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1959: Consistency is Consistently Overrated by Tyler Tervooren of Riskology on Creating A Plan to Achieve Goals

2021-04-22 | 🔗

Tyler Tervooren of Riskology.co talks about consistency being overrated.

Episode 1959: Consistency is Consistently Overrated by Tyler Tervooren of Riskology on Creating A Plan to Achieve Goals

Tyler is a serial entrepreneur, the founder of Riskology, former co-producer of the World Domination Summit – an annual event for free-thinkers and non-conformists, and has completed a marathon on every continent.

The original post is located here: https://www.riskology.co/consistency-is-consistently-overrated/

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This is optimal living daily episode, nineteen, fifty nine consistency is consistently overrated, vitality, born of risk, ecology, die co and I'm just a moloch, happy Thursday, happy Earth Day releasing in real time and welcome back to optimal living daily or O. L De where I read blogs too,. it's a pretty simple promise. I think not today, right after the radium in a share a little something special from our online group, so stay tuned for that, but for now is get right to it and you can optimizing, your life Consistency is consistently overrated by Tyler to warrant a risk. Ecology, darker, don't get me wrong. I don't want to condemn consistency, things valuable for a lot of reasons. Consistency is a virtue
you're not screw up yet I can't help but notice that people blindly accept consistency. As the road to their success, the classic case of copying tactics without understanding the strategy, the thing is: if he found the path I worked for, you then go for it, be. As consistent as possible. Do your thing and downward back, however, if you're not quite sure what path your men to be on yet then consistency is overrated. In fact, as is the case, I think consistency do more harm than good don't know where you're headed, how can doing the same thing over and over again get you any closer to where you really want to be embracing inconsistency. I'd rather embrace inconsistency, rendered to the fact that you don't know where you're going yet and resolved to try everything you can until you figure it out, Sometimes you have to stumble around in the bushes for awhile before you find the trail. In fact, even once you find that path there,
no guarantee you always want to follow it. Being consistent, is great but changing your mind is just as important in life as making it up here. A few things you might Consider changing your mind about your mission. I usually they that the mission, the big goal, is the one. You should never give up, but the truth is that MS perfectly ok We too have a revelation that changes your priorities just because you dedicate years of time and effort to accomplish something doesn't mean that you should keep working too or is it if you realize that it's wrong before I started risk college heed our co. My big goal was to get a good job, make a lot of money. The comfortable losing my job and really looking at the things I wanted from life turned that idea completely on its head, and I couldn't be happier now my work for myself make much less money, but heavier tension is invaluable payment, and I seek out this-
comfort in many aspects of my life. Be careful, though, not to use false reasoning to change your big girl. Your reasoning should be internal, not external Far too many emails from people telling me that they had to give up their dream because they had a child or that there are setting aside a big goal because they want to work in a field that doesn't make enough money to pursue it does not. Says if you want something bad enough: gay creative and go after it in a new direction, your strategy and tactics just because an idea work for someone else doesn't mean that it will work the same way for you. If you ve been far when someone else's guide and it's not working out, don't stick to it. Just to save your own pride. Don't fool yourself into believing that abroad?
This strategy will work for you if you stick with a long enough, give up your consistency and try something else to get you to the goalposts. If that doesn't work, give up and try something else again forget what anyone else has to say about being consistent, don't pay attention to those who think you're selling out, because your changing your plan is something is not working is not working and it has to change simple as that in my opinion, is much better to be happy and disliked than it is to be miserable and loved martyrdom is overrated your schedule, you are what you repeatedly Do many wise men have said that before me and I dont believe for a second that it isn't true. I think a consistent schedule is overrated. my love having a regiment that allows me to be productive. When I want to be proud of, bringing it up and try something completely new and different. I love creating an expectation that peace
Behold me too, and then delivery something completely different. If greatness is achieved through consistency, there's only one of at least two strategies. The other being surprise your ideals, gon argument, the other day with a friend who thinks that no one should ever changed their ideals that they develop over time and once they are in place, they ought to be maintained for eternity Of course I could not disagree more far too many times have the unyielding Ideals of men and women landed them on the wrong side of history. Just look at all trials we ve been through and our past regarding human rights and equality in India. I believe that we have to serve our ideals rather than that our ideals must serve. Us has led to too many wars and too many
well being denied the rights that over time, we all now agree they deserve all this, for the sake of consistency, take a stand and take it against yourself. If you have to never given to popular belief due to pressure but constantly watching your own beliefs and morals, ask how other serving you over there really doing to make the world a better place. If you discover There's nothing. There then give up and try again no one that matters will blame you for it. you just listen to the post. Titled consistency is consistently overrated by Tyler to foreign of discards. Dot seo entered able to share something. special from our online group, but first I mentioned this a while back. I've been using unnatural face Europe for men every day after my shower spent helping, was dry and that have had for as long as I can remember, I never bought special lotion.
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I check out now sign for another feature from our online group. Vitally families become a great place for a listeners out. My eyes: Eliza of each other and share pieces of it. ice or recommendations based on prompts. We provide the lot of fun, I recommend you join via the link in this episode description. If you haven't already the great place to teach, learn and interact with Oda listeners and US house in a number of group chats and one of our most recent problems was a powerful one. Ass listened to share the biggest mistake they have made and what I ve learned from it. one of the countries. I was really impact full came from listener. Chris, he says quote realize I needed help until I was too late. I've gone through two marriages. Have a lot of children? It didn't listen to everyone telling me my needed help. I've since receive the problematic and I'm on the road to recovery lost. Everything due to my stubbornness, mend quote
number two crisper vulnerability. I'm sure it took a lot to submit that entry, as my hope that the oil The community has helped him along his journey straight that he's taken accountability and welcomed help into his life, even later than he might have liked to those definite something we can all learn from if we find trouble in our relationships or if we find a few love once telling us the same things about how we can may be improved, so I think it a caress thank you for being here and listening all the way through to the ends have a great rest of your day. Only back tomorrow for the Friday show where optimal life awaits,
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