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299: The Struggle to Find Career Focus by Kristin Wong

2016-10-05 | 🔗

Kristin Wong of TheWildWong.com was laid off in 2013. She took on some freelancing gigs to earn extra cash while she searched for a new, full-time job and over time, her freelancing gigs increased. She started writing for sites that she loved reading and produced videos for new clients. Her side gigs began to bring in more income than any potential full-time jobs. She launched a blog all about frugal living and created The Wild Wong to share more about her career, her finances, and all the adventures in between.

Episode 299: The Struggle to Find Career Focus by Kristin Wong (Motivation & Focused Thinking).

The original post is located here: http://www.thewildwong.com/findingcareerfocus

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the struggle to find career focus the christian wall of the wild long dark arm like most people i've wanted to be many different things in life for i wanted to be a ballerina at age seven a veterinarian when you're a kid who fun to decide what you wanna be because it change your mind whenever you want for example i found of let's have to watch animals die so that was deal breaker for me as yet all the question what do you want to be becomes alone stressful writing been a constant all my life for me career uncertainty didn't stop when i realized that's how i wonder earn a living in fact that when the certainty kicked in more than ever i wondered what a writer i wanted to be i searched for neatly titles like a little myself with technical writer screenwriter essayist blogger even now i earn a decent income and have a neat little title on the business card but still struggle to find folks in my career itself
it's been on my mind quite a bit this here so i thought i share a few thoughts when your goals evolve six years ago i moved to los angeles to rice groups for a while she earned a living doing that and sometimes i still do but took a long time to admit it may not be my one true calling i'm not as the screen writing as i am other types of writing screen writing is very different and writing an essay or a short story and the more i did it the more areas as a large desire to improve in short i was faced with idea that yes i enjoyed screen writing but maybe i don't wanna be a screenwriter as much as i thought i did for years i ignored this i captured and because the first thing you learn we set your site on something ballsy is never give up on your dream i dont want the failure at him join the ranks of thousands of others who move to la to rice groups abandoned their dream so i kept forcing it i can't writing half groups joining screen rang groups angle and meetings i felt like a waste of time
nothing more exhausting than forcing yourself to accomplish something you don't really want in the first place even worse i neglected writing the kind of stuff i actually wanted to write i was operating from a place of fear rather than a place of inspiration which made it impossible to find any kind of career focus your definition of success verses theirs finally i ask myself the question why would working on something else make me feel like a failure the answer other people i worried about what everyone would think from my family to other screenwriters to my friends back home they all knew i moved here to rights groups and now i wasn't writing scripts never mind that i briefly earn a living as a script writer unjust found something else i wanted to pursue it will look like i failed scrip writing is just one example i lose focus more than i care to admit over what other people think i allow their noise to drown out my own voice and i cringe to think of how much time i've wasted with his nonsense i allow their definition of failure and success to try my
when you know what you want to do you have to drown out the wrong noise otherwise is so easy to lose focus in high school for example i was in debate be good and i liked it after a while though i realized i loved writing articles from high school newspaper and i wanted to they more time to that here's what my high school a teacher said when i quit devote more time to the newspaper i always knew you were quitter now a debate here was a notorious full but actually think he's trying to he's coming goodyear convince me to stay something i love ironically though he made me so guess doing something i love because he thought i was a failure yikes just now as on typing this i'm realizing how much his words of stuck with me over the years and not in a good way i found myself act from doing things i'm good at and i enjoy peace i worry people think i'm a quitter a better way to put it at how myself from success because i worry people will think i'm a quarter the role of but potential ism elysium and career focus
maybe it's time to redefine what it means to be a quitter quit doesn't necessarily mean you give up on your own dreams and expectations sometimes is giving up on other people's expectations we can focus on what matters to you most after all your own expectations interests and goals of olive in order grow with you have to shift focus in his heart of focus look through someone else's lenses also quitting can mean you stop doing stuff entirely are probably one writer ripped again some day i still love the good debate a big fan of ammo lab nics idea of multi potential ism in basic terms type potential as a means you dont have to pick one interest hobby or career path and stick to a regionally you can find fulfilling work done who's the spear of many other things you enjoy going back to my debate example i think this is why so many of the articles are right or de bunkers i still love good debate i love breaking down the facts improving a boy
so while i may not be a lawyer i didn't exactly quit debate i just took what loved about it and use it in a way that supporting my focus walk neg explains his concept early in her ted talk on the topic of one true calling she says quote this question is some of again and again in various forms at some point you want to be when you grow up goes from being there the exercise it once was to the thing that keeps supper night why whilst question aspires his dream about what they could be it does not inspire them to dream about all they could be on quote in fact this question kind of does the opposite which was to pick one major one career one roll and one job defines us never mind that this an increasingly difficult task in our changing job market is also really limiting way to live life most let's have a lot of different subjects were interested in we have a lot of different things we want to do lob next week for this type of person multi potential light we
you're right off this idea mulder potential is unworthy jack of all trades master of non argument in rio multi potential is on offer some important strength number one idea synthesis lt i potential lights are able to take ideas from two or more different fields and synthesize them into one innovative idea number to rapid learning the skills we learn in one field often help us rapidly learn skills in another field number three adaptability our potential i can take on different roles depending on the needs of their clients or their career my friend era for call me about optics concepts and it was such a boost to my focus it was excellent jimmy mission to explore my potential and all the different abilities and interest in my career instead of causes searching for and try to define my one true calling i'm worried the career that includes so many different things i'm interested in this is something still learning to embrace though back of my head i still here i always knew you were a quarter and that deters me
wanting to try anything new it makes me hesitate to adapt learning hills or come up with new ideas but the more i learned to trust my own definition of success and failure the more focused i am it comes down to it i dont mind being a failure or a quicker in someone else's eyes if it means being successful and my own yeah listen to the post titled the struggle to find career focus by chris in one of the wild wound i com he was ending nice ensure because that was one of our longer posts but really cool if you want to show some love this part you come by old podcast our com does how i'll page there and you can also join my mailing list to show your support here from once a week usually with pictures and i quote to think about a life tip angus get spreadsheet tools for me to help you optimize your life all of its free just for me my weekly newsletter at old podcast dark harm and that's it other episode down tomorrow's already episode three hundred
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