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3 Time Super Bowl Champion Mark Schlereth 12/19/16

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Week 15 NFL Recap and the guys are getting ready for the big bowl game on Tuesday Night (The Barstool Sports presents Pardon My Take presents the Wet the Beak Ponzi Scheme Awareness Boca Raton Bowl)(2:47 - 13:26). Who's back of the week (13:26 - 17:59). Football Guy of the Week (17:59 - 26:14). 3 Time Super Bowl Champion Mark Schlereth joins the guys for a talk about Football Guys, Dr. physicals, and how many Cam Newton hot takes he has left in him (28:16 - 56:42). Segments include Respect the Biz, Stay Classy, Ehhhh aka Awkward, Bad Visual, PSYCH, and the debut of "That's Enough Internet For Today"
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It's part. Thank you. Bye! Welcome to part of my taking. It is Monday December. Nineteenth week, fifteen you yeah. This is ground control to Major Tom Savage. I unfortunately have to inform you that the rocket ship has disintegrated upon reentry.
Probably gets on a plane with team owner shot on. I don't never believe it, but this couple is breaking up on my flight Houston grounds, Jacksonville, two thousand one hundred and twenty no one circles, a wagon like a buffalo pills and no one circles, a toilet bowl like the Cleveland, Browns pills, keep our GEO and fourteen winless. Three thousand three hundred and thirteen
Peter son of SAM kidnapped, murdered and buried his own playoff chances underneath Baltimore's, two yard line and Terrence Kanye West feels like he and Taylor might still have sex as John Harbar, so hard mother, fuckers wanna find him or even's graduate over the Eagles two thousand seven hundred and twenty six time. Montgomery Burns was excellent as the packers blocked out the sun in the windy city and left a bear singing the blues brothers. The packers are just two wins away from the playoffs. They have a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes and are wearing sunglasses and dark Green Bay, Beach Chicago three thousand and twenty seven psalm spread Ryan. So Look up, has a brown nose but a golden boot and stop me if you've heard this one before but Andy Reid, mismanaged timeouts at the end of a football game. Huh shark eh
Connie W says Jesus walks, but Demarco Murray runs the Titans Trump, the Chiefs, one thousand nine hundred and seventeen Pa Tiger woods likes to piss on Perkins waitresses Perkins tore through the line secondary like Tiger Woods, terrace to a 3G data plan, the Djimon texted, the Detroit Pussies, hey babe. You up then smash that not putting on Jim Caldwell's lifeless face giants. Take a five hour into the lines. Seventeen six Kyle Rudolph, the Red Nose reindeer and myself would be like who would like to be the first to wish you a merry Christmas on dasher on dancer on Prancer and Vixen, on Comet on Cupid on TJ and Berman
Minnesota tried to give themselves a Viking funeral, but the colts blew out their menorah and let me be the first to wish you all a happy Hanukkah, because in eight crazy nights will have a better understanding of the twenty sixteen playoff picture and, as my jewish friends say, Lahaie am Antonio Brown versus Board of Education objected, as the Bengals tried to claim. They were pittsburghs separate, but equal franchise, Jeremy, so Horny Hill suffered about of premature celebration on a terrible towel and end up with a sticky mess on his hands. Steelers come back on the Bengals two thousand four hundred and twenty New England's Dion Lewis and Clark Travel W to take on the Broncos and the patriots have four Sacajawea's as they explored Denver's backfield all afternoon patriots, sixteen Broncos, ST Bamboo
Del Rio D Janeiro had the chargers drinking brazilian olympic poop water out of the Phillip Rivers that kicking game did San Diego and, as I looked like Paul Walker was driving the Josh Lambeau on Sunday. They teach was that though, oh at us, or back in the playoffs Devante Freeman, look like Jamal Anderson. The way he was feeling himself on Sunday and Colin Booger face nice burn broom. If you don't stand behind the troops, you stand in front of them, and Chip Kelly Kapowski is no longer the hottest girl at Bayside Falcons. Forty one 49ers thirteen and a touching tribute to former teammate Michael Floyd, the cardinals at the saints drive all over them, even though they probably shouldn't have been behind the wheel through breeze passer rating looked like Floyds BC and the saints go marching. Four thousand eight hundred and twenty one watt stand on the corner. Jameis Winston Tampa Florida such a fine sight to see
it's a running back. My lord celeb radius, cold, raising money for Salvation Army come on. Dad, don't take that sack, I'm so glad Tony Romo broke his bags cowboys twenty six bucks. Twenty watt, alright, and let me be the first to wish you a very happy week. Fifteen that was great great. Eight hundred and fifteen, the playoff picture walkie a little walkie, but the playoff pictures now even more muddled, we're going to actually it's great This is the season started off with everyone saying the NFL's stinks. The ratings were down the election. All this. We now then, will bring the ratings back like a Thursday night. Seahawks rams game followed up by a Saturday dolphins, jets game. We now have two weeks left and
There are many playoff spots to be taken and seating to be jumbled around. Can I just jump in and I'm totally serious when I say this, I think Matt Moore is the truth. Well, you he was having so much fun out there. Okay! Well, since we're industry, I have complete told myself on Matt Barkley. Well, if I were you, I would try to get mad more 'cause that guy he looks like Brett Farve out there. I'm is that time is like it did when you play it when you're watching backup quarterbacks like ooh this guy, he could be. The answer could be good yeah, but then you know what tannehills coming back next year, so we gotta give him another year to get back, so he might take me to sleep here. I spoke too soon. Alright so NFL week, fifteen we're going to talk a little bit more about in the segments, and we also want to give a quick shout out through our cell to ourselves for blessing Youngstown State Youngstown state. The play of maybe football season is pretty great catch, so
