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741: Do You Dream of a New Start Like This Guy Did by Mary Jaksch of Good Life Zen

2017-12-21 | 🔗

Mary Jaksch of Good Life Zen shares a super inspiring post about a man who created a fresh start.

Episode 741: Do You Dream of a New Start Like This Guy Did by Mary Jaksch of Good Life Zen (Mindfulness & Happiness).

Mary Jaksch is an authorized Zen master (Diamond Sangha lineage), psychotherapist, and author. She has two nationalities,--English and German--and lives in New Zealand. She's the mother of a grown-up son and lives happily ever after with her partner David. She's been awarded an MA in Religious Studies, holds a 4th Dan Blackbelt in karate, started professional life as a flautist and loves dancing Argentine tango in skimpy dresses.

The original post is located here: https://goodlifezen.com/dream-of-a-new-start

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This is optimal. Living daily episode, seven hundred and forty one day the dream of a new start, like this guided by Mary yolks of lives and dot com, and I'm just a molecule very on personal narrator, Happy Thursday welcome to the podcast were blogs or read to you for free kind of like an audio book and this is with permission from the authors and before we get into a thank you to talk space for sponsoring this episode talks base an online there be company that makes therapy affordable, confidential and convenient, and they let you choose from over fifteen hundred licensed Airbus for such offer. Just for you by talk, space, dot, com, slash old, thus, talks based our com. Slash oil de now get right to it as we optimize your life Do you dream. Of a new start like this guided by Mary auction. Go lives then die come. Do you suppose fear
it's too late to realize your dreams. I think all of us think like that, at times a lesson on to see how your dreams of a new start become a reality. I've decided Paypal moment about time. Running out and it was when I read about someone who has become an inspiration for me- My new motto is now is never too late, to start a new life in a moment. I show you a life can look like it. You follow this motto, but first let me ask you something: what do you think about aging as the onset of decline or a time of development, a load of aging and Encyclopaedia Britannica. Here's what I found quote: aging is a sequential or progressive change in an organism. Tat leads to an end these risk of debility disease and death, and quote debility disease and death, not something to look forward to write this negative view,
aging is pervasive in western society, but aging doesn't need to be like that can be a time of atheling opportunities here. The new paradigm of aging. Have you noticed a new paradigm of aging, is emerging aging, now taken on a new meaning, it can be a pathway of taking him. new challenges and living each day to the fullest. Let me, in Do you to my hero at seventy, Charles, you, Sir, took up a rowing, a sport he loved as a young man, he turned to exercise because he woke up to the fact that he had morphed into quote a horribly self satisfied we're way to balding lump of large end quote, but then at eighty, two life delivered a blow. His wife died in his book ages. Just a number Charles used. Her accounts quote as a widower
I looked into the future? I cannot see beyond a handful of bleak and final years, I had little to live, for it seemed and quote, but then he picked himself up and took steps to change his life. He wrote, A time quote. I may not have known it as I set out to reinvent myself, but my best years were ahead of me. End quote the Versing Charles decided to do was to rebuild his body. His though performers have deteriorated because his muscles head turned into flab, so he will. to a gym shows a champion Howdy builders of personal trainer and told her? I want a beach body, as you can imagine. he, was taken aback, but after some thought she agree to work with Charles. If he committed to the intense course of way training she proscribed slowly, his body lost fat and gain muscle inflexibility his performers increased. Both
Physically and mentally, he was back into rowing with a vengeance. However, at ninety five he was forced to give up rowing because of a hard murmur. Would you think it's now really time to take it Easy Charleston and ninety five Charles youngster, decided to take up sprint, Can you imagine, the decision came because as research into best exercise patterns for older people showed that bursts of strenuous. Exercise are better than long stretches of endurance. Within two years he became a champion sprinter for his age group, An interview, Charles said quote, I think old age as I've experienced it is one of the most fantastic periods of life is absolutely marvellous. Stupendous
is terrific amazing. Exciting end quote Charles, never believed in retirement. He's of working as a dentist at sixty five but took up other opportunities is late eighties. He developed is public, speaking abilities and began to give regular public tar You can check out his TED talk on this post and in his nineties, using contracted by chain of gems to promote exercise as an antidote t J. Finally, he wrote an inspiring book. Old age is just a number is published in January Twin, Seventeen with this, he became the oldest first time author. At the age of ninety seven, Charles Easter, died in April. Twenty seventeen percent Andrei said quote he passed away at the height of a success and quote to be at the height of success, Ninety seven is eleven phenomenal. The good news is that every one of us can be like Charles Wig, dream of a new start and make it happen? Only
to do is give the ideas we may have about ourselves. We are so. Much more than we imagine, remember it's never too late, to start a new life. Yeah listen to the post, titled the dream of a new start like this guided by Mary auction. the life, Zan DOT, com and big thanks again to my sponsor for today's episode, talk space We all need to take better care of ourselves, just like Charles did and Mental health is no exception. That's why today Sponsor talks base the online, there be company, makes it easy to connect with an experienced licence. Therapist at you pick based on your preferences and for a fraction of the price of traditional therapy, you can send your therapist video messages. Autumn images or even text messages or dual. I video chat, talk. Space therapist are fully licensed Anglo through a rigorous screening process
additional thousands of ours, of supervised professional training to match. With your perfect therapist had on over to talk space, dot, com, slash old and as a special offer just far listeners, you can use a code old to get three hours off your first month. An show. your support for this podcast as the code oil d and talks based on com, slash o Hildy toxic, there are be for how we live today as a super inspiring posts. At least As for me, I hope you enjoy the two and I ll leave it. Therefore, today we back in the Friday showed him. Moreover, the poles from Zen habits. Saucy you there,
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