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GI Joe’s death becomes a national story and George feels the pressure mount. Meanwhile, his second-in-command finds something disturbing inside the police station. 

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A listener note. This episode contains adult content and language. This may not be suitable for all listeners, wondering. Joe Glinda. What's his body lay on a metal table at the light, County corners office, dead, wreathed from the Swat stuck to the dried blood on his face and neck a bullet. Coming up from his nose and mouth because of the blood vessels hit Doktor Thomas ride with the late county corner He was a ghostly pale man in his sixties, with full lips and a brooding look on his face. Chose body had been brought their straight from the swamp. He was still in. His uniform in his hands were neatly wrapped in brown paper bags to preserve potential evidence. We don't change too much like the clothing and stuff like that, unless it's necessary, but we try to bring the deceit and back in tat.
The medical examiner began looking over Jos body, while the deputy coroner took photos, he had some. Cuts on his face. That's because he had to go through the brush to get to where he was so. He was in a hurry and he got script. there were similar cuts on his hands and arms, and all Some bruising on the right side of his head, the first thing: this was a bullet lodged. It is phone and vest and a room right, blower, chest area just below the right. Ribcage The boy had destroyed your cell phone, but this wasn't the fatal shot in a bullet proof fast. It necessarily kill you. If you have a good vest, it's as if somebody took a sledge hammer and hits you there next the medical examiner, remove Jos clothing. First, his duty bell: invest then his shirt, we're lookin for the bullets to kill them. Can find it so were document a
thing is we're measuring. It is measuring that his skin look pay oh and green under the fluorescent glow of the overhead lamp, his upper arms and chest were covered with tattoos. Angel with a machine gun stood next to a latin prayer that run the length of his torso there. The bruise on his lower abdomen, where the first bullet had hidden the edges, bleed into the words of the prayer We saw the bullet two inches below the top of the left. Fest entered the body. The bullet wound had pierce through another tattoo on his chest: a chain of dog tags with his kids names on them Next to a Bible, verse, the medical examiner grabbed scalpel and women gay t shaped a or why shaped incision from the left, shoulder to right, shoulder down the middle to the middle of the abdomen red watched ass. He pulled the skin back and cracked the ribcage open.
medical examiner, investigated Jos organs, trying to turn is the trajectory of the bullet. We could see it hit the heart logs, pulmonary vessels and exit her try to exit left, back, and so he probably lost blood to the brain very quickly. He bled out so I would say is dead within one two three seconds so now we have. The cause of death something that puzzled. Doktor wrote in his team. We stuck her stick to try to determine the angle of the bullet yeah. It's obviously coming slightly from the right side downward Edward worked out downward. It appears the Joe had been shot at close range, very close range, So the question I had is: how does buddy get up to Joe with a gun? Stick it two inches under his left side.
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This is over my dead body Fox late, you crazy tat. This is episode too bad Moonrise big. First, I would like to start by thanking all of the resources that have come together. for their George Lincoln had given press conferences before, but nothing like this microphone. What's with the CNN and be see you you'd all these national broadcast stations, There are more satellite dishes in that light that had ever seen in my life. All the media. Attention surrounding jos, death might have had a lot to do with the fact that the country was divided balloon.
