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10X Pro Bowler Joe Thomas + 5X Pro Bowler Luke Kuechly

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Super Bowl 52 is almost here and we give our official preview and prediction plus our made up pro bets (2:05-15:28). Recap of the "Two Bills" 30 for 30 aka Football Guy Porn (15:29-21:37). Cleveland Browns Left Guard and 10X Pro Bowler Joe Thomas joins the show to talk about his career, what it's like playing for teams that haven't had a ton of success, his podcasting, and life in the NFL for linemen (23:12-44:50). 5X Luke Kuechly joins the show to talk about Football, Cam Newton's weird instagram posts, concussions, and skyline chili (46:42-1:03:16). Segments include hmmm for Cam Lebron to the Warriors (1:05:07-1:08:06), Dad to Dad for Tom Brady mouth kissing his son (1:08:08-1:10:27), Just chill out man for Demaurice Smith (1:10:28-1:11:24), That's enough internet for today (1:1:25-1:12:55), and the return of Jimbos (1:12:56-1:17:32). 

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On today's part of my take, we have Pro bowlers Luke Loop, middle linebacker for the Carolina Panthers and Joe Thomas left, tackle for the Evelyn Browns world preview. Super bowl, fifty two, a little recap of the two bills: aka Football Guy Porn and the return. Of Jimbos, oh, and we have our own prop bets before we get to all at bud light. We're actually recording this from the Bud Light mansion right now. Thank you, but, like you have been a great sponsor all week, long delete delete is on fire e l e old pep talk, one during the AFC Nfc Championship and the finale of the Dilly Dilly Superbowl Trilogy is coming famous among friends, bud light
has been great they've, been gracious, we're in the Bud Light Mansion, we love them, so go check it out. It's coming, the Dilly Dilly has swept the nation, and yet old pep talk launched, like I said,
about a week and a half ago, and now he's come in the delete, delete, finale, Superbowl trilogy, let's go AMOS among friends. Thank you again to our friends at, but the light delete, delete, delete, delete, let's go welcome to part of my three presented by Seatgeek. Today is Friday February. Second, it's Friday, the ultimate fry a before the Superbowl or maybe not because that means footballs, but the over you have enjoyed this Friday. Yes, so super bowl. Fifty two is coming. We are
ready for it. We've been in Minneapolis all week. It is so fucking cold. Yes, we wouldn't do our duties as journalists. If we didn't just say it's really fucking know we gotta complain about something so we walked about. I would say: wait one hundred and fifty yards. So maybe that's a three hundred yards three hundred yards from our van into a radio road today in my feet, were both numb. By the time I got inside, it is bone, bone chilling, your fellow birth there. I am the idiot. I if you follow me on Twitter, I tweeted that I was going to try to pack
at six am before my flight on Sunday turns out. The one mistake you make is your forget forget to pack a winter coat, so I've been just rocking a sweat shirt all week and it's really stupid. I don't even really on a winter coat. I've just got. I've got like a a nice fall jacket. Only that's fine swarms thing around Nope doesn't count Donna here so Super bowl. Fifty two, we are very excited. It's on the horizon, the last couple days before the big game. Let's talk real quick. What we think, because we've we I know- we've been on radio we've been doing a bunch of stuff. All week. We've probably said a million things, so this will be the the record of what we actually think is going to happen in the super bowl and we'll do our prop that's I'll start with just a general we do believe this game is going to be a lot closer than people and some people think I agree. I'm I'm actually gonna bet on the Eagles summer. I think they're going to cover the spread. I'm pissed, though, because I'd bet, because we're not getting
six and a half. I feel like a sucker yeah, but I'm still going to do it yeah but yeah, I'm going to take the eagles. I think it's going to be a relatively low scoring game, I'm going to go two thousand four hundred and twenty who patriots, ok, yeah, so I actually might just bet like the patriots, moneyline and the Eagles plus four. Now I know that sounds stupid, but I really am banking that the patriots are going to win in the eagles are going to cover. What I'm really hoping for is that meteor, that's passing by earth on Sunday. It hits right super bowl yeah that Monday men that Monday after football season over that is the worst day of the calendar year, nothing worse than a championship, hang over yeah, nothing worse. I sang really getting those shots, and so we would be like all. Why do you let out span? Hank talk that's true, so yeah I just No that, like everyone says like all? Well there, the eagles are built to beat the Patriots, but they We do have a good run game
pagers are light up front and they're gonna get to Tom Brady like they're gonna sacked Tom Brady. If you Jess said defense, allies really good Fletcher is played as good as anybody in the NFL Chris Long is awesome again. Yes, sir! So now he's playing his natural position or Chris long and wide nine. You know what he is when he's playmaker he's got his nose for the ball. He absolutely is he's a factor. Guy, yes, he's. If you really like, I know we're thrown out cliches, but it does feel like Chris Long, hey been around huge, plays going back to last super bowl. Every time, there's a big play on defense. Chris long is somehow involved. Yeah know he's at he's really good. This year he's had initial come back like I said I think Fletcher could be the difference maker. I would be shocked if there was a if there was defensive Mvp, it would be in this game and if the Eagles, when I would put money on Fletcher getting them okay, I like that. I, like that, call call you shot. I it's much like the AFC Championship game. If the eagles could play. Thirty minutes. I think they'd win
the Super bowl halftime being a billion hours long and Bill Bella check, having even more time to basically game plan on Doug Peterson. I just I think the page is probably down in half and they're going to do what they always do. An like I've said it a million times. I don't think, there's a and it's more mentally tough than them. So Belcher will do his sorcery and then come out and be like hey everything that worked for the eagles in the first half doesn't seem to work and he's speaking of Belichick sorcery. There's a mysterious illness sweeping through the Eagles locker room bird flu. He's literally bird flu and they're all getting sick they're like four or five guys are just puking out their butts, and it's just it's not it's not lunch right, they're doing a cleanse, yeah they're, just they're shipping instead of water they've got cayenne, pepper and lemon juice. It is a really weird set up that, like bowl teams, 'cause, usually in Super bowl, like the team stay an hour outside the city, bowl teams at the Mall of America just opposite sides, mall of America and then there's the whole media. Like
camp right in the middle. It's like yeah, it's like West Side story was set in a mall and it was like all old people, yeah the just like with the they go for their walks every morning when their jumpsuits there, when breakers snapping at church yeah. That's what you see in the morning because football guys they don't really have time to see this time of year to get real exercise, but they do go for a walk. Yes, most football guys get their morning walk in and then they sit down for days works. I got definitely see myself being one of those mall walkers at some point where you can be as great exercise your steps in and gets people watching, yeah exactly our eight Hank. You were actually attending the game. So if Tni and Liam are flying back on Saturday morning, we're getting out of Minneapolis, so we will be back in studio on Sunday night to record the show. Thank you were going to the game. Taking a vacation. Are you excited good, for you, hang blossoms to I'm very excited, I think, because so many people are saying that they think it's going to be close. I actually think it's going to be a Superbowl
that I'm going to be able to watch the full games. The last two super bowls I was superstitious and I left during the third quarter- didn't watch any of the fourth quarter yeah. I think this game is going to be in hand from beginning to end. Wow patriots are going to win by ten plus bird in the hand. That's the old saying thirty one to twenty. Ok, ok, I'll get my final score, I'm going to go with twenty seven. Twenty four. I think I think that was the. I think that was the same score. The first point now is two thousand four hundred and twenty. So we all kind of agree yeah. I guess I think it's going to be kind of clothes are going to win, but it's Hank thinks it's going to be ten points, but I mean I don't really touch pad sign for you. Hank all three I think the pages are going through. Are you actually going to watch the game yeah as long as it's so the that's two years before and put a jigsaw. No, I watched until I washed up until they were down and it seemed like they needed like everything that could go as long as you're comfortable, putting a jinx under team. That's fine, but you're going to have to live with yourself, yeah there down I'll leave. Ok,
all right, so we're going to do some prop bets that we create 'cause. We talked about prop bets last Friday with Chad, Millman about the way. I've said this to I going to I'm going to name, but I'm gonna go heavy on prop bets on them to get better every single prop like there, because I think this game has me twisted around where it's like. I think the eagles could do. It still Tom Brady, so I think my strategy just bet every single prop bet that I could possibly bet and lose my money that way: smart yeah, so PS, you want. You start with your prop. That's ok! My first which child is getting kissed on the lips. First, Tom Brady's son, our Bill Belichick's daughter, because they both go in for the mouse, which is yes they do. That's love is all part of the culture there. Okay, my second one is: you know what I would say the number of monkey commercials,
commercials featuring monkeys in various stages of dress, dressed up like humans may be wearing a diaper, I'm I'm putting that line at two at a flat you take the under on that the under. I think I think it's going to be exactly two, I'm confident non and then my last one is going to be? Will there be noticeable smoke on the field after? halftime show when the game kicks off. That's all tree when you can't really see the players. Aha and they're, playing like in the middle of it, looks like London yeah, so you know they always go overboard with the theatrics at halftime. I also love the the fans they ship in that like have to cheer underneath Justin Timberlake yeah he's on the stage and then the shipping right back out. Yep I like to watch the Superbowl Bilik Justin Timberlake for saying, is so it won't play football. That's pretty much. The Super bowl party, hey, exports just sports, a God, damn it all right I'll do my prop bets. So you actually touch on it, Hank,
I actually have it. How many times will Hank have to leave his seat to not watch the game? I'm going to put that at one and a half? Oh I'm taking the under on that. Ok, because I'm because here's the deal if Hank gets up and leaves- and he comes back- I don't think he leaves again. I don't know if I get up and leave I'm not coming back period even if they pull up again: yeah, okay, alright, so then we set it up. Half that's fair! Ok, then, I said hi uh. Let's see, I have what will Al Michaels have for dinner during the super bowl broadcast, so Al Michaels likes to eat Alex talking while getting into everyone's well coming into everyone's homes and ears. Yeah just comes in her ears, yeah, I'm going I'm going to guess or do you have some options? Well, I was going to say it's pretty much. I think it goes down. I think the odds on favorite is a nice steak.