award winning listener, actually Kevin Rader. The tight end, who made I catch that was the craziest catch have ever seen, is and the fact that it won the game. It's like off the charts, so Youngstown State shut up to you as the greatest football team in all of the country. That's right! Yeah Bo Pelini, Grady Guy yeah. We talked him. What do you say? The greatest position was white: free safety, yeah right, that's what he was so big shout out to Ysu PETE, the penguin, the GR, the version of the penguin, with a hard hat, and all that so they're going to the National Championship Game and shot out to coach Joe Gantz who coaches the tight ends. I'm sure that they do that play out. Definitely that's yeah. That's only practice yeah. They they got a plant thrown into his armpit yeah right because I know he's got on the field and for his armpit I'll stick in there. So it's going to be great championship. It's them against JM. You reccuring football guy is their head coach of jamu plus, They've got a linebacker. His name is gage steel, oh a pornstar. That is a
that is a gritty gritty lunch great porn, star, slash linebacker! It's gonna be a grid off yeah. How big is his dick? I don't know. Ok, move on will cut that. We also have a job. And don't throw a pass at gage, steals dick. It will just get engulfed in his foreskin and he'll run it back for six weeks up there. We also have the big bowl game on Tuesday night, I'm excited. If you miss Friday, show pardon my take, has purchased a bowl game and use purchased very loosely 'cause. We didn't actually use any money, but in contact anyone. We just said this is our bowl game and it is the parcel sports presents pardon my take presents the the beak ponzi scheme- awareness, Boca, Raton, bowl, bowl, fun. Fact: it's pronounced Boca Raton a look at this. We know we're going to call out all your John Locke yeah right, so so here's what we have planned just to give everyone a little you know, get get their uses falling on a Monday. We're going to do a pregame show we're going to do a
halftime show we're going to post game show and so the things we got? We have a scholarship at halftime yeah. We have a scholarship. The shows are going to be Facebook live. So if you subscribe or you gotta, share it and subscribe to the barstool sports, Facebook live and will have all three of those were probably about one thousand and fifteen minutes. We have, like you, said one, slash time we're giving away scholarship yeah! It's like the doctor, pepper tuition, challenge yeah, except it's this car. Shipped out back and it's not for school. Purposes and like a hundred dollar gift card, and it's not it's it's a scholars. It's not toss game. We're just making two of our interns are in college. Greco. Roman wrestling is scholars, yet they don't really have a choice right, but it's going to be that yes could be scholarship. We have Caleb down in Boca Raton,
okay, son Rutan. We have is going to be actually speaking with a lot of elderly people down there. Yep educating them about the dangers of ponzi schemes, slash finding out how much disposable income they have to invest each month, yeah for a business opportunity for a podcast right right. We have we're. Gonna have Angelo Polisario everyone's favorite Philly, reporter we're going to have doctor Gunny balls, the over calculator. So if you know Glenny balls, he does this really great thing where he takes the total of a game. I think it's. Seventy nine just divided by four and that's the entire math. He does he's going to have to do some decimals because that's an odd number taxi over it's going to stretch the links of Glenis Education, yes, but everyone's betting, the over everybody out there I have to go to bed. And so we're going to break that down we're going to take the under there going to drive the scheme scheme. Bull got this part out so everyone bet that over and we're also going to have trophy cam, which is going to be
the trophy is legit now so do we want to give away the name of the trophy right now because we're releasing the high no one else, release at one with the side, okay, so Monday, you're listening to this we're dropping a hype. Video on Twitter yep is that words coming out yeah it's! It is electric. I mean I goose bumps. I still have those bombs on my goose bump, goose bumps on everywhere. Yeah maybe wanted right now get it. I don't get it checked out. Okay, doesn't count all right and then we're also going to. We did a fun thing. Remade, everyone in the office call their grandparents yeah and say I love you to that. Also, maybe asking for Lou Point right to help the department takes what to make a little yeah. So that's all coming on Tuesday, it's Tuesday night be there or be square. The pardon my take parcels portion. It's part my take presents whether he ponzi scheme awareness, bone or a town full Wester talking, verse, Memphis were very excited and with that, let's you
our regular Monday business. We have Tiger Woods Memorial who's back of the week, I'm going to do something for the team I'm going to start and just say as a team, we're just going to admit that death is back ever since we went death, but we're also back because we provide definitely coming back right, so really shows the power that we have been deaths face. So since we went and saw death Alan Thicke, Craig Sager Zsa Zsa Gabor taking too young. Now, when will two thousand and sixteen, and so death is back. Let's just admit it. Hopefully that's enough and we can get to twenty seventeen. But I thought that will be our death scene. I'd death as my back to the wheels for go ahead and then crossing that one out I'll I'll, audible classic is a versatile. Yet do it check the pancakes are? Ok, my new who's back of the week is coach trades,
BO, so rumor mills Buzz and that Sean Payton is going to get traded. I love this. I love any non athlete trade and there needs to be more of a MIKE. I think the last one I can remember is Jon Gruden talk. Rivers was he Did you use of all the trade yeah? I love it. I think in the Jon Gruden Trade, okay yeah. I think it should be expanded to like be reporters. Yeah, hey I'll, give you chase lock in for a for bar topic, who says no ever lose in that yeah? I want you more than once you like super fans getting traded and with the owners get traded to. Could you I mean the cardinals if the cardinals traded, Cortez. Guy dresses up? You know not yet yet never says non core. Yes, sir yeah, if they trade him for like Fireman Ed or super cat yeah Panthers fan- I I like this. I think fans should be traded. That would be great. I think it be awesome to see Hank. I was back.
A week is Snapchat weather reporters. So ok, so I'm way too old to understand now that it's winter it gets cold and it snows people feel the need to just like Snapchat that it's Code or that it's cold out every single day so update. Yeah up we've got about four inches of snow. A lot of people been asking, is it cold outside turns out it's January, so it is up to date. There's some sleet and freezing rain. Yeah hello, my car, it's not in not gonna work update, I'm still in my pajamas or a fun day, yeah, the other who's back Hank for non snapchat users. Just talking about the weather.
