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811: The Meaning of Life - Part 3 by Derek Sivers

2018-03-01 | 🔗

Derek Sivers' talk on the meaning of life narrated for you. This is Part 3 of 3.

Episode 811: The Meaning of Life - Part 3 by Derek Sivers (Fixed Mindset & Growth Mindset).

Originally a professional musician and circus clown, Derek Sivers created CD Baby in 1998. It became the largest seller of independent music online, with $100M in sales for 150,000 musicians. In 2008, Derek sold CD Baby for $22M, giving the proceeds to a charitable trust for music education. He is a frequent speaker at the TED Conference, with over 5 million views of his talks. Since 2011 he has published 34 books, including “Anything You Want” which shot to #1 on all of its Amazon categories.

The original post is located here: https://sivers.org/ml

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This is optimal living daily episode, eight hundred and eleven, the meaning of life, part three by Derek savers of savers, dot, org and I'm just a moloch, happy Thursday, happy birthday for me today, actually Because you're here listening, that's all I care about we'll go to the bikers were simply red blogs to you for free, usually sometimes but and now sometimes performances. I guess I was with permission The others free of charge and all but with the hope of helping you optimize, your life to his post isn't really opposed as a transcription from her performance that Derek Severs has done around the world, and this is part three of three of your new here. I recommend seen two parts one and two first before we get to part three hiring zip recruiter has revolutionised how you do it their technology,
identifies people with the right experience and invites them to apply to your job. They find great candidates for you. Try it for free today, at zip, recruiter, dot, com, slash Zeb, recruiter, the smartest wait, a higher and without get to part three the optimize your life the man, meaning of life. Part three by Derek survivors of servers, dot, Org Chinese of Years ago I started learning Chinese, I'm fascinate But the writing. I'm trying to memorize how to write these characters. Chinese characters look com, gated, but their mostly made up of smaller, simpler characters. The way that which words are made up of latin routes and such Do you remember the meaning of each character by knowing the meaning of its ingredients for his hand, all the world language Eagles equals words plus five plus one
of so languages, words that at least five miles speak brilliant. Thank you equals words plus body plus inch who this one is not so yes, maybe ideas that when you say thanks, you speak words. I give a body an inch of respectful space. That's interesting name equals evening, plus else. So your real name is what spoken by a mouth in the evening. That's kind of romantic! I get so curious about this. or a goal or cultural meaning behind each one must change the subject talking heads. Oghee has were a great ban from allay Seventys to mid eighties. Their lyrics were Billy, evocative and mysterious they made. You wonder what they are really about: I read an interview with a talking heads where they said that many other lyrics we're just random. They would write evocative raises onto little pieces of paper, then throw them
football and shovel them up. Then they pull them out and put went to the song in that order. They did this because they light how the listener crease, meaning that wasn't intended. We soon If someone writes a song, then sings at onstage into a microphone must have meaning to them, but nope it was just random any meaning. You think it contains. Was put there by you the listener, not the writer like a roar shark test back to Chinese. I guess curious about the historical meaning of these chinese characters that I gotta China he's etymological dictionary that tells a full history behind everyone. I looked up the examples I gave here and found out those characters were just phonetic. Those composite character, bits were not. Those for their meaning at all, just are sound, so seems I've just and putting them. these into them myself she had no meaning at all. It blew my mind. I've rising hundreds of characters for months reading, all
friends of meaning into the ingredients of each one. After recovering from that, I thought how many other things I've really have no meaning what else I've I've been put In my own meaning into thinking it was true wired. another wired to do it. I know we survive on the savanna for because we all to look for patterns orient Thus there are the ones who noticed the patterns of the Tiger Stripes or the lion phase in the grass. A moth is so deeply. Why? the fly towards the light, but it may never accept that your life does not the moon. We are so deeply why, define patterns, though we may never exe, at that, many things are just random. We should have the same simple. Before our faulty wiring, as we do for the moth revolution, taught us to do this thing, but didn't teach us to stop. Give us some doubts line and we'll will see a face, burn some toast and will find Elvis in it. A carrot for my garden looks like Jesus. What does it mean
a black cat cross. My path as I walked on rural louder on Friday, the thirteenth. What does it mean? An old friend, calls just a minute after I was thinking about them. What does it mean? was a mean that you went to a procedure is well known school. What does it mean that you didn't wear them? in that your good friend died was a mean Sure tall was a mean that you have a followers online, what does it mean that you don't? What does it mean that your female? What is it? That's your mail! What is it that you're an entrepreneur, or does it mean that you're not? They mean that all of your previous attempts at something have failed. Nothing, nothing at all, nothing. has inherent meaning everything is all what it is and that's it. So, let's get back to our original question wrap this up. Life is blank,
what is the meaning of life. Life is time, choice, memory, learning, suffering, love replicating dna. He can tell by the variety of answers that they are just pretty. Acted meanings. You can choose to project one of these meetings onto your life. If it makes you feel good or improves the current actions But you know, the real answer is clear and obvious. Now life is just life, it doesn't mean any a raise any meaning you put into past events. any meaning that holding you back Aris those ties when people said that this means that none of it is real. Life has knowing her meaning, nothing has inherent meaning life is a blank slate. Frida Project, any meaning that serves you you're free to do with it anything you want. Thank you.
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and right now my listeners can transmit recruiter for free, that's right, free, just go to separate router dot com, slash old, that's, zip, recruiter, dot, com, slash, oh well de dip, recruiter the smartest way to Hire- and I conclude He transcription of his performance. I recommend you actually watches video and witnessed the original. I tried to do justice, but his is better trust me on that as performance linked in this episode, description, which you can always find our old podcast star com and since it My birthday do want to say that you being here listening every day, is like a birthday present. Every day, For me, it really means a lot. So I did ask for so thank you for being here and continuing to be subscriber to the show whether your new here or been living for years, I greatly appreciate it- have a grey recipe, and I'll be back tomorrow with a guest post on Kate. Flanders is site, I'll, see you there, where optimal life awaits,