But I could also see him doing like maybe a spaghetti, maybe a chicken marsala or something like that. So, but I'm going to stick, I'm going like a t bone, I'm going to omelette a little breakfast for dinner, treat for him. Ok, maybe it's a little pancake yeah. I think you might have a little Denver, omelet and yeah yeah. I also was thinking we could do a prop, but I was thinking like
is Chris Collinsworth Gonna wear, but it then it's I realize just that three quarters, it's what I would shout out to to Tyler at Tyler. I am he likes to pull it. He he's a big fan of when the camera pans out yeah from Al Michaels in college work. Does that will live in there? That is the smoothest move that you'll ever see on. So yes, it is, I'm gonna Miss Jobox, big head, though I might have to be on Michael's. I would bighead Chris okay, I think Chris is said, he's got a long. Neck he's got a very long neck. Any off his head looks like an upside down triangle and she has it so you you'll get some nice growth at the top. Yeah he's he's like one of those time the sand, the sands of time, our last hour, glass, yeah. There we go. It's been a long hour, glass figure since the time sounds good, look at six bodies and major sands of time nuns not mean sounds good. Doesn't it yeah? I mean I was close enough. I was, I was busy, throwing up a lob for you know, I don't don't know, I'm that's good, all right, I and then my final one life to find one. This was a personal one. How
Oakley frantically live bet the over. So if there's a score within the first five minutes, I will be hammering the over and then the game went up like thirteen tests are very meta prop it yeah part. How fast were you bet on another prop that yeah, but I yeah yeah exactly and it did if you want him or the over, so what's wrong, fast and yellow. What's your runner on I'd say with six minutes a game time: okay, I'm gonna, yeah, okay, I'll, take I'll set the over on you, hammering the over yeah. Exactly I also my final one is wheel of blood, a Budweiser commercial, make you cry and on this Yes, always yes, there's always one they throw in there and it's probably like, but Caner kids, you know, like you, know, coming home for Christmas for the first time after being at war. So something to put wiser does will make me cry and I'll be like man. That was a good right like a Clydesdale, the that dies in a in a tragic train accident and that clydesdales an organ donor, yeah other cloud still that was born undersized,
guess that's because it was hard yeah and then he becomes a thoroughbred, we'll out like a little baby clydesdale and it's actually the the daughter of the the Clydesdale it and it's like, oh, my god and then a dog collars and licks it to life. Well that yeah, because it'll still born yeah, like no one else to one means that it was born early struggling in the dog like little Labrador puppy, come yeah, just kill someone around its face and boom magically the clydesdales alive and Budweiser can deliver older yeah. But then twist the saliva from the dog gave the Clydesdale Rabies, so the owner has to put it down itself like old yeller. All that makes you cry too. Okay, but then there's another dog that just comes running out of the woods and it's a stray and it's just really cute yeah, it's okay, yeah! Thank you that was supposed to be like up for all for the Oscars and yes, I agree how good their commercials are, the Superbowl all right what he got. I know why
yeah is how many times they're going to mention that it's Bella check Patricias in Mcdaniels last time cold. That's a good one, I'm going to say like what's the number that's bigger than infinity yeah, that's a good one. I was going to say like four or it's going to be. I think you over on that. I think it's probably gonna be five or six heavy story. I don't know if they have this as a real prop up, but they will definitely mention Tom Brady and all the stories from Minnesota yeah. So another story line that we haven't talked about. I think tomorrow is the day for it. How much does airtime for super bowl commercials cost? Oh yeah Ravel is going to be well. He's already got his draft yeah, it's like. Where is it this year, like probably six million for thirty seconds when Ravel periscope himself tweeting in this in the super bowl, and he had like all the you didn't see it because you're blocked know know what it was unreal. He had all these drafts. He would like go back from a draft that he put in like he had all these like spreadsheet notes on his computer like district? This piece goes out now this piece I like two
yeah and it's not even that like he had a periscope going, he had a camera crew with yeah. It is like doing a documentary about his weeds and all the way you are fake news. General does not block me. I block him, hello, good good call, that's true. Are Let's before we get these interviews. Let's briefly talk about the two bills, the thirty for thirty about bill. Spell check in Bill Parcells aka football. Guy Porn It was incredible. I the one thing I'll start with from the end so
out of chronological order, the ESPN producer, basically asking bill and bill to say I love you to each other and they literally could not to use the best yeah football guys like those two are physically incapable of saying. I love you like they asked Parcells are like. Do you love him he's like? Certainly, I would say that that yeah description of that notion is accurate. That words can said in our presence before yeah, not by either of us yeah the feelings that you described. I would say that those are relevant and then they could tell like there are there cold football guy hearts like
passively said, love you to each other, because in the light bounced out of the room like we love each other, what they did was they both got mad at the media at the on time, and that was their way of bonding and saying we got this. The other two grades I had was bill. Parcells has maybe the greatest football football and I know there's others, but he has like a so pronounced and it's so it's been. It's been around for so long. It's a beautiful sight, it's even when he was like young and not like in terrible shape. You just had a nice fu, but you're right, it's not the biggest for, but there is. But it's like it's the a platonic ideal. Yes, would have to push its like a beautiful pillow. What he has, he has an inverted hourglass figure yeah. It's just goes out to the side. It says it's not yes, yeah, so that's great also one of my other favorite part was seeing Bell check winners, coaching the browns and it baby think step one to turning the browns around as an organization is bring back. Those awesome, starter, Jack, yeah yeah. Those things are sick, yes, sell out checks, fashion, the entire the entire movie inspired Telecheck might be one of the funniest people to watch on camera of all time. The way he talks the way he smiles the way he walks the way he liked it like when he's mad, when he's like choked up and just everything about him is so fascinating to watch and they had a video coming credit to the people that made the thirty for thirty, but they had a video when he was like an assistant coach on the Broncos and like the eighty, yes, and he will discuss that, formerly standing behind two guys talk, you're, smiling so weird. I was not that the camera wasn't supposed to be on him, but he was just there to quotes to football. Guy quotes that I wrote down. Parcells says: seven sensitivity wasn't in play very much true and then Telecheck said I don't know how you get.
Better at playing football without playing football yeah. That's a great quote. I think that there was like a pre Lude that quote to where he was like. I don't know how you'd like to make us better football players, because the only way you get better at playing football as much length, so there's no insurance for the injury injury report. That's right. I also it made me realize how much I miss John Madden's voice. Ok, they had him on there a couple of times and just hearing him talk, was amazing, and then they showed the telestrator. Yes said he tried to. He was trying to diagram a defense or, like yeah circle, defensive backs and he just end up drawing a football and someone replied to the Tellus right treated the picture of the telestrator.
