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209: Two Ways of Viewing the World by David Cain of Raptitude.com

2016-07-07 | 🔗

David Cain is a writer and entrepreneur living in Winnipeg, Canada. On a particular boring day at his office job in 2009, he started Raptitude. His interest has always been human society and the internal human experience, and Raptitude became his megaphone for his thoughts about those things. It found an audience rather quickly and it’s been central to his life ever since. In 2013, he left his day job to write full time.

Episode 209: Two Ways of Viewing the World by David Cain of Raptitude.com (Meditation, Inspiration, Motivation, & Life Optimization).

The original post is located here: http://www.raptitude.com/2014/06/two-ways-viewing-world

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Two, Asia viewing the world by David Kane of Raptor, too dark com. There are You utterly different ways to view the world around you in any given moment. We can call them inward an outward an inward orientation, is nosing as much as you can of the moment. It means being receptive to us there interested in. What's there inwardness means your primarily observing bringing the world. To you an outward orient She is applying your views and wishes to the moment by adding an opinion to it or trying to cheat something about it or value. Whether is probably good for you or bad for you? it means you're, seeing the world, or at least an instance of it in terms of your interests where it fits in your story. Our earnest, These are primarily assessing and commentator putting your interests out into the world. Talk. As an example of our weakness, listening is an example of inward ness watching inwardly assembly, observing washing outwardly is hoping.
Viewing the world outwardly will inevitably add anxiousness to our lives, because it keeps us looking to judge, modify, improve comment on approve of or disapprove of what we see. This creates a background of neediness to most mom Speakers were invested in seeing them change in a certain way or same in a certain way, viewing world inwardly is simply doing your best to see what's there before we make any judgments to simply observe how it looks. Fees it sounds all Europe at the moment is attention. Neither is a strictly. Good or bad thing, and we need to employ both to some extent inward orientation has the virtue of reducing neediness an answer because we're refraining from making value judgments when not necessary. We need to adopt our orientation, however, to establish goals, make improvements, building for our lives or even just to assert things or ass for things. But we do those hours things ultimately, so that we have an easier time living inwardly later some on,
which is part of us knows that the real happiness and equanimity only come when we. Finally, completely inward towards the moment, completely receptive to It is right now, our brains, On some level that was certain goals achieved in certain arrangements made, it will be easier to do that. It's not unusual to work fifty straight weeks in an outward mode to be able to buy two. A place at. Almost forces want to experience that time, inwardly a place with palm tree His pools servants string sore anything else as hard to find fault with or improve on. His certainly These are to be inward, towards a good set up. Isn't that what we begun goals or try to improve our surroundings in the first place, so that eventually we can easily be with a moment as it is for a was entirely preoccupied with nurturing and outward orientation career lie. School and government policy is almost entirely a matter of getting further along and costs Currently many of us have little practice actively being here for what's already here, which was a forgotten point of our incessant
movement all along, because our cultural influences and probably biological ones too. We tend to slip into an hour orientation unless we're trying to live inwardly on purpose, who cultivate an inward orientation on purpose are still relegated to the corner court. Alternative fringes for the most part only a minority of people, I know, seem to have any interest in mindfulness and meditation, which really just ways upright to sing Inverness, though we can stay receptive and ordinary moments which probably don't contain Hata or ice cream or cocktails or anything else, as exceptionally agreeable aim can become an were when there's a beautiful sunset or cause are happening in front of them, but can Do it in line with the post office? Can you do it Tuesday, five fifty you when you ve just burn some rice life is much easier, more fun. If you can, A simple way to go and work for a moment is to pretend you just died and experienced. The moment has You can see every aspect of it but you're not there. This is a very. Revealing exercise whenever you do it, it becomes.
Clear that there is anything wrong with a moment at all to demand something of it. Then your life become about that. Until something else captures your attention to the same goes when a pickpocket, Saint all, he sees our pockets. Every and we send something out the door nothing's coming in clearly and inward orientation makes for a better default and our NASA better exception. Our knees. What we need to impose or cells on the world. An inward ass, the other ninety nine percent of the time, conducting self, with an inward orientation takes practice for those of us whose culture seems encourage only our ness were wrong imposing, instead of observing doing. Instead of being, we can begin to reckon if our selves and our species, the other way by deciding to be inward towards the present moment on a more regular basis, when you start paying attention to your mutation inward, an hour, becomes as easy to tell a part is hot and cold, but first he might need litmus test I taking in the moment as it is, or my imposing my knees and interests on it when you know what to do just
at the moment in and leave it at that be hollow for it. Whatever it is you just listen to the post, titled two ways of viewing the world by David Kane of Raptor to dot com. I have to say that One of my harder reads at a red it, a couple of times, really take it, and so, if you have to listen again totally understand recommended. Actually, this is a lot of good nuggets in there and one last quick reminder to please subscribed broadcast if you haven't already. It's already is a huge help. Ethical either that tomorrow's already fry so hang in there have a great rest of your day and I'll see you tomorrow show we are
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