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297: Make a Change by Choosing Less, More, or None by Courtney Carver of Be More With Less

2016-10-03 | 🔗

Courtney Carver was stopped in her tracks with a scary MS diagnosis after decades of debt, discontent, and trying to do it all. She had to slow down, prioritize her health, and figure out what was really important in her life. She discovered what mattered most by getting rid of everything that didn’t matter at all. In the end it all came down to love and health. She went from a busy, overwhelmed advertising director to spending 2-3 hours every morning taking care of herself, loving her work, and being present and engaged with the people she loves. Her family changed, too. They moved from wanting bigger closets, nicer furniture, and more stuff to downsizing into a 750 sq. ft apartment with no storage. Courtney has written books, courses, and hundreds of articles to help you simplify your life and work so you can focus on what really matters.

Episode 297: Make a Change by Choosing Less, More, or None by Courtney Carver of Be More With Less (Simple Living & Happiness).

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It's a minimal Monday edition of optimal living daily episode. Two hundred ninety seven make a change by Using less more or none by corny car, be more with less I and I'm just a moloch welcomed optimum living daily? The Pollack has already from the best blog I can find, covering per development, healthier living minimalism productivity and more and big thinks afresh books who have helped keep this guy fresh books the cloud accounting company that's perfect for small business owners and freelance here's to send invoices track expenses and more? You can try. All of them It was for a month totally free Do you need to enter a credit card? Just come by fresh bookstore com, slash living optimal living daily in the. How did you hear about a section and Alice jump right into today's post, our optimizing, your life, make it age by choosing less more or none by corny car will more or less Stockholm. I know people
who are considering small shifts, creating new habits and or are on the brink of a big transformation, while some of this stuff happens organically. Most of it requires a framework. Understanding where you are makes it much easier to go where you want to be. If you want he's your diet. Work relationship or other areas of real life. Gayer, no book out, because this time, to make a list, choosing what you want less more or none of will have Ukraine environment for the change you desire, as I've been making cuts to make. Four things that matter to me The pattern, what stay, the same falls into three categories, less more or none his obvious, but until you see on paper, is Hardway, then, if I, what needs to go where making this list will help clearly see? What's in your life? Has not adding two or even stealing love, health, energy, creativity, joy, sleep focus, clarity,
this. The list will also help you see was missing less more or none make three less on one piece of paper and immediately file, things into three categories: less more or none once you do that. Keep the list close by for the next few days and observe what's going on, do you want to shift thing from one category to the next You think new. Add that you didn't think about on the first round, use your list the environment necessary for transformation. Following is my list like all my experiments, I'll be watching closely to see was working was not and were requires adjustments an article from Gretchen Reuben, says: quote here: a moderator if you find that occasional indulgence Heinz your pleasure ass It is your resolve or your panicky, at the thought of never getting or doing something you're it Steiner. If you have trouble stopping something once you ve started and our attempted by thing you decided are off limits. Unquote,
men, abstain or abuse. I'd much prefer to eliminate the temptation. I think us if thin immense is a single serving side in order girls, how cookies easier I'm happy. I would have been if they were in the freezer, calling my name all day I'd. Rather of none than one My none list, alcohol I enjoy wine and fun cocktails, but I can't overlook the fact that, while I'll call makes me feel fine and relaxed, it also makes you feel tired and fuzzy on clarity right now, and wine doesn't contribute to that snacking. I can he's a great my way from one meal to the next, but I feel better when I stick to eating during meals. Only that I don't- focus on what I should, or should eat between meals and are more aware about what I actually eat over the course of a day extra in boxes. It can be going to keep up with email alone, so I'm putting a stop to the inflow from other directions. Like Facebook. Passages summit say you have to be everywhere to be successful, but I'm beginning
see that you compromise connection when you are everywhere, reacting, isn't connecting less as an option. I know that there are certain foods like girls, cow cookies and others. We set are pretty much off limits, but I mean The last of some things on my less list chips in salsa. Does. It am my go to salty indulgence lily I can enjoy occasionally but not daily. Social media- I the ten days social media fast earlier this year and realized. I can be more present in my work if I'm less present social media, stuff. I'll admit there isn't much Mortier rid of, but all continue to pare down. There is another- I've, let go of that. I wish I had kept more the purpose of cutting out thing. That don't contribute to health, wellness, love, purpose, good work and creativity. Whatever that looks I to you is to make time in space for everything that does I'm not
sing the irony here that I want more more instead of more last right now, but that is part of the path I'm on You see the path I was on yesterday in the photo in this post, on my more list. Greens, smooth, These salads and serves will be the core of my daily diet in there the greens at every meal hikes and walks spring. Sprung and I'm looking for five miles or more every day of my feet on the dirt or pavement writing there, always more writing great books, I'm reading man search for meaning and he could see wherever recently I be more or less dot com slush book, joy, laughter, funny things that aren't on Youtube meditating, it's time to go deep. Cuts. There are always more cuts not doing. Well realized how challenging this was. I knew I needed more connection.
I love this community, I'm so grateful for our connection. If you will where it makes me smile one hundred times a day. I've also really been enjoying one hundred and one connections with my new coaching offering and more regular calls and better connections with friends. I want of all of that, because I know that it's in the connection that the magic happens gratitude there is always room to be more grateful. Your list will probably look different from mine and my less than a month or so mile of different from this. For today, though, this is where I am identifying what I want less more or none of helps me commit to change. Jeanne growth. It removes the guesswork, though well, maybe just one and end confusion about what I want to do with my time and energy yeah listen to the post, titled make a change by choosing less more or non by corny carver obese our last hour com as ever, There has been sponsored by fresh books, the cloud accounting company
small business owners of freelancers and they allow the create invoices in about thirty seconds I the customer of theirs, and I've tried other companies for invoicing and fresh books has been the best by far Not only do you not have to worry about downloading pdf send emailing people when you send an invoice, but they handle payment reminders, credit car processing and more, is this: was entering the dorm out the email address and a little description if you're the best this and you invoiced people trial, fresh books, This is just one tiny feature that they have. An authority So for me, you try out all of their features for a month totally free, you don't need any credit card. Just come by fresh books sought com, slash living and enter optimal living daily in their. How did you hear about a section big thanks afresh? books for believing in this pie cast in his perfect, because I believe in the service to an old that I try to give you a minimal Monday's is minimal as possible, so have agreed. The rest of your day handles. He went to Morrow show where
my life awaits hey. This is Dan from the optimal financed daily podcast, which is a lot like this show, except more focused on personal financed, just in hand picked the best posts he can find from blogs and authors like were meet safety. Mr money, moustache and more- and I read them team five days a week. So if you enjoy this pod cast, come on over and subscribe to optimal financed daily to and together we optimize your financial life, you ve, been listening to optimal living daily, be sure they hit the subscribe button to stay up to date on each new episode and heads old, pod, Stockholm, that's o l de podcast, dot com, free gift as well as more. Actionable chips and resources to help you maximize your potential thanks for joining
I remember your optimal life awaits.
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