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2X Super Bowl Champion Chris Long And Bus Driver Larry

2019-01-24 | 🔗

We're on the road to the Super Bowl in Atlanta with a stop in Philly and Virginia (2:27 - 6:49). The Browns were somehow more of a dumpster fire than previously though and had a porn problem in their office (6:49 -16:50). Roger Goodell hasn't answered the Saints fans yet (16:50 - 22:03). 2X Super Bowl Champion and 2X PMT Lib of the year Chris Long joins the show to talk about his 2 former teams in the Super Bowl, why Tom Brady stays dominant, the double doink, playing against his brother, and the Carson Wentz locker room buzz (22:03 - 65:05). Segments include Respect The Biz Max Kellerman vs Derek Carr, Stay Classy Jamal Adams, James HardOn, Embrace Debate Baseball HoF, and Road Rules with Larry the Bus Drivery

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at part of my take we are on the road to atlanta lana superbowl fifty three four i don't do romano prodi s letters that lithuania pretending to be math fuck the nfl for doing that like i know it makes it seem like it's more important really too much i've us the number on say is only switch it up before you get to sixty nine just so that we can get the visionary just owing to the visual the fifty was cool but everything else is to our to figure out we're on the road
to atlanta to the super war we are taking this from a random parking lot the middle of virginia west virginia i do not know reject a great show we have chris long on the show on the boss on the devour boss you want a philly we talked to him we also have a very special wrinkle in that interview with the view of our friend kate who did three minutes to stand up for chris lie was a crystal rome long roast to his face and we also have some respect the best they classy in a very special guest at the end of the entire episode it is are bus driver larry who is white the character how about that his name's larry mary so we think that he actually might be larry and our nato we're gonna find out
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we have some great me ok let's go it's part of my two percent wasn't a pardon my tape presented by the new party might take you to page go subscribe right now it is live go subscribe today is fry
a january twenty fifth and we are taping from an army were back on the road boys rodent rubul it was good feels great announced today is without a break loose now i just aggregate we yawning the nice part about i heartily legs you not in getting two years yawns all the time so i will do real quick impression of hank yawning apologized for those of you who have to listen to it but it sounds a guess well i think it's even more yeah it's not exactly this actually it s arms like someone who has been drowning slowly for above for four minutes and then yes to finally gets a service surface and tries to suck down as much as possible all at once he overdoses on air when a young he does too much oxygen they source feel an extra like he is right now storing waste sorting out the online go to shakespeare but you are with us today is what the sort of birthday weak yeah
so it is upon us or table this on thursday okay so seven days for birth and all his birthday weekends on thursday next thursday's elastic grand finale for some of our road it is i'm so today you listen to it on fridays are yesterday which on the face birth there they asked about his press conference like how to celebrate his answer i've never been a big birthday guy nope absolutely not it's not a big anything i actually mean him well five nine united never big anything he's a little short of an answer you know we're both five done john we have shot mcveigh that those moments when comic bay i wanted to shake him until i came in like your thirty two thirty three you don't have to pretend that you ve never celebrated birthright late you're you it wasn't that long ago that you are a college kid like you you cannot just be honest with me for a second and also giving mice
where was sweet that you promised us yes you did promises that i think is on its way you do the right thing so we also had a a quote speaking of football coaches are for poor guy quotes we had which is a subway into the biggest topic of the day john dorsey actually had a quote today saying as someone asked them what his work out and diet regiment is any said i'm addicted to football and that tells you that the browser in good hands because we story today a bomb she was the bombshell story as much as a bombshell as can be dropped on the grounds as late as like bombing syria more right now it's already pretty much torn down right but it was i get expos aid on the last like seven eight years is haven't bought the brown it was essentially you thought the browser shitty wall guess how should
they really were yes that was the the story and it went into detail about jimmy handsome the owner for the browns who great business man and i he i'll class all class i'll class and he arm he he basically his time owning the browns being probably the most wishy washy guy who also has an ego and thinks he steering the ship correctly at all yeah and also is desperately wants to be a football guy he centrally sounded like a dahmer version of jerry jones yeah she's very mean think yeah that's pretty dumb its interest because he came from the steelers alright browser is a minority owner not like he's very well yeah he's a user caucasian owner who owned a minority share in the steelers right any came over to the browns that's confusing i was occasion brown but he can are trying to bring the stealer way which is never fire coach never do anything any fucked it up immediately
and thoroughly and repeatedly and so every year he's got the speech that he gets up and he gives with his wife to the team being like we're about stability here on the grounds and meanwhile like another guys out the door he so he went through jams he went through head coaches he basically every time someone said there was a moment where they voted on who should be the next head coach in it was five to one that should be shown mcdermott was now coaches the buffalo bills and the one was jimmy has i'm saying he wanted a few jackson they hired you jackson they issue jackson fired and said get the fuck out of my office that is a power move our move so i agree with you jimmy comes into his office and says you ve lost the team you're fired and then he goes get the fuck i think you gotta give me another week it that yes i guess you like more team should incorporate the fake firing into their motivational tactics yeah coaches
two players all the time they like i'm a culture ass few freeze members euphrasie field futile for himself that's right for pork us chuck pagano it he basically fired then he major mercy cry and then he got to stick around another hour chicago bears defensive corner who already dropped the standard is the standard so you know i love it deepens the good hands so back to the browns the there are two remarkable parts of the story of the first one for me was jimmy has m sitting in meetings eating hard boiled eggs and throwing the sheer shells on the ground well like conversing in the meeting and in an actively talking in listening and actually no there was a moment where they said he would eat hard boiled eggs he would actively participate and then occasionally falsely right
because i like what which one is he was treating like like a paleo version of loan star stake out just floor turn on the ground yellow he's he's very wishy washy as a good turn for sir he's had like six direct reports and so is basically whoever too to last right is the way the senate is decisions is i got our you want to be the last touch jimmy and your save your job yet its end saucy brown who we hired to basely blow the whole thing up did all this incredible research like we're gonna make an analytical team the talk to paul deed pedestrian talk to theo epstein all these guys have done these great rebuilds and hired saucy brown and said such run said i need for years and then he fired him two years into it
what you're so classic what the big story don't want the most hilarious the most browns thing ever let summer read it to recognize cuz it needs to be read directly here comes the outside anger was felt inside the building marketing executives wanted employees to see how fans were engaging with the browns on social media so they projected the browns feed onto a giant wall at the facility it was like broadcasting talk radio over the entire building and one day in particular it was worse than that one of the marketing staffers enter to search for hashtag dp dog pound the problem was that hashtag carried a few different meanings one of which triggered an array of porn to be broadcast onto a wall for the entire office to see for more than twenty minutes until attack employ killed the feet yeah listen that's amounts
that is very that's quite a central browns hashtag dp i think we all know where that comes from hang you where the whole countries yet i'll have your big porn got actually i didn't know you guys do next thing that's you know a walk into a studio those be double penetration actually i though is a funny as part of this work is incredibly and it is not really do it has them is just indicative of like that's what was happening to the browser organizational time except to the steelers in the ravens in and i have a theory with with organizations like this because the countries to become like this is well where if you when things go bad vegas snowball to a point where all the
but all things like no one would ever hear of this if there is any other organisation when it's all the little things add up you just have these comedy of errors that you can't get out of your own way ants like this is a somewhat minor mistake but because of the brown is put on a spotlight and like oh yeah they had we know a couple dicks in a few holes wow
people were just state walking the brown facility yet this is something i can actually see happening to the redskins who isn't that right is that type of rage exact and then that might happen somewhere else but the story never gets out because the team is competent yet it was that it was a classical monsanto died in and they had a bunch of kids sign a big card form yes and then they found the card in the trash yards root out in the trash behind wrigley what the fuck you guys do so you think that the carolina panthers with their hashtag key pounding have an experience this exact same thing right now i'm sure they have a direct doesn't get out because they win the superbowl people around here that's yeah that's good are tighten up tying up probably happens more often than not but here's the good news lemon booty tough girl tina here's in cairo
