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365: Love Needs No Words by Summer Fischer at Appalachian State University

2016-12-10 | 🔗

A special episode for the 1 year anniversary of Optimal Living Daily.

Episode 365: Love Needs No Words by Summer Fischer at Appalachian State University (A Communication Class College Assignment).

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real quick i recommend listen to the show on spotify we can listen to all of your favorite artist and podcast in one place for free without a premium account spotify has a huge catalog of podcast on every imaginable topic plus he can follow your favorite podcast so you never miss an episode premium users can download episodes to listen to offline wherever and whenever and easily share what you're listening to with your friends on instagram so if you haven't done so already be sure to download the spotify app search for optimal living daily on spotify or browse podcast in the your library tab also make sure to follow me so you never miss an episode of optimal living daily this is optimal living daily episode three hundred and sixty five love needs no words by summer fisher and i'm just a moloch etc the three her sixty five holy smoke you know that means has been of all year of doing this podcast every single day including weakens and holidays it's crazy when i was a bachelor episode zero or one i sound like a totally different person i campbell
it's been a year and i know there are some people who found the show a year ago and are still listening in fact the oldest email subscriber to the shows because my weekly newsletter and i decided to send out a little email to her and sure enough she still thanks i sent her a copy of the minimalist book because why not it's pretty house of evil and every episode intervene on this journey with me for a year but if you knew here don't feel bad you're also special to me and speaking a special i wanted to do something different for episode three sixty five in the past for special episodes i feel de or a hundred a maid unique somehow and my own little way something very unusual other times just a little different a cup of those special episodes or ninety nine and three hundred ninety nine was interesting i simply run email that one of my closest friends wrote about losing a loved one specifically a pat i saw that email and thought me no i think a wealthy listeners could benefit from this and shortly after my car
died so even end up being very applicable unhelpful for me personally and then an episode three hundred i shared a great essay titled on offering and surfing by this exciting friend so who is this because for a minor no for over twenty five years he's doktor chris patty and assist in professor in the department of communication appalache and state university he spoke a lot around the themes of suffering compassion he's an expert in the field but today's posts is not from him ashley as from one of his students which is amazing i'll say information about her for the ends but i'm gonna let doktor p actually share how this came to be around seizures dockworkers paddy with a little interruption this is doctor chris patty
speaking to you on a snowy day across from sugar mountain in north carolina and here's how the solid region it what's eating too interpersonal communication classes at appalache and state university in the fall of two thousand sixteen optimal living daily published a piece i wrote titled on suffering and surfing this peace struck at the core of my classes are about and so i thought i'd have my students given a lesson that night the idea hit what if i had students crap their own posts for oil de having taught college students for more than a decade i'm always looking for new ways to get them to really care about and invest in their work justin's willingness to collaborate with my students at appalache and state generated more students engagement that i've ever seen in the college class after rounds of drafts and peer review by fifty students created a form of their submissions and comments
totalling about a quarter of a million words this is the top submission from these classes and has just might say now start optimizing your life love needs no words by summer fisher it's funny how the world works some of us are born with abundant opportunities and some of us come into a world less fortunate with no apparent reimer reason one of the greatest gift we take for granted its ability to communicate to those around us my best friend sarah has never spoken sarah came into the world with autism preventing her from articulating her thoughts and feelings sarah has fought the odds created a very effective way of communicating using no words her body language replace the spoken language her eye contact speaks a thousand words and every action has immense meaning despite life throwing endless hardships or direction
she is the strongest individual i know who is continuously surpassing life challenges the first element there is one that i will never forget moussa nervous freshman and high school entering a classroom for people with severe disabilities as appear tudor does classroom consider seven students and my role was to provide assistance to the staff and students is necessary i was instantly filled with love and was overwhelmed with students who are eager to know the stranger it was about to spend a bunch of time with them i notice over in the corner there was a girl covering her face with her arm over her head that told me that her name was sarah and unlike the others should be much harder to get to know i took those challenge and walked over to introduce myself when raised her head i saw the most beautiful smile and vibrant eyes i had ever seen she capture my heart right then and there little did i know that should become most important person in my life it is because of her i discover them
