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896: Hope + Action = Win by Steve Kamb of Nerd Fitness

2018-05-25 | 🔗

Steve Kamb of Nerd Fitness shares the two critical pieces for success.

Episode 896: Hope + Action = Win by Steve Kamb of Nerd Fitness (Defining Life Goals & Pursuing Better Habits & Discipline).

Steve Kamb started exercising back in high school without really knowing what he was doing. Through high school and college, he made every training mistake known to man and got zero results. It wasn’t until he graduated college and learned the right way to train that he started to see positive changes. He's a nerd, but likes fitness… so why not combine the two and turn life into one giant video game? And thus, in the fall of 2009, NerdFitness.com was born!

The original post is located here: https://www.nerdfitness.com/blog/of-hope-and-action-the-shawshank-inspiration

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this is optimal living daily episode eight hundred and ninety six ope plus action equals win by steve camp nerd fitness dot com and i'm just a moloch happy friday listen to real time and welcome back or welcome for the first time renew here is worse blue narrate blogs for you usually sometimes books all with permission from the websites days author being steve cam of nerd fitness before to a thank you to look for sparkling water for their support its no coward no sweetener and no sodium beverage with nothing artificial just a hint of fruit essences seeking a taste your version of water make the switch to lacroix sparkling water a lesson of the show actually did it loves it talk about that at the end but for now check them out the cry water dot com or on your favorite social network at lacroix water that's l a sea r o i acts water dark com sal's get right to the post as we optimize your life
hope plus action equals win by steve cam of nerve fitness dot com quote hope is a good thing maybe the best things and no good thing never dies quote it's no secret that the shank redemption is my favorite movie of all time it's filled with unforgettable quotes and inspiring story and in any event may say to your up every time the move changed my life now don't worry never seen the movie but shame on you go rented immediately you're still are less energy from his article i emailing back and forth the other day with david of her own destiny dot com and the topic of hope came up dave remarked that selling hope with my rebel finis guide and nerd finish in general the hope for a better tomorrow with stronger heart smaller waistline and more enjoyable existence i realise a david was absolutely right my articles
be about learning how to squat how to be more confident life lessons we can learn from star wars but he down article is really about hope for stronger legs more confidence and a better life respectively hope is one of the most important emotions a person can possess viktor frankl a concentration camp five or author of the famous a man search for meaning remarked quote the prisoner who i lost faith in the future of his future was doomed unquote i believe us each who said he who has a why can endure anyhow hope gets how to bed in the morning hope gets us to work hope gets us to the gym hope kisses amy in wishing for a better future without hope day today is are simply away to pass the time until we're done living however without action hope will
wolden absolutely no progress for these reasons we need both hope and action to live a life worth living hope and shag back to the moon while spending nineteen years in prison for a crime he didn't commit the main character andy you held on to the belief that there was a better life waiting for him outside that there were a place in this world that are made out of stone held onto the hope that his life would they improve it was this that allowed him to survive any beat up by the sisters being thrown in solid confinement as being two decades locked up in a tiny prison cell with no chance for peace oh now along with hoping that things would get better andy took definitive steps to make sure his life would get better he spent those nineteen here's digging a tunnel with a tiny iraq hammer through his cell wall every night which would have made optimists prime proud mainly spent his time hoping for a better future like everybody else he was different and that he turned his hope into action
after digging in tunneling nightly for years and years andy simply been vanished like a fire in the wind crawling through his tunnel going through hundred yards of sewage biplane escaping to the pacific coast of mexico he spent the rest of his days the beaches of seawater neo fixing up although with his friend red and taking folks out on fishing trips free math people out there hope plus action equals win hope and action what do you want out of life that is your hope what are you doing about it that is your action life is made up of prisoners wannabes an end prisoners go through the motions without hope wannabes have but don't do anything about it andy's have hope and are inspired to act which one are you number one lose weight do you the biggest loser have you seen the movie three hundred do you watch either go while that amazing i like to be in great shape to the
prisoners of the world's watch tv shows and movies while eating ice cream in terms of popcorn and then go back to being fat wanna be say to themselves and we get in shape to morrow and i had this but the next morning and do nothing the end these are the world get inspired chuck all the junk food sort exercise housing and turn their lives around number to make more money do you want more money don't worry you're not alone everybody wants to be more financially stable the prisoners continue to work in a job they despise waiting for their yearly rays and two extra days a vacation the wannabes by scratched two play the lottery and drop a couple grand vegas hoping d a rich the andes reevaluated finances sell their negotiate arrays buster promotion and or start their own company number three be happy are you getting what you want out of life do to spend more time with your family of
dream running your own business the prisoners do nothing about their situation except complain nothing changes routine stay the same and life remains passionless the one of these go out and buy get rich quick ear books from an online marketing guru who only his money by teaching you how to make money or they hope that next year being settled down will be a better opportunity to make some adjustments the andes hope for a better tomorrow whether more time with their families great vacation with friends or new this venture and then they take specific steps to make those things happen don't be the one to be playing the lottery and looking for the easy way out that's hope without action don't be the prisoner simply going through the motions that's action without hope be hope for what you want and then go get it as andy says to read it comes down to a simple choice really get busy living or get
he die what about you for years i hope to one day start a business and travel the world that hope eventually inspired action and i spent nineteen hans blogging every day while working a full time job before i broke free to start my epic quest who knows i might even end up in seawater anyhow fixing up an old boat some day care join me i could use a man who knows how to get things this is my new hope to turn my venture into profitable automated business now allow me to solely focus on things i love he of my friends taking care my family writing articles that still hope and inspire action media would nerve in israel yours and helping them level of their lives acquiring use skills and knowledge doing good things for others and having fun these are the things that i hope for at this hope that helps me take action every day i don't care if you are four hundred pounds overweight and working and job you ate tomorrow will be the better day than today if you make it so no jail
i am more tunneling necessary symbol besides what you want out of life and then said how are you willing to make our future happen am i require sacrifices law knights and or early warnings but it is possible he doesn't post titled hope plus action equals win best eve cam of nerve fitness star come thank you to look sparkling water for sponsoring this episode war against boring fast then drinking soldiers all the time is something i try to avoid about you why deal with asher cow raise sodium and sweeteners make the switch to lacroix sparkling water a healthy out ready for you and your lifestyle a listener wrote in and reached out to the company to thank them for sponsoring this bobcats because he found out about lacroix made the switch from soda frederick a lot of soda also happy to hear that in our fourteen
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