here is a good thing gay couples and girls guy swore he noticed a jerk off your daddy so the good news is here it is ready brownsville since you have bigger mayfield and he's fucking often so this is one of those stories that if you released it and if you did not have baker mayfield you'd read this is a bronze van and be like if you say draw josh rosen what the fuck this continues but i really do think baker mayfield edge on dorsey are the two guys can change a culture and have people stop putting like really really graphic porn on the wall when you walk in the bronze are least get the smell out of it just like they just the smell the poor its iraq as a baker you would get it if you want to bring in a baker what do they do they cocoa butter cookies and everything smells good no matter like if their shit in the bathroom the toilet over duncan doughnuts always smells delicious right right so he'll cover up
the other funny story here was huge jackson the hot the way that he went about that draft when they first overall pick yeah and he really wanted miles garret so he taped up a bunch of pictures of miles gear onto the outside of jimmy has limbs office like the windows face and so that hasn't had to look at pictures of mild like bait like a seventh grade girls locker yet covered with pictures of corey hame yeah music like i want this guy and then later on when they started sock with the shot keyser he was like why didn't we get headache mahomet yeah oh i wanted all these other got yeah yeah and he also there's a couple moments that word bit basely the movie from drafted yang when they when they drafted johnny man's l all because jimmy hasn't was standing with like a bunch of his family members and friends in the draft from which a very jerry jones thing lincoln said a dumber jerry jones and draft a gentleman's ellen brian where was pissed and it was like this
where does this draft yeah and then and then the great follow up was then the texans off the brown that's a second round brighter and that was his destiny like i dont understand brine who should have been distorted quarterback from tax write it what are you doing out of it and logically they were lost by only ten sounded ass renewed game guard week it was a great store them yet go read it it is very illuminating about abroad jimmy hazardous he's a funny looking god is he's like old he's got the white hair the up but he's got an intense face he's like matt flynn general flynn if if he made it with arnold palmer yes is again just of cut cotton from king the hill
better that's what he reminds me of a king and hogarth yea should have been sorry is dry he learns parliament over you have just never knowing tat i dont really cartoons exposed bunch while i let my rights bunch web art so that it also has a great story because it basically gave us one more day before we get a super weak storylines are already tripling in but this was like perfect here you go this like let's all joke about the grounds for a day and then will start to roll next week yeah yeah i was wrong about the bomb on serious it's more like if you dropped
adam bomb on chernobyl ten years after the meltdown challenges like destroying row is yet we know is really rather trees already or go yeah discriminated as fish has seven gills yeah i get this carnival right you ever look at the old abandoned picture trouble levels loved awesome i kind of what i want to go live there appreciated wolves run chernobyl now yet one king wolf he allowed us how the biggest ulysses tale ass well you don't like wolves the others and we gotta get you before get crystalline where's roderick adele answering this lawsuit for saints fence multiple lawsuits an congressional hearings being discussed do yeah the rational congress people be like should subpoena roger i love one congress gets involved in sports that's when you really know they got nothing do yeah absolute yeah there's nothing else go and another thing none not unimportant let's talk about a fuckin pass interference flag yeah cast there's something this probably gonna to make saints friends little upset permission together granted ok i feel like we d better team one oh yeah
i like the vine i am not i'd be a lot more this isn't just if i didn't think the rams kind of deserve to win the like yeah the call was terrible and again though the saints would have won the game if that call gets called which should be called a hundred times out of a hundred times but i just like looking back at that age more and more the saints or the rams like played there ass authored on thirteen nothing in the dome and they came back and made some big stops and i just maybe it's not better team on but they could have been more equal in my mind so i'm not feeling like it was this huge tragedy travesty in one team that really didn't deserve to get their got there i'd like that had happened to the saints for one reason in that's because it continues that entire cities grudge against roger godot true and they're not taken it well i ve expect him to i mean only i wouldn't take it well if it happened to me there was busy plainly the skull but you ve got like chopper way
get at city council meetings now yeah and chopper has every right to be pissed because that custom produced several million dollars here i mean it's if you're saints van and i have no problem with saint spans being still very upset be upset forever if our saintsbury outweigh the same way i talked to a scene spanned the other day and they were like you could tell that they had been reading all the by laws like well rule two states this aid oh what more power to you as i do the exact same thing like you gonna take your anger out some way read all the boring rules the nfl try to get justice unfortunately time can be turned back here and this is just how it's gonna be well the thing is it can be turned back fidel's rocking still demand that they they play that one play already does i would be ok with them doing one play over again if bottines had to run the exact same play so you down they you start but he started up in the same because like this you're quarterback on the rams was out of
this has to line up out line up our position again let's do it again soon happened yes i agree with that i also would love roderick adults just start stopping games mid game being like stop everything like he's got the remote from click yeah need to stop it that's a statue in every slope my that's a solution no but i am one of those people that i think would be hitler's roger had more power yes because he's so in that ned way would add it when it was in what way in every way that i want it's like a comedy of errors i want to see more roderick adele screwing up in hilarious went out to see more of his wife's burner accounts his wife has probably been on twitter more to then rogers been yeah like one of those was it had was the girls name they flew to south africa we admired yeah electricity has has godot been allowed out of his room by his wife he had to comment on this because he is he is climbed up and i don't mean he does give his the league address right next friday be hilarious if they pull nancy blowsy and just didn't given the venue i would
cool to some of the uniform picky you and try to fill buster yeah tubby great you asked a question for like like a hundred minutes long yeah if you have any balls you'll do neurons yeah you know what i'm on your own i like that i like i am rush you understand my way i get like the rams and the saints are were equal enough you did it doesn't feel as bad as it would have if it was like this team was much better and better team completely lost like they were equal enough i should have said the rents were the better team but they are equal to the ira's equals and they played ten times they would go five and fight i think that you're right yet still going to be a good team in the super bowl but please new orleans like i'm on your side if you want to push against rodger goodell will keep that grudge going
every single bar and restaurant in neurons have signs up saying like we will not serve the end you have logical if he's never can go back and orders no greater punishment that you could give me right now than to say like we do not want p of tea in new orleans ever an old old my favorite city the country ultimately adjust was a human error which is a human error but really wasn't right as for what is radically else was right cannot leading to roger down this situation like it has interfered that's like us up as a calling a farmer that raised a cow that later got cooked like in us
like two overdone for a customer at stake out stout would be some yeah this farmers should pay out would doubt rising silent would be some alright let's do her interview with chris long so very fond of you come up talk about going the white house talk about both the double doing and also the outshone jeffrey play the cars from whence stuff everything with chris before we do that though is time talk about the cash card from the cash app it's a number one fine it's up in the app store for reason the cash card is the most powerful debit card in the world and the only debit card with boosts money saving feature you can't get anywhere else because cash app invented it just select a boost in your cash up swipe the cash card and save ten percent or more and whole food shake checked put lay taco bell chick fillet dominoes in coffee shops wanna go organic without paying for it save ten percent on every bag groceries with the whole foods boosts it's not hard to spend fifty dollars at whole foods but it is easy to save five dollars if you do the coffee shop boost takes a dollar off at any coffee shop including duncan and starbucks by two hundred cups ear safe
you wanna dollars it's that simple become a part of the greatest rewards programme ever and get boosted download the cash out from the app store or google play in order the kashgar today you're not an award winning listener unless you do so go download the cash app now and let's get to chris law ok we now i welcome on very good friend personal friend walter peyton man the year nominee probably will lose two blake borders with that's ok there's no shame in that game the two times more champion way in libya the year on random access you time liver the year and he is on part of my take two announces official retirement from the nfl it is chris long chris what a career is this part matic yet this is part of my take i wasn't ready to do that you retiring so you are ready to continue nuclear everything is one right i thought this was a damn practice