I totally forgot out is just like escaped out of my memory. When John Madden every game, they would show some fans and he would tell a straight the food that was vintage. John magazine, we go for the food and the football is perfect because it's like it's like a reverse, Roar shack test where he draws something in every single time. It just ends up being a football right and also just going back in time and like listening to John Madden and Pat summer, all like brought back all the feels. It also made me think that they might not have been as great as I remember him, because we had that hilarious. Quote from Pat Summerall when Parcells was coming out for the super bowl in ninety six and he's like if a face could talk and it's yeah, that's what it's literally the only thing they said, yeah, Finally, I have some. I have some breaking news. This is where the others in the breaking news in observation dollars in my house. Don't plan. That's of that. Now. That level is low, was million back I've. I got those terrible
breaking booze. That was awful Jesus Christ, haha. So breaking news. I made an observation. I want to get your thoughts on it. Hit me. I think I found out how to spot a fake football guy. Okay go on, PETE Carroll might be big football guy in here is why, in his conference that they showed of him becoming the Patriots head coach, He immediately made a my wife runs the House joke. I think that's the go to fake football guy like don't be, isn't real football guy doesn't even talk about like family or anything like that yeah just quickly, maybe think they're family for supporting them and and the knowledge that they have ever been around. Put the the white, my wife runs the house, joke is like a hey media love me. Well, I think that might be our new test. If and if the guys announce the coach and he makes one of those like. I run the football team, my wife runs the house yeah.
That's a red alert. I I kind of agree with you on that. He was trying to the thing where you you're right. He was trying to make a joke right off the bat right, but he was saying, like you know, she's the boss of me yeah, and it's like that. A real football guy would not really be concerned about answering a question about groceries right. He would just be like I I don't. I don't eat right and also food yeah. During the season I eat, I eat Raman, Noodles and Luke warm milk in in a real football guide. Never talks about relationships correct unless it's Bob. What a coach to coach where, like that was my mentor or player to coach being like yes, he is a value to the team is also made me: Miss coaches, getting carried off the field because they did that to Parcells a couple months. Doug Peterson now that would be nice. That would be okay gave him a Gatorade bath in week one. I wish that Andy Reid won a Superbowl in the try to carry him off the field so great,
like and then and then one of his players blows out. Their knee, I was gonna say like somebody accidentally when they're picking him up like pulls the wrong a loop on his utility belt and his jacket, just inflates in you just apply sort of like a bad guy inspector to is like a balloon just going out of the office of this guy. Yes, alright, let's get to our interviews. First of we have Joe Thomas. And then we're going to go. Luke Eakly, Luke Eakly we actually recorded while we were driving, which was the first ever do that. We know of that's ever recorded while driving. Yes, I have never seen comedians in cars getting coffee. Neither have I never crossed my eyes all right before we do that, though one time as well mattresses. Today's episode is brought to you by our friends at least asleep sleep LISA is an innovative mattress company and, more importantly, they were leery fives, answer. Larry one thousand two hundred and thirty four and five. No one wants
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all right, we do Welcome on Joe Thomas from the Cleveland Browns. Are you still on the Cleveland Browns yeah, I think so. Yeah, okay, all right called me yet so we've been waiting. We've actually been trying to get you on on the show for a while. Now so long that when we first heard how to get you on the show. You didn't have a podcast, and now you do so It's a deal! So you just kind of just like you know we're not trying to play football. We're not trying to take your job. Why you trying to take cars it is a little bit messed up, but I I figured that moving in your space was sort of the natural progression. From left tackle, yeah somebody from Wisconsin that has such a bright future right? We just say that we're role models appears, I would say, you're a you know the stop. Five zero Raleigh, my on the Mount Rushmore for me for role models. Okay, so your your podcasts is the Tomahawk podcasts, that's right job! I guess. If you and your former former teammate hearts in your eyes, you guys are just getting in the right. What what episode are you on
oh by now, man its way out there. We just finished five, ok yeah, so this will be six years later when we poached this from you. So everyone go download that really funny guys but yeah. You are kind of encroaching on our territory here, yeah I actually kind of assuming this was a hit operation. You know coming to this random van over here 'cause, you were threatened by the tomahawks, definitely been looking behind me in the seat here to see if anybody is waiting just like that, I, like that scene in Goodfellas, like no the dresses in there. You know right here. So how is how is the injury will start there It's going pretty good yeah! You know I've had five. Surgeries in my lifetime of football, and this has been the easiest to rehab from honestly like not having it on your knees or your legs. You can walk around and sit in bed and do Netflix and feel great, so sounds like
pretty basic injury. Why did you stop playing yeah? Well, actually, I did kind of feel like a big woss when I was like yeah my answer. How was it starts yeah? It was only like ten thousand yeah big wise, but not not being out there. I did feel kind of like a voice, especially after, like four weeks after the surgery, I felt pretty good. I kind I arm thinking. You know, I think we could probably just take this up and go out. Do it one handed you see guys with stand up, my favorite was remember Janssen John Johnson, who played on the Redskins football. There was there's one season where he had two broken thumbs. He just had these mitts and he would just run around the field just shoving people just bad yeah, I'm not that tough. So I was out for the year so ten thousand consecutive snaps. Do you think that that's a bit of an indictment that you weren't playing hard enough to get injured? great question. I think you're, probably right didn't practice enough and death then play hard enough to get injured. So it's taking the easy around so we're it's obligatory!
ask you any time, you're on any sort of media interview about the list of Cleveland Browns quarterback that you played with many. What is the best quarterback that you've played with that didn't start the best quarterback that didn't start yeah? Well, list of guys are all guys that started yeah list them. No, no. I was able to do it on like this ESPN show I did yeah, but they gave me about an hour and some tips yeah at the end of that I finally got around and got him all. Spurgeon went on there he's not. I miss, urgent by like a couple years, ship, that's too bad, so you're, your career, it's crazy because it made one of the best offense alignment. You know, probably ever in the NFL you're going to you, I would say I'm going to say right now: you're going to the whole thing, your first season, you guys go ten and six just miss the playoffs and your
thinking ok. This is like you know. This is going to be awesome, we're going to probably go to the playoffs next year and then a bunch years of a lot of losing. So you know how is that you know being able to get up for games being able to have like the one in football when the teams have been as good as you have well? It is a big challenge. The thing that I got working for is, if I ever mailed it in on a Sunday there's a guy behind. With the ball, that would be in pieces laying on the ground with a cracked skull. So for me, like not giving my best effort was not option where I have your receiver you're out there you can loaf and nobody notices or a d lineman can take a whole game off and you never notice. As long as it gets a sack, the next week should be heard, shoot all that on the back need to be like. Alright, I'm gonna try this place. I get a sack or dance worth exactly, but if I take a playoff somebody's going to die, so it's just not an option which is good because I like taking plays off. I like ticket practices Is but the job requirement for left tackle just didn't allow, if
took a snap off with Robert Griffin behind you. He just would've, probably burst into flames. Yeah, that's that's the level of the guy from Monty Python and not I'm not hurt her, not really a flesh wound. You do you watch any of Robert Griffin's Instagram stories. Well, we actually you talked about in our podcast little bit. We saw that it was his fault. The things
Renton Wa Street my coast, Andrew Hawkins, did a great little tweet Adam and we're going to have an air show tomorrow. So I'm very excited to ask him about all the things that his fault yeah ask him about, throwing footballs at trees, yeah! That's what he's really into it was raining very hard. His fiance tells him which tree to hit with the real, and then he nails it yeah. It's pretty good. You think that drill will be moving to the NFL pretty soon, maybe a kambin drill, probably not it would be my guess, but he is, as far as I know, he is the best nfl quarterback at hitting trees yeah. So in your career. So, like we said you know a lot of years, they probably didn't go. You know the Browns way, that's probably putting it nicely and not not so many great yeah. That's where you are.
