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1789: What Does Success Mean and When by Greg Audino on Defining Being Successful & Healthy Thoughts

2020-11-03 | 🔗

Greg Audino talks about success and how it's definition changes from time to time.

Episode 1789: What Does Success Mean and When by Greg Audino on Defining Being Successful & Healthy Thoughts

Greg Audino is both a certified life coach and an actor. He combines his passions to create short and digestible videos which shine new light on the turbulent areas of life that many of us already have our minds made up about. Constantly seeking to share new insight, Audino uses humor and a variety of PG-13 examples to offer a refreshing and more relatable approach to self-development. TV fanatics can find him with principle roles on shows like Westworld, Now Apocalypse, NCIS:LA, and Jane the Virgin to name a few. Greg's videos, as well as information about becoming a life coaching client of his, can be found at gregaudino.com.

The original post is located here: https://medium.com/invisible-illness/what-does-success-mean-and-when-79ace5e2ab28

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This is optimal. Living daily episode, seventeen, eighty nine. What does success mean man, why by Gregg. Adina of Gregg ADI note I, and I'm just a molly personal narrator reading to you every day, including all. or even on election day, which is today here in the: U S, please do vote if you able to vary selection this year, this strange. strange year, although it's always a bit, turns but his ears not all around bizarre recording, there's a bit ahead of time for my sanity, so I have no idea how it's going. All I know is that it will be crazy. Phyllis those anxieties focused somewhere else. Answer optimizing your life. What does that mean? And when by Gregg, Adina of gray, gaudy no dot com. What does success mean the big one on so many people's minds is. Am I successful
am I doing well are, and I currently blowing this opportunity, a life. Oh boy, most would say The general consensus of what success is now is widely different than what it used to be. There are fewer of Europe well content with working trade jobs, because only doctors, lawyers and famous people are actually successful there. fewer and fewer people getting married, because commitment is not as fashion as the EU new person every weekend. There are fewer and fewer people happy to just watch a sunset. These abhorrent, taking a pay your and put it on Instagram and build your following then, what's the point? Success, however, has been and always will be, the same thing, and thus fulfilment of your values so was shifting is not success, but values aspects of life in career or being celebrated? Now that word celebrated before an impression that says Abrasion leaves on us is causing us to reflect on how we make
rob within that area. People with fame are getting more attention. so we start to ask all humming. or following me in care about what I do is my life cool enough Venus, however, that often catches up to those that do and are making millions of dollars or acquiring millions of fans is reflection of the fact. Their true values and the real blueprint they have of their life are not being met with entirety. That said that, ingredient necessary to defining success is to define it for yourself rather than to let it be defined by others. What does success look like for you and how can you be successful within your own personal values, which are the real contributors of meaning inter life, raw working our own pass within our relationships. Careers bodies spirituality. The list goes on it's important to devote ourselves to each path in such a way that reflects how much we care about it. Not how much others
care about it? One thing to be aware of is that other people's devotion can take effect into forms. The first what your group tells you directly so being told directly by your best Something is wrong, if your Mary, by thirty, the second is well, you see my group is thinking so sue, that your friends were all Mary by thirty. Thank you failed because your thirty and aren't married, but the second doesn't stop there. The second and expand from how you feel your fitting in with your friends and family, to how you feel you're a fitting in with your town, how your footing? your age bracket, how your fitting! In with or ethnicity. Are your fitting in with this time period how you're fitting in with the whole world, so mapping other road to success really begins with you, define
it for yourself. Buyer! Beware that in identifying your version of success, you will certainly find a degree of influence from your environment. The trick is to make sure is a healthy degree, for example If you want to get your masters degree men, everyone else in your family happens to have one. That's all right, but we getting your masters because everyone else in your family has one that could be done healthy and not an accurate reflection of what you really want once you this out and you ve got in touch with what your values are and what it means to you to be successful within them. Try breaking their success down into two sub categories: practicality and pride if we deeply passionate about being a musician, for example, assessing success from a practical stamp would mean asking yourself how much money you need to attain from your music career. Does it ass mean just a few gigs at year. Does it mean paying the bills doesn't