patrick show that our you're right now two weeks i saw exclusive crystalline will be announcing his retirement on the den patrick show asia now found here by party might say s thanks so much on labour party or career by fair looking back after you're a retired citizen retired for real like not i am going to retire away at some point an almost gotcha stay so will you play another year like calendar year yeah i don't know what peter old that's ok i'm not interested in these gotcha question i'm fine what can i do i have a blog aims as vote can i help you with this question because you're gonna get into lots you rule we're u need to say i'm gonna take the next couple months i'm gonna get with my team my fan we hear and we're gonna make a lesson in my adversary i know them into right i'm unless my two month old son right from a take his advice on my talk my wife a little bit about it and yet
then i'll make it this is legally she said she was like i need to listen to my body in my via authority under sitting and acquire yeah is with the stethoscope on your own listening that sheriff illicit through a big there's like the world's quietest room have you ever heard about that now soda it's like dangerously quiet that serious in their people like panic attacks are gonna go up there and listen my body ok and out of panic attack here sorry officer chris for real though superbowl time you one last two superboss is it wild like looking back and saying oh my god this like this right around the time your body should be saying we're getting ready for the big game yeah it became or a roaring thing for you yeah instead i'm sleeping till ten i write drinking for five years so you pete yeah yeah my body fills way different
the last do you miss superbowl we get a leg of the little led up to the game or the fanfare i know that yes love talked in the media i don't i do not miss staying in them all of america literally indoors and minneapolis for eight days straight breathing like germs getting onto him see because you said he wouldn't go the white house on this area you know it's funny alot of people had lake drafts in their twitter and boxes lake ready for the moment we look we lost like i'm pretty sure they were couple verified accounts are like i'm pretty sure they had him since last year really fired him off at lake seven fifty three when we also say only that we feel bad because we don't ever want to get our friends in trouble and we actually we it was funny because we look back at the interview before reposted india the others nothing that you said that was bad nothin and it was such a casual question whereby if the user you go the white house
these lorries brown what there's nothing like a singer when a guys like hammer thing you skip the last two years you don't get to decide to skip it this through stirs at all and that that's what those tweets where i was like air traffic after we saw that fees that he put on four clemson was our part of you that was like shit i should again a little bit that could have been you want you can access politician the athlete how to your this this superbowl you are former player on both these franchise what if you went as like an honorary member to the white house this year i'm gonna white house this year oh you oughta announced that i'm taking my family on a tour of the white house point has been announced some kind of mine i think i'm going to go through the little all process that regular people go yeah and i mean irregular people
normal that we can look down on equal didn't normie ok normally think norka lotta guiding about today no wonder your life i was reading i googled it today because i was thinking about that and i wanted to break it on this show the damn patrick show it to break it that take my family i tore the one that's actually realise of autumn floor will be going to the white house this year the i want to see all the really great president's on the paintings that's ok sir billig techniques and found in all the great ones you're reg under jotted down enjoy drafts loved every time i love the war on drugs war on drugs i wanna go no pay
get caught up in interesting point these are two teams that you used to play on can interesting that they both go the suitable after you read out where i live here so additional by subtraction as about locker room guy i was about locker room guy and it was it was amazing what we are able to able to overcome lasher and philly despite its bite me yeah oh you ever an anonymous sorcerer now it has been a lot of that i wouldn't round through philly react you know as i do that all you know our fears as you know is funny about that shit was like we're talking about the report the carson wants is a bad t may never liked the harsh and win carson whence is like the greatest person like character wise to walk the earth
like i did he kill nanos ducks the easy just kill dogs yeah he's that have a guy that line less your darkies i try using the kicker talks it was shingling the laying of legs literally i limit my time around carson ones could you make me feel bad about myself you know i mean i beg you beg you ok carson whence makes crystalline feel bad about being are you are you like i you know you know it's funny that day was like every there were six sources supposedly right which i think is chicken shit but everybody on twitter like what this guy hasn't tweeted yet this guy hasn't we now wing erotic you off the list i was like dude if you if you would do the anonymous source thing don't you think you would then fire off a tweet right
to cover your unlike bro people like doing true detective with white boards and leg riah whatever those it all bullshit i mean how does that work i do think someone talk to the press and probably with someone who's maybe like a trainer or wherever it may be whose niven part of the tea i dont want to call that writer alliance i had no issue with the writer you know some people are like why would you attack the writer go go talk to your teammates i was like i don't know who it was right girl like at the end of the day like that's a son there like it's a line i would prefer not to cross ever be obviously what do you think people do that anonymously think it's like a contracting where some guys upset about like getting like nick for those involved more and carson doesnt ball lesson southern china like pop up there i could value are why would you do that there's a lotteries and i'm sure but i can't think of em i mean maybe they just i don't know maybe they were i don't know i don't here's one would have like you drop a big pascoe sir your hands in the play off and then you're like i want to change the narrative here thou shalt window ok
i want to bring up actually both the big coming with you dahlias last year so i will do the painful one for me in the payment for one for you the double doing cody party did you think we will miss i care when were you on the field for i was on the field ok wasn't really blocked saintly was blocked in all about it it was it was you admit it that are totally said like can change you can do a lot of stuff with judges do let us yet you may last i haven't oh i'm talking about fingertips yes yeah ok so yeah i mean i just think we were destined to win that day i think we had alone nick falls magic and you know what she which brings me to
the gift that i wanted to give our personally ana since we're on topic i brought it in my backpack open my bag recycled or i've i've gifts rather to gifts flocks a lotta we'd unfortunately not all that these are the actual candles from coal shrine ok these you never little we don't we don't let em ok and this is sage that we burn business actually huge this but we're all this on ebay for good you not money like this and with great visiting annoying get a verified deal like we need a verified icelandic even if if you make water boys a beneficiary ok is africa zone give you will climb coma john there's one more candle member what else was a clever when you lie to you your tax to be served
tax evasion said hey bro you wanted to climb coloma journal in in the fallen as like yeah do tat you were like i'm in and then you like google it and euro like oh it's a mouse model yet your last handle ok away one put these maybe these are obvious but i appreciate the devil going either we have access to legal obeyed gif rope larry the bus driver so cool we have a gift for you okay we're going to actually sign this is a chris long bobblehead and we're going to sign it and give it to you i need to sign like the body of a tender so that i can say something about you that your babo had is not you playing but it's u partying like a drunk ass all year after you unsuitable so your head does really move on i did have a good time a stiff i did have a good time looking babo had so i want to go back to this game real quick real question yeah did you talk to kyle beforehand or afterwards
a big dog shirts shrouded oh yes somebody brought that shirt down from the stands during a preceding aim i think and had our had a security dom give it to me big dogs rise above the competent five acts that's ok he paths when acts ok permit perfect so so that game there is obviously a bunch of how we are disappointed and your brother it happened before he goes almost fought and saint louis that one time which was weary there but a play off game when is the stakes are so high its kyle's first time in the play asked did you guys talk more leading up here i talked him while we guy i wage psychological warfare ok like one again example while he said something like in the media was like war on sunday we're not brothers anymore you write a month ago chicago van bears fancier young cargo yeah yeah my
take a tough stopped lady you didn't tell you be real hardship right click on it i just call aroused i really did we're not related ok and us or the rest of the week i would face on every night with my son wayland and i would have wayland below we're not family any is is to europe where i would have i would have him seeing the eagles fight song and yea was along for co talk that's a little know its habit kids vol that's that's that's a dirty move by well you know how to do it you gotta do but kyle i was really in all seriousness super proud of unlike he was plain his ass all the outward got hurt you have rolled up eyes on you can do about it and came back in the play often he played really well yeah like really well the gun you yesterday you loved each other yeah guess case on the lips the i mean