At any point, we, like I, I'm gonna, just the man to trade like did you ever think like I I why don't I try to go play. You know he sees see a guy like maybe Chris Long was in his second straight Superbowl had a lot of bad years. The rams meeting demand a trade but saying I wanna go play for you know team at seven success. Yeah, I don't know, I I think it's just the error. I grew up in a grown up in Wisconsin. You have like Brett Farr Arvin Reggie White. Now Reggie White came as a free agent, so that's great example, but It's where you had super stars that started on one team with their career and they played their whole career there, and then they were either done. Or they kept playing. There was none of this, like. Oh, I'm just going to try to form a super team, great championship, and so I think that's just was in gray me forever and so for me it was like how many they're do this in Cleveland. I'm not right I like that, I mean that's loyalty. Is it's a talk? It's a tough business,
be able to, because I think a lot of guys at that point would say: hey you know what I'm you know getting long in the tooth here, I'm gonna go try to play for a team, that's maybe closer to to get in the playoffs and the browns. Are you know the will to I think it's a hard thing to describe the people 'cause. I think, especially in today's day and age I don't understand that like what. Why did you want to just like? Go somewhere to try to win a ring right and I'm like it just it wouldn't have meant the same thing to me. It would have felt hollow, like I'm just going to a team that I think they're, probably the best team Jim chip. So I want that ring some to go. Do you know? What's interesting use you hear some of the guys on the bills. What was it who's on the bills for a long time, Kyle Title yet right well in in like the euphoria that he felt going through so many bad years have the drought and I think, there's definitely something he said for sticking with your team and hopefully before your career ends. You know the browns get back to the playoffs yeah. That's the old school me. I just have always wanted to turn the browns into a winner and be part of the
resurface, going up the hill yeah yeah yeah yeah, not to twist the knife further in Cleveland, but during some of those, com the lean years, yeah they're, not the best year, not the best year- was nice, then perfect, yeah when you're, when you're going into training camp at the start of the season- and you know everybody's projecting you to finish up two and fourteen three and thirteen. That sort of thing Did you have that optimism going into every training camp being like hey? We could actually, this roster could do something good. The overall, I was optimistic, but you're also realistic. You know the longer you around the game. You look at your roster and you look at your opponents roster like would I trade this guy, for that guy and most the time. The answer was. So then you're like. Why do I think I would win with right these guys that I don't think are as good as those guys, but somehow I think we're gonna. Just be these guys all the time right now and then is there. I mean there's personal pride, though, for you for being so fantastic at your position. Knowing that
it. We would you take out, maybe the a great aggression from the losing on the guy opposing you. You know it was weird the the more we lost the more I was committed to doing my job better. It's kind of a weird thing, but, like some other positions in players, go the opposite direction right now, the more you lose them or they don't care. But for me it like almost the opposite, I'm not sure what it was, but most of us constantly yeah. So I actually want to bring that up the most famous sore class in the history of the universe? No doubt onsen, you obviously don't remember. I do because you were. You were still so you were something even eighteen, two thousand three, I think they're twenty,
born in our store was what it was that small and you were tight, end yeah and you were leaving, and so the two of us were in the same more into you were going to attack them. I was a little leaner. Yes, I was a little or no mustache. It's it's. I think we can say safely say that's the most famous alright. So we are the b you you pretty much, carry all the weight on that, but I'll I don't know you're going to get a self a little credit you got to give yeah. Do you have any pictures? So, no, I don't I mean, are actually reading this weird room in, like all I guess then being like that. No one wanted to be there when it really where you go to the barn, is that much more in cafeterias have freshman orientation, gotcha, yeah, yeah, here's everything, and it was- I remember Joe Thomas walking in the holy ship that guys fucking big and I had one other very specific question about Wisconsin. Did I don't know remember this game, but I have to bring it up because my friends would kill me if I didn't Michigan state. I think it was
two thousand when when Wisconsin ranks? Fourth, so we are nine and and nine you know and she can stay going to Michigan State. How will you was that was that I think actual road five two thousand two thousand and five you guys have it's two thousand one hundred and fourteen second quarter. There's like a minute left and berry. Runs the ball five times. Yes, on the goal line, yeah they don't burn sting. Yes, that was a mistake. You got to put the hammer back God. Damn I got a lamb. I was so those a holes they just thrown in the Davis and hadn't thrown and throwing passes like. Why would you not in them and that which you say, goes on to win forty, nine fourteen and the perfect season goes out. The window never lost the next two yeah, so so, okay, so you're apologizing. I'm sorry, for I mean you, should've been mad. Calls like, let's just run burns the yeah. I was pissed because that's the greatest plan, the playbook yeah around, and we do it or not.
The pound yeah hammer? You is not a full back. You will love it nobody's gonna, tackle that yeah. I am going right, yeah that one game against Penn State, I think, was on your own. It was a hundred on each lasting, a whole heartedly, guys open over people who gave a super hero, an ability. He was an all time, like full back legend, also KQ engines. No doubt, okay,. Okay, guys you're going to take a he was going to leave her. I heard all hairy back yet and everything else on the bar. I couldn't fool. Yes, Hoosier Free record back to a block for Wisconsin our stock of John Stock. Okay, good, good quarterback, yet we had a great season, my last year, eleven and twelve and one yeah, yes, Arkansas right the dark in the on the in the bowl game, capital, one bowl or talks yeah, we crush around yeah. What? What is it about guys? What is about Wisconsin that that just breeds awesome, offense alignment? My strategy would just be draft
an interior lineman from Wisconsin the first round every year and have an unstoppable ground game. You you'd be pretty good. When you did that you know it's just the beer in the cheese curds really from the moment your ball and you're sitting in your high chair in your dad's, giving me sips of his beer and all those carbs overtime, just add up to being yeah talking here. I love it. It's like if you live in Texas growing up, you want to be the quarterback of the Dallas cowboys. If you grew up in Wisconsin, you just want to be like a right guard. Yeah yeah, I mean the best part. Is it basically is one hundred percent hit rate? If you draft an offensive lineman from Wisconsin is set for when the bears did it and drop the Gabe Crimi yeah? That was that somehow slipped up the thing you put his job, he had. It also will get injuries yet interesting. So I want to talk. The last like six months or so of not the injury, you becoming a little more vocal on Twitter was that a conscious decision. I just think I felt more comfortable. You know your give a fuck meter is
nearly broken, it's so low and so you're, just like I'm just going to say whatever I feel like right and people can just take it. However, they want yeah, so just have fun with it. Yeah so and you started really speak your mind. The one thing I found interesting was your little beef with Troy Aikman when that was pretty fun, so Dwight Freeney, so the story was Dwight, Freeney got traded and Troy. Aikman was like. Why isn't he playing on Thursday when he just played Monday night yeah right, so he played Monday night he's like forty nine years old he played like thirty snaps on Monday night and then they're going to play a Thursday afternoon game at toys like well? I just don't know why he didn't suck it up and get out there today and I'm like your quarterback. You have no idea what alignment feels like not only the day after but like five is after the game he's lucky. He was able to walk out there and stand on the sideline right and it just hit me it hit a chord that it seemed like Troy was questioning the toughness of a guy who's should not have his toughness question right,
right and so for you personally playing on Thursday nights. You just hate that I don't mind, there's and I to be honest with it's a total selfish thing because, like when you play Thursday night, you get Saturday and Sunday off yeah? And it's like the only two days that you get off during the season except for your bye week right. So everyone is like alright, you know it sucks playing on Thursday you're going to feel like shit, but you know pop the let's play the game, and then you get a couple days. All right. You're already got ten days before your next game. So, like the the wear and tear on the line, the position I mean, what is that? What what is it like going through that week to week and throughout a full season, like does your body just at the end of the season, feel like absolute guard yeah. You don't feel good. I would say, after my tenth season, which is my last season, I had a full year. It took me a month and a half after the season before I was feeling like normal, getting up and down the stairs and stuff, because your body just builds up all this information and all
yucky gunk that just hurts and, and you never fully recovered during the season because you're playing every single week and it just beats on you. Yes, I cast three, so you wouldn't know you in the summer when we take that we call for that. With the July I mean all we have well. We wanted to just lay on a rock somewhere like a salamander. Let the sun washed over yeah. Exactly give you guys a lot of credit. Thank you yeah. It would be that you're going to figure it out, you're gonna figure out when you guys, you know we're doing like the tomahawk, our cats and a day were you, don't feel a hundred percent and it's wrong it's hard to strap it on and just get out there.
