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718: Slow Fashion for a Simple Life by Sarah Anne Hayes with No Sidebar

2017-11-28 | 🔗

Sarah Anne Hayes with No Sidebar shares how to employ slow fashion for a simpler life.

Episode 718: Slow Fashion for a Simple Life by Sarah Anne Hayes with No Sidebar (Mindfulness & Happiness).

No Sidebar was created by Brian Gardner and is all about designing a simpler life. He and the contributing authors want to help you figure out what's getting in your way, at home and at work. They want to help you let go of distractions, online and off--to turn down the noise that disrupts the quiet of your heart and soul.

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this is optimal living daily episode seven hundred and eighteen slow fashion for a simple life by sarah an haze with no sideboard our com and your very own personal merit you're just a moloch really do some amazing blogs and books to help you optimize your life but before again to today's posed really quick big thanks to fresh books for helping me brain is content to you fresh books as a company i recommend anna use for invoicing time tracking and expense tracking contact them out totally free for a month and without entering any kind of payment avaux by visiting fresh book start com slash living now get to today's posed insert optimizing your life slow fashion for a simple one by sir an haze with no sidebar dot com how many times a week you look at your clothing and think i have nothing to wear even though we have hundreds of items in your closet how often do you find yourself stopping it
target or somewhere similar and picking up a few new pieces they were on sale even though you don't really love them and do really need them you may think an overwhelming closet mostly with items you only feel mediocre about is the only option and unless you are particularly decisive and organise person your doom to a lifetime filled the mornings of i have nothing to wear limitations despite the fact that you have hundreds of items in your closet what if i told you there another way a better way away the larger closet to be source of inspiration and confidence rather than stress and indecision it might seem like an possibility but is not in a key it is simple slow down and fill your closet only with things you absolutely love quality over quantity we ve all heard raise quality over quantity allow many
i agree with it in theory particularly in the american culture is the exact opposite of the habits we actually practice when it comes to clothing especially we ve grown so ask them to a seemingly endless number of cheap clothing items that we rarely stop to think about i thus a case if you only you like me you would likely always view luxury stores and brands wear a shirt cost more than eight dollars as places reserved for the rich and famous sure the clothing might look gorgeous but who could ever afford it on even the middle class salary but have you ever stopped then taken a hard look at how much you spend on clothing from year to year the average american family spend at least seventeen hundred dollars clothing every single year in nineteen thirty average american woman own just nine office but today then is risen two thirty one for every single day of the month in his peace that case for expensive clothes marked bain says
the next time you buy something spend a whole lot on it enough that it makes you sweat a little the point being explains is to make use stop and consider whether or not you really want the peace the truth is those high quality pieces that costs a little more options for the rich and famous but they do require shift in mine said about your closet it requires an actual practice of the habit of course body over quantity recognising that more is not always better being delivered about the number of pieces you bring into your wardrobe and questioning what not you really need that a dollar t shirt and a seventh color simplicity sustainability if you follow tech news at all chances are you ve heard about men like mark zuckerberg and jobs famed not only for building billion dollar companies but also for wearing these exact same thing now early every single day the idea behind such a practice a sort of extra version of a wardrobe uniform is reduced decision fatigue name
to make it easier to get dressed in the morning because your closet doesn't overwhelm me with options which in turn i've seen make better decisions later when faced with important ones if you ve ever fell that burden of having nothing to where even as you stare at a closet filled with dozens of pieces simplifying wardrobe has the potential to save you a lot of time energy money and frustration despite wardrobes tripling in size five hundred years the average american only worth twenty percent other wardrobe on a regular basis but you still spent hours looking through the other eighty percent before going active that twenty percent you love this kind of function normally ways your own time and energy but wasted these resources of the planet the united states generated fifteen one million tonnes of textile waste in twenty thirteen of which twelve point eight tonnes were sent to landfills fast fashion has completely changed the industry and our planet is equipped to deal with a demand on finite
sources or the negative environmental impact of so much waste by shifting to that call body over quantity mindset it saves you time choosing what where each morning anna saves a planet pigs buy fewer items and wearing them longer function in fashion they say beauty is pain and there are just some sacrifices you have to make in order to look amazing that's just one rather faulty way of thinking we associate confer with things like yoga pants and oversized t shirts and convince ourselves that we just have to deal with pants that dig into our waste and shoes that make you feel like your feet are going to fall off when it comes to my own clothing the thing they caused me to relegate appeal to the back of the closet the quickest is ease and comfort i used to be assessed her for picking up clothing in the store that looked amazing fabulous stresses high heels ensures from super funky materials are usually wear them once or twice first some special night out and every time i consider them again to something else because it just so high me
is the truth is you can look amazing amby super comfortable if you choose to be used to sacrifice function for fashion despite every single list of does it essentials for women having at least one if not multiple pairs of high heels listed i don't know any and i never intend to sure they look fantastic but their uncomfortable and every single time i put a pair on she had worn flats within twenty minutes a better way if our culture is gone away a fast fashion turning clauses into hot masses of poor quality items yes waymore stressing as i e necessary then was the alternative the answer is slow fashion instead of buying anything that strikes your fancy visas cheap and won't but much of a dent in your wallet slow fashion encourages you to focus on
quality and longevity of your clothing and encourage you to declare your closet define your style and transform your closet into a place that inspires and gives me confidence each day when you pull pieces out of it the result is a similar alive a life where you don't spend so much time each day trying to decide what to wear or callous hours each month in year shopping for new pieces that are probably gonna fall apart in a season thus require you to spend more time and money replacing them and who doesn't want that you just listen to the post of welfare and for a simple life by sir and he's with no sidebar com thank you too fresh books responds this episode speaking of purchasing behaviour one thing i recommend trying is tracking your expenses and fresh books is great for that you should try it out fresh books is a cloud accounting company for small business owners and freelancers
and besides having the easiest ecosystem that i've ever seen for tracking expenses you can also invoice clients and like thirty seconds and even time track be able to travel expenses apt to which makes it really easy to track expenses while you're on the go much better than using it reggie you came in take pictures of your sees in the an organism thou way you try all of their features out for free for a month with no commitment you don't even have to energy in a credit card or any kind of payment info just visit fresh book start com slash living and her optimal living daily in the how did you hear about a section again as fresh books dot com slash living and back to today's both i definitely agree i may huge fan of the sort of uniform idea i just only having a thing i wanna be aware and i don't think it's that big of a deal but like a mention in previous episodes i do think what makes you feel your best is also barnes
christian long talked about that and opposed a narrative back in episode six hundred ninety seven called the psychology buying clothing that was worth hearing if you want to make some decisions about your wardrobe only with ever today habibi a great day animals even tomorrow show where europe them alive awaits hey this is dan from the optimal financed daily podcast which is a lot like this show except more focused on personal financed just in hand picks the best posts he can find from blogs and authors like we're meet safety mr money moustache and more and i read them team five days a week so if you can join this punk cast come on over and subscribe to optimal financed daily to and together we optimize your financial life you ve been listening to optimum living daily be sure they hit the subscriber to stay up to date on these new episode and heads pod cast doubt how that's o elsie i cast dot com
we give as well as more actionable tips and resources to help you maximize your potential thanks for joining us remember your optimal life awaits
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