That's just a nice office thing where it's like man, it's cold outside nothing worse than like a sixty three degree day and somebody tries to bring up the weather is good yeah! It's it's just plain whether do yeah you need to get going on the SE r trim cold to really make sure that you can get through your day with much people hate and also you know what else is back is not having any heat in my apartment. So a nice actually like that it's ok until it gets down to about twenty two LEO wanting in New York LEO won a Oscar for Revenant yeah do a security cam in climb house, climbing tune, turkeys, killed, Leroy and then sleep inside his corpus too far my who's back the week. I plow scenarios in the nerves that put him out there on their tweets. If the season ended today, yeah well, if the, if the Falcons lose one of two and the box lose two of two and the Redskins win, one then the lions could are working is the six six seed love the
let's playoff scenarios they are the best and, like I said, the people who take the time to put it together, 'cause they do serve a purpose 'cause. My dumb brain can't figure it all out Anti br all that stuff. I love it. I like not well. I I used to like a lot more when I can go to the ESPN dot com, playoff machine, and I could do it myself instead of relying on other people, know you, like all the while this combination- okay with the cowboys in the lines tied three games right or one of four one- was canceled right happened. Then the new trend is, I see the line graphs coming out now that show over the course of like four hour game. What percentage like over the course. The one hundred pm games to what percentage the Tampa Bay, Bucs playoff chances were- and it's just like do. This is common date, silver thanks a lot. The number never won a Superbowl date fuck you man come on. We don't need to ruin sports. He members ruined sport made us all robots sports was great when it was just men grunting at each other, and there was no there's no number
for how much pain you're playing through when men working cussing each other and not knowing what a concussion was. Yes, that's one sportswear and then when they were like a subtract by seven who not can cause it's like shut up, nerd applesauce and that's all I can eat. Let's do Footballguys week on that note kind of perfect segue there, the for football guy of the week, nominee, Andy Reid. What any read say: Andy Reid said that he puts his hand warmers under his hat, to keep his head warm because of his heads. Warm than the rest of his body is warm to make sense and Andy. Reid's body is basically a giant hand warmer. So I don't see his core getting too cold that be great. If all the players just stood around any read with their hands out getting warm from him disseminating yeah right. If you eat enough chili before the game, you're, basically a space, heater, yeah, Andy Reid also gets football guy. The weak nominee for his refusal
ever understand how time outs work and into the game clock management. So that's very football. Guy thing. That is a problem. That's a good! That's a just! Ignore it! It's good! You think yeah any read, cost him the game by Miss using time outs you thoroughly, yeah! It's! I! I love any bless his heart. I was his oversized heart. I was just just thinking. Maybe If we had any read in Jeff Fisher, just coach the pro bowl every year and it it should be and why it is a matter. Those are the two coaches that look the best. Yes, I do once in the past, when she's my words carefully, they look the most comfortable and at home in Hawaiian. Shirts Vignesh That's you can when, when they're wearing a hawaiian shirt you're like that is exactly what they want to be, where I could see Andy and Jeff just kind of summer. Not the rest of their life in hawaiian shirts, in those big, the wooden necklaces yep like Navy's coach war, that would be to look on the ice yeah. I don't know we're just fans just don't bring up Jeff fishers name for a little bit. I don't even
I'm gonna toss him in as a last minute addition football guy the week after because you didn't interview with our girl Chris Thompson, recurring guest Supp, how you doing and Jeff Fisher said. I want to play against the Red yeah. So once come back and coach and beat the Rams yeah 'cause, he realized that the rams are the worst team in the NFL so poorly constructed. This is a long con so that he can prices is breaking from the top down because the head coach he wants to play them. It's also a great spin zone to just show these still competitive. So can we get another job? I'm sad to say, I don't think it's getting like. I think we called it he's going to be vice president of football operations somewhere right right for me,
with the chargers move, yeah he's gonna tell it tell you can tell a yeah. He knows where all the hook ups for the royalties are on the move. Yeah, he knows the blueprint yeah, although he also said that interview he think kind of some some subversive things going on in the in the Rams organization. He said he never thought he'd. They never wanted him to open up the new stadium kind of up. He saw this coming yeah. He may be started selling it before the extension team sucked all the time. I don't know, maybe that's where I thought he was going to get fired, but yeah it's fucked up what they're doing it honestly. It makes too much sense. Almost the chargers Fire Mccoy. They hire Fisher to handle the logistics in the move and then can you match Jeff Fisher sharing a stadium with the rams, the nasty floaters he would leave in the stadium, toilet, rocky yeah right so Jeff, Fisher, Andy, Reid, Nick save this story he broke earlier last week, but we wanted to save it because it's such a football guy move. He wants
a guy. A kicker who is no no, no, no not a case at a place kicker. His name is peak in case SAM Pk Sam because he wanted to go hug, his dying father, and so he left the team and then Nick Saban said you fight football family yeah, that's fair! It feels good. Also, this brought up the time when he was in Miami. He was just like make saving. Was it a little extra corner ornery in Miami, because you know we couldn't pay his players yep more than what they already got. If there were any tests that he could help, and she don't right, so he the the time that he made Louis Riddick cry on on tv like in front of the cameras all right in in the NFL, the like Fox, like local news cameras, I never saw that yeah. It's great club is like this. The guy like it's like a three hundred and fifty pound black guy, like bawling, because nobody's was yelling out of what his response. Would you not agree that notice
you made it matter now. Everybody cries. Okay. I also have a nominee every guy who warmed up without a shirt on on Sunday. Shazier was the best one. I think yeah there's a lot of that going on when it's old, you got a warm up without a shirt on to let everyone know pain, don't hurt bigger men than you yeah. I can flex times my I'm better at hiding my feelings, and you are also warming up when it's cold, like that makes your look a little smaller personal experience. So com diesel also make your nipples order. Yeah, which is a lot easier, could be a weapon yeah across scrape up bad. Finally, I have MIKE Zimmer he's just always on here, but especially this week, because the Vikings were down twenty seven, nothing in half and MIKE Zimmer took off the eye catching so he threw out the doctor's orders, sir. He put himself at harm for further.
Three because this team was make him so September when Gary Patterson change shirts that have so yeah. I think Zimmer should just put the eye patch on the other I yeah like that's. Maybe that's sort of wrong was yeah, maybe the either one thought was up. This whole time was actually the good one and his other one was the bad one just perspective yeah when they see the world. I also got an Ub's unsubstantiated tip via twitter, in that as women, when that a person to to me said that he works at the hotel, the Viking stay out for home games and they'll ends. I'm always asked for extra cups for Depp, so which sounds pretty real as now. So that's another football breaking like to big tip. That's like! Is it like on his Kreider, my take on like here's, my special here's, my special instructions. I just need a load of Dixie CUPS, yeah LOS Load, my room up and then finally, we have football nerd of the week, Nerd alert Neil Degrasse Tyson. He treated this. Sometimes I wonder if we'd have flying cars by
now had civilization spent a little less brain energy contemplating football yeah big nerd alert a quick update for Neil the NFL actually invented sky, cam and telestrator. Well, Vince Mcmahon invent the sky cam, They have a spider plant, yes, so yeah, but football football going into the theater camas when I'm getting at. So what that's? Basically a flying car, that's number one. Why would So why do we want flying cars, do need another mode of transportation that we can't use while we're drunk. Is that really what the what the world needs now? I would agree, and also football invented c t and all on the same level. They've invented lots of good treatments for CT, yes and really increased awareness of dementia. If it, if it weren't for football, we never know that c t existence and therefore we wouldn't have machines to diagnose it. Tell the truth. The truth crossover time all right,
vote for football guy the week we're going to put out on Twitter and then football in the end of the week is Neil Degrasse Tyson, hey Neil shove it, lifetime lifetime achievement which even or yeah what you gonna do. Hey. You know what job is, which is a two search, just look at stars right. His his job is to stand inside a planetarium with a laser pointer, be like you know, shepherds that word for that had never spoken with another human being or out there like their goats. They thought this looked like a bear. We don't do well. Yeah shot shown real break. They thought the corn crop is going to be great, hey, Neil, it's forced cars: okay, it's not it's! It's not a drinking gourd! Just chill out! Let us enjoy our football. You worry about the stars, we'll worry about the real stars, that's right as good! That's on a good right, good I'll! Keep that one, okay, let's see which ones shine: brighter cool, let's
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seek it's kind of grade, so it'll be green, yellow red depending on whether or not it's good value for your money, plus every ticket you buy and seek is backed by their one hundred percent guarantee. So you can shop for tickets on Seatgeek with confidence. Best of all my sir, is get a twenty dollars rebate off their first seek purchase to get your twenty dollars download the CD gap go to the settings. Tab and click add a promo code enter promo code. Take and seek is going to see a twenty dollars after you made your first purchase, so download seek and enter promo code take today. Ok, we now welcome on marks layer, three time super bowl champion and podcasts podcaster. Now that's the official podcast people forget the super is pretty quickly once you become a podcaster. I do you know what I always tell guys that play, I said, listen. This is what you have to know. Very few people are going to remember that you played me even lesser going to.