certainly bring a uk and now i do not see how we can end to kiss her alive because he's gonna allotted time in their gamer the cave that he hasn't it like little always they always worth millions with his game pcbs how'd you knows we state house an extra couple days when we left we walk by his gamer cave and we're like he kyle we're gonna get out now and he's like all you got to hear like the other way that he does not emerge no merely giving his dog letting it out good dog like wandering the strategic targets so that that's the first obviously memorable moment the doubled like the second one of this is part of a question from five minutes yoga so no actually do let to interrupt because bogucharovo move onto quickly from this moment tat walk me through that and what would through your head and just how electric it wasn't how great a made you feel
just like me like a while i was like it was it was just relief man it was like an amazing atmosphere that it was so hard to go when on the road they are they're really good team their defense is awesome and it took like that big drive from nick it took a lot of crazy that you were my yeah me of what are you didn't feel free to remind them and then you know the way that kick just it hit the side of the riot the other and then it was like i'm gonna go made the one we all go alone are not enough like your solemn and hit the other or would you say god peterson's a coward for icing the kicker not play man up bugs often like my first my initial thought was the funny thing was before i got down on my stance i always talk shit like who like funny shit to like the kicker warrior and i said something and one of their alignment was like hey buddy look at it this way you're really going to be on a beach next week is gonna be
by an individual around like kind of like it's over brow rang like ray i'm consolingly bags and then right after i was like i guess you're gonna be on finance my i added anyone on affairs would have that confidence in cody park well you know what cody party the ball was tipp ok it was so let's move onto the alsace play so goes writers hands you guys are gonna about two basely win the game in new orleans i think we all sat there being like this is going to happen again young animals again it calls for his hands intercepted it it's almost a shocking like conclusion of the season over what is it like in a locker room after that after which she wore wind the year before is the true all it's kind of gray because we one last year that's not a real thing no man's think like only number one without shown in my opinion he's the best receiver i've played with a mean he is automatic we just
eddie i'm a door that's fired at very amygdala lawyers ocean is out land area and the door twice lies yeah if outshines they're not the same power play i know you're gonna make this racial no no no no yet look villains already more or less walker slug i don't see see color and men and i think jewels a super underrated but when i say when i say our sean is the best receive i'm talking about number one go up and get it you throw the ball he just pick some unable and he really like when he came on at the end of the year we got better and so like we wouldn't be there without him and he's a great team made and everybody just fell back cause there's a hundred place again you know the whole thing is like we we literally could one that game fifteen different way from fake part you know too you know get a stop on forth in three down there when they on that
dr go offered on four down you know i'll sean had two drops on the air it just happened and be that bad timing yeah so i mean i feel bad form and at the end of the day every by just supported him support each other we lost a game the team and it was a good run man but it did can all set at once and i was crushed for a couple days out i was like sad i was like sat because i never want to lost the plot do so like either either my either my season was like over this therefore like we were eliminated like earlier than that an end or we won the superbowl like in my career and so this was like the first hum it someday we just like ok it's over right now yeah was that it was weird so serious question you were saying just checking to go how much more you prefer nick foles or carson wentz but what is it about how different that offenses cuz there is something about when you get to the game an ok yes i was joking osborne words but yeah but there are some like tria that question like nobody expects nick
for when he comes out of the bench to do what he does and somehow he just makes it work every time is their magic floating through their luck room like yours like i don't know what it is about him but he's our guy or does he actually run the office different i think their different players obviously but caution was heard all year i mean you know like carson was right and everybody knows he's the franchise quarterback like that's like nobody after this you boys like who's the quarterback and our locker room general you gone line you can finally sorts instead it went on sailor you say he had but but at the end of the day like we got healthy and a lot of spots when nick when next showed up and does not take anything away from nick nick did a tremendous job but we just the timing everything was right for us and you know carson's been tough support of the entire year in there really good good buddy so throws a casual ball he does it looks like it if i get right little after any caught a password i can't cat
really you are my next question is do we liked vitamins or thy thailand ever know her that have you ever lobby to get in the game like an approval of you and you made about never make a friend you hadn't interception i have now i had one and precision depression retire but i were i didn't i didn't go to the probable i had thirteen saxon some leeway with six and a half we ve never actually haven't been to deprive nothin per holy shit fucked up i didn't say i was in saint louis like you know like all our fans voted for me but there's not that many people are saying that sport can now it's a great sportsmen ok you had to say that so we had to six knapsacks was j p r j p electric yet but the market throughout the year
but different i saw an alternate like seventeen sieges ominous kids about you that you just gotta hope that the people in front of you go to the super bowl of your programme stop winning criminal play off gametes that's an issue not somebody else get there's that you can take your spot yeah i mean yeah three months ago having jokes
so this superbowl tom brady somehow back there again yes like insane to watch that the patriots get there every single year we talk to you about your year in new england is it shocking to you even even though your only their two years ago that like this season it look like they were finally had weaknesses the ass couple weird games how do they then get ready for the playoffs and have that whole thing come back to get so this is my thing about the patriots a lot of people think about the patriots is like really rigid schematically and i think they are more so on defence but they wanting to build as a great job of is here he adapts he adapts not only the beginning of each season but he'll adapt gone into a game hill help hill you know strengths and weaknesses he's he's great at identifying that gonna play off their totally different aim i think they did a great job and tackle this year in other coach cut scars alleging to me and you know
they they seven man protect the latch about but but they did a great job and i can see it again those first to drives of you know the alleged game and then the kansas city aim or like tone setting dr yes and they tell the other team i'm willing to run the ball up your ass and we're gonna work were willing to do it and and this is what time it isn't that changes the way you play defence and those to tackle them you tremble around like grim seventy five pounds mortgage man like three and sixty pounds that's why i'm watching during the game i mean every buys gonna be bill verses mcveigh you know tom versus time tom versus time tom verses gough but it's really to me about the front seven can they can they deal with aaron inside can allays front sort do you know a lot of those multiple looks at doing one's got and can those tackles continue moving laughable i was shocked the keynesian take the ball cause that was that was exactly what you couldn't have
happening you know the patriots are the best at that of doing those fifteen plagiarized by sucks everything out of the stadium right yeah i mean especially at home sometimes when you're on the road it sucks to get the ball because like everybody's hyped up and give me a game that happened to type the first possession if you get pin back there at the ten then they're going to score first probably i mean you're going to want to bother going to get in midfield i would always take the ball at home at home that's what i would go as far as the pictures run a game goes we have we been making fun rob grown castula recently mostly just to get under hank skin because like a couple games we had disappeared offensively but it seems like he's as good if not better than he's ever been a blocking summer whatever go up it gives him a practice years ago blocker man and that's and that's the thing i respect about em blocking titans listen knowing under water old school shit white slot receivers
full back to my next thing and you know you talked about rob being a blocking tight end and all their tight ends are asked to block and i e know sometimes people say like you know they are not all around and have a sack against us errand donald took up like eight hours and meeting time during the week right like people are sick of hearing about air and donald and that in and of itself when your focus that long on somebody you're not gain planning for for anything else yes i am people are game planning rob like when i got new england i was blown away by how great tom was but to me the guy that that jumped off the screen to me in everyday practice would like oh my god robber and house he's the best football player i've ever seen one what tom i mean he's unbelievable and i know he's beat up physically but you know he's he's a hell of a player he makes his impacts