From that MIKE yeah. I just stare at you like, is what you're looking down the barrel of a gun, yeah yeah, it's tough! Now it's easier for us to we play for winners. Number one sports hard, not gonna, say that you will not ever along with like today. As I understand it here right now, you know it's a little easier to get up because every game to big game for us through. Do you all right, you're, all in prime time way down there on Sunday at noon? Nobody's watching us. Do you regret skipping the draft kind of a diva move on your part in a draft it made? It made me fall in the draft and it's really haunted me to yeah yeah. I'm old did that we're we're your friends, we're your for the green room. You don't want to be like Aaron Rodgers, just wait around there for awhile truth be told. I saw Aaron Rodgers sitting there. All those draft pick yep and swung his off yep go on wait a minute he's not getting paid for that. Why would I why a subject myself to that torture, his career, ruined his career. Really after that point, he was doomed yeah. If you could fix one thing about the NFL. The question thanks.
You know one thing: I've been talking about a little bit that I don't know how great of take it is, but I think we need to change the rule on hitting defenseless receivers below the knee. You should be able to do it, okay, but all right should be able to like just crush him. No, I I I actually grow now. Are you guys? You have these great players and it's such a passing league. I mean it. It's quarterback and receiver driven leaking and we don't want our guys getting carted off every week, but out of the year with like broke legs. It should okay, so all play I'll play the side of a defensive back here you if you take, I I I agree that you should not easily go directly the knee, but what's happening is the windows getting so much smaller, because anything above the neck is is even if it's even if it's like you know, a guy moves his head at the last second, and you end up a helmet to helmet where you wasn't targeting, and then you
with the legs now it's like where the hell are guys going to tap yeah. No, no! I know it's going to make their job harder. There's no doubt, but I think the way you need to sell it to defensive backs is. This is a way to get you guys paid more because it's going to further separate the skill set of the really good guys you can make those plays and a split second and turn on a dime and the If it can't do it right, because it's going to be a penalty, it's going to be fine and so it'll just get those It's paid more because your position is heartened quarterback, hardest position, a field get paid the most money, yeah, I'm a quarterback harder. We're going to get paid more money. Yeah. I wanted to talk to her. I wanna talk real quick about the direction at the browns are going to be going in in the next six months or so. Obviously, the big name out there for a quarterback is Kurt cousins. He's got a lake he's played in Michigan, so we can play in in Lake weather yeah. Do you? Do you see him as being a bit? Is that tampering if you say that you would really like to see him on the grounds all
No, I don't really know what the tampering rules are free agents, I think he's podcast doesn't matter yeah, yeah yeah. Let's say it is tampering, but Roger Goodell. Talk to me about yeah I'll talk to us, yeah yeah, we'll be out here in the Van yeah. I don't want to send and yeah yeah yeah we're not allowed in talk to us about a browning. If you ban us for all right, you're not allowed to no more vans. What what about ends in Minnesota? What about when we think about her to think he he's a guy that could make an impact on the same mixture. No doubt I like Kirk, I think, he's a really good quarterback. I think he'd be a great fit in Cleveland and my sales pitch to Kirk is hurt. If you go six in ten in Cleveland next year, they're, going to put a statue of the stadium of your face, yep, but it's probably also it's like you know. People like, oh yeah, don't go play in Chicago in the shadow of MJ. If you go be a quarterback in Cleveland you're automatically on that Jersey. So that's got to be daunting. Yeah man, maybe we should have him on. We could ask him, yeah? What about Josh Alan are?
you know, I don't really follow like the college. Stuff capital will tell you, he's tall he's, got big hands going well. So ok well, clearly, item number right: there we go he's. Obviously their number one, and I heard you went to a small school like Carson, Wentz yeah. We must be the same. Guy actually asked me the same way. It looks great in shorts, yet another thing about same got some most important thing yeah. It goes like this and yeah that guy's got a big hand, he's definitely a good quarterback. What would you think about the strategy of just using every single draft pick on a quarterback for the browns? I wouldn't recommend it, but I would be surprised if it happened. Ok, so if you're just like screw it, you know this is the only position that matters. So, let's just take all the quarterbacks. No, I didn't say give main some bacon. I said, give me all of the big. Don't give me a couple of quarterback Sammy, all of them My last question is a eseke question, so everyone,
Are you trying to sponsors? You know, I don't know anything about these drop in. Are you? Are you trying to go? Several are sure: okay yeah! Well, if you want to go to the Superbowl, you can put in promo code, take s b for two hundred fifty dollars off your ticket wow two one. Fifty dollars off take not just first time. People have your first. I personally want to go to. Like you know, Cavs Game, you put, take you get ten dollars off, but if you want us tuple take s b for two hundred dollars off all right. My last question: I read a story. You are cooker, you cooked you cut your your. We now wife's boyfriend. You asked her out did in front of her then boyfriend
there's many said it was one of those where you don't remember entirely and I was outside of windows. I was leaning up against the scooter. It probably was just rude: yeah, yeah you're, probably won't my actually died and I just left it outside the library had tickets. I just want to be there with this pre or no. It's like zoom, hello, yeah. You look like one of those rich guys know how to talk about all that wonder bucks three hundred yeah, so it wasn't very high down after like a week, so I was outside doing my thing: leaning up against the moped and saw this beautiful gal with her boyfriend and so grabbed her. I knew he wasn't going to put up much of a fight. He was a little bit bigger than yeah. I will be scratching their be scrappy, but it would be over quickly before you know it that he didn't put up a fight, and now I am free kids later and there we go. We married who sat back and we know that guys name PETE best of the Beatles yeah. It was Wally Pipp.
I think what I'm about that's all sort of weird how that story, talker yeah, can gradually, as Wisconsin guy you should know the badgers they're small. They go right for the nuts. You can't beat a badger yeah, true, alright, Joe Thomas. Thank you. So much appreciate we're going to go on tomahawk you gotta come on. Man were coming off on you, gotta come here, going to be on tomahawk sometime soon, go listen to them, they're! Funny! Dudes! We appreciate finally, it's been a long time, we have to do see. The party boys yeah. Yo, listen up. You want to win money super bowl Sunday. Well, guess what I have it for you right now: it's the action network, super bowl betting guide and I'm giving it to you. Fifty percent off with the promo code, part in fifty two so it's normally five hundred and twenty it's fifty percent off can the eagles
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right now, action network, dot com, putting that promo code, Pardon fifty two and you will get your winners with the Super bowl betting guide, action network, dot, com, promo code, Pardon fifty two. Alright here is a loop key Klay. Alright, we now welcome on the pro bowl linebacker from the Carolina Panthers Loop, Key Klay Lucas. He in Minnesota, you do in the land of lakes up formal, which we actual ten go, is going to err on Friday, but we're gonna put out some footage arm and the people are from land of lakes have been nice enough to get a strong balance, is going to be there and yourself. What's your favorite type of water, what no more land butter. I was actually making some pancakes Saturday for breakfast and open up the refrigerator and my mom was was down Christmas and she she brought bought a bunch of-
that was what was in the fridge. So I was good to go. I think that I I'm not a margarine guy, no yeah, it's normal butter spread out there make the rules that's right by the way. I should set the scene here. This is actually we're we're doing an interview while driving. So it is now. It is the first ever mobile interview for us in, for you probably two red heads first one. Yes, so we we basically picked up Luke from one interview, we're driving them to the next and in between we're interviewing them arm. So that's that's a new app that we should come up with is over exactly yeah, yeah yeah, so Super bowl week you played in a super Oh uh you've been through the whole week. What was the hardest part about Super bowl week? That, like is, you, know, made it so much different than a season game or even a playoff game? I think that the media aspect of it is is enormous. You know you have that opening night, where it's like a free
for all for like an hour and a half two hours or whatever it is, and then each day after that it continues. You know for me during the week you know in in a normal normal scenario, usually talk once like on a Thursday and for like five minutes and that's it and you know super week, you gotta talk that opening night for an hour or two, then you gotta do at least two more through. We can. I think that's probably the thing that's the most different, but obviously you're in a new city you're not in your own locker room, you gotta practice at a new stadium, it's kind of like a bowl game in college duty Police department. Is the media yeah? That's a nice way of you paying us a couple days ago. Do you think Greg Olsen coming and doing a interview with us at barstool sports shirtless on the Monday night is Super bowl week? Do you think that distracted the Panthers at all in cause you guys to lose? No, not at all Greg was locked in ready for the game in the game. I'm not sure if you know this, but we actually, we we met. Three years ago at the Superbowl alarm I came to media night. I had some questions from the
first grade class. Oh yes, I do remember that yeah. So you kind of ducked the question I believe I asked you like. How do you play? Football was a question from a first grader and how did I answer it? You just said you out there and you know you did like a canned response. Ok, I'm going to say something that that RON's not going to get mad at me. For since you were like, I play football to play football or something like that. I actually have another question from a first grader here. This is from Beck it's just the same class, so it was actually three years ago. She was That class, which grew up little fourth grader now yeah she's in fourth grade and she wants to know. Do you ever see the clothes that cam Newton wears in his postgame pressers and be like fuck? This guy was that you close, the cam Newton, wears's, post game, press conferences and you're like what the hell this Roger a bit. Looking monorail salesman had asked where in mother Fucker is his hats. His hats are the most. You know
thank you guys aren't afraid to let laying them on the hats at its unique. It's you never know what you're going to get every every week as we're going to a road game. You see cam walking from car under the bus and you never know what you're going to get and we always have something ready for him when he gets in. So that's an interesting point because you guys do bust his balls, but it absolutely ok good, because that makes it. I think, ok yeah 'cause, if you were to say that CAM Newton wears those hats and no one everyone's afraid to like break his balls. Then that's a problem. Then you got a diva. But if he's
I'm gonna get it from the guys for wearing these hats. Then it's kind of funny he's kind of loose knit. I think you kind of in braces on you can't wear those hats in those suits in those glasses and not expect somebody. Yes have you ever thought about going like one up on him and and just being like, I don't know where the the the middle linebackers wearing you know what we did one years thomas- and I I I dress up like him for all we know- walked into the team meeting room dressed like Camisetas seats, so nice, that's about as exciting as all get in the opera Doral been rocked. This burger tried pull that actually get it pulled up. Yeah you look pretty smooth in one of those things you are from Cincinnati. Is that right? Absolutely do you actually it's going to. I do you know anything about it. Yeah I discussed anything all I love. You have stock rooms and we have a theory that everyone in Cincinnati. Basically, it started as a prank and they're like let's see if we can get everyone to eat this diarrhea chili and then go tell everyone about it. And here we are that's a bit. Whenever I come home from school up in Boston or first thing I would do is I would stop what's gone regardless, what time it was discussed, that'd be you'd find one. I had one that was a real late night once if I got a late flight and I stopped there, get a three way to come and go NFL players, they poop. Just like us, hey it's good stuff. Did you ever eat that before practice? Absolutely no?