passion life is helping those with disabilities sir shows me that life should not be taken to seriously her sense of here there is not in the form of telling jokes which makes people laugh and our own commercial way she's constantly teasing and preying pranks on someone whether they realise that are not after four years of getting to know sarah it was time to go to college and what i was going to miss most was her ability to make me laugh when nobody else could not pensioners a little scared you forget me because i can never tell she truly understood me or believe me when i told her i be back so after a a month way school i went to see my best friend when i walked into her out so great a first burma men both of our brothers who both of autism as well then i saw her standing the corner of the room with her arm over her head hiding her face just like the first time i met her i ran over and squeezes i guess i could well tell you how much i mr her grand was almost as big as mine and when i let her go she looked me in the eyes and signed one of the few things she is able to get out i've seen it
tell other people that before but never me i can believe issues me to get out of four months of not see her all the sun burst out in laughter let out a screech and went stopping down the hallway out of sight my heart instantly melted i know that her time you to get out doesn't seem like the most enduring thing they could have happened but it was perfect the laugh the screech dinner here smile told me that she missed me just as much as i missed her even when words cannot in cases like sarah is able to get her point across there was no taking that she was happy in expressing feelings of joy when i came to see her that day unfortunately things are not always so simple like all of us there are days when he's feeling down or something is causing your pain when this up so does the only thing she knows how in order to express that she is not ok this is usually in the form of screaming self abuse and aggression towards others when i her slam your head into windows or she is attacking me i know it is cry for help she's community
to me that something is wrong or something is bothering her and she knew the way out each time that this house hence i am reminded how lucky i am bruises scratches bites and all i am the person i guess to here sir silence but it goes deeper than i remember how lucky i am to have a voice said verbal eyes is one any to say and as our rely and all the other aspects of communication to make people understand in serious case once they come after the storm comes she knows it is something that heard others she hates herself for it even though she was just asking for help sarah goes back to our way of effectively communicating and says he is sorry by rubbing her hand on your arm or whatever she hurt that touch since more than any verbal apology ever could even though the real took away her ability to speak to me it gave her the most amazing ability to connect with people and other ways she challenge the common misconception surrounding the limitations of autism without words she teaches me more than any one else in my life could she teaches meeting
ever take anything for granted and appreciate everything i have while was remembering what really matters in life but most importantly he teaches me that in a world of values communication so deeply love needs no words you just since the essay titled love needs no words by summer fisher and how beautiful was that summers cause you major at appalachian state it was born arrays north carolina her plan is to get her doktor enemy behavior analyse for the mentally ill which is awesome we shall go on to do great things and you know the amazing thing besides summer and also sarah's family let me read this to you is that there also let me pay there's this essay on my site with picture seeking possum faces to the story like some mention sir i she has two brothers who also us of your autism similar to hers their mama rose doing amazing job and happens to be a single mother they could use any kind of support if you come by this poster old podcast stockholm slush
love you can show summer and sarah answers family some love you comment on the post and share it but summers greed is he offered up her own email address if you want to connect with her and show a deeper level of support wherever that means to you personally really this is shock you like it did me you can send her a note amateurs we can help sarah and her family out again can reach out to summer by email which you can find this essay along with the pictures again old podcast dot com slash love a writer but forget anything boy dear doktor chris paddy so many thanks for thinking this brilliant idea of turning this episode into a university assignment so cool is also available by email and his info will be on this post to a old podcast dot com to love so everything is every or convenience thank you for listening to episode three sixty five and subscribing to the show and being here for this year long journey of oil de i'd love to make it
other whole you're reading to you all you do is keep listening to you for all the support and i'll be back tomorrow where you're optimal life awaits
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