blocking amos did you did you play with aren't all yeah i was there when they drafted in this kid's of these is the simple hardware perfect there's like they made him in a petri dish how will like tat tell me exactly why he's the perfect so he's so he's six feet tall right so you that was knock on him which is what is it all he felt a little bit but people are dom sorry this cheap ass bus and cheapest bullshit boss damn patrick has polluted s damp address how do i do that i don't do that only a grey hairs on my so it's besides following them up here is line it if that's hank fits the thing about height is so over rated fur lyman especially like a d tackle because he six feet tall but his reach effectively make some six six ok
i get it i get this week that is like a round for people to be here you know so his reaches about that of a six point six duties explosive like nobody's business he's he's the strongest guy up front that on any team i've been with most explosive and he's a technician worked really hard and angry it is extremely violent have you have failed with knives and the offices and like you did now but you know i find you know there are real nice but now he now alone over we doubting that out i choose to believe area i mean if anybody wants rate have anybody would be able train with knives would we have these he's is that good he's a bad as dude in my opinion the bad as do me and i felt like as far like just be about it i've never seen somebody split a double team with a like a simple swim move as easily as he does brow he's he has like three moves in sequence that he's not thinking about he's just practice them so much so instinctive that when one move gets taken away he goes right to the next one and then
secondly like he'll went on his third move most guys in a league you know they have one russian ma and then they can't they can't change course when they get blocked or somebody oversights him he's got a third one a m is amazing that's not how much credit even jeff fisher should get for i think he should i think he well obviously not sue robot fish and last did a great job of compiling talent it it yet architect general issues internally and at the end letting veterans who are producing walk they pretty much but you know him letting him him cutting me he was the coolest gotta get i like you know cause easily hey man are you doing now and it was gonna be late mandatory fish dinner like whatever he ito and he's like what you up to today buddy like has a family like an you like i know you're cutting me right but i i believe you care
yes he does have a good dude in and he's like so we're just gonna let you and james go and unlike any starts to apologize unlike literally don't be sorry ma am i gray seriously way how many people cut you near like hey don't apologize air awesome like he's just a good dude man and he has a big harden one thing he cares about a great deal as players the air he cut nick forced to he cut falls to young couples yeah he draws on hard knocks cut it falls well i missed the whole hard not where do you think the full go go this is from whereas is tampering is a guy well i don't know anything about it i don't know what's his contract situate his gacek situations he's probably not the philadelphia next year so would you rather he go out of the division i mean you never want to u hate planned or good friends so he's really good friend would you rather play against nick force carson once price praying well when it comes to be an addition
question when it comes to being a dns can i get the guy down or not that is the guy fast is the athletic is he mobile carson's more mobile the next i'd i'd rather rush against neg next got an anchor of hanging from his belt basically just like tethering him to the ground tough together that our great mother you know as i do i don't know what i've read the signs are you know what your heart you know like the signs of the games yeah i know exactly how jim schwartz's nipples doing it's that could happen don't know he always has this like very very a wreck
this is what happens in works animal if you watch games at home like me and we get to the old like one moment from detroit lies came back in two thousand ten we're jim schiller's has like a really nice acts that initial and that'll stake in our brain for you guys go like on my yellow fuckin participate yeah yeah charm nepal has shown as you like underline the aims and then you like put your blue but the path is our brain and is actually drink another you know now what are you drinking but light ok well actually that dovetails nicely into athens we want to get into it you will tell nicely into another thing you getting to be a big fan of promoting illegal drugs on twitter the inner fell ardently illegal and saw a state the most varied another no steadily illegal federally casually one schedule one hundred yeah indignity it'll jaywalk deadly oh yeah i dont know what i mean ones overdosed on jaywalking over eight hours on a mere one cigarette i wages and i would say this imagine you're watching your favorite team play and something goes terribly wrong like a kid gets ten
higher or double doin that he now you can either be twelve natty lights deep and do you know a little bit blackout low but irritable or you might just forget it has or you might shoe hungary bela while good point as you have pointed out one you break your tv the other you're like woe india china was way what is it a rebalancing commercially and i think that this summit a pink or can i had a commercial can i sing all hitting bright lights and our settlement and you play about our no you press play when petersen ices the kicker net it's all like you have you watch wizard of oz yet are certainly yes yes did you did you forget it wasn't a school is not at all is one of those things languages as it in any way
officers camacho pots open criminals right best exactly socio yes said that they were going to they were going to have a medical marijuana commercial don diego is not taken merrill that's what we're going to promote anything that causes brain image during an ineffable brian actually exactly so i will be your comments and then why'd you fellows they handed it's a strong stand i just think it it's obviously dumb and you know like in all seriousness like simple sunday i wanna be less i've been in the game last year's obviously wasn't drinking that day i will be having a few months on the home but at the same time like drunk driving goes up like i think twenty five percent during the superbowl like so you here you pumping these adds out which are fine i like drinking beer earlier markings
any any nfl remember they had the marlboro like ads in the 90s like if i go back and look at liked apis of my favorite players in the 90s i like see marlboro ads yeah i'm like brother kills like i don't know five hundred thousand people a year alcohol kills like ninety thousand people a year was it a little dog ill you know what's funny back extra i've heard debatable embrace it back in the day young players used to come to the sidelines look cigarettes you know yeah yeah there's a picture i now as i smoke heaters at half time will you daddy
no i'll say how we tell my dad's most clean i never as way a little you clean that yeah there was as managers that's why it's like like they like frozen liken solo and he's like still it is amazing and i don't want to i know his friends there were on the fox sets a marker saving bad about anyone else you say he look younger than he looks a lot younger than some of the other men who played in his error while my dad lives really clear yes lake literally i try to try to get it like have a shot with him and like my wedding or like these now he had one must do it over the google castor whatever google where we do not get me wrong i am living house how generations is mom can i am seeking a screen i'm a great actor in the family how embarrassing was that would you go far enough i got paid enough you did ok so is worth it yeah was worth it for a couple days you know
everybody was like a great commercial like him they were serious like some people really likely worse line that need go back mercenary thing but like you there's always as part of me when i agree to something where i'm like yet this is what the man don't make hell yeah there's the poor were actually to do less do yeah yeah yeah that's it that's life future yams problem area i always show that commercial once though did it stop very well it was a one time thing adventure yet it's really getting people don't have de villiers yeah is out there against it stand its dark how would you your guests beak what there he got he went he went the blanca now is somewhat on the banana how would you how it my nerve cell in a lot of tickets in las vegas
like rake in an oh yes you were in the radio yells and yet as our colleagues so he says he's a desert dude maria each we do our special second suppress yards do it so it's a secret question but so you can put him promo code take three hundred yet three hundred dollars offers superbowl ticket does europe be a first time user ok ok seek take three hundred instead of a question we actually have are good for kate who is a filling native as well i kate saw that shirt on twitter here like what is going to give you ain't gonna do three minutes to stand up for you geek about three hundred ok throwing out are you roasting like i do i go body into a trap and i'm kay but you pray remember me from the saints came down a neurons because i was there in section one no one i was waving look i'll get
what did the jokes about four thousand right hey why the long face getting no need to get our defensive i don't wanna gets back from my job anyways you're probably wondering about how we along this set is gonna be just about a shortage you stay with the patriot so don't worry secure speaking of when it comes to this year's superbowl you can say you ve played for both teams i've been known to do that after a few too many angling serum prevailing as a eu s marine humble break i'm saying is that maybe i've been known to ram some patriots in my day if you heard i mean i read the urine all american like me though that's cool where'd you serve that's good it's fine because i know you do a lot of good stuff like an twenties
of a team of the eagles when you announced that you be donating your entire salary it is a sad sad sad charity cause that season and i think that's awesome cause i mean look at how well they're doing now you really help the grounds turned their programme are part of your charity work involves looking to solve the water crisis in tanzania that place i did that to show them from here pretty fire part of your charity work involves looking to solve the water crisis in tanzania that places gotta be a lot like my co workers on the collar daddy pod cats is real thirst trap while pursuing that part not to be nobody but good works inside your pride pretty rich how to money prior lot an eagle superber
