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1912: How to Tap into your Secret Super Power by Rachel Shanken of MindBodyWise on Emotional Wellbeing

2021-03-06 | 🔗

Rachel Shanken of MindBodyWise teaches you how to tap into your secret super power.

Episode 1912: How to Tap into your Secret Super Power by Rachel Shanken of MindBodyWise on Emotional Wellbeing

Rachel Shanken is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Yoga Instructor, and now a Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Practitioner. Her philosophy is simple: what you seek is already within you. In the busy lives we lead, it's sometimes difficult to stop, listen and access the knowledge that resides deep inside of ourselves. Using a whole-body, client-centered approach, her passion is to: support you with listening to your own internal wisdom, assist you with connecting to what you really want and help to empower you in taking steps toward achieving your goals.

The original post is located here: https://mindbodywise.com/blog/how-to-tap-into-your-secret-super-power/

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This is optimal. Living daily episode, nineteen twelve had a tap into your secret superpower by Rachel. Thinking of mind, body, wise dot, com and I'm just a molecule very on personal narrator. I read to you everything the day of the year, so that we all have to go, find blogs and articles yourself. I find the best others online simply read them to you and for free with permission from the others and with big out for my business partner. Lee He reads a lot of content to helping articles for all of our shows and it's his birthday today, so happy birthday Lee now that was get right to it, continue optimizing your life how to tap into your secret super power by Rachel Thinkin of mind, body, wise dot, com your human. I'm writing. This note remind you why it's wonderful that you are human and to give you a simple for step process to begin tapping into us.
Her power. You didn't even know you had being human was a complex job when acidity I caught up in the challenge. First, allow me to remind you about some powerful and beautiful aspects of being the species you are. You have. Motions. Your emotions are a huge part of what makes us human without emotions or not being able to talk about feelings. You are robots built of metal, cold, disconnect. And existing merely as a machine does no joy or vibrancy in a machine there may be times when you wish, you were robots to avoid feeling uncomfortable feelings or inability to express thoughts, Will you were born into the world a stunning human, and so your miss We need to learn how to embrace all parts of the human experience, even the painful parts. Oh your emotions flow through the same channel when you block some, you block them all
Your feelings may initially work to keep you from experiencing pain, but over time the feelings will intensify, I or Schaub in unhealthy and harmful ways. When you can accept All of your emotions, all of your humanist, just as they are the painful emotions, weaken their grasp me stop resisting. You live with more peace and ease with the ability to experience more joy me, you have permission to express your emotions, no matter what they are. By way of this note, I hereby grant you permission to give yourself permission to feel all the fields and expressing our emotions. Appropriately in the healthiest ways. You know how, if you aren't sure how to express feelings and healthy ways. Much talk by the way. Your feelings often aren't law go feelings of a mind of their own, sometimes men trying to make sense of your feelings.
Change them. It merely makes you feel worse if your feelings don't seem to align with what you think you should be feeling your motions connected with your body in your body. Can I see with your emotions is a two way street your body mere mind in your hard work together, like sensors of yourself, other human, in the world at large, you're feeling shopping, your body in your body lets her mind and heart, no, that something is up for Firstly, you might have unprocessed emotions that get stored in your body as pain or attention, your feelings or the messaging system. That connects your mind to your body in your body. To your mind, your motions, connect to you with joy and beauty without ways to express emotions. You are onto the beauty that life can be your system, designed to feel and when you don't allow your feelings to pass through the shop as pay, or illness in your body, mind and overall life, yes
this means that sometimes you will feel painful feelings without these difficult feelings, though, how would you appreciate the feel good emotions? Pain is part of life as a human, so is beauty he had to have it all and what an extraordinary gift that is, your emotions can be your assistant to find what you gotta that, in addition to being human, you are also a superhero. I believe we all are in your superpower. Is your ability to sense things on multiple levels? Here's the coolest, you dont have to imagine this. You already have this ability. All the wisdom of your heart is alive within you. Do that It is of embody mindfulness your feelings. Superpower can be continually honed and channels to benefit both you and others. In order to make your life more fulfilling man joyful at every turn, for simple steps for beginning to tap into your feelings. Superpower number one acknowledged
You have feelings there within you always and they are ever changing number to take a personal vow. Right, now consider writing down there. You will give yourself permission to fully experience. Emotions, no matter what they are, regardless of if they seem logical or not, for the good of living, a full, rich and joyful life. Number three. pause now close your eyes brain into your heart, take a deep breath, get curious check in with what you're feeling weight and listen no sequoias of whatever you're feeling seeping into this a judging or changing your experience and therefore take a breath and open your eyes. Notice. What you're feeling now, just by acknowledging your expense Hence even one time per day, you amp up your superpower in law, listen to yourself more accurately and more deeply.
You just listen to the post titled how to tap into your secret superpower by Rachel Schenken of mind body, wise, dark on a real, quick thanks to anchor for hosting this podcast anger is the easiest way to make a pie cast they'll distribute your podcast, for you, so can be heard everywhere: Spotify Apple, podcast, Google, podcast and many more. You can easily make money from your broadcast to with no minimum listener. Ship anchor gives you everything you need in one place for free, which it can use right from your phone or computer creation tools like to record and edit your podcast. So it sounds great download the anchor up or go to anchor dot fm to get started, taking Rachel a great reminder for this weekend, sometimes with personal development or meditation. We think we should always be happy, so we should brush coral quote. Negative emotions to the side does not want to be healthy over the long term like she said in meditation, you acknowledge and
Let go of thoughts without judgment, that's a mindfulness practice and awareness of what's going on in our bodies, it's not a practice of turning yourself into a robot, that's important to remember. She had a little note on number three about checking in with what you're feeling she said, resist the urge to try to make sense or logic through your feelings. This is the job of the mind, but not the job of the heart, allow your feelings to speak for themselves and have their own voice without your rational mind, trying to tell you how you should feel it, avoiding the rational explanation for your feelings. You train your mind to quiet and allow truth to emerge from your heart so there you have it. Thank you again to Rachel and thank you for listening. Everyday have a great weekend if your listening in real time and I'll see you tomorrow, as usual, where optimal life awaits
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