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614: Journeying Into a Slower Lifestyle by Krissy McNeill with No Sidebar

2017-08-16 | 🔗

Krissy McNeill with No Sidebar shares a story of slowing down after stopping in a store.

Episode 614: Journeying Into a Slower Lifestyle by Krissy McNeill with No Sidebar (Simple Living & Minimalism).

No Sidebar was created by Brian Gardner and is all about designing a simpler life. He and the contributing authors want to help you figure out what's getting in your way, at home and at work. They want to help you let go of distractions, online and off--to turn down the noise that disrupts the quiet of your heart and soul.

The original post is located here: https://nosidebar.com/slower-lifestyle

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you devote just one time to show some support and apparently worked because out of something like seven hundred per shows participating in that people's choice category optimal living daily is one of the top ten go into the nice round and were also nominating the health category i'm so honoured and think for you doing that it really means a lot and now two hundred people who already voted have been held randomly to vote in the next round so if you got that email them awesome and i love if you vote for optimal living daily again though be so cool if you have no idea what i'm talking about don't worry about it you can't vote anymore but maybe next year you can participate i want to say thank you for that you listening makes a huge difference and i can do without you now before the intro yes to longs get right to the post as we optimize your life turning into a
or lifestyle by chrissy macneil with no sidebar dar com i recently walked into a store in portland main that goes by the name of k color i walked in because i saw the books in the window display books that seems particularly i appealing with there soft tones and simple words catching my attention far beyond i would ever expect the display was com things somehow overcoming my fast pace down the street causing me to slow down this queen shop such a busy city took my attention and dried in a different direction completely change my view on the pace of my lifestyle i walked around you have some random throws and candles than a homemade soap than the books then more books i put taking time steps for getting where i had to be or what i had to do a smell the soap by sniff the candles i touch the fabric i read some paragraphs than smell the freshness of the pages from a new book i forgot what is light to smell the pages of a book to really take
the quality of the word spilled onto the paper for one in a very long time i felt completely com the need to russia the best thing that day or in life i guess disappeared from our vision i think about where i wanted to go after what i wanted to purchase next who i want the sea later incentive fell deep into the field of letting go of slowing down at even take on my phone care for the moment to let my fellow social media pals know where i was i was to focus on the way i felt the tape for that was happening in my mind and body instead i wrote about it i took it all in and then i it all down it took me by surprise to feel my mind come to a sudden halt just by the sight of something much slower than myself something much more at ease something much more calmly i thought about it when i left the store wondering how to bring my life to a slower pace i want to feel like it when i walked into that store in portland that brought racing minds from overcrowd history
to a simple way of living a simple way of life hemingway one said quote try to learn to breathe deeply really to tease food when you eat when sleep really sleep as much as possible to be wholly alive with all your might and when you laugh laugh like when you get angry kick to it and angry try to be alive you'll be dead soon enough unquote we can only take the food if you also down while using right how to enjoy a slower lifestyle with all those feelings here some of the ways i've journeyed myself into a less chaotic lifestyle one much slower and better for the sole theirs as you can easily due to live less hectic and such arctic world number one read more i re whenever i can and i make sure i find the time i found it please you to tell myself i had away more to do before i could read the book of indiana get my hands on but the past is in the past now today i read i read before
most things because it comes my mind it brings me down an arch learn more about myself through other people's words number to take smaller bites in right what are you now aid slowly and i take smaller bites shoving entire kneel down my throne less than ten minutes used to be a thing meals were an important but the thing i had to do next was number three take a walk heavy dog house this because he motivates me to get up and go for a walk just by looking at me but with or without a pub it's a huge game changer walking is realized my mind and i mean no rush to run to the next thing i take a slower pace looking and breathing in the fresh air it doesn't matter when whether it's the middle of the day at lunch shorn afterward thing you do it's much easier to slowed i when you walk as us non runners would put it number four make time for people i can't the houses a mass i have a deadline workload is too high rushing to the next thing to
beyond too much seeing people you love dwindle from a schedule put them back in pendant back on your calendar make the time they will carry about the dirty laundry on your floor they'll care about your thoughts pouring out into words so you feel better number five make time for yourself as important as it is to see the loved ones and say yes to the gas sometimes is also extremely important to be alone i'm all about making time for myself whether it be at yoga a horror movie on my couch give reminder best will you try this weekly even if at me meditating ten minutes out of the day twenty four hours minus ten minutes he a lot more hours and days till it's ok to want to be minimized to be smaller than the rest to be oftener i'll see you love with the people you care about without the meetings that calls the speaking events the public pages the name is you don't want less instead of wanting more it's ok to want a feeling of acquaint store over the crowded streets with rush souls
you just listen to them titled journeying into a slower lifestyle by chrissy macneil with no sidebar dot com though those one for the mill the weak or gives any nice ensure for you i'll just say thank you yet participate in voted for this show and the podcast awards not no worries i love that you're here listening and of course you can hear for more podcast ordinary blogs for you if you search for optimal living daily le podcast up of your choice definitely subscribed to those two to hear a lot more can't ever free i'll be right there have a great rest of your day and i'll see you tomorrow
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