lives matter had been launched by a group of police officers and their supporters after two cops were killed in the line of duty, despite the fact that statistically, two thousand fifteen was on track to be one of the safest years for police and decades. Some people claimed blacklist. matter had riled up the public against the police can be long before some media outlets began, painting Jos death as a hate crime against cops. stability seen any messages that point the possibility that might have been deliberately tartan. At this point, the investigation no Hawaii We are not discounting anything we're looking at every aspect in angle of this year look out into a sea of microphones, and all the attention focused on you
It's very intimidating, nothing like what are you gonna with greater whether or not there was the officer pirates done again can't reveal their from issues related to the firing of any weapon recourse is a demand for persons information. The media's every patient on it. I understand it's part of their job, I'm not going to set a time limit on those of our borders. Kali, we allowed some questions, but we really work in any position to give out a lot of information. Many of these cases, not just officer involved homicides but homicides in general
greatly assisted by public information, and all it takes is one two or good. We need to break the case wide open. In truth, George didn't have allowed to go the initial autopsy had been concluded the night before and it should Joe had been shot twice once in the vest. And the other shot in his chest. The crime scene in the swamp showed a trail of evidence strewn about Jos Baton, his pepper spray and just body lying face down. They still needed to determine whether or not just gun had been used as the murder weapon. It appears the fatal shot, had been fired at close range, but there were still tests being done to confirm. It. And then there was the description of the men. Joe said he was following in his last radio call three men to white one black still George hope that the massive amount of public attention the case was getting might have
is bringing some useful leads plenty of others thought they knew, someone who was involved in the shoot, like one woman You called about her friends, estranged husband, then he was recently released from jail now alive, Thirdly, he was in an undisclosed hotel in an effort to hide from the police. but what is even mean turned out here. In hiding from the cops at all. He was hiding from his way that he was cheating on There was Georgia's friend who was a police from another supper. He also the barest. When he called me, he told you. George about his daughters friend, who claimed to have special abilities. It took everything had not to start saying. Ok, what do you mean abilities, shootin, jump off a buildings? She can hold her breath underwater for tat, but I noticed everywhere. You go on with this and, unlike Again, what do you got well
She can put her hands on a map, of the area, and she can feel exactly where your suspect, maybe irrespective may be hiding keep led went into the trash, but anything it seems to have any merit was being followed up on. Hundreds of officers, were out, knocking on doors and rounding up the usual suspects in one instance there Rounded, the home of someone who wasn't even in town on the day of the murder, the problem we encountered within first, forty eight hours is, there so many leads coming and it was it was getting out of control, but me stick with the psychics in the cheating husband got an anonymous Tipp that seem more promising about three men who were spot. In town right around the time when Joe was killed. It wasn't an exact match. The collar said that the three men
man in a cowboy hat, a mexican guy and a pudgy white do with a beer in his hand, had been spy indeed those dead, Oh greasy spoon that open early for breakfast, were this inanimate personalized, saw these three and of it crossing, the road which is directly across from the crime scene, and these guys went into into He knows they couldn't remember the exact time, but it was some time around. Seven, a m in the morning it, was almost like a revelation. It's like wholly crap. We finally have something that looks valid that wasn't the only Tipp that it come about these guys. Another call described them almost the same way, the car had seen three men leaving a bar and, and their collars saw them turn up a gas station? All this starts like, while this is beginning to fit five. Thirty
I'm in the morning and here's a timeline or I'll close in the area. There is a little bit a gap between these guys being seen at the gas station in them winding up dino. Now all times that their pointer approximate, so you know you're looking at a timeline, and I'm thinking you know what discussing the scorn. This may be a breakthrough. This may be a breakthrough George, looked at the other detectors and commander standing around the room, kicking around the possibilities. Will you know what the fuck, if these guys did why the hell? Would they be old cash walking into a restaurant or crossing the road in broad daylight while worsening gonna go You know sometimes hiding in plain sight is the best way to conceal yourself. After all, The false leads George could the energy level in the room take up You could almost see like you know,
we're gas tanks are running low on fuel and offices bam. You know they just get a shot of energy endlessly. While here we fuckin go to active scattered into the town, seeing what they could dig up once he went to the gas station to collect surveillance, video. there, the attendant said she remembered the guys they were drunk and she thought from a bar near by It was the same bar that another color had seen them in leaving as well. So you know now you ve got to senses were individuals, kind of being the sky the same way and again we don't believe in coincidences. So this is really beginning to pick up some steam another team went out to dino to talk to the staff. It checked out, server. There said she remembered those guys there were there before seven in seven thirty in the morning, the data joy died