in more money they have ever dreamed of? What it means to you specifically will help create a detailed metric for yourself same goes for the sub category of pride does success. within the realm of pride mean committing to the daily struggle involve. Does it mean writing your own lyrics does mean dig into one genre doesn't mean performing arts age with the onset stiffer for everyone? So once you ve done They are about how you, and only you view, success within any given endeavour. You likely feel confident rush, momentum in the excited to crack on fantastic What is important to remember here that for as much time goes by changing influence, will continue. Be a factor in your life, thus either strengthening or weakening this the trick of success that Eve laid out? For this reason, it is essential to keep track of your journey and continually chicken with yourself chicken, with yourself about how you're feeling and how your actions of change
used or stay. The same is only by doing this. They will be able to gauge your true level of interest in any our endeavours say you original metric for successfully musician was just create a reliable country ban with your friends and play in local bars. Once a month. Great sounds like one who also values are friendships too fast for ten years You have become a smashing. Success left her friends for more talented replacement, since are pulling your hair out because you're, not her stagecoach this year, has a metric changed, yes, is a healthy. Maybe Maybe your passion has just Rome and you're still in touch with your friends. Men only reason you're, not you're, playing with them is because they decided they have different interests, but maybe you fired your friends and the bigger in Europe about not headlines. Stagecoach is because you want to stick it up there and prove to them men, everyone that you're the best and you don't need them enter, agreed showmanship, an insatiable it.
Is safe to say in a scenario like this that your metric has changed severely as a result of the fact that the music itself is no law there are enough for you exterior changes and influences have altered your actions thus day. Jane and dislodging original sense of value, not only with music browser with your friends most likely a few other areas of life where you are in the journey of the musician, the one question you can always come back to. who is indeed, what does success mean in your answer? from wherever you are at that point, but perhaps revealing as her to pay attention to is not just what it means, But how the very nature of asking yourself this question makes you feel examining the nature of success is something we do constantly for. Many is a painful process, if the very ocean is painful and disorienting. It likely means we unhappy with where you are unsatisfied and therefore at risk
for arriving at the part of the musician story we don't like varying degrees of what you have to show for it. If this is the case, reassess your true values, and whether or not your actions are aligned with them, chances are they aren't, but there is always a chance to the reset button you just listen to the both titled. What does success mean and when by Gregg Adina of Gregg idea out our come a real, quick thanks to anchor for hosting this podcast anger is the easiest way to make a pie. Cast they'll distribute your podcast for you, so it can be heard everywhere. Spot
by Apple Podcast, Google, podcast and many more. You can easily make money from your progress too, with no minimum listener ship aggregates you everything you need in one place for free, which you can use right from your phone or computer creation tools like record and edit your podcast. So it sounds great download the anchor up or go to anchor dot fm to get started. They get a grey. A member of our team and host of both optimal relationships daily and optimal, living vice. So, if you want to hear his voice, he can check those out now somewhat unrelated. It is election day here in the U S and I like to encourage you to vote you're listening in the morning and either forgot or figured you might not, and if you here in the United States, of course, some
security, duty, others more of a choice. So if you're on the choice, side and choosing to let this one go I'd like to encourage you to rethink it then way the downsides cuz. I don't think there are too many the way I like to think about. Most decisions like these are, if everyone thought the same way, I did with the world be a better place or in other words, if everyone made this decision, will the world be a better place and I think Not voting would probably be chaos if her pointed that, basically, if no one voted for anything, we'd have a big problem here and I know that's an idealistic way of looking at it, but it's a simple way to see that maybe we should try to do a really is best for the country. Men, ass, our families and but I vote in elections is arguer. They have already voted, so this could be completely unnecessary, but in case you haven't, please consider the latest better than ever. If you everyone who stressed out over this, no matter what happens will pull through, we always do so. I have a great day today
tomorrow, as usual, with no references to the election and where Optima Life awaits
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