champ living philly your dumpster pool has to be the nicest on the block neat i know your brother's a bear but you're an eagle eye level other questions for my mom if i was you and i value goes bears game was wild normal i got to go to a special website to watch a guy double doing his brother really chris long i'm a big fan of you on and off the field cuz you're a huge giant enormous inspiration excuse me cook lived calcutta it's cool whenever a giant level people go to admire guy is not afraid to speak his mind and opened his mouth whether its human rights pro drugs are leaking
the press that once a diva from one or vat to another congrats on your retirement ranks very modest ran out here on a friday night go as far as it is about whether it is always a burning all the rain today that was the driest thing now is ryan rivetted thousand other surprise the sea geek set so take three hundred put it probable could take three hundred get real dollars offer seek superbowl ticket she just miserable could she asked how would you know she's energy now she's all areas of iraqi or hastily areas i believe the house just wondering who you for o honestly like i thought about it because i like the route for so many if i'm watching a game like i am not a real good like you know
what's a game gay damn like i can't oh what i was actually thinking about that the trial candle yes before you oxen them off yes maybe you can like who however can you use them is like whatever stupid fucking game you're betting on that you're going to lose that night just take a picture of somebody you want to do well really that's what i've got a shrine to culture in the young ass it works it works are brought them back in the second having its own more ok here's the other thing i can look at the candles than you could just give me the cash i owe my bookie non rhino the happen all frozen alot of lahti charities yes sir that's the scheme you running it is far from kiev ass mckinley reserves years my scheme i am i am publicizing much pretty so i have like a good when degenerate fucking gamblers come to me
to borrow money well here's ears question if we start our own charity would you donate a game check to what's a charity for urgent we'll figure which is name upon cast charity and who can give us pins or to its showed you won't show disfigure the journey awareness yeah pitch it to me when you when you get nowhere you it's a bunch of its actually just a bracelet company near it surely when it is a pity to look at your time homage to me another i dont chattering i didn't check brit beginners mass is it right that if you don't need a lot of money to charity you actually make money oh did you say tommy lauren tommy our thoughts on which when nobody serious question you do have a lot of causes that you're lucky eric with yet there still i'll evil in the world so would you earlier years been a failure i am failing which the most important cause right now that we should go donated waterway
water boys dot org are clean water initiative oghee i'll talk about it for thirty seconds you guys can think about your joke that you're gonna fathers allows us because they water makes you i was in high school we don't take letterbox their real throw back here yet we ve been doing this for about four years we ve drilled fifty to hide high capacity like solar powered well so they serve about seventy five hundred people apart we got just below two hundred thousand people drink it from our wells in tanzania we're gonna whenever ciao geographically like a lotta a lot of guys that have worked hard so little they go water boy our boys not or i last question for me now that you're retired are you worded all about how triggered online you will get on a daily basis yeah in like my tweets gun yeah weigh up since then who season and having in triggered a lot yeah you know and that's a problem i gotta work on yet so what happens when it would
it should read like what's the you like i am still fight through it and i'm not mad i'm going to keep tweeting until everyone on twitter agrees with me because i had my point is so great when i get triggered during a nice budweiser products every gum campbelltown wiser price nice is take the edge off maybe get a devour meal frozen male poverty in their yet and that what is our botswana devour buses zounds awaits us they subway devour yes i love all devour foods all the product how much with you for this add cheese i loved that our hamburg fred from l a yahoo account now my son has werner account i hereby yes in people actually thought your leg is more or less the story ok so filed it'll cost said socalled tweeted her he said the media you know chicago media yo outside the everyone loves it is good agony everybody in cairo was like you know me
my brother were not enough brothers anymore and i know well has since eleven lake forests you u kingdom hyaena things like we're not brothers i saw it online and i was like this is gonna be funny so i quote tweeted his graphic that everybody eating up then i said ok well that's funny told that a wailing and he said that your cancelled as an uncle cause you know people on twitter oriental yup specially well get cancer so kyle carlotta shit and but i also got a lot of shit imagine that a lot of people like it's totally irresponsible to have your three year old you know having his own time why i agree with its own like i was like holy shit people actually thought that you realise their rearing role is can our locking re yeah well dear kid because you can is basically six years old
you like it all my got six years all your kids gonna win for more support than you and how it combined we he probably a good question not your high school would go to high school where if you want to start playing football willie's sixth seventh grade something like that on the other hand like what if he has absolutely no interest in football that's great yeah cuz i think of you tight if you played like one of these other sports where there's like all the money to guarantee i am not complaining no i know everybody hates it when we say we should have guaranteed money or health care i know of wording i millionaire million you're on the side of the billionaire owners who are you looking into line does look everybody out hurry up hanks actually long look at his is alive located chris triggered liddy literally looking this is what happens no guys this mad when i get triggered i look at the wrong care so now but i want to play like soccer something yeah yoga benito year for joe and be like the next
a messy are ready the next ready to save american sock yes forty they'll be great actually few kid saved american soccer it would be great yeah who do that you saved american soccer dad's gonna be really rich yeah yeah absolutely out of them chris long this been a lot of fun we appreciated man congrats again on the retirement on damn patrick show soon to come and hope see in it when it was due to get an atlantic there's we like you or your whole them all famer now eagerly i wanted i do want year after year make a bunch probably that sell yet we get you really began on that all we could get you in off we give sturdy pick some stats y yeah yeah for sure i mean i go out with her followers said is the my favorite sketchy van i've ever gotten on in a fairly part we ve gotten a little openly
like where you ride and eliza syria you also get the benefit of being in the van and our after we got in to it the first man get the next week i got it on amazon holy shit you want it sell t right now for no five six thousand hours no i'm good it looks like so like a club promoters bedsheets thousand nice thing it also creates a drink or more wide ranging issue in war rings there in a safe you know when you got him you don't have to fly them do the opposite and when one is a ring on what is a necklace damn i forgot to get em i gotta bring in this you should get oh you should you should actually pierce your dick no prince albert civil right that's great
i can't do that because you have to do is what we really need to look at the auto circle we can't even targeting just falls upon which are least favoured most regrettable tattoo of the money they have full sleaze hearted thanks but now it is i wish i was bad ask private private at two i got a buffer isles ok would you turn the little most online i've been online or use a little you know you can i ask you both on providers like there's gonna be like magic drugs major meter nor am i to say again the other guy you can play one and we said we stipulate imagined vegas i hang around but will you told us you delete it we got a rapid loans on china because i'm my dad knows was like a vacation idly express i got my third favorite long
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money shots for having included the display board behind this gap prick breaking the thousand sorry sounded gallic breaking this i'm scanner rattled familiar so quite leonard just bought a house for thirteen point three million dollars in los angeles canadian ego area is that while he is our seas from san diego bud we had to do your awfully convenient time for him to do that you say and in the last angels meaning sandy i guess ok ok now i'm with you maybe was to make your who really wants to fight direction were which are arena is closer to san diego clip brazil acres denies the stats barman on that guy but as you may have heard the superbowl set in lebanon thoughtless and around jeered coffin tom rapers bills rate who carbon leakage i did not know that
i say fuck into that village all gonna rush to recognise a couple for blog ass its commitment to recovery has made it possible for them to point to begin patriots running back rucks burke had who season appeared over after being place and i are with neck injury and weak three but worked his way back and is set to play a bigger role and suitable ah the western gino prominent more common enough adams apple is in the neck the rams cd innocent could of course have been released by three teams but instead came back to sound the rams and be the first running back in history to one four hundred yards in a tea in its first regained the new team through other running back in history are schmidt gonna be a cup a duke and chris full maintop a move allah father talk him milk salute to encourage a commitment to recovery that's because chalk on milk children those got real cover power high quality protein carbs unnatural
