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955: What It Means to be a Minimalist by Anthony Ongaro of Break The Twitch

2018-07-23 | 🔗

Anthony Ongaro of Break the Twitch shares what it means to be a minimalist.

Episode 955: What It Means to be a Minimalist by Anthony Ongaro of Break The Twitch (Improving Your Life with Minimalism).

After years of impulse spending on Amazon and elsewhere, Anthony Ongaro realized that his one-click purchase habits were more of a physical Twitch than an intentional action. It turned out, this Twitch wasn’t just limited to online spending. It applied to social media, impulsive smartphone usage, and more. Break the Twitch is all about minimizing distractions and doing more of what matters. Check out Anthony's new book, Break the Twitch: http://breakthetwitch.com/book

The original post is located here: https://www.breakthetwitch.com/be-a-minimalist

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it's a minimalist monday edition of optimal living daily episode nine hundred and fifty five what it means to be a minimalist by anna in of break that which dot com and it may personal narrator just a moloch ranging from some using blogs and books toby optimize your life i from so many different others coming person development minimalist productivity motivation inspiration and more and thank you too easy cakes with nike for sponsoring today show easy kicks as the first nigger club for it is it allows busy parents to order new nike and converse sneakers online when they need with multiple price plans to fit every families knees personalized it is also right to your door in a box just for your child check them out at easy kick start calm tat s why k icy k s star com go right to the post as we optimize your life what means to be a minimalist by
it's an younger of breaks the twitch dot com there has been quite the discussion around minimalism what it is and what is not these discussions have inspired me to think more about my beliefs and reflect on what being a minimalist actually means to me no doubt that learning in implementing the principles of minimalism have changed my life or the better before twenty fourteen i knew that of beginning to identify weren't working but i was exactly sure why buying stuff made me happy for awhile peck by there are still makes me happy but minimalism has help change the kind of physical things i choose to spend money on from being amy and i have described to the idea of rational minimalism provided by joshua beggar who right popular blog becoming minimalist quote minimalism is intentional promotion of the things we most value in the room
google of everything that distract us from aunt joshua becker is relatively simple and straightforward approach to living better life with less stuff which is why we love it despite that the last two years break that which has grown to include building habits and creating opportunities minimizing distractions is one of the three pillars that make up my own definition of intentional levey without minimizing distractions and room being both mental and physical clutter from our lives is incredibly difficult to set up the other two pillars in other words minimalism clears the ground had build a house in sharing a meal neighbours creates opportunities while some bush embrace a minimalist lifestyle that requires one hundred items or less i have established some basic believes that help focus my life in a meaning way i believe that minimalism means number one detaching self worth and personal identity from possessions for last several days
days we ve been exposed to messages encouraging us to identify ourselves by associating with brands and physical possessions separating my own sense of self worth from the things that i own it allows me to explore hu i am without them instead of relying on a fancy watch to show off my perceive social status i get to focus on finding ways to contribute help others and spread kindness commission we learned to make assumptions about a person based on the car they drive the clothing they wear and the things they own now it seems of urged to determine how successful a person is based on a trivial information through minimalism we learn at these things in very little about a person's character who they are and their contribute and so the world focused on contribution instead of the impressiveness of consumption to see the true beauty and people number two not worrying about the things we own whether too much or too
while it remains true that the less stuff we own the less stuff owns us there does come a point where the opposite is true was we start stressing over not quite empty space or try to meet a particular guideline homer stuff we should on the purpose is defeated through minimalism we free ourselves from the things that longer serve us and it should stop there is easy to guess on owning a certain number of things but whether you stressed about how full of quarter or stressed about only own one hundred items are alas it still stress minimal some means letting go of stress related to possessions in both directions disgrace the freedom to focus on people relationships contribution and self care dick as much as you think is necessary then live your life feel free to adjust as you see fit number three understanding what things actually do bring joy men more importantly
why after two years of minimalism andy cluttering i know what things he may joy more than ever before when he carefully assess it you own and make decisions to keep or discard the items patterns emerge after repeating this vision thousands of times now i've come to understand is the equipment that allows me to cry things i love that bring me the most joy in fact ninety nine percent of the physical sessions i purchased in the last two years are directly related to filmmaking and producing videos for the break this which you to channel my desire three increasingly better visual content has led me to realise just how be it makes me through the slow and steady process of declaring seek patterns that help you understand what truly brings you joy number four having a framework to actively manage what matters manned what doesn't his ease i believe that there is a point where we become official minimal s and suddenly
freedom time and energy for all the wonderful things it has to offer this is undeniably falls i've seen begin evidence that minimalism is not a finnish when you reach but a framework but you view the world is a way to actively life in a way that allows us to give our best and live our best minimalism is truly a journey that last a lifetime as our needs and desires will change throughout don't expect to reach a point where everything collects there's no finish line just a framework number five having more flexibility to manage what life brings both good and bad what schedules are we're bugs in our homes are clutter with things that do not serve us or our families the slightest unexpected disruption king the negative chain reaction imagine a twenty dollar parking ticket that goes unpaid racks up finds an event because your vehicle to be impounded having the time in financial capacity to pay
this way dollar fine prevents the chain reaction from happening while minimalism will not solve all of life problems it will create a space to better deal with them imagine and annette like a visit from a friend and being able to enjoy the time visiting instead of stressing about how untidy the house's minimalism helps create this is to enjoy more of the gifts surprises while also dealing more readily with any unpleasant ones minimalism won't make all a problem the go away but it sure does make them easier to deal with weather you agree with these points or disagree i encourage you to explore what men was a means to you regardless of what philosophy you pursue i believe that intentionally promoting the things that we most value while removing the things that distract us from it is an idea that works for everyone you just listen to the poles titled what it means to be a minimalist by anti
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now let us therefore today opium great monday and start your new weak and i'll see you our show where optimal life awaits
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