my death cream. I will divide up possessions among family members and plant my ashes to be scattered at sea
despite the propensity for Cease Agnes in this room life scenarios or go two thousand seven actually did consult a specialist who, after all, go evaluation, told me there was salute nothing wrong with me, and then I was worrying too much at the moment. I didn't feel relieved. Instead, I like, an idiot, I thought was a normal part of life to decipher codes and hidden meanings everywhere. Doesn't every intelligent person do this actually know. At times where my worrying reached its peak, I wasn't he was my life. My unhappiness was caused by fear, which, in turn revealed overwhelming incessant, worry us of being alone are afraid of, failing and afraid of my future through analyzing, my own experience, others experiences and research. I've learned that over thinking is a symptom of the distressed and isolated
I've learned that fear can lead to social anxiety and sometimes even avoidance of social activities. Altogether, people who were Fraid of social interaction have a tendency to self medicate through various outlets, such as shopping spending, hours on Netflix, social media or abusing substances or food. These dust actions may help for a bit, but ultimately they mask our fear. Helping infested within our minds until it explodes when we least expected destroying relationships and our health. We feel that life is in disorder. We devote too much time to the negative. In fear. We over think things away cling to solutions to the wrong problems. We dwell on things didn't go well and constantly Gov worst case. Scenarios often is a general lack of confidence that causes us to worry more. Perhaps it's that we feel that worrying will protect us from harm. Yes,
in Caveman times, when we were hunters and gatherers, stress did actually protect us from harm, as in death visa Sabre to Tiger fast forward to present day we still get the same trust signals, but from benign sources that aren't life threatening now at the prospect of failing, let's say the written portion of the drivers test at the DE our hearts pomp three times or not more speed sending more blood to our limbs. Capillaries closed down so your blood pressure up, so we ethically quote, sustain a surface moon enough bleed to death, even our eyes, dilated we can see better and quote bodies and minds, have trouble telling the difference between a counter with a saber to tiger and a multiple choice test their arms. is we can help our bodies and minds acknowledged. The difference to combat over
thinking and over reacting. We can practise the following number one notice and appreciate our thoughts. If we take account of the situation and put it two perspective. We might be able to understand the reasons behind or catastrophic thinking patterns. Some might suggest, keeping a journal or to chart the frequency of our negative thoughts. Once weeping point. The reasons begin take positive action. to ameliorate our thinking, behaviors number to spend time outside nature as a way of soothing us taking us back similar times. All is well when the birds are curbing, the streams are flowing and animals scamper to and fro time spent on, trail or camping might increase our confidence to point where there is no room for worrying number. Three exercise studies show that exercise is very fact of increasing alertness and enhancing our brain function.
By releasing natural endorphins make a a painkillers. Physical activity can actually trick us into feeling happier making us actually happier number for socialize see how your friends and loved ones talk to them, make meaningful memories with them. can help you see past. Your worries. Give you some perspective and alleviate your loneliness. Number five breathe, take some time to breathe in and out slowly. This naturally reduces your blood pressure and heart rate calming you down, so that you can see clearly a number six like a know that you can only control what you do say or feel you can contribute, anything that happens at you and you can control what other people do. You are in control of yourself, so let all of those worries go
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find out what makes net gear America's number one: choice for wifi at net gear, dot, com, slash dust, wifi, doesn't net gear, dot, com, slash best wifi, and I have outlined in this episode description. They get alley a really important to consider, especially as many of us are still oh in partial, or more than partial quarantine in Europe. As a just a few days ago, things were shutting down again and not sing A mere friends very often, or at all, it's a major difference in how we used to living our lives for most of us alleys, even french like me, who generally really like being alone that alone ass, she said, can very easily turn into over thinking exaggeration sort of a loss of what's real, even he'll real in our minds by your reality can be much much different than someone else's a price
like a broken record, but I think meditation is a nice tools are having your box for catching over thinking because is literally a practice of watching your thoughts and letting them go, which were the very first and last points she mentioned where's your thoughts was number one and let go was number six. I thought those really. interesting, not shrivels on purpose, but those together is exactly what meditation is very helpful practice for most people to really see their thoughts for what they are. Also, a breathing exercise of breathing an exercise were listed by Ali Meditations collagen ashes. As for your brain, so I'd give it a try if something you haven't tried and find that you struggle with over thinking it might help. Let me Argos thank you for listening to get around till the end of a grey rest of your day and I'll see you tomorrow, form and most Monday, where optimal life awaits
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