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980: Personal Revolution by Allison Task

2018-08-17 | 🔗

1 chapter from Personal Revolution by Allison Task.

Episode 980: Personal Revolution by Allison Task (Taking Control of Your Life & Creating a Positive Vision).

Allison Task is a career and life coach who has helped hundreds of people transform their lives. By actively pursuing meaningul personal and career goals, Allison's clients have changed careers, launched companies, retired early, moved their families across the country and around the world.

Allison has a degree in Human Development and Family Studies from Cornell University, a coaching certificate and Master's Degree from the Institute of Culinary Education. She lives with her husband and their four children in Montclair, New Jersey and is the author of Personal Revolution: How To Be Happy, Change Your Life, and Do That Thing You've Always Wanted To Do.

Learn more about Allison and her book here: http://allisontask.com/book/

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this is optimal living daily episode nine hundred and eighty and exit from the book personal revolution by isles and task i'm just a moloch your personal narrator reading blow do you mostly but sometimes books like today the others out task she's a career and lifestyle define a lot more about her and her book allison alison task dot com alcinous with tools and of course all valid in the episodes description before we get to the excerpt thank you too babble for their support i wish i had when i was learning spanish in school because i did four years of it but still didn't feel slow and after that was lessons are designed to get you speaking evidently in your new language and actually remember what you learn gotta babble dot com and use the africa code old to get fifty percent off reverse three months that's bad more be a b b e eldar com offer code o hildy for fifty percent of your first three months now get right to it as we optimize your life
an exit from the book personal revolution by thousand task imagine that your friend has been working towards a big goal and his manner themselves on a week to week basis because there's one thing honour to do list that never gets done of course they are getting many other things down and their folks is on that one thing that isn't happening how how'd you handle this most people would help their friend focused the six things there doing well they take time to help the friend acknowledge what they have achieved redirecting their friend to the success increasing yourself compassion i'll take you to your goal more efficiently and make the process more pleasant if your goals got five days a week in that level of fitness will contribute to your happiness self compassion is this ill of not being yourself up over a week when you mr work out or to self combating as well will keep you from defeat
you yourself by letting your inner critic where you down or convince you to give up self compassion lets you stick to your process protecting you from moments of self sabotage many of us have been trained to think that saving our goals as a matter of doggedly pushing forward and some may call on an inner critic to push themselves the fortunately that negative self talk takes a lot of energy your generating the negativity and absorbing at more trying to ignore it that whole process is distracting and can be draining especially if you have a vociferous and her frederick whenever i hear the word should spoken by my client my ears programme should it's a big red flag for me in fact when i hear the word all say well whose voices that you should according to i don't know anyone should on my clients and i certainly don't
my client should on themselves their inner critic attended the school of thought that you need to push people be hard on them tell them achieve they should do this or that i dont subscribed to the should school motivation i believe people can achieve great things when their com and centre self compassion beyond avoiding negative self talk it also means treating yourself well take my husband for example when he makes a sandwich bigos all out he tells the bread he gets out of tomato and let us good mustard maybe some hot peppers to make the beautiful sandwich and take some fifteen minutes what my husband take the time to make a good sandwich he thinks experiences meaning the sandwich is worth the time it takes to make it he trees himself well just like you would treat a good friend on the other hand let's look at self denial
when my children have birthday parties there's this moment after the children have had their cake and they all happily gobble up they'll make rounds giving cake to the adults can you guess what they say oh i shouldn't just a bite justice liver or the worst cases let me clearly state that i am guilty is charged on this one the person will say i'll just take a bite from my kids blade what you refuse yourselves something you want and add up stealing it from someone else so in addition to neglecting yourself you're taking a cherished of cake from someone who was looking forward to it gave just picture the kids face denial has a negative impact on the people around us they have to give up that bite of cake that leg of their ice cream cone because you do i get one for yourself do they agree to the ideal the story demonstrates the way people around it can be called upon to combat avery or martyrdom mother's a family that then get to see you because you work long hours ironically to provide for your family a relative or friend who us
worry about your health problems because you won't see a doctor or take your medication or child who not to ask for help because your tents and stress from over extending yourself yes that last bit was negative and i hope you get my point the here is to use your skill of self compassion i acknowledge what you need and give it to yourself be used ass a good way to treat yourself and because self neglect can every broken hence for everyone else in your life the opposite of negative self should in on yourself and denial is doing an active practice of acknowledgement one my favorite ways to bill positive mindset comes from sean acre author of the happiness advantage is called the treacherous effect also known as selective perception it's a technique of training your brain to scan the world for possibility and then capitalize on it
boy i use this was my clients were looking for a new job is based on a study from the harvard department of psychology where researchers as twenty seven people to play terrorists for multiple hours over three days for days after they stop plain terrorists this report is being tetra shapes everywhere they look at a brick wall and figure out which bricks could fall in between others or they go to cost go and see touches shapes and stack boxes this is called a cognitive after effect and it demonstrates how our brain can get stuck in the patterns we practise that's a big idea our brain its stock in the patterns we practice so knowing that where's the opportunity to shift our thinking step away from negative habitual thoughts and shift them into more positive ones example if you look in the mirror each morning and identified three things you like about yourself you'll be in a sea these core what is more than the so called flaws you may focus on by shifting our own thinking
from shooting and self denial on yourself to self compassion entreating yourself the way you treat your best friend making a major move to a more positive outlook and then if you choose to reach for that brass ring to shift your mind set to increase the principles of following up and actively choosing the patterns you want your boy need to practice you can choose to have a more powerful forward thinking approach to life as i tell my children ages five five and four there's one thing in this world that you can always control and that's your brain choose your thoughts purposefully and wisely you just as into an excerpt from the book an old personal revolution by alison task i love that touches example of toll experience that myself i think it was with guitar hero and dr mario not tetris but the idea is really cool and part of the reason for this podcast actually i thought of it as a daily meditation and
peaceful way to help improve your mood or outlook and inspiration so love out at all times there again you can visit her online or else in task dot com i have that linked in this episode description and thank you to her for giving permission to narrate an excerpt and thank you again to babble for their support you can learn spanish french italian russian swedish german and more and used yeah well you can be speaking your new language within weeks wish i had a high school or earlier actually took some spanish starting mentary school than four years in high school but i forgot most of it babbles lessons are designed to get you speaking confidently in your new language and here's the key actually remember what you learn not through in
active dialogues and allow more it's really easy to get started i'm currently using it got a babel dot com and use the offer code old to get fifty percent off your first three months that's babble be a b b e l dot com offer code oil d for fifty per and off your first three months or leave it therefore today will be having a great day i will be back tomorrow reading to you re optimal life awaits
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