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803: Living Congruently - Part 2 by Steve Pavlina

2018-02-21 | 🔗

Steve Pavlina shares how to live your life congruently. This is Part 2 of 2.

Episode 803: Living Congruently - Part 2 by Steve Pavlina (Taking Action & Consistent Habits).

Steve Pavlina is widely recognized as one of the most successful personal development bloggers on the Internet, with his work attracting more than 100 million visits to his website, StevePavlina.com. He has written more than 1300 articles and recorded many audio programs on a broad range of self-help topics, including productivity, relationships, and spirituality. Steve has been quoted as an expert by the New York Times, USA Today, U.S. News & World Report, the Los Angeles Daily News, Self Magazine, The Guardian, and countless other publications. He's also a frequent guest on popular podcasts and radio shows.

The original post is located here: https://www.stevepavlina.com/blog/2005/02/living-congruently

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this is optimal living daily episode eight hundred and three living can part to buy steve adelina of steel pavlovna doc and i'm just a mike walk into the park as were simply narrow blogs for you sometimes books anything nice while we optimize your life and always with permission the authors days off their being steve pavlina and this is part two of two so if you're new here just lie check out yesterday's episode first and before we get to it you have a ton of emails if you're not a inbox your check out sane box it sort through your email moves all the trivial stuff into a different folder so the messages in your own blog so the ones you actually want to see get a free fourteen day try el by visiting sane box dot com slash old that's as a any be oh acts dot com slash oil de sauce get right to part to an continue optimizing your life
living can grow only part two by sea have lena of sea pavlovna tar com if you violate a universal the ball and negatively impact all areas of your life if you follow a universal principle it positively ex all areas of real life universal principles dont compartmentalize so the key then is figuring out the the universal principles and aligning your thoughts and actions with them this is our future congruence between all the different of your life what are the universal principles stephen covey claims that the seven habits of highly if i d people are based on universal principles i tend to agree and is a good place to start writing all of these principles can be reduced to just one too
love not the passive squishy emotional feeling of love but to love the action verb to love your body translates into proper diet and size to love your mind equates with learning to love others is service to love your work is to do it passionately and enthusiastically to of your feelings means respect and honour the messages they send you this verb translates into different specific actions for each area but the underlying principle is the same depending on the situation to love may mean to listen to serve to work to relax to touch and so on when you start injecting universal principles into every area of real life alignment will gradually occur the parts of your life will be transformed such that all these different pieces assemble themselves into one single my you all feel like these differ
hours of your life are in competition for your time and attention instead you'll feel a sense of internal cooperation you'll have a sense that exercising your body is the best thing for your health and relationship answer career andrew spirituality within each rio you're either adapt your current circumstances to align with universal principles or you'll let go of all the misleading pieces and start fresh so your career may shifts lightly as you adapt or you may which to a whole new career your old relationships may transform or they may end while you seek out new ones it just a ends on how well the external parts of your life are able to align with who you are alignment comes down to working on these four questions until they all produce the same answer what do you want to do desire what can you do ability what should you do purpose what must
you do need when these four areas are aligned motivation occurs automatically thought sure are automatically balanced these words living your purpose consciously you won't feel like you should be king when you're acting or acting when you're thinking the line between thought and action will disappear being in doing will become the same thing when you experience miss alignment between these four areas or questions the natural tendency the slowdown sometimes to crawl if you like you have these ideas pulling you in different directions but europe fully satisfying any of them you're my nose i continuing to work hard is likely to be futile and won't saw the real problem of ink and it owes it's time for you to stop asked directions and choose the path of i meant i went through this while running my games business by many projects to grow the business i knew deeply
on that i didn't want to run that business for another decade i was contained rising everything my health over here my room i should have their my work here spirituality there is for my life fell like it its own set of rules eventually i started questioning whether this was the best way to live are we supposed to live like a collection of parts or as integrated whole i wondered whether it be possible to live in such a way where there is only one set of rules governing all areas play meaning that i followed my deepest spiritual beliefs in all matters this line questioning led me to discover just how it might be possible for all these different parts of my life to become a sing integrated all this would mean that my business and my conscience and my interpersonal relationships all one hundred and now oh sense of separation in order to go through this process i had a transform certain parts of my life while totally shifting others
i tried to transform my career initially from within but the disconnect was big enough that they require more dramatic shift other parts of my life were able to adapt more flexibly the main reason for my shoes away from my games business was that it was strong enough outlet for service for me my thing i give enough time the original business could have been shifted but i wasn't the best route for me to take their was faster and simpler to build a new business from scratch with the goal congruence in mind than to try to re factor the existing business i must say that this push for congruence in all areas turned out beautifully i don't feel that sense of separation between the different parts of my life anymore my purpose says i'm here to serve and help people my boy
he says i can do it the writing and speaking in running a website my knees say i must support myself doing here and my passion says it's what i love doing most i don't have to separate supporting myself with a job and then having fun on the weekends and thinking about spirituality at other times work he goes play equals love when you live kangaroo only it's as if all the different parts of your life lock into new positions to form a new whole that's greater than all the individual pieces everything grow stronger health relationships motivation actions results etc i know that as a practical matter it seems as though different rules often governed in different areas separating or spiritual beliefs from your work is very common a lot of businesses seem to operate on the assumption that universal principles is this i don't buy that at all there are non universal principles that apply just within their own domains the rules of nutrition
lie to your health but not to your work for instance but universal principles applied to all areas i think that one spiritual believes but the single most important factor in choosing a career or a company to work for if you have a deeply held belief that you old sacred you can violated in any if your life without suffering the consequences in all areas he must be true to your in self at all times the only way to be congruity and live as a whole person instead of merely as a bag of competing parts when live concurrently a quantum leap will occur in each of these four areas desire becomes passion purpose becomes emission need becomes abundance ability becomes talent and it becomes almost ridiculously easy to achieve full in every area then because all the parts are working together in the same direction
he doesn't part two of the post title living congruity by steve pavlovna of steve avellino dot com and once again this episode was brought to you by dane box organizing your email inbox is not easy and you feel like you can't keep up check out seen box dot com slash old sane box will get rid of all the junction and focus on messages that truly matter of mention their black hole feature before another is saying reminders where they automated remind you when you need a follow up email that's just another featured keep your inbox sane and we worked out a special deal just for you visit sane box dot com slash all and i'm not only give you a free to a trial but also throw in an extra twenty five dollar credit on top of it ass great you don't have to enter your credit card formation unless you decide to buy so just try it out see how it helps your email inbox again
all of that scene bog start com slash old does as i and ii b o acts start com slash oh well d are that i'll do it for today have a very happy wednesday thank you for being here the subscriber of the show and i'll be back tomorrow
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