For once you retire all the people that glad hand you. While you are player, you know, come see me after you're done playing mad. I got a job for you now they don't they don't have a job for you. They don't care about you, so just get that through your head, like your identity, better, not come from playing football because your identity will be taken eventually or your career will be over. Eventually, you play this game to get fired right, that's how it works and they're going to take it from you, and if you think that somebody is going to give you a job because you can rundown on kickoff cover and make a tackle, you are high you're, just stupid. You better develop some other skills along the way 'cause otherwise you're going to be three years out bankrupt. Looking for looking for work and you have all the skills you got chili, you have radio show in Denver and a podcast or, like I said, then tv and tv, and they forget about the super bowl right. They forgot about our super bowl media,
but for you jumped into the broadcasting business sick pretty soon after you got out of the league. Had that happen you well when I first started when I first started playing well the two things I was a tenth round or out of the University of Idaho, okay, a tenth rounder who was in it. You know I had enough the audacity believe I was kind of a big deal. You know at the time they don't have ten rounds anymore, but the tenth round or out of the University of Idaho. I started my rookie year about halfway down through my rookie year, my base hours, forty five thousand dollars had a wife and two kids, the l, forty five, the no that was eighty nine. So you know that would be like making. I don't know ninety thousand someone, maybe when I'm out right right right, yeah there's they said there would be no math in this yeah, but so by the time, the city that you all season rolled around. I kid you not like. I need money right right I mean I, you know I bought a house, it was a little house, it was, but I still bought a house and you don't have to get another call or
we had one car I had. I had to go to work so bottom line at the Mobil Oil Corporation presented an opportunity to speak to kids, and I thought man. This would be great travel around great schools in the middle from that link over warming smith- that's right, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, sorry, but stuff like that right front of it and- and you know part of it was part of it was had. I think this would be a good skills that they have, but the bigger part was. I need the four hundred dollars because they pay before hundred dollars school. So I buy a book like I don't know ten fifteen schools and travel around the off season after I got the lifting just to you know to tell kids you know:
yeah, you don't work hard, don't do drugs, you numb them get worse before her bug. So that's that's how the whole top of the broadcasting really was was spot from that when I got to Denver in my seventh eighth year I started doing some local tv stuff in the offseason, some local radio stuff in the off season and found that I kind of had a pension. You know for talking and bottom line is a retired. I really thought this is honest. To goodness truth I thought, is it take two years off so much take two years and then we'll figure out what I'm gonna do and I'm about the world's neediest person. After two weeks my wife looked at me in the kitchen, as I was just I mean I was just under her feet, all the time, she's Coke and you doing whatever she said to me. If you don't find something to do for a living, we will get divorced because you are driving me nuts and then I just use that all right. Let me find something to do, and now I got more crap going on that. I know what to do. I mean I got it like you said I got a green chili business. I got a teacher business. I've got you know a full time. Radio show full time podcast
full time, hard working man in show business, but that's what you know. That's what you gotta do all right. Let's talk football because that's why you're here were football guys guys, so we love to be around football guys. What would you say defines a football guy in your opinion, the football good like a as a as a player, or just to do just to do. Thank God. We don't see. The word actually know yet, as of last show yeah yeah for Paul sorry room will believe those out football guy. Okay, don't say that you can. We tell why. Why would I we have? A we are lawyer is: is invited to Ma'Am about people throwing around the d word. Okay is disrespectful all right, so if you're a football guy, yeah a football guy, I I listen. I think, there's a couple of things. I think there's a couple things that define football God once you what number one you got to have other football guys that you're involved with that you can talk Mass MAX, just mad trash to write. If you don't have
each other Paul Godwin talk yeah right and you can't just sit like watching games by yourself. You've got to have like a a stream. You gotta have your phone up. You gotta be talking trash to your six other bodies in a group text chat yeah, like you, that's got to be part of the whole of the whole work. You always get fascinated by guys who tried to throw shade at me or say whatever on Twitter like Yahoo stand, you have to understand that you walk into a locker room, whether it's high school and it just progresses to college, to the professional level. It's kill or be killed in there. Yeah like the best defense is a good office. You have to be on the attack at all times. You have to see somebody's weakness right right off the bat like and then you just have to I mean you the point out like yeah: hey, look at the guy's nose, hey, it's funny Paul and everybody a taxi right, yeah in it. It takes away. You know whatever it is about you that that you know guys are gonna get after she
that's a great guy to be a dis. Yes, Reid, exact right, basically taking your own weaknesses projecting on to somebody else, so that I can get first yeah right, lateral, you got you got to walk in there like I used to walk into the like it, but the first thing I would do like it in the first mini camp, one guy in the face. No, no! No! No, I would be like in the shower, with a bunch of guys, are right and there's a there's rookies in there. So the first thing I would do was. I would walk up to a rookie with bar soap, yeah, okay and out in a wash cloth, and I will I will hand it to my say, and I just turn to go, get back very go get my back and they'd be stand there like this, like I gotta wash this dudes back in baseball, they ask you to get your front Medicare public, but that's basically different cultures. What about the whole coaches? What about football guy like coach is what makes a football guy got a football guy when you're talking about like the coaches you've had in the hard coaches you've had an
guys. You push you so to me, I'm going to jump in and answer this for you, Joe Gibbs, is a football guy, but he's not like that aggressive in your face football game. Did you ever hear him? Cuss never never heard So how is he a football guy? Let me say the heat because see Joe gives one of those guys like like a funk. You right, like don't know that were like the uncle that you loved as a kid 'cause. He was cool, but you want to play. Is the guy. You want to make sure that he was proud of. You. Funk washes back a lot yeah right right exactly back watching. So I mean that was kind of Joe Gibbs Joe gives used to say things. You know he would have that he would have words. It replaced curse words, so we used to be, he would say, cards all the time
