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1960: The Secret Ingredient to Achieving Any Goal You Want by Shana Olmstead on Self-Love & Gratitude

2021-04-23 | 🔗

Shana Olmstead shares the secret ingredient to achieving any goal you want.

Episode 1960: The Secret Ingredient to Achieving Any Goal You Want by Shana Olmstead on Self-Love & Gratitude

Shana Olmstead's passion and life's work is connecting with people and helping them to believe the best about themselves. Her own process of spiritual awakening 15 years ago, and the personal transformation she has had since then has helped her to understand that her true calling in this lifetime is to help awaken the souls of others. She believes everyone is capable of transformation.

The original post is located here: https://shanaolmstead.com/2019/09/02/the-secret-ingredient-to-achieving-any-goal-you-want/

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A real, quick thanks to anchor for hosting this podcast anchor is the easiest way to make a podcast. They'll distribute your podcast for you, so it can be heard everywhere: Spotify Apple, podcasts, Google, podcast and many more. You can easily make money from your podcast too, with no minimum listenership anchor gives you everything you need in one place for free, which you can use right from your phone or a computer creation tools. Allow you to record and edit your podcast, so it sounds great download the anchor app or go to Anchor Fm Fm to get started. This is optimal. Living daily episode. Nineteen sixty two secret reading to achieving any goal. You want by Shane Olmstead Shana homestead dot com and I'm just a Malik, Happy Friday and welcome to the podcast, where I simply read blogs to you for free covering personal growth and I felt topics like mindfulness minimalism, self care. Meditation meant a lot more. If you like, the show greatly appreciate
you sharing it with someone and getting them to subscribe or follow, because a really long way to keep us all going, and it means a lot always makes my day to hear about people area or see people sharing online. So thank you for that. But rouse get right to today's post Optimizing your life. This would ingredient to achieving any go. You want by Shana Olmstead of Shana Olmsted COM em. A new January right, it's time to get organized, get happy, get inspired, get better sleep, get more energy get in shape and get going on our goals, but that's a lot. How is it possible to move forward on all of these things at once, while also not criticizing ourselves for not getting it all done. The answer is self appreciation. Self appreciation is like super. What you want in your life and bringing it it to you more quickly.
Sustainably than you could have ever imagined, you can do it and you are worth it if your motivation, or any of your goals is not based on a deep appreciation for yourself the changes you want him it will always be temporary. If you believe you deserve to achieve your goals, he may try Maybe you won't be able to make them stick the more more compassion you have yourself, the more positive your energy field is the morgue here it is to know which goals are in your highest good in the easier it is to achieve them. This fall before trying to all all the changes you to make and achieve all of the goals that are important to you. I would encourage you to make loving, loving yourself in increasing your positive energy, your foundation, some ways to increase your self compassion in order to achieve your goals are number one start with awareness We are often not even aware of the limiting thoughts that are getting in the way of us achieving our goals. The first step in supercharged our motivation on our goals
becoming aware of the fear that gets in the way. Every time you notice yourself having negative or fear based thoughts, practiced, stopping and focusing on appreciating yourself. Instead, the equation is simple: The more you appreciate yourself, the Moreno, what's in your highest good and the more likely is that you allow it to easily flow into your life number to build the feeling of self love. If it's difficult for you to feel love towards yourself, meantime in meditation cultivating the feelings of love you have for someone or something you loved deeply and in transferring that failing to yourself can be very effective, whether that is your dog mere child. Your ma a more your best friend most everyone knows what that feels like it's a good place to start practicing on other simple quit tool to use. Often while working on self love is to simply put your hands on your heart, taking some deep breath
imagining loving energy flowing into your heart, this simple act produces oxytocin the love him the same one produced by nursing mothers to help bond with their child, and in having relationships to connect people together. What am I that we are able to produce the same feeling simply by touching and loving ourselves. Just five minutes a day of these simple practices will increase, increase energy, energy and motivation towards achieving goals, goals. Number three positive, visualization our thoughts become and the better. We feel about ourselves. The better. The things are, for that we are able to cooperate in our lives. Visualizing ourselves as lovable beings allows to visualize our lives as magically abundant as well. A great way to practice. Loving yourself, is to spend time in meditation in throughout the day imagining loving lights or God or sparkles or stardust or rainbow
or your dog or cat or whatever works for you surrounding and loving you when you get to a really good feeling place, and bringing in some visualizations of what you want to create in your life, the better you feel by yourself the more amazing the possibilities that you can believe about. Yourself are spending just a few minutes a day feeling is. If you have already achieved is the way to make this happen in reality, number four take baby steps and appreciate each one. Instead of breaking off a big chunk of a goal start with a bite sized piece instead If you can make a goal of going to the gym once a week rather than five times, you are much more likely to achieve it, go the one time and then tell yourself how proud you are of yourself celebrate. It can go relate yourself. This helps to keep your energy high and keeps the positive momentum moving forward. Number five reward yourself as part of your self appreciation,
celebration party add in a little reward humans generally No, what is best for us, but there can definitely be a gap between this knowledge and actually integrating new positive habits. They can help us achieve our goals. Research shows that the anticipation of a reward, very psychologically motivating and can help us initiate and maintain our positive evolution. Maybe up you. You achieve a baby step on goal goal like organizing one drawer get to eat, eat one piece of chocolate and call your best friend. Brag about you're, amazing organizational skills Rewarding yourself fills me with positive subatomic particles and help to continue to achieve your goals. A number six, a firm, your worth all day long in order to me
sure you maintain your alignment with your goals permanently is important to stay in the practice of loving yourself forever practice. Affirmations like I love myself more and more every day or every day in every way. I am getting better and better. This allows your energetic point of attraction to stay where you want. It allows the energetic particles of what you want in your life to be attracted into your life, for I think fall is a great time to activate some new goals for yourself also know from my experience with hundreds of clients that, if you don't believe you are worthy, your goals are much harder. To achieve self love is a simple shift that is often overlooked. It is the foundation and for achieving anything you want in your life how fond practicing. You just listen to the post titled the secret ingredient
to achieving any go. You want by Shanna Homestead of China arms Dead Darksome. They get a shake up. She mentioned it being September or the false ease in, but your listening to this in real time were in April, but hey this stuff is good all year round. So hopefully give you some inspiration for this month or this weekend. Something to think about. For the Friday. Episode have a great weekend if your listing in real time and I'll see you tomorrow, where optimal life, await
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