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773: What I Learned About Minimalism in Poland by Joshua Becker of Becoming Minimalist

2018-01-22 | 🔗

Joshua Becker of Becoming Minimalist shares what he learned about minimalism in Poland.

Episode 773: What I Learned About Minimalism in Poland by Joshua Becker of Becoming Minimalist (Mindfulness & Happiness).

Joshua Becker and his family decided to live with fewer possessions after a conversation with his neighbor in 2008. As a result, they found a better way to live, centered on more important pursuits. Their story has been seen on the CBS Evening News, NPR, the Boston Globe, the Wall Street Journal and countless media interviews around the world. Their books have sold in the tens of thousands. BecomingMinimalist.com is about their journey towards a rational approach to minimalism. It is about the joys and the struggles. It is about the lessons they have learned. It has inspired millions around the world. It is written to inspire you to intentionally live with less, and find more life because of it.

The original post is located here: https://www.becomingminimalist.com/poland

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it's a minimalist monday edition of optimal living daily episode seven hundred and seventy three what i learned minimalism in poland by joshua back becoming minimalist star com and i'm just a moloch welcome back or work the first time of new here there's i read to you ever single date help you live a more meaningful life covering personal developed and then minimalism mostly from some of the best blogs you can find with their permission it authors i beg her one of the most well known minimalist but before i get it to today's posts really quick a big thank you to zip recruiter for sponsoring this episode looking for you next great higher zip recruiter offer simple tools and powerful matching technology to find you qualify candid efficiently and effectively is the smartest way to hire try it for free as the procurator dot com slash old does it recruited calm slush oil d for now get right to today's posed as we optimize your life
what learn about minimalism in poland by joshua back becoming minimalist dark come earlier this week us look in warsaw on the topic of minimalism it was at a conference of one thing fathers from a number of european countries but most men in attendance were from the host country poland it was as you imagine fascinating i don't evening my wife and i attended a gal honorary some leaders of the father had movement in poland there is recognition offered individuals industry leaders and government officials all of which in one way or another were committed to building stronger families and war torn nation at dinner i met a man named peter who would serve as our translator for the evening peters my age and teaches english in the schools other than conversation with organizers of the conference peter was first to offer me a glimpse into daily life in poland
forgive me if you know the historical details already but here's a snapshot into poland's recent past no be important juries march and uphold during september of nineteen thirty nine served as a beginning of world war two german armies troubled ease in nepal and while the soviet union advanced west by the end of it one thirty nine after the conquest many of the polish intelligentsia nobleman clergy teachers were killed by the germans and attempt to completely destroy poland's identity as a nation the entire territory was dead between germany and the soviet union in agreement between hitler and stalin to not advance any further hitler would break that treaty in nineteen forty one in hopes of eventually defeating russia you didn't and warsaw would feel the full brunt of his decision being tossed back and forth between the two superpowers by one thousand nine hundred and forty five the city of war
i had been entirely destroyed first by the germans and then again by the russian army as they march west to occupy the city and if the german army to this day wars was called the city of memorials as theirs single street more saw that do not see death during world war to the cities pre war pop relation of approximately one point three million have been reduced to a hundred and fifty thousand man if you nineteen forty five was a long time ago me would be mistaken if a generation as forty years many of the fao theirs i met at the conference last week are the same the men and women who were almost entirely eradicated during world war two and grew up with a difficult family life because of it but history does not end there it continues following were too much of poland's land was given to the u s s are the entire country was put under soviet influence poland we can to exist under rule of the communist party until nineteen eighty nine it wasn't it
ninety ninety one that poland's transition from a communist party rule to a western style democratic political system would be completed and with it a free market capitalism based economic system nineteen anyone sounds much more recent but again they may be closer than you realize realise commissioner that peter my translator into her companion is rough the same age as me with kids back at home the same age as mine however very different than me peter grew up in a communist country and vividly recalled for us look out his apartment window as a child watching bread lines gather outside the corner store his childhood was very different than mine twenty five years ago these men were living in a communist country today the reality in a free market capitalist economic system is very different and into this environment mouths invited to present the benefits and the invitation minimalism a task i do not take lightly many in the audio
could relate to my story of how possessions began to distract us from meaning and happiness and fulfilment of spoken in numerous kind trees around the globe on this topic and found the message resonates wherever i go many would neither had at the notion of clauses to crammed garages filled with excess possessions however given the historical political and economic realities of this audience i concluded the conversation from a new vantage point poland is a nation that is overstating conspicuous consumption at least not yet but personal disposal income continues to rise my message for the man in attendance at day take every advantage your freedoms and entrepreneurial opportunities however in doing so do not lose sight of things that matter most and keep her passion centred on pursues that matter in the long run following my presentations on saturday i sat down with the or
neither of the event over dinner a lovely meals or past only by the lovely company derek the organiser of the conference shares appreciation with me for commie more importantly i was able to hear more about the important work has organization is doing in central europe building stronger families and healthier societies he asked me for my impression of his country i told him it was beautiful and fills rich history and examples of human resiliency i also spoke to him about my conversations with peter poland's past and its trajectory and future and this is where i think for may be the first time the importance and weight of the message of minimalism began way army even heavier than before joshua kite you more about why advise you here today derek responded with a measured tone from across the table i could tell you was debating whether or not to share with me what he was thinking of course please do he began to answer
when i was younger i unimportant mentor he was a survivor of auschwitz who live almost his entire existence in occupied poland first by the germans and then by the communist party of the soviet union this man once made an observation to me i'm never forgotten after trip he had taken to western europe he pulled me aside and said i have come to realize materialism holds people captive in many the same ways communism does communism by force seeks to destroy personal identity materialism does the same but materialism destroys personal identity by choice and that is why i want you here today to inspire us both as individuals and as a society to not use our new found freedom to acquire further bondage in tat moment i realized he was right minimalism is an important message it frees up our move important resources to pursue things that matter
way it is a very personal decision one that i will continue encouraging each person i consider with their lives own less stuff live more life module remained the same however we remember this is not just a person does vision does is also a societal movement that must be advanced and pushed forward minimalism is not just about regaining personal passion it is about establishing a new identity both as individuals and as a society freedom as a gift but madam is only as valuable as what we choose to pursue with it you just listen to me oh sidled what i learned about minimalism in poland by joshua backer becoming minimalist stockholm thank you again to zip recruiter for their support i have struggled a lot the past with finding great talent for web design
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