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Introducing Hunting Warhead


An investigative series from CBC Podcasts and the Norwegian newspaper VG. Hunting Warhead follows an international team of police officers as they attempt to track down the people behind a massive child-abuse site on the dark web. Listen at cbc.ca/huntingwarhead

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How do you take down a criminal network? That's hidden in the shadows? How do you rescue child abuse victims, who could be anywhere in the world? Hunting warhead? An investigative series from CBC Podcast and nor wage and newspaper v G follows journalists and police on a mission to expose the darkest corners of the internet. What they discover shocks them here is an excerpt from episode. One of hunting warheads You can find hunting, warhead, cbc dot com, slush hunting, warhead or ever you get your podcast. I think difficult story to tell and and perhaps also to follow, because it that's so many layers in it. That's how can hawk annoyed he's? An investigative journalist these based nozzle in Norway,. You got the story about how me and I not from the server of this site you got. The story of the other
this operation and the other story about the people behind the site itself. On the dark net Aachen rights for paper called Verdun Skype, its famous in Norway, famous enough at everyone. There just calls it bites initials, Fiji and also will you have the the story on about the arrest itself. So it's got several layers to. It How can I originally broke? The story talking about it usually is an issue, but for some reason this time around. It's kind of messing with I'm sorry, and it is also difficult. Sorry because of the subject is a tough subject for sure, but I don't think that's really the issue Hawkins used to cover a nasty subjects. What's messing with him, I think, is that he self conscious he just telling
story from the outside is not used to being a character in it. He's telling me now the story behind that story. The biggest story of his career. So I mean this burger bar in Britain its lunchtime, And it's really really crowded, and I were there, two other guys Two other guys is only just met How can I get a red on them? Stern, assize them up John? seem to be like the the younger one head: blonde hair, perfect, teeth, firm, handshake and look. Very rather lean and and and were fit and pull the other guy. He also
He looked like he had been doing handiwork a lot and then looked like a robust guy, I mean lay they both looked like they ve been working. So the kind of guys you probably don't wanna get upset, which is a problem because Hawkins flown all the way from Oslo to do just that is there to confront them about what they ve been up to you. But I was a bit surprised that they wanted to take me out to lunch, because I told them that you know I got some information that I need to talk about, so I was hoping that we could meets at an office, because this wasn't some some information that I wanted to share with everyone. Sky information that can destroy reputations families lives, I'm quite nervous because we are in this. By with a lot of other people noisy, we have to talk quite loud
well to do here each other and I'm about to tell them that. I know that there are the ones who are running the largest child abuse websites on the dark net. Hi, I'm lucky boy, a host of wondering groundbreaking new podcast dying for sex meet my Aspirin Molly she's in them a sexual renaissance and was recently diagnosed with stage for breast cancer, and this six part SIRI. Molly and I recount her momentous and outrageous sexual escapades, as only best. This can dine for x is about love, friendship, any act slots attack but it's also a story of self discovery and making them As to every moment, make sure to subscribe to dine for sex and other great shows from wondering pineapple, podcast, Spotify or wherever you're listening right now
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