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609: How to Deal with Pesky Thoughts in Meditation by Mary Jaksch of Good Life Zen

2017-08-11 | 🔗

Mary Jaksch of Good Life Zen shares different ways to approach persistent thoughts in meditation.

Episode 609: How to Deal with Pesky Thoughts in Meditation by Mary Jaksch of Good Life Zen (Mindful Living & Simplicity).

Mary Jaksch is an authorized Zen master (Diamond Sangha lineage), psychotherapist, and author. She has two nationalities,--English and German--and lives in New Zealand. She's the mother of a grown-up son and lives happily ever after with her partner David. She's been awarded an MA in Religious Studies, holds a 4th Dan Blackbelt in karate, started professional life as a flautist and loves dancing Argentine tango in skimpy dresses.

The original post is located here: http://goodlifezen.com/thoughts-in-meditation

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this is optimal living daily episodes six hundred and nine how to deal with pesky thoughts and meditation by mary of your lives and our com and i'm just a moloch your very own personal narrator welcome to the park has replaced or read to you so they can take a break from staring at a screen i have opposed with some meditation tips which is always appreciated before we get to a thank you to talk space responds ring this episode talks basis in all mine there be company there may still be affordable confidential and convenient for special offer just for you come by talk space sought com slush all thus talks based art com sancho l de now here another post from go live then as we optimize your life
how to deal with pesky thoughts and meditation by mary yolks of go live santa com are you often bothered by pesky thoughts and meditation maybe even think your meditation is hopeless because your thoughts are all over the place don't worry it's a calm experience our thoughts can sweep us along a cork bobby in a rough see with rips eddies and choppy waves dragging us this way and that it can seem like a miracle when he struggled to the surface and fine moments of tranquillity however thoughts are not the enemy of meditation we can learn to work skilfully with our thoughts to find peace and calmness as john cabot's in says quote you can't stop the waves but you can learn to serve quote before a show you a simple way of dealing with the wandering mind let's talk about the different types of thoughts some thoughts are easy to deal with and others
more difficult the more challenging ones are fuelled by strong emotions if a thought is fuelled by strong emotion it appears mind as a mind movie just think back alas row you how was your loved one you're angry thoughts are mostly my movies about what here she did and you want tell him or her thoughts fuelled by me tens are like ripping movies of the mind in these my movies we are invariably the hero of you notice that my movies are very hard to get out of because we like watching our son the role of the hero you can sit back and watch how you tell your oz exactly where to get off instead of being shut aims by him or her there are some popular mind movies like these ones what i'll do when i win the lotto or get a high paying job removed to somewhere else or i'll feel when i finally meet the perfect partner or why here she is wrong and i'm right they recognise them
so my movies are more like nightmares are fuelled by fear the theme of such my movies often start with what if i remember a time when as do for exploratory surgery mine circled mostly around the possible outcomes of the operation and one such my movie i saw my friends family standing around my coffin crying their eyes out as it turned out the operation gave me a clear bill of health as if also fur michel do montagnier said quote my life has been full of terrible misfortunes most of which never happened unquote besides fear other emotions of fuel some thoughts are anger jealousy and grief i call restless minefield by emotions the ruminating mind each type of thought needs a different approach let's take a look at different kinds of thoughts and how to deal with them do you recognize these five types that number one the ruminating mind ruminations are recurring thoughts fuelled by emotion these
kinds of thoughts circle around your mind over and over and are persistent here five steps to escape circular thoughts step one the moon you noticed that you're in the grip of rumination label your thought process oh ruminating might step to notice which emotion this feeling you're circular thus name the emotion step three no where this emotion shows itself in your body for example you may notice tat fear feels like a tight banned across her chest or anger feels like roiling heat in the belly step for folks show me on the area where the emotion lives in the body imagine your breath flowing through an around that area still five focus on your rough flowing in and out pay tender rigour the area where you can feel the emotion in your body when you notice you ve been so