we do that too. We also are at your your friend greeny, you don't say a word we say took, took us yeah, it's very nice, yeah Joe, would say cots and we used to live like you got to get out there, you got a knock that guys cards off would like what the hell's. I don't even know what that means, like you hit him in the fish fall out of his shoulder like like knock, is growing office right yeah like a cod piece right. I don't so with that, and then he would say all the time yeah you guys he gets. He gets there just red faced it and he was like red. Is a solo cup. You know just many goes. You got to get a case of that red
the case of the red, that's great, so that was that was Joe. You know I've had guys that have completely just cost yeah I mean absolutely cussed me out from I gave above I give. I got a holding call my coach in in Denver my office language, Alice Gibbs, I get a holding coal or plant this whole and we're playing the Houston, Texans and Oilers was yellow with him at the Houston Oilers. Thank you good good, kisser, so playing the oilers and we had a seventy eight yard. Touchdown pass called back the wait, a MIKE Pritchard because holding sixty nine and anyhow so then we didn't convert. You know, store down. Whatever was seventeen or whatever we did give her, we had to punt and he met me literally on the numbers. He's walked off h e mother f. To me all the way from the the opposite, you know thirty or whatever it was because we sat on the the other thirty so from the numbers to the sideline from the thirty down to the other. Thirty you mother, Fnc. Second, Bob all the weight I mean she
test on dress me meets screaming top as long as I'm walking back to the bed and I sit down on the bench and he says I have to ask you one question as a yeah. What? Yes, you got money on the other day, do you have yeah he's right back into a tirade Adams fan? Sometimes I start to believe that when I'm losing all my bat right yeah that guy right exists, grooming yeah exactly, but you know there there's different ways to do it, but I've always been coached hard. I've always had guys it that work in your face type of guys and and- and you know it's how I coach my son- it's just the way I was brought up is the way you were supposed to be coach. It's it's definitely different in some degree or some regard now, but that's well. So we had Tony scheffler on the show was only five months ago. He told us about Shanahan's tanning bed. Did you ever get a chance to see that I've never seen his tanning bed, but we used to call the fire marshal farmers bill not to his face, because you know he got you, but on the farmers, because he was like a beat the middle of December right and that dude would be
like do that. Do would just be almost read it just was. It was awesome. It was glowing yeah, he still is. I had the I did dinner with him there two nights ago. We talk about the ramp job grandchildren. I don't breaking news the bears, I don't another man's job, so I I you know what I think. I think what will happen is his son, Kyle Shanahan will get a coaching job somewhere and he'll go with Kyle to be a helpful to yeah who bring his dad along the assistant. The student has become the teacher type thing right, exactly you think he's not going to he is he. Is he passing on that or is
more that everyone else passing on him? You know I don't know he's had a couple he's actually had a couple offers. I don't know where, but he's had a couple offers. I think I think the it's interesting, because I was talking to him about it and- and I think this would probably piss a lot of people off across the league, but he goes. You know one of the issues that I have right now with with the ages I've got to find owner who actually wants to win right and- and you know everybody wants to win like everybody like everybody wants to to be a millionaire, but very few people want to work to be a millionaire right because you have to be able to the average millionaire in this country has seven streams of income. So you know you have to actually freaking get up and you have to put your nose to the grindstone. That's what this teacher is. One of my teachers say Cleats in the grass cleats on the grass on the each cleats on the grass. Like I don't wanna hear about how hard it is, put your damn police on the grass and go to work, and so that's that that so MIKE was just like there's a lot of lot owners that don't really they say they want to win right, but they don't want to do what it takes to win the right to be profitable right there in the entertainment business. They think it's cool to own a team blah blah blah. But do you really want to win right and I'll? I also think the
the problem with the NFL. Is it's one, the only leagues where teams don't actively like put together three four five year plans, just like we're gonna, be bad for a couple years to be good in a couple years. Where is like the NBA does all the time right, the Cubs just did it in NFL feels like most owners are like? No, I don't want my to. I don't want to commit to being. You know, maybe rebuilding this whole thing and just keep being mediocre, because any team can catch lightning in a bottle in the NFL and the parity almost is like fools gold for some tips yeah. I I think I may I would agree with you. I think, there's a couple different things. I think everybody feels like off. I get the right guy right and we get the right free agents and and listen if you hit the free agent market there, you've got some fatal flaw right right. If it did just this you're, either an attitude issue you're in it, like I hit the free agent market. Why? Because the risk is that you can't playing
you're so injured, you can't play anymore and I flunked three physicals. I flunked a physical in Chicago. I flunked a physical in Atlanta. I flunked a physical or else did I go in Indianapolis the doctor from Atlanta said he told me. I sat in his office face to face across the table. The doctor in Atlanta told me, and I quote, I don't believe that you play in the NFL. You have the left knee of an eighty year old woman. That's what he told me so thanks. You know, then, how many more years do you plant six more years in another pro bowl, one, two more super bowl. So if you flunk three physicals how bad was the team doctor in Denver? Ok, do you, like you, wanna see, that's the thing about yeah! That's the thing about team doctors write that thing about doctors is. If the coaches say this guy is going to pass, then you're going to pass right like the doctors, you know that that's a whole nother, that's it! It's it's a little bit! There's some shade
is. It goes all right. Yeah, that's one of the things that the Players Association try to do is is cut the whole team doctor stuff to be a doctor right. It's not every everything, kind of independent you right right. So talking about the pain, because you're you're very open about like how much pain you're in in a day to day and how many, what fifteen the search He's on your left me fifteen on my left, knee at twenty nine total surgeries, but fifteen on my left. I had I had a foot injury. Just one yeah your kind appears right. I had a broken foot had that repaired. This is what I'm. Okay, though the gate was played our game that we play a game. We always play blogger, verse, NFL player, who's, more injured yeah. So what what was your like? What's the injured, but the pain that you wake up with in the morning. Be like what hurt what hurt yeah? What hurt you this morning in my back, kills me: okay! Well, I ate like way too much pizza. Last night, almost Butte from my heart burn in the middle really yeah, so who's got it worse.
