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The Rise and Fall of WeWork is a stunning story of hope and hubris. WeWork was the poster child for a new economy. Its founders wanted to revolutionize everything about the way people lived their lives. Its charismatic founder Adam Neumann had an intoxicating vision for the company — but did it ever match the reality?

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Hi over my dead body listeners. You're about to hear a preview of wonder is news podcast? We crashed. You won't believe the twists and turns this story takes the Tec. Darling we work was the poster child for a new economy. We works founders wanted to revolutionize the way people work, how they live. So and even how they raise their kids. It's charismatic, founder, Adam Newman, had an intoxicating vision for the company, but it never matched up with reality from wondering the makers of business wars and dirty John comes. We crashed six part series about the rise and fall of. We work. It's a story of hope and hubris. We crashed peels back the layers on how Newman's cult of personality shaped every square foot if we work and how that same, powerful personality destroyed it you're about here preview of the first episode of we crashed
as your listening be sure to subscribe to. We crashed and other great wonder he shows on apple podcast or every listing right now, June twenty seventeen and the Barclay Centre in Brooklyn was packed nearly every either the arena was filled with thousands of brute college graduates and their families and looking at all, the parent, looking up. Balloon them see, horns just people smiling. I think I had a small. My faith he's probably the whole time while the princess was graduating. Second, in his glass, which men he had what are the best seats of the house I was on stage and it was just like I'll be seated next to you knows and distinguished people. The year before Senator Chuck humor had been the commencement speak. This year, though, was different, because this here, the person giving the speech was also graduate just like climate
number who call its class of twenty seventy soon as he walked on state guy long, hair slick back looking hold out the roll out of his trunk and as a guy down this little thing for the ceremony. But I think you'd be how to his, where you ve been a t, shirt and some Vans Adam Newman, all sixty five inches of him had taken fifteen years from his first class. To finally get his college degree. Harry was looked out to sea of black mortar boards and clasped his hands together. What looked like a gesture of prayer? It's my honour and privilege to graduate with all of you today with billowing, road flowing black hair and arms outstrip Adam look more like a preacher them. What he actually was. The c o of a multi billion dollar start up called. We were, and Adam was here to spread this spirit of we Who is definitely not a traditional commencement speech, their necks resolution is going to be the we river.
And the We revolution is going to be led by the weeds innovation and the We generation does not discriminate between age, race, under or religion therefore their hands up. If this campaign people are standing up in China MA am he could think of somebody being the life of the party he could think of him so was quoted in the other students. Leslie Adam told them his story, how he had first moved to New York from Israel to get a degree it look out. I spend my first two years and baroque studying a little bit and parting a lot, but then a close friend of his came from Israel to visit. He looked at me and said: is this? Why you this round is this: why you left your family, you loved ones, everyone you care about to go parting, there So I was inspired by us words and by his horse criticism. I woke up the next morning and said it's nine to start my first businesses
eventually Adam left group behind his business career took on, but he was today, he said because even after he become a millionaire, all his grandma ever wanted was for him to finish college society who paid for my alteration she really did want me to graduate so really did and she kept. SK in me every year, when are you graduating? When are you graduating, and I say this to you know we ve, Every family would build us, we were doing well, no, When are you graduating? I need to hang it above my bed. It was a good story and Adam was a great story. Teller, he commanded a presence, unlike any other, he definitely took everybody's attention. So is this very different, a different kind of message,
we are weak and if we work together, we cannot be stopped. We work the business Adam found. It was more than just accompanied him. Yes, he wanted to become the world's first. Brilliant air, but he also truly believe that his company will fundamentally change not just how people work. Have they raise children, how they communicate with one another Adam. He was on the brink of making history and in a way you know he was because Adam Newman was about to preside over the largest fastest, wipe out of shareholder value by a single company since Enron, looking back, maybe the most telling moment of Hope commencement speech when he shared a story about his first date with his wife, Rebecca, went on the first stage with me and we in five minutes now I say five minutes to be nice, but the truly took ten seconds me straight in the eye, and she said you
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