yeah. That's the same. I I think if you eat enough grown up in Cincinnati, you're you're good to go yeah I mean it's just so you get immunity to like mosquito diseases grow up in the Amazon yeah. How matter you that at Boston College you missed the b a due to error. Hey there bill be a dude there. They build an indoor they're doing all school stuff yeah, but that's like in the in the you know the better than being a dude they're moving in the right direction. Yeah but like I really would like a god damn it Like I missed this, I want to go back to college, be a dude. Are you? Are you a dude? No, I don't think so. Do they do they do like an honorary dude? I don't wanna marry doctor. I don't think that I can claim to be a dude. I think it's gotta be somebody's gotta call. You did you just die, who gets called to do it and then do. I suppose yeah I missed it. So I don't know about it. Yeah, I boss, colleges that team I like to bet like on that random when they put out random Friday night game against, like Louisville, Florida state and then they lose by like forty and I lose all my money,
they beat both this year. Seattle right on through true, I actually did win with the four state one day ago and the b logo at local yeah, that's, okay, all right so print point proven wrong. There's always the kind of the saying in the NFL that everyone plays a little banged up. Do you? You know, I mean it is not a hard part of the job week to week having to play with different injuries every single Sunday. I don't. I don't think so. I think you know guys, as you can understand it, and I think my guys say banged up. I don't you know, there's different varieties of that. You know fortune for may have been pretty healthy, most of my career, but guys have stuff that goes on every week and they and they figure out how to do it or trainers, do a good job. But you know you just got to figure out a way to to talk to meet up and get out there. Yeah so I mean talk about the injuries in and to get out, semi serious for a second uhm. The obviously you had a couple. You know notable concussions. Is there a part of you,
there's nervous. Is there a part of you that is starting to not second guess playing football? But maybe you know looking at the bigger picture here. I think you know it would be yeah I've. I've looked at it. I've started, I don't know you guys notice that caller I was yeah. That's the woodpecker yeah yeah. It's it's supposed to help. I think you know our guys are guys doing really good. Above looking and all that stuff, I've looked into a quite a bit, and I think if you can, you can understand what you're getting yourself into understand how you can prevent it in in in in the case that you do get one understand how to treat it and make sure that your your back to full health before you get back out there. I think that's the best we can. We can do in our guys have done a good job with that they've.
It all out there for metro, the caller. I think it's working good. I've switched helmets yep. So I'm I'm doing everything I can to prevent it. I think a lot of it just comes down to me doing stuff the right way on the field right so that the NFL has been under a lot of heat for the concussion protocol. What at what do you? What happens in the concussion protocol? So they they take you off in they run. Do you series of tests a lot of its some of its cognitive? Some of its has to do. You know your eyes and asking different questions, and in the thing I think what makes concussion so difficult is yeah. You can see you know if the guys super backed up. You know, obviously, these wobble innards, you know it looks weird. He can't read, tell you what's going on, but a lot of it falls on players because you can pass a lot of that stuff. You know sometimes, but if, if, if the players not honest with the the team official or the independent guy, that's on the field, that's where the problems come into play and there's there's not a whole lot. You can honestly do from from a doctor lever from the NFL level. I think they're kinda in a difficult position, because if, if I'm feel
messed up, and I tell you that I'm fine right, then it's it's a difficult situation, so I think the the players got to be honest and I think the end of those doing the best they can to make sure that it was good to go. Yeah heads up tackling where you simply just like ram your belly into another person's belly. I think you know, if you know, that's good. I think if you hit with your sounds, we if you hit with your face in the front part at face mask in the some of these new helmets are designed to help with that. But you know the one I got Jacksonville I was the first one I got fifteen. I was making attack on a guy in I don't know if I slipped or something, but I hit him with like the crown, the very top of my head, and I got one in that's, not how anyone teach to talk with you could hit face in your chest in the front part of your your helmet, usually you're in pretty good shape, Do you think cam was can that that saints game? No, he honestly.
