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1908: Do You Know and Live Your Values AND Self-Connection as the Path to Well-Being by Dr. Kristine Klussman

2021-03-02 | 🔗

Dr. Kristine Klussman shares two short posts on living your values and the path to self-connection.

Episode 1908: Do You Know and Live Your Values AND Self-Connection as the Path to Well-Being by Dr. Kristine Klussman

Kristine Klussman specialized in Health Psychology (Behavioral Medicine) at Harvard Medical School, then founded and ran the Health Psychology program and post-doctoral training programs at California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco. She found her work with cancer and cardiac patients inspiring, uplifting, and humbling. She found so many of those going through life-threatening illness were - sometimes for the first time in their lives - absolutely clear what truly mattered to them: authenticity and connection. In 2016, she founded a non-profit to focus full-time on trying to understand, explain and teach what she now believes is the single most meaningful and rewarding aspect of our existence.

The original post is located here: https://www.kristineklussman.com/do-you-know-and-live-your-values/ & https://www.kristineklussman.com/self-connection-as-the-path-to-well-being/

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This is optimal, living daily episode. Nineteen, oh eight Do you know and live your values and self connection as the path to well being both by Doktor Christine policemen of Christine clues Linda? my very own personal narrator, just a moloch reading to you from some raising blogs and books help you optimize your life covering self help, person development happiness productivity more now to pose for you today. its let's get right to them as we optimize your life, Do you Oh and live your values by Doktor, Christine clues men of Christine policemen, Doc come ass, a society. We constantly talk about our values as if we as individuals, Are we, as a country actually know what those values are? If you take a pop quiz right now that asked you to me
your top three values in life? Would you have your answers ready in my experience, most people confronted with the question, feel quite unsure of their risk once that they are forgetting something or maybe miss priority thing in what feels, like a snap judgment, rarely to people take the time as adults to thoughtfully the inventory, their values and identify the one. That matter most to them, and even more rarely do people align their daily life activities with their most cherished values, but she this rare and exquisite alignment of values and actions is the goal of true connection. What are your values? Will we claiming conversation or debates, as our values can often be quite out of step with whom we are today? Our stated values probably include things we ve inherited from our parents, spouse teachers and mentors as well as things that we think we should stand for, but that don't necessarily reflect our real priorities or they may just be relics from another time
when that was the most important thing to you in life and you now, different priorities, just taking the time to collect, examine and rough, I got your own true values, as you feel them today is a trap. Leslie Rewarding exercise? I can give you greater clarity of purpose and a more useful understanding of yourself and your needs. Self knowledge is power when you know what matters to you, you're, better able to make places their honour your priorities and avoid those that doubt, as you might expect, research shows that, taking that next step, actually living and working day to day in accordance with our values, is correlated with even greater levels of satisfaction and well being. How do you find your values? Writing things down is incredibly high, full four flushing out our unarticulated thoughts and feelings and giving us the opportunity to consider them, and it's one of the best methods to are identifying your values? Try setting
I'm thirty to forty five minutes to focus no smartphone a computer. No, tv or music on, in the background start by writing all the different things that matter to you in life in don't hold back. You want to list everything that occurs to you as important need some examples: family, honesty, financial success, empathy, creativity, freedom, safety, fairness achievement. There are as many values as there are. People on earth live wolden some say less more than four hundred to get. You started once you run out of ideas for your values, look at your list and look for themes or patterns. In your answers. You may find at some items are more specific examples of another value. For example, honesty might be considered part of integrity, contents, thematic, families of values living
once you ve, consolidated the last according to any themes. Ask yourself, honestly, which of these are the most important to identify your top three, the things tat matter, mouse. They won't be easy, but by winnowing down your list to the three most important you're able to unrest in the areas of your life. You are least able to ignore or compromise in, if a clear view of the values that you really should, if, by every day, which helps you make choices about the types of work, friends and lifestyle they'll make you most fulfilled and you ve thoughtfully respectfully ranger values so that when two or more values conflict, as will inevitably happen at some point, you know where your highest priorities lie. Measure more easily make the right choice for you. Your top values will almost certainly change over time, as your circumstances and experiences change. The notion aim or pathology, and this the important thing is a regularly check in with yourself getting caught
you're, right, you're, curve, values are and looking back at past, Lou to see where you once were his fascinating to read more journal injuries and see yourself as the person you were then, and more often than not you'll find a common thread make sure they are honouring it in your life, another from her coming right up, but first I've been using natural face. Ciera four men that I wanted to tell you about a dry skin for as long I can remember, but never got into special lotions or systems because they rarely work or they have ingredients that are questionable how best I came across, killed her or labs. The good which is appropriately named. It was named by G Q as the. best natural face your room for men and made from twenty seven active plant. Botanical stresses nontoxic one hundred percent from plants
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is the idea that, by focusing on cultivating connection rather than happiness, mindfulness resilience or any other single concept, we naturally build lives, rich with mean and satisfaction or research lab recently had some exciting findings that speak directly to this core message. We asked sixty six people to take a test at us. Ass their level of mindfulness, a measure that tends to correlate with life, satisfaction and then journal. Every day for one week half the group was asked to write about things that had happened that day and the other half was to write about aspects of their day that related to self connection. At the end of that He gave journaling and again, one month later, we are all subjects. Take mindfulness tests again what we found the result at the end of the week of journaling were not particularly promising. We found no real change in either groups level of mindfulness. One month later, the group who just Gerald about there
is still saw no change, but the people were journals about self connection. Tested signify Billy higher on mindfulness than before they started the study. What does this mean? Will support our hunched that using inaction as a lens for our lives tends to promote good things. All these people were do he was setting an intention to focus on self connection and in directing them tension to the question of whether they felt connected to self during their day. Intention, plus attention plus one simple question during this for just one week, helped our study participants boost their mind. coolness a month later. What other measures of well being might this practice help improve? What would happen if people draw for longer than a week more focused on their connection to others or to work as well as self Connection We can't wait to find the answers to all of these questions and more you just listen to the postman.
Do you know and live your values manned self connection, as the path to well being both by Doktor Christine clues men of Christine clues men darker, a real, quick thanks to anchor for hosting this Bob cast anchor is the easiest way to make a pike ass. They distribute your pod cast for you, so can be heard everywhere. Spotify Apple, podcast, Google Pie cast an many more. You can easily make money from your bike ass to with no minimum listener. Ship anchor gives you everything you need in one place for free. Would you can use right from your phone or computer creation tools? Allow you to record and edit your podcast. So it sounds great download the anchor app or go to Anchor FM to get started. Then I'll keep sending nice and short for you today have a great rest of your day and I'll see you in the Wednesday show tomorrow or your optimal life away,
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