electoral rights your body needs picked him up after next work out and see for yourself ok ling chu hank artless through some segments respect the biz yes dare car wants to fight everyone on first take because max kellerman said that he doesn't know how much they would be able to get for their cars that right yes m i danced even smith has been piling on to some actually shocked at seventy with new the dirt car was the quarterback readers and i also m not shot one not shocked that stephen smith has somehow find a way to insert himself into a story like this because this is a classic stephen a smith move yes i still take your carmel anthony take my name out here or not feel jackson if i see feel jackson evade on seriously threatened phil jackson visiting we know he threatened grant to that's right you like we know the same people on the capacity that sets riah i wouldn't say that katy crazy thing is i think i'd take stephen psmith fight against it
now most evasiveness already tried a pivot out i might taking ex kellerman in a fight against their i would he talks about boxing right you talk about fighting lot i assume that you can release handle yourself a little bit to science nice that's right you're bert sugar probably be to sharing has alluded jim limply he put that cigar out of my face yes never let you attack that's a tough he is but i do like students with becoming the been shapiro of sports anchors where he's like instead of fighting me why we want to challenge me to a debate of idea meet me on first take we will debate this using logic so he is spinning intellect let's get a rating which is the grids brilliantly lighted enabling everyone knows about this is this is a great idea but then provided came out and they actually had stephen psmith as the favourite in this fight yeah which i agree
no because his hair like goes back of it or that it's tough to him in the back of the head he's ok it's open season rabbit punches don't exist on airline he bees and asked man now giving their cars in aspen no i don't think so having an aspirin beats upper yeah there man i think i think dirt dirt car strikes me as i go belly
and piercing men that's that's hot air that's really really about the double earring pierce here would you get there you're freshmen collier nice that ass so i actually i care i haven't decided if this is good or bad for dirk is on one hand people are talking about their car other than dare car sucking so that's good yes on the other it feels like a tough move first starting quarterback to get this upset over something that first take says you member jim ever goin out after jim rome which was all stay woke stage yes the up but doesn't it feel like crudities maybe take any maybe take up page out of our friend best friend blake portals book and don't sweat
asked of barrier in else chill out fella don't let don't let these haters gets down their car you might be triggered the edges put another ran eyeliner put on a different cure album yes krajina room for while a real man yes next obvious they classy this is forge mall atoms who buried the was the patriots basket at the probable yes vicious hit set the patriots mass got to the hospital sexual nature didn't happen yeah ok what i've got duped by the fake news so that argues media he got the lit up by jamal adam yet because path a patriot was shobo he's being a grandson and hot dog in son of a bitch and play in up to the crowd in the crowd was booing em in search of all items like i'm gonna take here this for everybody just let him out but hit sick yeah if europe if you're a mask on today's day and age you know that at any moment you're liable to be the target of someone looking to go viral
now a new that's how he if you don't want to get hit he should have been dressed like that where's the fake news part come in here and go to hospital so you're saying yes beatin nesses reports are fake the assessment what why he did not give you what you got hospital so highly update on why are they reported he try to job because i think jamal adams joked about it later and said yes into the hospital and ran without like it was a real store you read way too much about the story was a fascinating tail hum i was actually helps my point my point is going to be that the mascots are the last people in the world that the internet feels bad for and now we feel bad for like we on the kicker as we do the you know anyone who sets up a go fuck me even if you can't even verify that they need like money we do the internet is quick to feel bad for everyone at all times and internet shame every one else x
mascots but now we ve got in there with macedonia as i saw everyone say oh my gosh is poor mascots so i guess i think societies complete no we're still waiting on adult autograph seekers ok cases of merchandise there while also some ass another second ask is don't you agree like usually who cares that like the denver nugget guy basically dying as it comes down from the ceiling that's for yahoo is yours i completely unconscious right some people out there like it you have to admit it became a funny thing was dead are stupid break can't even realise that their human being known as violent we finally got to appoint society where we feel bad for everyone all the time that we now feel about four mascots so you're right i without autograph seekers that's our last last one and then that is wrapped up dont yeah we want we were finished and pod castors yes i think we come and live there i guess there's another really want to the really shit they really wants you cut your finger already did really well see me graphic
we are actually the most most persecuted class of humans in america spotlight revenue segments called james hard on so james harden is insane and really the segment is to just marvel at his stats so here a couple two hundred sixty one points in his last five games all unassisted darwin said at datsun you got
yeah give some created referees that's show although he does he does do a good job the other the the sisters is as the third step back yet a third step back and also that thing where you like leans shoulder into somebody before it takes a shot that's insane stat he has been actually on fire job sixty one in mecca some bottom package spring springs most guys and here's another one this happens in this status insane for another reason so james harden has now average fifty points for five games in a row so that's the second most all time whose number one which and how many will chamberlain with twenty a hundred and sixteen games in a row we haven't pooping us i think hard spoken like well that's crazy yes for sure i think you my favorite horse my fair part of these stories as they always talk about like whenever somebody plays at the mecca there's like a separate statistic for top scores
history of the mac right i guess they don't say it i have a fuck about the capital one centre and i see that say that about the united states but also that about the big mac the giant pyramid the am way centre yeah it's the mac yeah they they had some boxing match village also perform their seventy five times nazi rally people talk about that i was ghosts in madison square guard yeah that's right limburg spoke ass yeah people don't talk about the mecca that way our true true on fact village role is like five five oh yeah so just started toss out there ok that is a fund which should have more sure yes yeah sure that would help you yeah we were we'll get some more we i was on a hot streak dana veto for about five etc yes you u towering over people are last that before we get to road rules with larry we have embraced debates
is it impressive that marianna rivera was the first unanimous hall of fame induct t yeah i mean any time you can get a bunch of sports writers to just all agree on anything besides like this cold cut spread is insufficient or their springsteen yeah down here on his his vessel that would be another one hour like you too is the punk rock bruce springsteen that's another one that they like to tag on its it is impressive for that fact except they kicked out all the old guys so there was a guy who didn't vote for gregg max because he just nearly played in the stair orator i liked at not so this is what we need more principes stands liability is fucking jackasses like this is this is the most inconsequential the how many what's a percentage that someone gets voted into the hall of fame you after really be like i'll even know what what what steps you taken life to get to this point we are like
eighty six percent of what the fuck out trust any modern sportswriter because a writing in the admiral error here two sectors a lot appease goin on through who know who does bob ryan might beyond might be on those happy pills you don't know there's a starbucks on every corner the threats not would cafes dry back in the day they wouldn't have them no yet this in your in turn out to buy and make it for you that's exactly have seven pots available for you at all times as much tougher back that he eyed otto i would love to hear from someone who cares about how the not who gets in the whole thing that's fine i agree like it's interesting debate whose in the whole thing will be very interesting if somehow bury ponds and iran roger com is don't get unhealthy cause they're very much part of baseball history but talking about the percentage that you got into all fame with four i need i need to talk to someone who actually cares about that i just like to say i'm opting out of all baseball hall of fame arguments for the rest my life about if ex wires ii should be in the hall of fame unless it's like about a super superstar
i like to barry bonds ea rods that's right but if you start talking to me about why harold baines career stats are insufficient to be a hall of famer mentally i'm already on the moon and i'm i'm i'm pass the movie started in a marked out speaking of the moon funds that more people have walked on the moon exceed we walked on a sound stage in nevada then gotten and earn run off miranda rivera the playoffs wow that's crazy so he walked understand susan i think three we welcome the moon anymore he's sure we're gonna martha disease acts nasa smile that's a smart day they played it intolerable microbes you know what mark is cancelled we're on cancelling large i'm so sycamores i dont there's not water there therein water vapours no it were billions year old i'm done with marge i'm cancelling marks mars has been cancelled don't talk to me about mars ass the beauty of mars is like every time we send a rover up there there like we took it