Really not was going on um 'cause that we're making some adjustments, but he said he got poked in the eye got poked in the eye yeah I mean the other thing that uh is difficult. I I've from everything I've understood that No2 concussions look the same no, and so that's kind of that's going to be a tough thing for the doctors to try to figure out, which is it's just so hard. I mean you know I've. I've had a few s years and I reacted differently to all of them and yeah. Some of my come back sooner than the other, and I think that's the part. That's so difficult! Is you know if you break your arm right, you go to the after you get an x ray? Alright, this bone is broken. We're gonna catch, attach it and as it heals will will rescan it every x ray and we're going to tell you what's happening. You can't do that with a concussion. I think that's what scares me so do you have like a number in your mind like? Is there a? If I get this many questions, I might have to walk away. You know, I think it's something you just think about. I don't think, there's a number. I think you kind of go based off the and it's hard for me to talk about it, because I think you know everybody understands that your brain is the most important thing that you have going for you and
I hope, to live a long life and in your brain has a lot to do with it and you want to take care of it. The best you can, and you know, kind of, like I said I'm doing I think I can to make sure that that I'm good to go. I just like I like being out there yeah. I know that that's the thing is like you're, a football guy. You love football yeah and this is where it always gets. You know kind of difficult when you, when you break it all down, because I'm a I'm a free will, guy I'm I'm I'm a guy who's. You know who comes from the standpoint that if someone knows all the rest and someone knows what they're getting it, they they shouldn't be told that they can't play football yeah. I think I think that that's a good point, but I think you know: if, if people can it doesn't, it doesn't hurt for people to to give your opinion yeah, and I think, like you said, you know, I love playing football, but at what point is the risk reward there right but opinions? You know there's a lot of really smart people out there. I think our trainers do a really good job in our doctors are excellent. In they know, I want to play the no. I love playing football in you know last year in six, You know I got one against the saints and I got
three weeks later and they said you're not plan right. So that's kind of where, like you said, that free will versus the opinion, kind of comes into play right right and you do play very well. I was looking at some your stats and I actually a bone to pick. I don't know if it's with you or if it's with the I Carolina Panthers organization, okay, but you guys have a nasty habit of going back to the film an adding tackles to give you more better attack. I don't know what you guys are talking about in, like two thousand and fourteen you got you had like two hundred and ten tackles, or some bullshit like that yeah. It was actually like one hundred and sixty before they went back to, though so there's and they gave you enough time to set the NFL record and then in a playoff game. App gave you, like twenty four tackles when you had twenty or something like that, we're going on a little home, cooking, its press box. I think stats verses, but it could go. Both ways is that is that the
at or is it the other opponent team, the press box guy not giving you enough tackle NFL conspiracy against, I think it's you know they got. They got press box stats and then they got team and team stats. So coach review stats. So I think the coaches are always trying to give you a little extra so I'll. Take. Have you ever gone through film and been like hey coach? How come I didn't get credit for that one, but you know what not not really, because I have I've been in that situation, where I thought I got attacked. Why didn't get one but there's also been situations like you just said that you get credit for one when you kind of weren't there right right, so it kind of goes way say I got to keep your marriage just like kind of falls in there. Do you ever look around the room and you're like I could tackle anybody in this room? Why walked in
a room I walked out of the elevator this morning and Drum Bettis's standing right there and I was like I don't know if I could tackle you yeah yeah boss, but what what's in like in general, because I've always I just like to know where I stand in any given room yeah- must feel pretty cool to just be like. I could tackle anybody. Why? I hope, like you, that's my job, so yeah could do it. Then we got some problems that title no way, I'm too fast for you you I can pick at no way now right now, I'm already sitting there so boom uhm. What's harder, reading uh, like a really you know, maybe offensive genius. There plays or CAM Newton's stupid language that he uses for Instagram posts that stuff see the football stuff you cannot get an idea of, what's going on with the language is another thing that we 'cause I was talking to. You should ask Greg about it yesterday it was trying to go, do something with cam and he kept texting him like all those latex and then right like that. If he's writing a note to see like adding lots to do it, but you gotta ask Greg
because I think Greg had a conversation with him. I don't that's on the I have yet. I should have I'll. Have you know he's I like an existing job on the bureau. Yeah yeah z there is he like a? Is he really the guy that ever looks to in the locker room? Is he the leader of the team, the heartbeat of the team yeah a camp camp? I think with camp he's, got such good energy and it's fun to be around and that smile right in yeah he's at practice he's fine. We play music and he's always he's just a fun guy to be right. We're right, probably also at the bash short yardage back, maybe in history. Then it felt like if you look at yes, it's a Klay. How often gets Kevin Brady yeah yeah yeah, exactly yeah on the sneaks yeah. If you were to try to tackle Cama Fuerte, give another player advice on how to bring it down. How would you go about doing that man? We have that conversation. All the time in Thomas with Ill will be in like t h, r training camp and will be in short search period in the run that q, power and and you have you- have to get out of the way, or else you can get your coach is going to get you and all he does is
run his mouth the whole time and he's like he won't hit me your head because he was wearing a red shows. We can't hit him right, one of those things where, if you were to watch as he would be smiling from ear to ear 'cause, he knows it and then will run his mouth and but it's fun he's fun to be around an you know. I would I would love to put it on me. Robert. If you do it, I do you guys call your coach riverboat run to his face. People call in that yeah. Do you like it? I'm sure it does yeah yeah kind of like a gentleman is going in yeah he's a he's, a he's, a great coach and he's a better person and well I, like that same that's it use for you in the media now like right away, but he's it's it's it's on a some and he does it is fun to be around is a great coach. I think I've been lucky to have the same guys since I've. There's a big debate in the media, that's been going on the last few years about you not sure. If you're aware, would you consider yourself to be more of a lunch, pail guy or like a blue collar guy is another kind of same
no it isn't it isn't now lunch failed us a lunch. Pail lunch I'll, look much geek react! Yeah. Are you not a hard worker because you don't have the blue collar good point? Would lunch bill? I said this guy's, our workers, no so you're taking on white collar taking lunch, you I will you don't take. I know you're going there, okay, cool yeah! I already made my decision. I can't go back on it. I see what you have. I like it, a little less fine there all right. We were right. That was actually a phone interview on the driving you get on this right now. Rapid fire last questions. If you have any questions for us, yeah now, good, okay, I think I could tackle you. I definitely get to go out there Bill Street on the ice to Ash Don. It was my birthday yesterday, it's his birthday market right now. Have you really good? It's not my birthday wishes to. Let you out yeah, okay, good yeah, hey! Listen! If you ever see me anywhere and you tackle me now see common, I will officially let you be a dude with me: okay, cool all right, so that the gauntlet has been thrown out Friday night as part
Oh ok, not after this week, starting okay a leap year. That's in March, yep got yeah all right Lou. Thank you. So much appreciate you joining us. We'll see you guys tomorrow, yes, Linda Lake, so yeah yeah nope. You can hit me that week here. Yes, exactly how good placement, thanks guys that interview with Luke Eakly was brought to you guys by daily harvest. I've got some daily harvest cups in my freezer right now they make the eating super easy. They deliver perfectly portioned frozen food, eats straight to your door, with your choice of smoothies soups. If your soup guy, like me, breakfast bowls or plant based Sundays when it comes to more fruits and vegetables daily harvest is the no brainer, no stress choice. It's convenient the in Super easy is very straightforward. You store your daily harvest cups in the freezer until you're ready to make one preparing.
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let's get to some segments first up, we have a and is for Lebron ESPN broken news story. That Lebron is considering taking a meeting with the warriors. So I say he's thinking about maybe thinking about going to the warriors. I love that this was Lebron's, go to try to stir the pot up a little bit he's like I know exactly, which can take a little shine away from Super bowl week. I'm going to win horse. Then I'm thinking about thinking doing a thing. Okay, so I don't know if it's Lebron that did it. I also have a sneaking suspicion that ESPN just did it because they are going to steal the spotlight from the super bowl by taking like the biggest name and putting it with the biggest team, but If, even if we it's true in the bronze thinking about doing this, it's a sad.