She describes them to a t she's. She says it that they were drunk are detective is really good he's. on a scale of one to ten ten be really drunk we're, work, these guys- and she says five to eight- ok, that's pretty good! So you know now we're thinking awry This may make some sign semi. Maybe you should work, and this is just stupid. You know their trust passing. He comes up on him, nor drunk big, it's stupid. For whatever reason, but then. Just like all the other leads. The whole story fell apart. The time stamp from the credit card receded, Vinos Proof that at the moment the Joe was shot in the swamp, the guys inside the diner, sure sure not only these guys. You no account for you know where they were, but the exact time that this was all happen
because remember we had exact times of when he called out the shots saw everything. There is sitting in your having breakfast George closed his eyes and frustration holy shit. Is so close from gone from yet Roy. Shove, energy and hope to boom back down to the ground It felt like you're just starting over from scratch. George the faces of the investigators and saw the disappointment then you got a really everybody up: ok, fuck it, which is onto the next day. You know what else. If we got let's go, let's go, Did they have not a whole hell of a lot Joe. how to go out and face the reporters again empty handed the clicking away those cameras in I get It was weird I could not get
my mind, s eye me answering the questions when you out. You are physically and mentally exhausted because it's like a sword fight he wanted answers as much as anyone there chasing guys, dress as cowboys and getting apt up over a lead that ultimately was disproved with a credit card or see on top. that their whispers about whether George was up to the job and how long it last those rumors reach leafless at the daily. Harold, my boss, called me, said here: we just got word. That's like I was gonna be taken off the case that I had a good fight falling on fire. That was true look down, and I said well, that is the case I have no idea what you're talking about that's the last second thing I needed to hear or not. These hard core nineteen sixties, fucking gum shoe guys with the cigars. Hang around don't give a fuck with human rights. for Christ's sake. You know why you train, involve yourself in despair,
this investigation and attack individuals? All doing is our fucking job to the best our abilities by the day of Jos Funeral nearly a week had passed and the task force a chance two hundred and eighty five leagues. And stood on, the lawn, the police station and watch the funeral procession pass by they had paid There's an drummers stand. Follow the station play You're amazing, Grayson, similar the other two They normally play it. These police fear ass. He looked out eighteen miles, long string of cars slowly making away to the cemetery a convoy. Police motorcycles and squad cars mixed in with the grieving townspeople. Here hypnotized as to what's going on in front of you. Reading on this, eyes at a cars and what agencies are represented. There FBI atm
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years, that she'd known Joe a lot longer than that she'd been member of the explores the you policing group Joe, is in charge of back in the nineties. She's seeing this guy in in both as the export leader that he was and then also you know been in the police department. So I ask You know I was curious to see you know what what she had to say I think she was also really honest and open she held anything back Don toll. Invest gaiters that she was in roll call with the rest of the officers in the morning no died. She didn't think much you're not being there that was norm at least until a few weeks. earlier when the new village administrator had insisted the job here, call. Every day she didn't paid much attention to Joe, when you reported that he was checking on three suspicious people in the swamp, Joe often used to traffic, stop
excuse when he was running late. these conversations with DAWN John, began to realize something. I don't think she that very high, Lee of him at all police officer also who he was a person in the police report. Investigators noted does every indicated that Lieutenant Glinda once wasn't well by many people at the police department as a supervisor, the tenant Glinda, we would call officers out to various public locations such as Dino Restaurant or the gas station to point out issues with reports or other matters in front of members of the public for people he was familiar with it didn't sound like he had a lot of close friends route. In the end, the agency, the only person I got was deemed that the chief would reasoning, retired seem to be a good friend of his, and she said when he was at his desk. He seemed to spend most of his time on Facebook.
He was the administrative lieutenant and was supposed to be in charge of records, but occasionally the chief might be hand would come to dawn to handle tasks. Joe was responsible for that. his turn off. She didn't like doing Jos job and stop helping after while, in fact in recent years. she never saw him really doing anything that wasn't related to the explorer's. Here's a guy who's made a lieutenant whose sole job is to just from the explorer post, which in most police departments in the volunteer position that you know you do like, maybe once a week or once a month, and this guy's full time. Job essentially was to do that. That's the only thing he cared about. He was spending all his time and effort. Everything was going toward these explorers and.