sample of ice and it turns out there might have been life yet some point out i know i'm onto net onto jupiter saturn or one of those big big but he meets with the right yeah yeah go scape go grind the rings what planet of thousands jupiter what's the asteroid belt what does anyone ever talk about mercury mercury's number to someone gives some sharp mercury's number one oh yeah i can't son number one sons a first planet yeah yeah then mercury venuses sick to venuses persuade venuses or for its terry two or three aged we murders on morneau sought as the first planet i don't know mercury is the second then venus is just a giant ball gas so it's basically hank after hanging planets foreign media in arms and after a meeting i dare say i lit by where there's a sound that venus makes you ready for you ready for a free debate that we have to live through measures sport very sports gambling about
be legalised everywhere and they'll be about to let you bet on sports maybe even in their stadiums hypocritical that peat roses in them in the hall of fame yeah here ready for that folks yacht buckle up to tighten up your belt because that debate come on we're never gonna hear the end of you know as great as that i guarantee you pete rose has put money on pete rose getting into the hall of fame is absolutely taken ever offset every year he cares i'll just wants war or one can i we're gonna wrap up the episode with a very special guess it is our bus driver larry who we have known for twelve hours but he's already made an imprinted our life because we you hold our lives in the palm of your hand you drive us to lana larry welcome lucia well thank you where'd you come from give us the blair it gives us the quick elevator pitch of larry the bus driver well i was born in the bronx i've been driving since on fifteen
my own tractor trailer driven mrs feur trips to atlantic city in party bus and which not not in our view type of bus drivers driving our view that makes me feel you ever driven towards us before well so this is a tour boss but is configured more like a home than what would you say your greatest strength is as a bus driver oh my knowledge of the equipment and how it harry you don't know any of the equipment you ve read the manual every time we had to do something well that would be the equipment that you're talking about the ancillary equipment being not our visions in germany a different lighting systems scrawled something you're just cyber gas right gain now i'm talking about we transmission in operating vehicle in a safe manner and not only to safety for my passengers but the safety of the other mode
restore along the road where there are other truckers are yeah just four wheel drivers have you ever been in an accident i i've been in accident but not in red ten years what are the recent years so it's hot right now yeah you're gonna you're on a hot street well in my younger days i used to be quite a hot rather i want to hear about that rod wary go your way the great you used to drag race on the streets of the bronx on the marshal lou parkway bruckner expressway i had my friend mike keegan and i we both had the mopar roadrunners one thousand nine hundred and sixty eight one thousand nine hundred and seventy vintage road runners with extremely large motors with the work on engines to increase horse power and rear
an gears change to provide quick turns of the wheels per can we monitor your head you ve always love oh yes i will i was in the u s coastguard i was a machine snake vacated serves ass well ass a long time ago whether people forget the coastguard is part of the military there is there is that the stigma attached to be an acoustic but we accept it and where it well we actually like ordered a game again my favorite branch of the military they should make more movies about the coastguard yeah there i can recall one that made a national one there was a national control there in alaska there's no that's ok yeah molasses landlocked tank
where you have done all we can talk about landowner move your tongue i think hague hallucinating watches larry due for farming as a career blotted things yeah well i m somewhat of a guy for i'm not a great gaffer but i loved i of course ogier and you're a poker player to right yes i am somewhat of a poker player yes yes or how long you been play poker her i think it's a longer that i've been driving actually so what you like thirteen years old yes that start like our neighbourhood games or use thinking sooner absolutely no the herd games sir but on the yeah feel on the basketball courts of ps eighty one in riverdale section in the bronx farrago it's an area that you had to be there to understand the things a place where you around when the boxes burning
yes actually egg little guys i grew up with were firemen in the south bronx for the patchy absolutely ass of crops and firemen we talk about the european movie the boxes burn yea was actually talking about five actual fires that i don't know enough about new york like was that also when the the yankee is billy barton and all that stuff you was around in that area grandma near here early seven these late sixties like dialed eurozone right oh yes sir certain times let's say it like that ok by the way hake was right corrected there is a movie about coastguards called the guardian ok to their guns last year was it made dusts yeah what very what's worse handed poker using hand oh good answer our euro say to seven well and then thousands
actually that's the textbook it's it's pair kings when another guy has paris or job socks i think that's kind of on the same level of his hands with the biggest i've had that scenario what are some rules of the road that you like to observe i'll keep it in my lane yes i like nice stay in your land absolutely eighty lane what's your favorite highway or bible there is a lot of blood lotta beautiful ones actually one though will probably be travelling along is the the blu ray parker aid at travels through the smoky mountains which is really a beautiful ride yadda yadda revenue in that tomorrow what about are you a bridge geier tunnel guy good question we have to thank you i would be more of
bridge guy prefer bridges yes to tunnels yeah the big machinery that i am accustomed to dragon down the highways yeah yeah i know the high clarence on that if you wanna tunnel in order first the biggest hall you ve ever had the biggest tall crane oh shit ranging within the city of new york and only in the city of new york my road days were over asia i ran odin early eighties like that and i was a building superintendent resident manager of some of the most luxurious apartment building the manhattan because my chin my wife and i were on the road and then somehow my wife got pregnant and i had to have a choice child so the road was not an option you're playing roulette with condoms so i can buy i went from being on the road three months of the clip to always being
in my home george you ever staring into larry juniors eyes and be like you stole road from me now my sudden doesn't have any desire for this kind of yeah but he stole it from you by being born your road dark he's not into that he's he's into different i have one last question for you so we have a goldfish name larry famous goldfish when sixty percent in two thousand sixteen bidding they fell games we also believe in like go spirits higher powers we have a theory they you might be larry to reincarnate thought well my immediate thought that use the term that goldfish yeah was devoured by the cat big
i understand sir i sometimes our years i was walking around the back of this beautiful but somebody told me the history of the country that is that what happened when we think about what had multiple one i didn't one of the ladys could probably put on me one could ever be put on poverty and one on we have all had i been in killing a layer thumbprint on dragons here so you did you kill where you confirmed killed later you we talk to death you guys both killer one yeah we talked to death and they said the pfc killed larry to outside the country so how that can happen is very convenient excuse settling on yeah will suspend our just chat trying to check what i know you love to actually line up if that was actually true that you the big cat ditty the goldfish do you like the goldfish was larry then you hit me
yeah right you are you a swimmer yes a very low salaries favorite that checks out you like football say the exile checks out again resting very also lights gamble oh yeah i think your leary to reincarnate we're oh that until proven otherwise until you are losing night right now you're one in one tonight maybe see if i can fulfil those goldfish issue yes yes that's kings finns the pictures to press flippers larry thank you so much we appreciate it is can be fun with you with us all week yeah i've made a new friends i feel like i'm with the ogre owl crowd we're leader fair person on the bus she's make was very impressed on the bus i haven't decided yet i haven't decided yet fair that's very fair result
let me give you just don't know you don't know you looked at me just winked at felicity right after i asked in the quota yeah just wasted may so clearly night do that are larry thank you so much we will love we thank you for a higher nord anywhere you're with us while you not going anywhere without make true there was fish that i can drive the bus well i'm not allowed to either but i can she could readily he cannot not like what if you reach your hours your maximum hours in a day then we pull over and i go to sleep but what if we gotta get there it's them either guys bowed down ok uller will talk about this one last gimme some like road lingo so my cool phrases that we can use it you picked i'd allow
i get the fuck out of the lane caught in front of me well i'm doing seventy and ruin sixty five emeralds right or six thousand pounds to stop and the cat to big cat like to get thrown around when i hit the brakes yes that's slipping rogers my problem we'll see you every day every single morning and i were off too and yet they were born nashville and we have a very special guess we actually tape
a couple weeks ago we held it off for super bowl wings playing at cards very everyone get excited for you very special guest coming on monday love you guys
it's ok it's pardon my tat presented by bar stools
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