the way by your ruminating mind go to step one without a backward glance it may take a while for you to settle down number to the planning mine this is a minor source making mental list stirring meditation planning thoughts are equal fuelled by mild anxiety but are relatively easy to deal with all you need to do is to shine the soft i have your attention on to your planning mind when you recognize you been immersed in planning name your thoughts with a little smile ah planning mind then return your this too the breath flowing in and out of your anxious about something you may find that you're planning mine persists that's ok just name your planning mind you will gradually sink deeper into meditation number three the problem solving mind this is them and that now away at a problem like a dog at a bone our brain doesn't like mysteries thither problem we want to solve the mind hence return to it over and over however create a solution
most often arrive on the mind is in a relaxed state if you notice are trying to solve problems in your meditation name the thought cheerfully ah problems ali mind and then turned focusing on your birth number for the dreamy mind the dreamy mine produces long meandering thought strings linked by association presume he might hear dog barked in the street and i remind you of the dog you used to have the child who used to play with me my best friend tom i wonder where tom is these days misuse google to search for him oh i forgot to sign off the email to my sister we're how she's gonna stay without brood of a husband the dreamy might respond to resetting your posture if our postures slums we tend to drift off in a dream lad strain your back and monsieur had your head is and you'll find more focus in your meditation you might also like try meditating with eyes open number five the random mind this is a minor produces fragments of thoughts made
he's only think of what you have or yesterday or they forgot to buy milk does minds i clouds adrift across the clear sky dont hook into the thoughts just let them float away finally as you go deeper meditation random thoughts will died eventually even seas for a while when you begin to observe thoughts you'll notice that we tend to surface naturally for short moments from dot streams and then dive into them again the key to working with us respond with a skilful action the moment you notice that you become immersed whatever kind of thoughts you experience the first skilful she is to name them it's very important to be gentle with yourself noticed the judgments that come with the process being carried away by busy thoughts i'm useless at this i'm just not cut out for meditation others always focus by my mind is all over the place be gentle with yourself
said that your mind will sometimes wander off during meditation even if you think you're meditation is cortical bad your life will still be transformed over time the power of meditation council place as far away from notions of good or bad meditation is about losing your way in finding a way back home to the present moment than now is about falling down i'm getting back up fears only story about falling down from the early christian tradition among looking for some guidance and encouragement some of so soon ass what am i to do since i've fallen the abba replies get up i dig it up but i fell in get up again i did but i must admit that i fell once again so what should i do do not fall down without getting up meditation doesn't mean staying present without wavering means coming back to the present moment over and over again we need to lead our thoughts and ruminations without a backward glance and celebrate coming
until now you just listen to them those titled how to deal with pesky thoughts and meditation by mary yolks of go live zander com i share some of my own thoughts in a second but first thank you to talk space for sponsoring this episode they haven't raising service to connect with therapists online and at a great price you can have a therapist handpicked just for you and little thirty two dollars a week and was really cause i talk space lousy to send your therapists text audio and or video messages when every want or take it up knowledge into a live chat awesome idea people like me to say oil or more come by talk space dot com such old and eva special offer
as for you listen to this episode you can use a coupon code o l d and get thirty yards off your first month all while showing support for this party cast again as a coupon code old and he knew that at talk space dot com slash old now a little concerned with the title this post because she calls them pesky thoughts that's often how we go into meditation taking that thoughts bad and we need to completely eliminate them thus pretty much the same kind of thinking is gone into a german saying that waits or exercises are bad if you had no thoughts or be no point in meditation the point is catching yourself thinking that's a victory as harder to do than it sounds but china overwhelmed by the amount of thoughts you get yourself in the more you kid yourself thinking the better and it came frustrating but the more you do it the moral say be and i totally agree the idea of trying closed eyes meditation does actually the way i was taught as my teacher told me we'll
over years when we meditate so why should we close our eyes you should have those inputs and you just learned who deal with your thoughts acknowledge them and let them go so deftly try that out if you fight self going oftener dreamland too much try eyes opened meditation and i think i ll leave it there for today
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