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837: You Can't Read, Watch and Do Everything by Cait Flanders

2018-03-27 | 🔗

Cait Flanders shares why she stopped using Pinterest, Pocket, and bookmarks.

Episode 837: You Can't Read, Watch and Do Everything by Cait Flanders (Simple Living & Minimalism - Escaping Pinterest & More).

Cait Flanders started Blonde on a Budget to document her debt repayment journey. After paying it off, she adopted a minimalist lifestyle, tossed 75% of her stuff, and is currently doing a two-year shopping ban. She shares stories and lessons learned every week.

The original post is located here: https://caitflanders.com/2016/02/17/you-cant-read-watch-and-do-everything

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this is optimal living daily episode eight hundred and thirty seven you can't read watch and do everything by k flanders of k flanders our com my very own person narrator just malik reading to you from some amazing blogs ambush books to help you optimize your life today steals comes from kate flint earth who i got to meet last year in dallas at fink on the personal financed conference she was super nice and she has a book there came a recently definite check it out is called the year of less all about how she stopped shopping rid of a bunch of belonging to live more simply if i more info about the book at key flanders dot com unless i was super cheap on kindle i think only dollar ninety nine before we get to her post this part optimal living dailies brought to you by ziprecruiter the smartest wait a higher eighty percent of employees opposed a job
the procurator get a quality candidate through the site in just one day try for free by going to zip recruiter dot com slash old that's zip recruiter dot com slash o hildy and i'll get right to it as we optimize your life you can read ouch and do everything by k flanders of cave land there's not come for the first you years arouse on twitter i use the old favourite to save articles us on an interesting based on the title but which i dunno time to read at that exact moment every week or two so my favorite tab and skim through the articles to see which one still interested me to my surprise i removed most of them without ever reading a single word the same has also always been true of how i used the bookmarks feature in my web browser i saved article
that sounded interesting or which held information on topic that i knew would be useful in the future i think greeted folders upon alders upon folders and thought i had the most organised collection of links anywhere other had ever seen but i never read them to sign this might not seem like a big deal so what if i say some articles and then decided not to read them continue along this journey of embracing minimalism and becoming a more conscious consumer am i was reminded of the bigger goal to remove the non essentials so i can make room or what i really want and the more i thought about my bookmarking habits i realized the issue wasn't that i was saving articles are probably never read it was how much time i was wasting scrolling through content to find those articles i probably never read life without bookmarks if you can described my blog for a while you know that when i set my find something i tend to go all in his
we most evident when i was paying down debt but was also true when i started get rid of my belongings i never suck yes myself i just through things in bags and boxes and got rid of it when inside it change my bookmarking habits i started by two immediate action and deleted every single bookmark and the folder i created for them i will say yes i guess myself once saw the folders work of ideas for my blog and places i wanted to travel to as i look at some of the tiles i thought really do want to do those things one day but air there's a magical thing called google they'll help me and what i need one i'm ready to take action that day is today and the bookmarks we're just digital clutter i felt the need cause only organise so like to them all pit delete and saved one sense quote never memorize anything you can look up albert einstein why i hate pinterest
before deleted my bookmarks i deleted all my boards and hands on dangerous last fall when i showed a few the ways i try to be more cautious about my social media consumption i mentioned that i hate pinterest belgium resistance on the topic be certain that just because i hate something doesn't i think everyone has to if you give value from something physical or digital you should keep it in your life but you're my thoughts on it when i use pin rest i wasn't just looking for new d i why ideas or recipes try i felt like i was building a page full of boards that portrayed my idea life the tiny house i wanted to live in one day the unique way is utilised small spaces the gardener create the pets have and so on the life tat i loved it one day was on pinterest but is not alive actually living right now and wasting time creating those boards
in helping me get what i want to just wasting my time some of my court unquote hate we can call it a strong dislike towards pinches probably also comes from being a blogger and knowing how bloggers are supposed to use it were told agree board i represent our brand attract follower and bring in more traffic to generate more money when i try to do that for on a budget on pinterest it felt fake enforced my love visual media but i want to spend hours greeting boards and key it's updating them just because i'm supposed to you can't read watch and do everything if we were to get technical mits fair to say that pinterest twitter and facebook only asked to do one thing scroll through our feed to see what might interest us and neither read it then or save it for later is this therefore later part that i am not willing to do any more i just can't if i don't have time a resembling then there's no point bookmarking if her later because
there's a ninety nine percent chance i'll never readers and you know why because in it am i log on i'm just going to see more staff what if i miss out on something well so what what's gonna happen to me and my gonna be dismissed by my friends because i didn't watch that video on youtube everyone is sharing on facebook or miss out on the news because i don't follow any new sources on social media no man if i did i don't really care because limiting self to only consumers small amount of the information that thrown at me every day means i am pro we spending more time doing what i really want to do quote it has to be ok to say cs i it read it or watch it otherwise you have spent life catching up on netflix reading a backlog of top ten lists or looking i guess from coworkers if those activities fit your goals go for it but if they get you no closer to achieving what you really want to achieve tomorrow next year or in the next five years down
the relevance in your life maneuver some roadie think about it this way how many times have you you wanna try five new recipes each month and how many hours of you spent pinning those these two pinterest man never actually tried any of them or only try to view similar to the way i used to buy books i wanted to read a one day i feel it bookmarking things was just another way of holding on some ideas about who i thought i should be rather than being myself and doing the things i actually want to do now i want to create a bunch of board therefore portray my deal life i want to save money so i can make it a reality and i want to save links to pocket i can read about the sixteen books i must read in twenty six tee i want to read what's all my shelf right now and i really do i spent a minute organizing digital clutter if anything i want to say more time away from my phone and my computer either getting aside or doing something creative instead opinion idea to pinterest do it every time
check your phone email or social media accounts there's gonna be something new for you to read large and do you can't do it all there origin enough hours in the day to consume all the information thus thrown at us let alone get through the backlog we create when we bookmark pen and say things for later and that's ok in fact i think it's great you shouldn't spin off your waking hours consuming information you should spending them living the very short life were given these one thing i know is true about this topic is that we can all duly are bookmarks and pans but we can't get the time back that we put into saving them which would you for you just listen to the post i told you can't read watch and do everything by key flanders of key flanders i come thank you again to zip recruiter i have always found a huge challenge to find great talent was urging online backward looking for audio
it is more it so hard to find the right fit for the job of gone through easily hundreds of profiles but cruder learns what you're looking for identifies people with the right experience it invites them to apply to your job these invitations are revolutionary how you find your next higher in fact eighty percent of employers who post a job on ziprecruiter get a quality candidate through the site in just one day businesses of all sizes trust their procurator for their hiring needs the right candidates are out there zip recur midwife and right now my listeners can try zip recruiter for free that's right free just go to zip recruiter dot com slash old that's zip recruiter dot com slash o l de zip recruiter the smartest way the higher than albert einstein closely she mention is funny to me the one that said never memorize anything you can look up because our way before the internet and i was there
mason right at our fingertips we can look up most things online and so quickly to say making wonder what do we need to memorize anymore i came to think of it the top my head an usher as good or bad and is also funny to me that this post summarizes one of the reasons i created this pike s for you so i can do the work of creating articles and then he ought to scroll hundreds and and save them we rely on me to find them and read them to you while you do other things so they gave me here believing in this part cast up having a great day and i'll see you tomorrow show where we're here to pose from derek servers
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