Well! Last night, you probably had it. Yes, I only allow water- I probably woke up three or four times, because my back hurts so bad that I had to readjust. Okay, In my sleep, I will you had the heart. I also woke up because I I bet this leak warriors game and I want to see if I won, so I want to win them. I did actually get so that so long term of your pain, yeah, but that may be yeah you cut down on that sleep all. I just let lesson sweat a lot, and so I woke myself up from the sweating. I was really hung over yesterday and it kind of carried on it tonight. What's worse, dealing with a two day, hang over or having twenty knee surgeries to to hang over yeah. Okay, I got bit by a dog like a month ago. Did you really yeah that ever happening yeah I have been, but not not recently, okay will not recently, so I played through more pain. Did you know you have to get
the tetanus shot or not? I'm glad I did get a. I had to get a couple: shots yeah and also I mean bloggers. You know what you do with the dog. Did you turn the dog? Now I didn't really care about. You know what it really that's the trouble in tough guys, don't care about. You write a put a dog down. He bit me right. You bet on it. Yeah run like a good game. Dog hey. I know you know what I respect that I respect that right right. We want to competitors when we go out there. Do you ever look back at pictures of you like your fat face, you're like man, I lost all my strength. No oh I just was like I look back at my real fat face has like holy. What was my diet for you? Don't like the Heisman. On the record, yes hi, I do it. Okay, all right, so I have an idea for you. Okay, the reason why you don't like the
as you think that it's obviously biased towards running, backs wide receivers and quarterbacks right yeah, it's not it's not yeah, I mean don't, let's not call it. The e o the best college football player, because this doesn't represent the best college football writer. It represents the guy with the biggest campaign who happens to tell the ball okay, so I have an idea for you. We start a. I will sort of fifty fifty we start on a ward for the defense. The chance of guys or maybe like an offense of linemen, who don't get the accolades that these guys to touch the ball and we rival it with the Heisman yeah and it because the second ward and your stick, we call to instinct, I yeah. I you want me to add that you in the name yeah yeah, that is good and yeah right right, it's an interesting and we give it to the best. You know I doesn't touch the ball. Yeah yeah,
Ok, then think about it would not have to work on that sounds like I have a verbal, yes, yeah, legally binding. We have our lawyer, look it over. At least you have your god they cut out. The d word send me the contract on that. At what point are you going to retire talking about CAM Newton's press conference after the super bowl. I you know I haven't talked about it in awhile yeah, it's in four! I well, but we're getting wound up right. Yeah people in here remember how even our disrespectfully what is hoodie oversized walked away. Here's the deal. Here's the deal! Alright, you guys! I, like you guys. Here's the deal with that, if you're gonna draw attention to yourself when times are good, have the balls to stick it out when stuff doesn't go well,
That's all yeah! I mean that's, that's the only that's the that's the requirement why I'm RON Rivera RON Rivera comes out as is well, it's ridiculous. You you'll! We shouldn't at the loser, shouldn't have to do a press conference by the other guys and they're all joys and we're all set now MIKE. Really it's only been going on for fifteen years wrong right now, all the sudden. It's it's you. You know you want one with the bears wrong, but now, all of sudden it's not appropriate, and you know what to say that bull crap sick of that. So this ties back to my fear about can, which is he didn't lose enough in college student, learn how to lose right. He I don't think you lost a game, his junior or a sophomore or junior year, and so then I guess the pros. Or sunny lose big game. There are red flags, know that coming
right, you should have had some. You should add some loser like some loser class. That's right! Draft draft, a quarterback who's lost a lot of games in college. That way, you know, he'll be a pro when you get to the process right. Do you still think Jay Color Show state in the NFC Championship game? Yes, 'cause! I remember. I got that Mattie for that you did yeah yeah yeah. He was fucked up. What are you going to do? He could? play in two days later he's walking around the grove without oh yeah? Let you know what Power Walker, here's the deal you had a chance to win that game. I just gonna tell yeah it isn't quite great. You had a chance to win that game. You go out of that game. What after halftime yeah, we can yeah. You can maybe even earlier than that yeah you're sitting on the bench and you didn't have an ice bag on unity. His red flag, it was cold made in but don't hear the Lakers were here. I did well
You show me anybody who gets injured in a game of that of that magnitude. You still have a chance they're starting to try to get you ready for next week. If you can answer the bell, so they would be treating the snot out of him or keep him in the locker room to treat him and he's sitting on the bench from open, mic. Mopar. I actually want to bring up this entire debate. You'd have to drag me off the field. At that point I had a broken foot. I came into work the very next day. True seawalk, I blog your dog dog Cutler, zero power, ranking power rankings in Denver powering these people mark Schlereth, John Elway God. Will God be number one all ahead of John Elway John, no way no way basin so high you're close to him right? You really think so. Pl people, like God, more than John away in Denver, no one, no, you would think, but when TIM Tivo, I don't
got release. John Elway was public enemy number one yeah yeah, because he released God right, yeah yeah he released we're going to add a third element and there are four settlement marijuana marijuana is like I want right now, so I mean I have such a desire for the rest of the United States to legalize marijuana. So people quit moving into Colorado. You would like getting ten thousand people a month, yeah moving to Colorado Lazy and they just want to eat Cheetos right right, which is actually good for my green chili bit. It's terriblr for my commute, it's absolutely terrible right. You get bachelor parties that go to Denver just to get high like they can't get high in any other state american front. Like it I mean it's like it's the bottom line. What is it a misdemeanor everywhere?
So it depends on I wanna know I don't use drugs right me. Neither, but I'm just saying I don't think it's I'm like. Please just make it legal everywhere and then everybody can go home. You can all go home now right! Yes, yes, we've got God marijuana, then well. I would say this now. This is going to sound a little bit arrogant, but don't always record in super bowls. Before I got to Denver three yes you're right. They have very or two and whom do not? I don't cry at Qana. Nominada Superman fix for you yeah right. That's right! I mean I'm not a I'm, not one of those guys. It's going to do a lot of you have never lost the Superbowl right undefeated. So I would say that, I'm probably you know you're Welcome Denver,
probably right there and then Elway, just maybe a notch below I like that. I like that his bank accounts much larger than mine, but maybe you know I mean just in the hierarchy of Denver in General, God we'd me will away that's a solid mount. Rushmore, though that is yeah. It is it's great place. Alright! So we'll do our final three questions. We ask everyone Ok, first one, do you wash your apples? Yes, why? Man? That's really disappointing? Yeah! You eat a fish head out of the ground. I don't wash it like with. So I just put some water on it. Act like it's wash is that well, who washes their apples? Hope, that's a weird kid who can I ask you brought up so we didn't say anything so so! Ok, but let me ask you this: I'm going to give your listeners the greatest piece of advice they have ever had, because I am probably of all the things before I say this week.