Basically neglecting his duties as the lieutenant of Operations Dance desk was in the basement of the station. Just upstairs was Jos Office John Eric had ordered to be sealed almost immediately after the shooting. That is just the course of action that we would take, because we don't know if there's any potential evidence there. If there's anything that that might have point us in a direction, We actually change the locks, put our mark on it literally and locked it up and then sealed it with evidence tape so that the doors would obviously show of somebody trying to get in there their hadn't, been time to go through Jos Office during the chaos of the manner, but soon as yet a moment generic decided look inside he did until night time when the last of Jos. When my colleagues had gone home for the day we weren't going necessarily announced to the police department that,
we're going in there again. That was that was by design so that we could just go in and examine ourselves without prying eyes. Generic approach, the Jos Office, which had been sealed off on the day of the shooting he caught the evidence, tape and unlocked the door it was like I was just like a tornado had gone off in a minute papers everywhere, generic was expecting army major approved organization. After all, this was gee, I Joe, so he by all accounts, was a very orderly and neat person. You know he had pressed uniform the hare. That was the bus kindly on the military style, cod, there were files everywhere? His desk was just covered in papers and files in such an it kind of struck me that that was interesting for a guy who is like a said very straight. Laced too, I would, I would have expected to be very neat and group
really. At his death there were a couple rifles in the corner and a pile of clothes across the room. On a side table, was a large paper shredder giving them. dressing. Is there was a shredder and a big stand up shredder in his office, and there were bags of shroudings already papers and argument shredded, and then you know like shredding that we're just sitting in the machine itself, then he turned to the file cabinet behind Jos Desk in one of the drawers he spotted something there was a large plastic evidence, bag sitting on a pile of loose papers like a plastic bags. Nothing attached to it no case report attached to it. He flitted over and saw a few baggies inside each filled with a white powder was drugs was at anything to
you know. Why is it sitting in his desk shore item? Was action a file Canada behind him? So now you know you can start thinking. I believe what is this, why does he have this? Is highly irregular. John the evidence to bag up the shredded paper and gave it to the FBI to be peace back together? He all sent away powder off to the lab to be tested and tested. Positive for cocaine was the real stuff. Again. It was now descriptive, as you sitting in the but it wasn't attached to anything there. Wasn't any reports have we could find on it so yeah. I was extremely surprised to find something like that and it in a cabinet, lieutenants office. Generic had never met any law the Joe hadn't been making arrests and the last several years so yeah
no idea what to make of it. You're a ranking members, please farm here, not some rookie you're, not some guy just forgot, so I don't know just lazier forgot to enter it or what he forgot in what he did. So why would he have this this material in a DNS cabinet in his arm, is tucked away. Just didn't make any sense to us. When George learned about the coke, he was just ass, surprised wherever they come from but he needed more information. It was Strange, but maybe there was an explanation, it wasn't really well hidden, it was an credenza whatever they caught behind his das? They open up a draw near. It is Langer, so sad, like you Conseil it. So there is no real explanation for this: other than here in expect anybody, in his office searching it, so he candle was sloppy and the way we handle Georgia. Generic began talking was erected.
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with a double. Why trailer at around the back the front porch, you believe it used to be on a pet store. And the roll call room investigate Gathered around white desks, the George had pushed into the center create one long table about a day, and officers were there. John Eric evidence text with Taskforce and an FBI, age stuck out like a sore thumb. You were home, In short, it pretty. Here I sort of I thought you liked beat around his neck to say loudly you gotta be on a beach in Hawaii somewhere else, to talk about the crime scene and addressed some important questions. What are we seeing here? What did you find? What's? What's the initial theory, The evidence text presented what they knew the day after the shooting that gone back out to the swamp. and they didn't covered something crucial that
we'd and worker started layering, because this is like grasses, unbelievable amidst swamp and its thick, as can be like you, got grass in an underneath, the grassy of dead grass, like hey so They started levelling level by level level by level you're, on your hands and knees improve vertigo. They recover showcasing. The text had found the shell casing, the belong to the first shot. when that it had Joe and invest very go nets that there is huge Now we know that if you want and shot twice were the body came aroused. This is your shot, initially the first shot to doubts. followed area, and then he walks about twenty two twenty five yards, away and then a second shot. It meant that
who had been shot in two different locations. It now, made sense. Cuz it it played into all the rest of the evidence they discovered ii. We were served referring to him as a breadcrumbs, the pepper spray and the baton that were found about ice. Eight hundred and ten, Fifteen yards away from that area. The pathologist Doktor Maney Montez, was sitting at one of the white tables between the investigators, the profound mergers to be the medical examiner in Brooklyn, no everything he seeing up. There is consistent with mob hits. He walked over to the screen and pointed to one photograph impotent. the mud and the bees and angle? The bullet is consistent with some. Being placed under knees, execution, style execution there Raise more questions. To this. Have anything to do. with a cocaine in Jos office
was this a mob head was their meeting an informant did you Turkey and on a drug dealer, gone wrong. the AU, somebody money after the meeting was our general continued to turn those questions over in his mind, the vast manure. homicides. People know the perpetrator, and so in that case it cycle is this have something to do with this personal life? Could it have anything to do with anything else that he might be involved and again in this, didn't have to be nefarious, didn't have to be so. and bad just. We need to get a better picture of the man matches the day, the persona that that was picture. He told George. They should look into Jos, personal life, basically saying hey, I think we really need to step back. I know we're looking for three guys, but I think we may be better served by really looking at the person really getting idea of who were dealing with.
