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943: 11 Ways You're Wasting Time And How to Change by Michelle Schroeder-Gardner of Making Sense of Cents

2018-07-11 | 🔗

Michelle Schroeder-Gardner of Making Sense of Cents shares 11 ways you're wasting time, and how to change.

Episode 943: 11 Ways You're Wasting Time And How to Change by Michelle Schroeder-Gardner of Making Sense of Cents (Productivity).

Michelle Schroeder-Gardner created Making Sense of Cents in order to help improve her own finances. With diligence, she was able to pay off $38,000 in student debt in 7 months, kept track of progress, and helped readers along the way. She's currently touring North America and living out of an RV. You can learn more about her and see her monthly income reports at MakingSenseOfCents.com.

The original post is located here: https://www.makingsenseofcents.com/2016/04/ways-youre-wasting-time.html

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this is optimal living daily episode nine hundred and forty three eleven ways you're wasting time and how to change by michel schroeder garner of make sense of sand dot com and review numbers narrator just in moloch ranging from them using blogs and books to help you optimize your life i re from many many different authorise covering personal development minimalism pro tv motivation in spain asian and more and thank you too easy checks with nike for sponsoring today show easy kicks is the first nigger club for kids that allows busy parents to order new nike and converse sneakers online when they need with multiple price plans to fit every families needs powers his packages are delivered right to your house in a box just for your child i'll tell you more about how that works plus my experience with it but for now you can check them out at easy kicks dot com does e s why k icy k s dot com
the right to the post as we optimize your life eleven ways you're wasting time and how to change by michel schroeder garner of making sense of san start come every has the same twenty four hours in a day will you do with it is up to you but you may be seen time each day which can hold you back from eating your goals if you are able to feed out where in your day you are wasting time you may be able to start aside us all make more money pay off at spend more time with your loved ones learning new skill have more fun in life travel more real dream of yours and more just think about it what do you think you could do with an extra five ten hours or even more each week you might even be wasting without knowing it you may not realise how this wasted time easily adds up to a huge number of hours hopefully today's topic will be fine whereas in your week no matter how
there are lost here levin ways you're wasting time and how to change that number one checking your email over and over i'm guilty of checking email numerous times throughout the day the problem i have rather slowly better with lots of room for improvement checking your email can waste a lot of time by dedicating your time and focus towards checking your email you may be loose the train of thought we should actually be something else i reckon check your email just a few times a day or even eke once a day number two being on organised being on can wait a significant amount of time and these too late fees stress lost either and more here some surprising statistics i found from simply order about being on organise the average person spends twelve days per year looking for things they can't find every day average office worker spends one point five hours looking for thing
in a recent survey fifty five percent a consumer stated they would save anywhere from sixteen to sixty minutes a day if they were organised and twenty three percent the people pay bills late and have to pay late fees because are unable to find their bills number three watching tv i love a good tv show but i can honestly say that i watch too much tv the average person watches tv for over thirty five hours her week key measure we could do by reclaiming just half of those hours each week number four gossiping while these too much time reading celebrity tabloids or if you talk about people a lot spreading gossip can be a huge waste of time jesting about the amazing things you do we focus on yourself instead of wasting so much time gossiping about others number five taking forever to get ready many of you spend way too much time getting ready in picking out their outfit by having
s clothing options and or choosing your outfit the night before you can save valuable minutes each day for more information i recommend checking out becoming minimalist blog post a reason successful people choosing to wear the same thing every day and were six now having to do list i have a constant to do list without it outfield last on organise and probably even confused about what to do i rely heavily on my to do list but putting it to do this together it's enough to be hard i keep my to do list on my phone ashes assume melissa things i need to do others find planners work well for them you were to do list will keep you on track seen off yet what needs to be done on a daily weekly or monthly basis which in turn gipsy motivated towards your goals number seven procrastinating procrastination in ways time as you may find anything else you can possibly do before completing a certain task then you might
the things that waste even more time such as just standing around watching tv cleaning the same area you ve already cleaned ten times a day and more is much better stan why your procrastinating and how decree create an action plan to stop this time wasting behaviour focusing on what you need to do you will stop wasting time number eight spending too much time on social media the average person spends many many hours on social media each week between pinterest facebook twitter insight ram snapchat and many others amy quite easy to waste entire day away if you're fine we are spending too much time on social media and admit is negatively impacting you you may want to close the accounts spending too much time on you can even create time block so you cannot access your account during certain periods of the day and so on number nine being negative you are wasting time when you're being negative instead of focusing on naked
like regrets in being mean you can be more productive by using this time for thing is that actually matter and return multitasking some people can multitask success but many people cannot with a large amount of time it takes to refocus on a new task save your cause only switching back and forth you have to spend time refocusing every single time sl realize your strengths and weaknesses to whether or not multitasking actually helps you save time number eleven hitting this news bun sleeping those two minutes after alarm goes off isn't going to change your life there many scientific studies proving that hitting this news bun does nothing good for you i know many people that their lives are golf anywhere from thirty minutes to an hour before they actually want to wake up i'm not gonna lie he used to do this as well and thought it was the only way i could get up a deafening did not work as i was felt extremely groggy
and sometimes even more tired instead you should wake up when you our first goes off to use those minutes volubly you either start sleep earlier or setting europe for when you actually get out of bed you just listen to the poles titled eleven ways you're wasting time and how to change by michel schroeder garden of making sense of sand start come their posts dimension from becoming minimalist with eight reason successful people are choosing to wear the same thing every day i actually already narrated but way back in episode one huh britain eighty hate of your check that out like eight hundred up a socio and thank you again to easy cakes with nike for their support while back to school is a bitter sweet i'm is quite hectic an easy kicks is here to make the process easier as her kid shoe needs for the year will be taken care of for you they have new styles eat
weak and easy kicks ensures that parents always have their kids in shoes that fit no more visits to them all they have three different pricing plans to fit needs blessing get credit for referrals as some because kids can wear their shoes as long as they want and when their racked or too small or they want a new style place your order and send back the nikes or converse in a pre paid shipping envelope and those will be donated to nonprofit partner which is super awesome i love the way they do that and i did it therefore my nephew it was super easy so i can check it out at easy kicks dot com that's a s why k icy k s dot com i leave it there for today i'll be a great weak and i'll see you in our show where you're optimal life awaits
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