Of them that they don't have to do their taxes. Just so yeah we've done some pretty good advice. Alright, he goes into Yeah, that's another weird to go is with vice that you're right, all right and wrong. Well, we've had to put it on. This is going to be on the Mount right. Okay are of greater, maybe not the top yep all right to pick out the perfect app right. You know how you get an apple and it looks great meaning feels pretty good and you get a home you bite into its mushy. Lumpy. Wants that right, my love life right. Yes, it's not good all right! So here's the key grab, the apple. Stick your nose to get right and you know and smell it and then put it back and let somebody else if it smells Appellee do not take that app. Oh smells Appellee, its oft, it's like apple, so if it has no smell and then it's crisp infirm
that's the apple you warm. So now I am going to be I'm I'm not I'm I'm yeah yeah! I got it my zone yeah. I have almost no just I'm I'm washing my apples now because March writers has his boogers on every apple in America. That's right! Try to find the best step. Yeah! Alright, second, last question: who is the most famous person in your cell phone fate, most famous person in my cell phone gosh? That's a good! That's a good question, Roger Goodell! No, I don't have. I don't have. I have some actor guys like well, like Dwayne Johnson,
well, the rock you want your mom. Will call no medical school called her call you mine. Well, we've actually had him on the show before it's fine, the most famous person we could cause. Oh can we can we? Can we prank call Shafter? Oh you've, shifters number? Oh yeah, yes, yeah right now he's trying to break Newsweek break some news form see what you want to give him a call right: yeah, let's give Schaeffer cause. It was not busy Sunday morning. Ok! Here we go wait a minute. Let me get him, I'm a little over text right now Iphone I'm kind of over Tect, I'm like a
that one's a note pad yeah, I get a galaxy note. Yeah, really! No, those are the ones that explode yeah. I don't want to take it. They don't let you go okay, let's just call just right now, all right, no way picks up he's. Probably on tv I would get two phones go off which which cell phone do you have he's got like three and he's got like four. There is the latest personal who who all right? Well, he didn't answer all right say thanks for he went to his fiftieth birthday. That I was also all really yeah. We're gonna party was, is a big party? You get drunk me, no shifty, no, I don't think so. I'm typically, I don't think so. Yeah gotta break news yeah. I wonder if Rappaport knew that the party was going on and was trying to break news well I'll, be a real that's. What rap before we do yeah
this party to ruin his party up strike when your opponents, as we can the art of war yeah that I like that. All right. Last question question to ask you don't answer famous you're famous for pissing, your pants? Yes, how often would you piss your pants during game? Well, every game time he just sometimes it's just like a little squirt. You know so yeah just little score. You know just like how I'm uncomfortable, then, occasionally it was just for bladder leaks, yep right you, you got to go, thank right, and so that's I mean that's not what role will the other side will poop, I'm not any get in not never in a that'll. Really light is saying no yes, but in light that sounds like never in a game, but in the rest, your life. Yes, oh yeah and whatever's NFL player. We both poop our pants on the commonality, know every now and again leave.
Oil. In there I mean that's good. I mean that happens. Shit happens if you're in the green, chili business and you're not shitting your pants little bit something wrong with your product yeah. It's like. Don't trust the skinny chef, don't trust the chili's chef who doesn't poop his pants, but it doesn't have a little bit of bacon streaks going in there exactly alright marks later. Thank you. So much love to have you back your current guest I'm sorry. I love your part of the family yeah and we're gonna do next interview, so we're gonna go, do an exit review which is gonna, get a little weird it always does and that everyone check out that beyond look out. Thank you so much. Everyone also subscribe to the stinking truth. Your podcast. I appreciate that yeah we'll have a good time. Maybe I'll get a partner on the stink a trip. I guess I would actually would like that yeah. I guess it isn't, because I what I like to do is Delegate authority. Let somebody else do all the work right. I just kind of a last question right: here's what you do get Hank, either with you and you guys can just take turns reading at each other, allow it radio yeah that would right yeah
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Sign up today. Let's do some say permits we have over before we do some segments actually make sure you look out we're going to post, Mark Solaris Eggs interview, probably on Wednesday It gets really weird, really weird I'll. Let you go center gas on what we do, but it's probably it's hey the most intelligent thing that we've done by far okay, this the segments, Let's start with a little respect, the biz. You have one for Vontaze Burfict. I have one for Demarcus cousins. I do yes, so Fox nineteen Jeremy sounds pretty legit. He is a reporter and your screen name, Jeremy, and he wanted to interview. Font is perfect and he says vantage perfect declined. Our interview, request laughed and said: I ain't got shit to say fuck everybody. So I guess that's a no
you know, comment. Okay, so I know this is mostly respected: business, specter journalists. No! No, I'm reversing it yeah! I'm sorry! We've all been there yeah. You will also just respect, like font, is Burford being the ultimate he'll write, and what's that also the reporter? Should in the old days. We just write down no comment and going away. That's no comma! You don't have to report the exact words that the person used to say no comment right. I guarantee you. There have been some people that are like shut the fuck up. No fuckin comment. That's not his quote! His What is technically no comment right. I guess they don't teach set at Fox nineteen, german. So, along those same lines we have to markets cousins who actually got his little mini Ryan leaf moment where he was yelling at a reporter in the locker room. Any for willow from the Sacramento Bee sounds fake, that it does that not we you named your newspaper after an insect okay, so works, because I was pissed because furlough had meant
and his brother to mark his brother in a column. So you saying like don't don't ever talk about my mother's cousin's, brother? Okay, I got it. Don't ever talk about my brother bill, but here's where the respect the biz comes in. Okay, because the bees I can't even it's so fake. The bees executive, editor choice, terror, Haar. This is what he said about for. Did you read this article on Snopes? this everything sounds fake. This is great, though, for a this ground, that's no small thing given cousins, strength and size? It likely help that frozen experience, journalists, journalist who was shot at as he covered riots in LOS Angeles and threatened by family members of criminal defendants. Well, the covered Sacramento superior court he's seen worse so just think about how much of a hero for Lois is he stood there and took us
seven for yelling at him. While there was a time of security around and video camera, it was clear that Demarcus cousins because was to do anything I mean I think I think papers should just hire combat veterans. Same thing is getting shot at Mister, Marcus, cousins being a little angry and young tons to leave it leave his brother out of it. Yeah leave his brother out of it like a shot. Yeah, respect to the guy. I mean he's seen worse So they went through like furloughs all these headlines. It was one of those classic ones. Where you see the video and you're like mad Demarcus cousins Dick, and then you realize, like furlough, has been writing stuff like like the keys to the the kings, have cancer and they need a scalpel to take tomorrow. Dozens ok shit like that over the years like. Ok, maybe I understand why Demarcus Cousin was pretty pets in America's got arrested right, no clay, Travis still waiting for the wrong. Ok, we're sitting on that one yeah we're going to sit on that deep, app to Marcus, go ahead and get arrested, don't be a pussy.
