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1911: Routines are Meant to be Broken by Jay Harrington of Life And Whim on Spontaneity & Freedom

2021-03-05 | 🔗

Jay Harrington of Life and Whim reminds us that routines are meant to be broken.

Episode 1911: Routines are Meant to be Broken by Jay Harrington of Life And Whim on Spontaneity & Freedom

Jay and Heather Harrington are the husband and wife team behind Life and Whim. They started Life and Whim after moving their family to Traverse City, a small town on the shores of Lake Michigan, to break the script of their life and reimagine what's possible. They live in pursuit of a purposeful, meaningful, active, and simple life.

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This is optimal living daily episode. Nineteen eleven routines are meant to be broken. a J Harrington of Life and a whim dark arm, and I'm just a moloch, happy Friday Welcome to the podcast, where I simply red blogs to you for free covering personal growth and self help, topics like mindfulness minimalism self care, men allow more if you like, the showed greatly bullshit you sharing with someone and getting them to subscribe. It goes a really long way to keep all of this going and it means a lot I was makes my data here, people sharing it or see people sharing all mine. So, thank you for that and for now get right to today's boast. Sir optimizing. Your life routines are meant to be broken. a J Harrington of Life and whim darker routine, these are important. Having solid route in place, allow us to have productive days by making certain actions habitual.
Just when we get up in the morning when we work out and what we eat we can allocate, will power and discipline, both finite resources towards the unexpected variables that life, inevitably throws our way. At the same time, routine becomes off routine life marked by uncompromising rigidity can feel like a hamster wheel. You can't get off. One day starts being into the next and before you know it years passed by and EAST are wondering where the time, what how can you get off hamster wheel of monotony make a purposeful, unintentional commitment to introduce more novelty into your life times such The expansion speaking of Hampshire, wheels, Recently, my work out, so I've been in a rut too much treadmill, none of dopamine of being energize from them. I've left Jim feeling, irritable so last Tuesday morning, instead of heading four the jam, as I usually do. I went for a forty five.
minute run on a trail system near our house. It was dark when I got started, but when I reached the high point of the trail, the sun was, starting a break. The horizon. The air felt really Crispin clean Why it s only one other person that morning out on the trails, it was a great way to start the day and I felt it verge of energy when I was done not only that, but its inexperienced letters firmly and vividly stuck in my mind, despite the fact that I will at the same time and engaged in the same general, routine exercise tuesdays trail run stands out. In fact, I can't recall with specificity the detail those of any other morning. Last week, while most morning, seem to go by and an indistinguishable flash Tuesday more. Unfolded, at least in my mind, slowly and deliberately a trial run may have only lasted forty five minutes, which is the same as all of my other workers, but it felt much longer sick
I'll, just call this phenomenon, time, subjective expansion. Your watch me tell you one truth about time but your mind, tells you another. Time in the literal sense his objective, we all have in twenty four hours in the day, but how we experienced time is it deeply individualised experience when we break free. Of routine inexperienced, new and novel things. Time seems The slowdown charter, Afore or of moon, walking with Einstein, the art and science of remembering everything, rights quote: monotony, collapses, time novelty unfolds, it end quote the oddball effect. A great deal of research has been done to try to explain why new and novel seems slow down our interpretation of time. One study gave eyes to what is known as the oddball effect during the study. Subjects were repeatedly shown images of a simple brown shoe after the subway
were sufficiently accustomed to the routine and repetition of the same brown shoe image, an image of Single Clark was inserted into the image cycle. Despite the fact that the clock image was on screen, exactly the same amount of time as a shoe images, subjects perceive that it was displayed for our longer than it actually was. They became so condition and a cup onto the shoe image. That a novel image shocked their brains into wholly different perception of time. Human on Ebay them hungry for change and their brains latched onto it. for an experience. Thousands Into the mix, the point is, if you, stood in living a life full of rich colorful and memory filled it experiences. You need to find ways. Both big and small, to break routines. introduce more novelty and first moments into your days, its import schedule time for spawn. Eighty,
English poet, William Cooper, famously wrote, quote: varieties that very spice of life that gives it all is flavour and quoth. He seems crazy because we worked so hard to establish good routines breaking free of the very patterns they give our lives structure as we give our lives spice, while we may feel most comfortable went there our routine. We feel most alive when they are not one to add more new and novel into your days here. A few idea. that will help number one and respond. Eighty on his face, They respond. Eighty sounds contradictory, however, is now Sir, if you want to open yourself up to new experiences, create a list of active is that you ve been meaning to try playing an instrument new work, our routine, a new recipe, a schedule, few open blocks of time for yourself each week to give them a try number two
great books. If you want to try new things, you need to open yourself up to new ideas, fiction, nonfiction, history, biography books are chock full of operations of the human experience, their rich so of inspiration for new and novel ways to get more out of life in number three switch off the small things One of the reasons many of us have a hard time breaking free of our routines is that we aim to high. We want transformational change and immediate gratification, but change happen. Incrementally not all I once by focusing on making small changes biking to work once a week for exam We in great momentum for ourselves, after all transformation, happens, one small change at a time. When will you, who do differently today, you sure since the post titled routines, are meant to be broken by J
written of life and when dark on a real, quick thanks to anchor for hosting this podcast anger is the easiest way to make a pie cast they'll distributor podcast for you. So it can be heard everywhere, spot by Apple Podcast, Google, podcast and many more. You can easily make money from your progress too, with no minimum listener. Ship anger gives you everything you need in one place for free, which you can use right from your phone or computer creation tools like recording ETA, your podcast, so it sounds great download the anchor up or go to anchor dot fm to get started they get a J. This reminded me of a couple of things. One is his article titled slow down your life through the magic of first moments is a memorable one that Do they came to mind as I was reading this? I narrated that way back an episode, one thousand three hundred and seventy, so you can check that out
I would also remind me of another thing I learned in anthropology class reference the same class a couple of days ago, and I talked about journaling, but this class also had us take a different route home from school. Instead of our usual one gene things up like this is actually something recommended to avoid the onset of Alzheimer's. That said, you don't want to change the route every single day of your life. then you miss out on efficiencies in time, savings and even repetition, learning, which is the positive of routines. There's benefit there as well for the brain. So all this to say just like with pretty much everything in life, you dont want to stick with. One thing forever were built to adapt and to change and fight. That is pretty much useless. So when you get in Iraq or feel Stein end
we're just looking for something different and bracing a routine or something different, and it might do great things for you do something about this weekend have a great start to your weekend. If you're listening in real time and I'll catch you tomorrow or your optimal life away
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