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245: How to Escape the Trap of Perfectionism by Mary Jaksch of Good Life Zen

2016-08-12 | 🔗

Mary Jaksch is an authorized Zen master (Diamond Sangha lineage), psychotherapist, and author. She has two nationalities,--English and German--and lives in New Zealand. She's the mother of a grown-up son and lives happily ever after with her partner David. She's been awarded an MA in Religious Studies, holds a 4th Dan Blackbelt in karate, started professional life as a flautist and loves dancing Argentine tango in skimpy dresses.

Episode 245: How to Escape the Trap of Perfectionism by Mary Jaksch of Good Life Zen (If You've Got Issues with Being a Perfectionist).

The original post is located here: http://goodlifezen.com/how-to-escape-the-trap-of-perfectionism

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get ready to maximize your potential with optimal living daily supply gas that brings you the best in personal development and productivity every day of the week your optimal life or wings now here's your host just in my old friend welcome back to her will do the same for all people living gaily which is deeply if i'm really awesome blogs on personal developments productivity minimalism and more and i read them to use it the stair to screen for hours at a time in bavaria to today's post my brother's pie cost optimal healthily now only reason great health unwillingness blogs you but he answered your questions every friday because he's a doctor died mission and personal trainer sophie check out so today you can hear a listener who asked the question and the answer to it if you want core question yourself and send it in you can not only is it like a free consultation with a doctor what is ones but
anyone who simply sends in an audio question is also entered into special raffles to win books from me so please ask away he visit old podcast dot com to semitic russian it's really easy and free and he do multiple takes a few mess up so yeah no pressure and definitely worth it again his visit o l de podcast dot com andean record your question and with that muster optimizing your life how to escape the trap of protectionism by mary out of your lives and dark arm do you suffer from perfectionism i'm talking mother all basic attitude that whatever you attempt life must be done letter perfect with no mistakes or slip ups it's a mental attitude that can make even the best life a misery as a recovering perfection i want to share some thoughts on how to free yourself from this star pattern are you a protectionist to find out as these five questions or fourteen online test number
one if you get better and better as something to you hope to finally be perfect number two is an important to you to produce something that is flawless number three if he be perfect something would you feel worth more number for do you think that is best not to start something if it won't end up perfect number five if you end up i can best you see the effort is a waste of time do you answer all or most of the questions with yes if so join the club the mindset of a perfectionist is devel early on in childhood admiral i rushed home from school bursting with pride because i want a second prize at the hundred metre sprints point how my mother say what went wrong why don't you get the first prize have yet somewhere variances if you listen carefully your internal chatter you'll find a stalk phrase that relates to your professionalism it may be something like you're just not good enough or something similar the way out of here
action is a notice your habitual inner message and to let it go each time when you become aware of it here's what happened to me my pet message was you should have done better one day everything changed i was sitting on a hillside raising in the evening sun i close my as for a moment and went into a daydream then i saw myself standing in a cemetery in front of me was a gravestone my surprise i saw that it was my own grave it said here lies mary act tat s all liner either in small lettering a bent down to read it he said she should have done better well i roared with laughter those a turning point for me since then i've learned to make me eggs with confidence i still enjoy selling of the things i do but my feeling of self worth is tied up in the quality of my results zan practices me to let go of the pressure of my own expectations little by little perfectionism isn't
unskilful thought powder here's what you need to develop and orders shift this mind habit number one give yourself permission to be human number to learn to forgive yourself from mistakes number three get back on the horse immediately after falling off number four remember lay an ideal is only a goal to be worked toward not to be achieved one hundred percent number five be flexible as a realistic timeframe for the achievement of a goal number six develop a sense of patience and remember that the world won't stop if you dont get everything done today number seven because you yourself at least as kind as you are to those you love number eight backsliding happens to everyone get back on track without a backward glance number
learn to accept yourself the way you are like all of ideas of how you couldn't quote should be number ten celebrate achieving with a healthy pride and lack of self deprecation or false humility number eleven let go of harsh judgments of your performance and develop a kind compassionate understanding for the hard times in august gulls number twelve talked a sensible friends to get a new perspective on something your anxious about number thirteen but is and let go of your habitual negative thoughts never fourteen laughed jellia yourself don't take yourself too seriously railway to deal with perfectionist stars to imagine a little gremlins sitting on your left shoulder bring negative messages interior right now imagine what that funding one might look like whenever you know as a profession is thought jelly sway your right hand over your left shoulder as if brushing off a bit of light at the same time
telegram and firmly no thanks not now sounds bizarre but it works honest you just listen to them titled how to escape the trap of protectionism by mary yolks of go live zenda come now whatever the end with the kremlin remind me of a post i read of hers long long time ago which was on confidence in public speaking i think and she offered an l p trick to help with that and i'll be being no linguistic programming now something i'm experimenting now actually with anxiety process i learned was to catch herself in a state that you're trying to avoid in which for me is anxiety and snap yourself out of it with a command like hey then use a body trigger that you ve privacy associate with good feelings which for me is making a fist in thinking yes to myself then praising yourself or doing those steps so far the work a little bit for me to keep doing it and i'll definitely no if it helps law more so again the first thing
to associate that body trigger so you should think of a timely fell your best or most confident and make our hand motion or whatever like the fist for me while thinking about that and any time in the future when you feel your best so something gray happens to me i clench my fist and say yes to myself and i got to do with past variances and memories and do it myself anytime i want so then as i'm gonna buy my day when i feel anxious i go through the steps i say hey to stop myself out of it how to get up and shake it out and then a clench my fist and say yes and then praise myself and sometimes weird and maybe even stupid but association is how our body works with a lot of things in this totally make sense to me scientifically and even doing it for them short period of time that i have seems to be obeyed her way alas i to be entered into tiny special raffles when books and have your question played in answered on optimal health come by old podcast our common submit your health and finnish or died and nutrition quest
we love to answer on the show friday's although you go have a great start your weekend and i'll be back tomorrow time same place where optimal life awaits hey this is dan from the optimal financed daily podcast which is a lot like this show except more focused on personal financed just in hand picks the best posts he can find from blog authors like were safety mr money moustache and more and i read them team five days a week so if you enjoy this podcast come on over and subscribe to optimal financed daily to and together we optimize your financial life you ve been listening to optimum living daily be sure they hit the subscribed button to stay up to date on each new episode and heads old podcast dotcom that's o l de podcast dot com for a free gift as well as
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