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1967: How to Create Your Own Self-Help Routine for Success by Renee Benes of The Fun Sized Life

2021-04-30 | 🔗

Renee Benes of The Fun Sized Life tells you how to create your own self-help routine for success.

Episode 1967: How to Create Your Own Self-Help Routine for Success by Renee Benes of The Fun Sized Life

Renee is a minimalist mom, blogger, & coach. She and her husband downsized their house, paid off debt, started making money online, and now travel part-time with their kids. Her blog and online coaching is centered around helping other women to create this same lifestyle for themselves, both in their day to day living and in how they manage their money.

The original post is located here: https://www.thefunsizedlife.com/self-help-routine/

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A real, quick things to anchor for hosting this podcast anchor is the easiest way to make a podcast. They'll distribute your podcast for you, so it can be heard everywhere: Spotify Apple, podcast, Google, podcast and many more. You can easily make money from your podcast to with no minimum listenership anger gives you everything you need in one place for free. Would you can use right from your phone or computer creation tools, allow you to record and edit your podcast, so it sounds great download the anchor app or go to Anchor FM to get started. This is optimal. Living daily episode, one thousand nine hundred and sixty seven the crew, your own self help routine for success; Byron, the banning of the fun sized life dot com and I'm just a moloch. Happy I welcome back to optimal living daily or o l de where I read blogs to you for breathe and award winning podcast. Thanks to you and thank you to the office. Forgive me permission. I can do without them a brand new author,
for you today, Renee Benes I'll, tell you about her right after the reading, so for now, let's get right to it and continue up in your life, how'd, it go your own self help routine for success by Renee? Of the fun size, life darksome, there's a tonne information about self help on the shelves these days right somewhere, so Your mind just might explode from the massive amount of information consumption. What is overloaded folk and lead to is people repeatedly trying different tactics and techniques that leaves them living in a total state of chaos. So hurry supposed to know what information try and what self L strategies just won't work for. You are broken Some ideas on how to tap into what works. For you see concrete your own self help routine there is no one size fits all. I get that a one
size fits, all approach to self help and even a stylish poncho are nice. Ideas in theory, however, is just a bald faced: lie for real that poncho will not fit every one and then what happens the person who finds it to snug or the person who find themselves drowning in it, chances are. They will ultimately decide what worked for everyone else. It didn't work for them. The same goes for self help, strategies that are designed to fit everyone when the whole world seems to be successful with these strategies, and you struggle to find her Groove your left feeling like a better life, just isn't in the cards for you, this is something I have worked to become hyper aware of as a life coach that each individual needs to be honoured differently. What do you do when what works for the majority isn't working for you decide what already works for you. What already puts you in your group is there a certain time of day that you feel the most productive? How about clothes that you know
put you in a better mood, like my minimalist, uniform, take the time to write out all the things that you know are already working for you. Your list might look like this doing big mental tasks in the morning having a slow start morning being outdoors instead of a gym speaking my thoughts instead of writing them sleeping with the fan on guided meditations having clear kitchen counters by starting with the things you are already successful with your mom likely to build a more solid self help routine man use your new ideas. You are more likely to it. Into the ones that will actually work. For you add without adding one of the sneaky is too, is to increase your mental health and improve. How you conduct herself throughout the day is add things to your day without really adding anything. So what do I mean by that small quits? If you're working have less sugar in your diet,
maybe you could add one teaspoon less of Kremer to your morning. Coffee. You are sticking to your same routine, adding nothing but taking one small step in the right direction. Routine knowledge one of my favorite ways to boost my mental health is by playing an audio book or podcast during my otherwise silent routines like doing my make up and making my bed this way, you can feed your mind, get some inspirational words and not have to add anything to you to do list avoid or sub but if you have a nasty habit or addiction you're trying to kid is served us going cold. Turkey were on substituting or avoiding temptation altogether. For example, you always get an energy drank when you get gas, avoid going into the a station or supplement your energy drink for coffee or even a soda gratitude lock at some point, during the day, you are taking a walk weathers to the break room at work.
More, the bathroom eighteen times a day like me, this time could be extremely valuable time but if you are having otherwise trustful day, during these many walks take the time to practise gratitude, adopt what feels natural If ever you find yourself thinking something like I have to do this because film of like said his life changing or to make this happen. Otherwise I am a inserts self doubt name, calling whenever you find yourself doing something out of force or have to definitely pay attention to your motives behind it. This is the entire concept of my pole group, coaching program getting out of that state of pushing letting go of those have to sand just allowing yourself to show up for your life and take a lined actions that guy. You with purpose find your helpers. Sometimes our people in life who just get us. If you are not a gem gore you,
I really don't want to rely on your seven days a week work out friend with the six pack to be Europe on ability. Buddy chances are the only invite you're going to be able to offer is based off what they know, and you already know that won't work for you take the time to find a friend family, member, counselor or coach that you. Feel aligns with who you are and how you want to show up in the world. Have accountability partner. Even just someone to talk to about self growth, can be a massive way to transform yourself help routine and your life. You just listen to the Poles title, how to create your own self help routine for success by Renee. Benes of
fun size, life, dot com, and thank you to Renee a little bit about her she's. A self proclaimed recovering people, pleaser and shopaholic turned minimalist investor and she works to promote simple aligned living, which includes understanding who you are and what you value. So I can build a life and financial plan around it, so I can buy the fun size, life dot com. You can find that link to this episodes, description, she's, a bunch of content plus freebies, were checking out and thank you again to Renee for letting us share her work, but that's it for today. Thank you for being here and listening everyday I'll, be back over the weekend, we're off to my life away,
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