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916: Build the Right Choice Into Your Environment & Without Failure There is No Success by Anthony Ongaro - Break The Twitch

2018-06-14 | 🔗

2 shorter posts from Anthony Ongaro of Break the Twitch, on your environment and failure.

Episode 916: Build the Right Choice Into Your Environment & Without Failure There is No Success by Anthony Ongaro - Break The Twitch.

After years of impulse spending on Amazon and elsewhere, Anthony Ongaro realized that his one-click purchase habits were more of a physical Twitch than an intentional action. It turned out, this Twitch wasn’t just limited to online spending. It applied to social media, impulsive smartphone usage, and more. Break the Twitch is all about minimizing distractions and doing more of what matters. Check out Anthony's new book, Break the Twitch: http://breakthetwitch.com/book

The original posts are located here: https://www.breakthetwitch.com/build-right-choice-environment https://www.breakthetwitch.com/failure

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this is optimal living daily episode nine hundred and sixteen bill the right choice into your environment and without failure there is success by ever younger of break the two which dot com am just a molly personal narrator ready to every day just like an audio book but free of charge and have to pose today for you from break the twitch before we get to a thank you to everley well for sponsoring this episode they make at home tests for food as a tv metallic as a heart health your thyroid vitamin d inflammation and allow more they got me my results back super quickly play more about that in a bit anger everley well doc calm and use the code optimal for fifteen percent off again thus echoed optimal at everley well dot com for now is here today to both as our optimizing
your life build the right choice into your environment by anthony and gareth break the twitch dot com everyday were faced with thousands of decisions it's been proven that we get progressively worse and making them as a day goes on so how can constructive daily decisions be integrated into normal life i found that the most effective way to make the right choice is by simply making it more difficult to choose poor delay for example if i'm hungry and i go into the kitchen unlikely to grab something that i can quickly but is not very healthy but if i saw cookin portioned out individual meals and tupperware containers in the fridge i set myself up fur healthier eating always easy to something healthy insubstantial instead of ordering pieces or grabbing some chocolate here are three ways to build the right choice into your environment number one eat a big meal before going grocery
maybe there is a real risk that comes from going to the grocery store on an empty stomach if really hungry i much more likely to make unhealthy choices i found myself overspending items i wouldn't have normally gun like a package of orioles his orioles make it back to the house us is going to get in because once in the cover it becomes an impulse decision to eat simply because their the first step is to prevent the unhealthy food from making it into the house at all by not purchasing it at the grocery store if possible eat a healthy meal before going to the grocery store when i'm full i find that i make much red healthier decisions about what i get of also found that going to the grocery store after work out does help with decision making as well number to build or by a standing desk if computers honor standing desk and make standing while using your computer a diesel having a standing
both at work and home as homey me waste less time sitting around on the computer as attend your daughter less when i have to stand up while doing it you can build a standing desk for twenty two doll i so a doubling doesn't have to be an expensive acquisition either i recommend trying out for a few hours at a time in using yourself into standing all day my first built my stand dusk administrative straight standing all day and it did not feel good at all ease into it and you'll be fine number three combine active these four desired result carving out time to make it to the gm a few times per we can be incredibly difficult is something to make time for and is important for overall health breakin seems challenging to do consistently last august i saw a rock climate the local jimmy minneapolis which allow me to do two things at once play and exercise at the same time i roy climbing and the challenges it provides in doing so it gives me a great work out the great example of one way
combined to activities is a one i've also found that biking to work is incredibly beneficial although it's a harder argument to make during the cold winter months by combining commute to work with us of exercise your effectively hitting multiple birds with one stone your burning calories exercising in the morning and evening showing up to work more alert and happy and your saving money on gas and car expenses these are some examples of how i build the right choice into my daily routine what kinds of things to you do too hoarders accountable and motivate yourself to complete these types of tasks i have another post from hamburg first thank you to everyone for their support i did in in home blood tests through them
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two everley well dot com and get fifteen percent off with the code optimal take control view held today with every wells at home helped us without failure there is no six us by anthony and guerrero of break the two which dot com failure it's a peculiar thing isn't it it doesn't feel great to say out loud webster defines it as a lack of success and while the definition is perfectly clear we all give failure the good credit deserves failure offers us much more once we allow ourselves to look beyond is direct definition that's why failure needs new marketing consultant its heifer re brand and i'm willing to step up to the plate quote i have not failed ten thousand times
i've success we found ten thousand ways that will now work thomas edison when it comes down to it failure is critically important part of the path of success and our growth is huge beings so why does it have such a negative connotation we must first or with the aid that failure is not a bad thing if we are trying news things and pushing our limits we should be failing constantly each time we try we fail a little less than the time before it this process is empowerment growth and learning you work out we driver muscles to exhaustion to the point of failure so that they rebuilt and stronger than they were before the same process occurs we ourselves fail whether its while learning new skill trying to pass a particular test or beat a video game feeling does not make you a failure big difference and inform distinction in the way we talk about ourselves and our aspirations just because we may fail at some
thing does not make us ourselves failures bernay brown talks about this important concept in her ted talk the power of vulnerability if we were to never fail how successful is success really the feeling is not a regular part of the process of accomplishing something how rewarding will the final result be out summit that it would be significantly less so so what can we do to solve this problem to embrace failure growth and triumph over a stagnant boring life i'll take a page to my good friend david dell's personal palsy celebrate failure was not feeling when david stood up in front of a large group of simple av attendees last year minneapolis and told us through up in the air and yell yea i failed it was met with laughs some odd looks and valiant cheers at times we
feel so spectacularly that it's hilarious sad an exciting all at the same time but the reality is we grow far more from failing than we do from success is time that we take back failure own it ro from it we can no longer afford to see failure as something to avoid we must seek it out and crush it with our celebratory spirits broach failure with a positive attitude and a perspective of growth we allow ourselves to turn it into a success every failure an opportunity to adapt and change the way we do things so that the following result is better whatever it may be without a mind how have you fail today you do since the post titled bill the right choice to your environment and without failure there is no success both by anything guerrero of break the twitch dot com i definitely had my fair share failures i'm sorry
joy really i'll take on a new project try it out see the results and can you or move on and if i move on i learned something so yea approach here some of these projects from me in future some will be more behind the scenes but i totally agree that we need approach failure with a positive attitude for sure so keep that in mind today and i should do it for the third episode of aggressive your day with some failures were also the weekend i'll see you in the but do you show tomorrow where your optimal life awaits
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