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1796: You Are The Curator of Your Life by Emma Scheib of Simple Slow Lovely on Mindful Lifestyle Design

2020-11-10 | 🔗

Emma Scheib of Simple Slow Lovely reminds us that we are the curators of our lives.

Episode 1796: You Are The Curator of Your Life by Emma Scheib of Simple Slow Lovely on Mindful Lifestyle Design

Emma is a self-confessed introvert who craves the simple and slow things in life. She loves to run, read, and write. She is blessed to be wife to a wonderful husband, mum to two amazing and vivacious daughters, 1 dog, a cat, and 5 chickens. They live in Motueka, New Zealand, a stone’s throw from the beautiful Abel Tasman National Park.

Emma has been on a journey towards a slower simpler and more intentional way of living since her second daughter was born a few years ago. She has learned lots along the way and loves passing on these lessons.

The original post is located here: http://simpleslowlovely.com/your-are-the-curator-of-your-life/

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This is optimal, living daily episode, one thousand seven hundred and ninety six. You are the curator of your life by Emma Scheib of simple, slow, lovely dot com, and I'm just him all of your personal narrator. Reading to you with permission from the authors, I cover lots of topics like personal development or self help, mindfulness happiness, anything that I think can help. You live a more meaningful life in just a few minutes. Every day. A real, quick things to anchor for hosting this podcast anchor is the easiest way to make a podcast. They'll distribute your podcast for you, so it can be heard everywhere: Spotify, Apple, podcast, Google, podcast and many more. You can easily make money from your podcast to with no minimum listenership anger gives you everything you need in one place for free. Would you can use right from your phone or computer creation tools? Allow you to record and edit your podcast, so it sounds great download. The anchor app or go to anchor
to get started without us get right to it as we optimize your life you're, the curator of your life, Miami. die of simple, slow, lovely dotcom. Last week I talked about creating about how I believe that creating is an essential part of all of our lives is the opposite of consumption and we need both to feel balanced. Today I want to tackle another important in related idea. The idea of curing your life Did you know that you, and only you of the ability to decide what you want in your life and what you want out. You have the ability to decide on them. Did you like about your life and then nurture them, so they rollin, bloom and also in Hollingford. That's you don't like about your life and kick them to the curb imagine, for a moment that your life means like.
Museum must take us sneaky peak through the door What do you see in? There is a dusty and intended to his cluttered and full of things you can't even name. Maybe you can barely even get in the door due to all items that are thrown haphazard early in any space available. My life has been like this at times, a dark, dank dusty and uncared for museum I am. I have been the worst curator of my life, showing complete disregard for the things I placed, both intentionally and unintentionally. In my life, however, I am slowly working on my curator ships, gills and finally, giving myself permission and time to ten lovingly to the items in my is is far from perfect and will never be finished, but that's ok the aims are always growing, always changing and well was need dusty. My museum, a most days. My museum is bright and airy and there's a distinct
sense of hope in the air the seasons well cared for exhibition is everything creative with my writing at the forefront as curator. I take special care of this display ensuring that checking every a clean and tend to my writing alongside my creative exhibit, since my exhibit on connection this the big showcases. My relationships with people, I love sometimes curator ship here comes naturally other time. but to be particularly mindful to chair lovingly to this exhibition. Some relationships can easily get dusty and forgotten marriages and long term. Partnerships are prime examples after seventeen years and two children whose needs often take precedence, the dust can accumulate, but as curator I'm trying to purposefully and mindfully take better care of this exhibit further back in a darker corner of my museum. You'll find some exhibits, set, marked so well care for there's one on healthy eating. This pretty cluttered and
well to be honest for a meaning, far too mindlessly at the moment in his way too much sugar. This exhibit there's a sprinkling, of good. Here too, though, like my love of virtues, but overall, this exhibit is cluttered, not welcome, made in he's an overhaul. What else my parenting skills exists? This has drawn a lot over the past year and a half years and boy, then the most challenging one. He started tiny with only a few items, but the exhibit the ground over time, partly through mindful decisions to change behaviour, is an atmosphere partly through Bing input from special people who have previous award winning exhibits. Every exhibit has seasons where it is subject to more attention. More tender, loving care. I have just entered as he's like this, with my parenting exhibit.
finishing a full time career job, I'm building my reserves to get back to daily intentional tender. Loving care over this exhibit kick him to the curb. There are also some exhibits that badly need to be discontinued, not just put in storage for the season, but shocked out Kick to the curb a prime example. Here is my worthiness, or should that be worthlessness exhibit this exhibit his old says old is me: has its roots in my conception and birth story, a story for another day, and these routes are unfortunately pretty soon. this exhibit has had his time in the limelight over the years seasons where I've deliberately chosen to listen to the narrator at the exhibit and to believe the statements she tells him about my worthlessness are true, after thirty eight years I'm well and truly sick of her her voice as a nagging whining only to it and often feel physically ill after listening. Thankfully, these days,
stop by the listener. Does too much at all. Rather, Working away behind the scenes to finally shows exhibit and the narrator where to go on voyage, the time or the inclination to listen to you anymore. So there it is a pig into my museum is a work in progress. Never changing and more was improving. These days dark and dusty corners are being brought into the light I put on my curator ship hat stays and do the work to ensure things are well care for maybe your ASEAN has some exhibits. There need tossing out the door ones that have kept you from achieving focusing on your dreams and folly, probably some that need some tender, loving care, some whose time it to shine. Where have you been me of doing or putting into a life tat. You can action today, you, when only you have the power to do this. You are the curator of your life.
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thing is added value. Balikh Emma mentioned Creation of your own life is really important to check in. Do inventory and see with excessive, unnecessary, unhelpful or what listen to and can be added in like the museum analogy. What's clearing of the space or maybe the opposite was making it feel empty, actually visualizing. This can be a great practice this year. I often everything in it from a different angle. So try this out today, even if it's just for a minute in sea we come up with carried away in the meantime will be curetting articles for you here again to Morrow, where optimal life awaits.
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