George was hesitant, generics digging might bring up painful or embarrassing details that had nothing to do with, chose murder and with all the media attention. Any leaks could do untold damage to Jos reputation and to his grieving families. Anybody that you know or anybody that you investigate is generally any skeletons in her closet. It's a matter of how deep king can you dig and how many of them there are- and Finally, he just sort of said: okay, you know what why don't you go ahead, go ahead and just start on this victimology you delve into this, but I want it on the qt cuz. This is really need to be close to the vest, with George's blessing. They got to work, they needed to talk to people who knew him and they knew or to start we're just trying to get up
Better sense of Hu Jia was an obvious eve in most cases, nobody better to tell you that than the spouse. He and George had met melody the day after Joe died, but it was a brief encounter They had some general questions that they wanted to ask her I know it's his live to the north of Fox Lake- on a peninsula dotted with vacation homes in both docks Georgia, Generic pulled up to the house a raise ramps, the Southern a hill overlooking the lake across the street, in the long gravel driveway and began to approach the house melody met them at the door She was casually dressed and genes and a teacher she invited them if it was messy. It wasn't just like a current mass. This was messy over time. It was very small. They had obviously had several pat, so there is a lot of stuff. The only item there was not clutter were not dusted her.
cleaned or old, was a flat screen tv other than add their wishes. It was dirty again I'm sort of Jackson, hopefully now his image of this. You know you know really clean cut really organised guy, but that didn't look like his living conditions were at all Melody took a seat on the couch George, down next door, while generic stood in the doorway melody seem calmer. More composed and the first time that met am according urban. Who is something effective? Listen, I'm! You know, I'm a cops wife, I know How these things go on, and I know that you guys on questions and they know that be asking meetings and I get it and I know what you have to do. In short, a lady foundation for our be married to the sky, for whatever many years and even a cop for thirty in get it. I've seen this stuff. I know your job is and why you're here then she pulled out a legal pad.
There's one leg work as they have a lot of questions to ask you guys She can of pride ourselves on having a lot of inside now. I just a police investigations, and things like that. Then, of course you know she's the the wife of a victim, so Yea you have a lot of questions like me off where you at the reality suspects to you. Do you know a mode of that type of thing? Urge and John Eric couldn't tell her much about the investigation, but they did their best to put her at ease. Politely answering what they could Then they turned their own questions just general stuff at first. you guys travel you go out to dinner. Do you guys alive and married melody answer
each question matter. Factly she painted a picture of a happy marriage between her and job. They were still very much loved and- and you know they would do these date nights. He would take her to various places in these vacations and things like that. Virtually a permanent one state weekly, Beverly men with post pictures up on Facebook. You know like selfies of them. Having lunch, you know different locations. Eric shifted the conversation towards their finances. He didn't have anything specific to ask. but it was just feeling around for what the situation was, Is everything in order any issues there who's got access to credit cards, who controls the purse strings so to speak. She made it very clear that she was in charge of finance She ran that show. he told us that she kept the credit cards he couldn't imagine the Joe would have his own, credit card or charge things that she would know about, so he needed,
the hare kind or something he had come to her. She would give him the money and then he would do that to me. That was also interesting, for this sort of like I'm in charge, guy that he acquiesce in you know let his wife sort of or according to Her- We run all of their findings on the driver. George and generic talk through the conversation melted described a perfect marriage and that's it. Out to join her in her work, There were really know, works in this marriage which- and I follow a strange cause- everybody's got some issue and the way she made it sound was there was a fairytale. There was no problems whatsoever, it just It just struck me because you have a bit in this business for a long time- and I know you know how we sat friends of mine, I know my own wife, another cops, wives and stuff on there.
Our guarded they're they're they're, pretty forthcoming about stuff- and you know too painted- is that rosy picture cause. You know nobody has the perfect marriage from generics experience He found the when everything sounds too good to be true. It was usually because they were, I got a phone call myself. And it was my friend saying guess what its Joe Glenda Wits he's dead and I'm like karma it? That's on the next episode of over my dead body, Fox Lake. From wondering this. Episode to of six of over my dead body Fox late, a series about corruption, betrayal in the secrets of fallen hero
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