Move by him because he's basically like the warriors for everyone to think about where the Broncos go. They were the one team are like now. It's not going to the warriors if he opens up the warriors everyone's got to compete with that. It was going to basically be like Yellow Brown will go, get every free agent, you want, will get everything you need. So you guys the warriors are the destination, so we just got into into instant leverage over everyone which already had, but now it's even more so you don't think this was Lebron. The purpose I mean who else? Who else thought filter would be like hey I heard that Lebron is thinking about maybe taking this meeting next summer uh, I think it could have been someone from his team could be Isaiah, Thomas basically just being like. This is my team. Now I'm the alpha yeah, you know what I would love is if, if the warriors did sign Lebron, but they also started Isaiah Thomas and they made him play with the most yeah. That would be great. I mean if,
like if Lebron goes, the warriors the world will like meltdown. The sports media world will melt down. You know it's interesting. If he went out there. The tv ratings for every single warriors game would be so astronomical that, like the USA economy would switch little bit we'd be spending so much more money at night across United States. I can't wait, though, because then there's going to be some articles coming up by how Lebron is so end of tech. Like remember the Kevin Durant stuff, Kevin Durant, Love Silicon Valley, the apps he's like loves this bay area. Tech stuff Basically, the warriors the warriors are the new like yeah: he wants to go to New York or la their they're hot hot women there that can can Lebron should Lebron should invent an app that will all he invent a wine tasting app where you can write all as we know it. Just called she's put take away. One of the valves
because that's what you do in a an absolute just, yes yeah Shesh by Lebron, or he can in an app that allows your your older self, to talk to your younger self to talk to your older self, it's like I'm going as like Twitter for Time travel yeah. I like that. Maybe maybe combining both you, you or you can access the time traveling up after after going to she shop and drinking a bottle one sir yeah I mean we all who hasn't drunk. You know, drink a bottle one and then like man. I could have been all state will be getting also getting blackout. Drunk is a form of time travel yeah, you close your eyes and then you wake up and write later yeah. So I think we just sold at all for the brunt. Don't need to go towards the brown. We got this right here. Little mini Silicon Valley right here. The whole store is ridiculous and I just I this Lebron free agency thing is going to be insane like it's going to carry us for a month. So next we had dad to Dad Tom,
kisses his son on the mouth and when, like I mean kiss on the mouth, it's like yeah, He it's G party. Yes, it's a it's a big surge in the band. He was prone for what was thrown one laying on his back almost a spider man kiss it was yeah. It was a mission to help him acquire his his sun kissed him on the lips, missionary structures and dance. I can leave those two work, your symptoms from her. Yeah there's a name. Now that's is even Kirsten. Dunst yeah, I think you nailed it. Did you ever consider lips I was a kid race debate. I've yeah then left I mean I don't. I don't think it's been. It's been awhile yeah at least couple years. No now you do the well yeah. No, you can do it as an adult, but you do it as like. Haha look at us with his own ellipse
yeah, because a lot of classic what it would be three times yeah like that, like we're, gonna break your dad by kissing yeah, exactly yeah. She could not do that. No, it's a good price yeah! It is a good price. You just go over the top like give me a hug and relish, but I it's been a very long time, so you ever just jerk your dad off, just like yeah put a joke, but it's Joe yeah Is it that's how they were getting into other people in minor baseball? I totally forgot when they're were talking about football, guys how Bill Belichick in bill. Parcells can't say, love you I just want to say I love you. I love you too wow. I love you. I love you. I love you. I think this is getting to be a very loopy into the weekend. We've been working a lot with fruit, jerking off your dad. To saying I love you each other either Way Tom Brady like this. This was too yeah. I was too much honestly, if you're Tom Brady, I have to imagine you- have final cut on
Documentary called Tom versus time yeah? Maybe just have him. Take that one turned out to the first kiss first kiss was far is great. There's a great first kiss was like that's a father and son that love each other. It would've been better kiss was like we're going in for taste. It would've been great if, on the second kiss, they just blurted out like japanese pornography, just like heavy pixelation on the little man. You know you know what this means, though Tom Crean, officially off the hot seat. He is no longer the most famous son, kisser yeah, it's pretty nice for our boy, Tom Coach, sorry everything Scotia right. We have a just chill out man. You had this word more Smith, yeah, so Demaurice Smith is getting geared up for the next Cba negotiation and in a statement that he made today, he says he's preparing for it like he's going to war. So
that's this is gonna, be fun, probably other lock out in store. Yeah. Well, he's gonna put on these stupid hat and say how he's getting bent over by Roger Goodell yeah it to more Smith's hat collection. Is it's got to be one of the top three or four in the world? It's so embarrassing to lose negotiation. It is far more bursting to lose negotiation with the stupid had on your, I was gonna say even worse, would be losing in the negotiation to a guy with a hat yeah. Well, yeah, that's right! I could also good at these cb eight DA grocers, like I can not lose this guy. Look at the Hardys Wharton I mean it. Would it would scare the out of anyone? Imagine imagine to more Smith and Ben Roethlisberger walk into a room where followers and and Silky David Dreier don't get me started. I had it, that's not the! Not for today, some install red pandas, unicycle. Now. This is a story two days ago and I have not followed up because we have been very busy, I'm just going to assume it's still stolen and I'm going to say that's,
most despicable thing. I've ever heard my entire. Let's pretty, which is the resale value on a unicycle, is headed for like thirty years, so it's an heirloom, it's a part of her body. Basically, orchid cactus, six hundred and sixteen seven eight, and by the way, just the market in general for people who are able to ride a seven foot tall, unicycles gotta be pretty small right Where was it stolen, though, if it was stolen in New York, I would say that the markets pretty strong Williams, Brooklyn yeah, I think it was stolen in I think it was Louisiana, oh so that also Mardi GRAS is coming. You think, that's a multi graph load idea if you think that there is a person in the state of Louisiana sober enough. To drive a seven foot tall unicycle. You were an idiot, but if you think there is a person in Louisiana who's, not drunk enough to think stealing the unicycles good idea you're in it and it if you're dumb enough to think that there's
nobody in Louisiana who just drunk enough to think that stealing the inner circle sounds like a lot of fun and trying to write yeah like fun, yeah, yeah, you're, right, okay, I'm guessing yeah. So all you have to do is follow the path of destruction of just cajun. People going to the er would like broken arms. Yeah exactly just is camp outside the hospital in Orleans. That's unicycle injury! If a resume writer first, forty eight get there quickly. Yes, I think it's already lapsed. It's been a lot of trouble all right, Hank, let's finish it up, Jimbos before super bowl. Fifty two My friend is studying abroad in Spain and his dorm doesn't allow overnight guests, so he brought down Suitcase and attempted to sneak a girl in in the suit is girls, elbow is sticking out. They got caught and now he's about to get kicked out and sent back to America. I like that. I like it too. That's like a cartoon caper that you could pull up rule number one when you're trying to sneak anybody anywhere in a suitcase is make sure that
two cases zipped up yeah. Well, I was a it's like this. The we usually see a picture like this once a year from the Mexico US border and liking, guys like dressed up is, is like Honda, Civic SI yeah. My favorite is when somebody tries to like mail themself overseas. That's that's always good yeah, not a bad, not a bad idea. Man. I don't think that's Jimbo I had a mole removed on my thigh today and I had to get down to my boxers in a gown didn't realize until later that I have a huge hole in my boxers, so the doctor and nurse just dealt with looking at my sack for an hour yeah. I think probably well before I got me undies, I would say ninety percent of my underwear had holes in them somewhere, yeah, that's just guy stuff. I've looked up at the doctors before I've been to the doctors in Jesus Christ. If I'm fifteen years ago, even more but there is one time I remember I went and like it It was right when, like probably like, fifty or whatever it is when they start like doing the whole like balls, cough thing and the doctor was
he came in. He did all the other stuff and he's like all right. You got you know, disrobe I'll, give I'll give you a minute and I got totally naked walked in he's like well How you doing it's like shit, you're supposed to leave your boxers on yeah. I made the mistake of getting a massage one time and it was like a reputable massage, no you're supposed to get naked seed. They shoot
I will put my underwear on. Oh ok, so you read that situation did read that completely yeah. We both read it wrong for different reasons. Also, here's the thing don't be that embarrassed if you're going to a doctor- and they see something weird on your body or something weird that you're wearing doctors, I'm always with the mindset that doctors see the weirdest shit, never known to man on a daily basis, yeah. So there's nothing that you can do or say to a doctor that will shock. I agree, don't be embarrassed, just don't go to the doctor, who probably them yes seriously. That's an easy way to avoid avoid embarrassment. The doctor has to just live in a basement and never leave. I love that men just die earlier than women like average, because guys just like get hurt and things get wrong and they're like yeah it'll, go up on that. I'm not going to doctor
I got a serious car accident. A boat broke both my legs and my arms, basically stuck in my bed for the next nine months. Okay, the only thing that I have is a d v d set of the sopranos and my phone. So listening to the podcast, you guys spoiled the sopranos, and now I'm stuck with just my phone. We actually didn't spoil the sopranos in you know what that actually reminds me of what member when rich, you prial. He did that he did it yeah, but he did that to that guy. He beat the shit out of him in a full body. Cast that's true! Yeah season, two point yeah! So even gotten there, yet that's pretty good scene. You guys don't miss anything like do sorry, I'm sorry to dispose of his arms and legs. I'm sorry, wow
You spoiled just telling me one thing that he had to watch your isn't only. I would a raw deal that must be to have both your legs and arms broken like you can't why he can't change yeah you know, dealing with that would be worse, is falling in love with your boss's wife, but not being able to actually have a relationship with us when you got to move back to ITALY, Yasser names for that of any yeah yeah we're
expense, their material that I can't it would be really really bad to like what. If what, if you got in some trouble and your junkie boyfriend was fucking up alot and one of your friends drove you out into the forest yeah just I would be bad things happen, won't say anything else, not working, hey, you guys already ruined it. So I thought you had some sympathy for this person, but it does not sorry man watch breaking bad is pretty good, that's it. That's all. Jimbo's, ok, so show sorry for being a little loopy there then, but I think we have it's been a long time. We had a loopy episode. I think we tried it together. Nicely yeah, we did, we will be back in studio on Sunday will have all the super bowl recap or tape, and after the big game we have a great interview with our good friend Greg Olsen as well, and
a little bonus for you, 'cause you're, going to be depressed when the game ends. We did a mount
more emergency Mount Rushmore with Greg Olsen things to do when football season is over love. You guys
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