We have a stay classy for the Pittsburgh. Cincinnati game was Classic Pittsburgh Cincinnati down to the Bengals just blowing it. While everyone is like here, come the Bengals blowing it, but there was also some great stuff that went on stay the state. That's right! Mark Madden Mark Madden, Pittsburgh, Legend radio, legend of raconteur. Yes, this guy is like skip Bayless without a filter. It's incredible but he tweeted in the second half great to see. Burfict hurt the worst, the better fuck that guy so stay class really feel mark. But if you watch, the video of wind Vons has got injured when he was going low on to Castro recurring guest and get the caster was going low on him at the same time, and it was just two guys, diving headfirst into each other's how much yes and it was like for second got. The NFL might not be safe for a second, I thought two guys would die
and we have to watch it death on tv. It was like the end of the Superman versus doomsday yeah cartoon, where they kill themselves well lost yeah, not get other at the same time. That's basically what it looked like, but matinee. It's a good point. It was great to see perfect, hurt the worst, the better fuck that guy and we also have Jeremy Hill right. That's right! So Jeremy Bill took a terrible towel and after he scored a touchdown in the first quarter or second quarter. Thinking that whenever the Bengals are up their lead is safe. So we took a terrible towel and tried to rip it apart and threw it on the ground and turns out that they weren't, safe, and they lost that's right, and then somebody tweeted it
about like hey, you don't disrespect the towel, remembering the Titans did that to Pittsburgh. Like I'm telling fifteen years ago, Pittsboro people get really weird about their jizz rags. There's also like, if there's one way to get Pittsburgh back in the game, is to take their cum rag and start throwing it around and treating it like it's something other than a comrade part like blow your nose on it and they're. Like hey Myron, cope, you don't know who Myron COPE is with the classiest organism, Michael Def. Let me eat this is Rudy. She crocheted the first terrible towel, some respect, so fucking towel yeah they give out of them. So this hey Jeremy, you don't do that with the terrible towel and then Jeremy. Fuck, y'all tell which is, strong comeback, and then somebody was like hey. You should have to eat this and he said oh, I was hacked and he deleted a nice little spins it on their great yeah 'cause. That's definitely what people do when they hacked someone. Actually, a hacker is probably watching that game. Like hey now
Greek, pounce on Jeremy Hills account because we can start talking shit about terribles. Everybody would believe it right. Now. Yeah we have a ooh awesome as akward, so we have a double awkward, the first ones gust. Bradley who got fired and he was made to take the team plane yeah he's the yes, it was running backs on animal time. You just like everybody was like he got fired in his from a crime to you. Let him off the plane. First. What do you do there? Yeah you, actually last yes, sir. I mean yes go, get a study. Boarding privileges are for employees is named, Paul is using yours, boss to from them yeah zero. Four two
to the law to the facility. Can we just go away by the chaotic they're building our ideals? If I'm, if I'm Gus Bradley, I am drinking that plane into oblivion. On my way back, I'm like keep Drum Coke's got out yeah, who That's me, ok and then the next one we have Rex Ryan who, before the game said it was reported that he's going to be fired and he knows he's going to be fired so, but and after the game he said he doesn't know that he's going to get fired and he hasn't talked with his owners about the future, even though everyone in the internet and everyone in the know is saying restaurants for sure getting fired so so would mean you mean you have a disagreement on this and I think that he's going to get another head coaching job nope. I think he could go to Jacksonville. No pretty good. Can you imagine Rex LA grex first,
rex on the beach, our toes Barefeet Rex Ryan, in the swamp, the guy with the swamp. Yet Jacksonville and it was nice, whatever all floors positive to beach, it's all swamp, it's not beach. Fucked Antonio, should be Chadwell right right by the beach put him in a swamp would be the most dangerous thing in the world. I think that x would absolutely love Jacksonville. I think what would have this? What if the saints trade Sean Payton for like a couple of draft picks or whatever, then they pick up both the Ryan Brothers can imagine those two boys. After only once yeah islands in the bank, the the getting back together- okay but yeah racks, he knows getting fired, everyone knows he's. What do you think they have a Christmas party? I think both teams do Christmas parties yeah, the leader of the cheese
He knows get fired so in this situation really drunk in this situation. This is where Rob starts to slowly steal office supplies he is making a raid on the staplers out the note pad it like that. I wouldn't I don't know about that. I think it's more like the ketchup packets, the mustards the creamers he's coordinates. These are in a lot of stuff yeah he's getting he's getting his money's worth from the bills lot of bills. Cafeteria is making a lot of calls to the maintenance. Guy being like this vending machine ate my quarter again, he's going in the freezer and getting the frozen chicken tenders. I just like bringing him home with him. I think he's taking every can get its paws on he's just starting to load up his survival bunker right now. And then in that case Apocalypse ever happen after draft a memo upset yeah, I think rob still lives in Rex basement so Rex, going to come home one day in his basement racks come check. This out check out what I got in the basement and it's going to be
The entire bills facility is in his basements in the workout. What are you doing? Are you still have a Dave and fired me yet bring all this get back and Robin and feel like a shithead he's going to feel like the the fuck up brother who's like I was just trying to help you out man with other go far. You were looking at just back shouldn't. Take it work will try to take about equal over on there like ten reams of bill stationary. Take that off your mind, exit out for you, I pre XD, every single one, five hundred piece of paper, oh man, that actually we just described, is exactly that's what happens not far from what people think of NFL coaches is being like this other world, very professional person, knowing
rob the way that we do as close personal friends he's absolutely storing some shit up. They definitely give him a mini fridge like the first day he's taking that he's already taken out, he's running a hand, truck he's going in the office of the hand truck and maybe a u haul, probably ripped it right out of the wall and like took a little chunk out of the wall to Rob was here. You know rob is here 'cause, this mini fridge took a little piece out of the socket is going to leave some fish in the ceiling panels. He's gonna put the fish in the ceiling panels before they get fired and there's kind of deal with the stink she like a week and a half change all the toilet paper to one ply for sure. We have oocyte This is maybe the greatest meanest psych of all time. This happened on Sunday night. It was around twitter. Someone reported that the Vikings Us Bank stadium is open.
Its doors for the homeless People Minnesota, because it is so historically cold. That's really nice turns out was fake. Sorry, sorry, you thought you're gonna survive this bitterly cold might pretty good site. You thought you were going to freeze to death almost people so well, if, if you can play office of line and then the alleged to be like a blind side situation where I'm sure Sandra Bullock would have picked up any kid walking down the side street and not a six foot, four three hundred pound offense of linemen right. It's like the Seinfeld episode when it came out to tell Raquel Welch that she's fired and you have to go, tell my exam to put his eye patch back on. If you can do the you can stay as long as short, so it was, or apparently homeless, people out there so tough break for the Cleveland Browns General managers. Also that's rough get out to us that the site might not have been such a psych because they
just kind of made it up well and also homeless. People would have to have twitter and be refreshing it to be. Like oh shit, I gotta home tonight. Well, there was that thing a couple years ago. It was like a project where all these tech companies work. You know how we could change the world is, if homeless, people to voice. So we're going we're going to give him cell phones and sign him up for twitter accounts and it's like that's real, which ok, yeah, really they're, going to look at porn like the rest of it turns out. They actually saved homelessness, so there's no. Finally, we have two more bad visual this one. Actually, there's two on this one. The first one is Tony Romo with Jerry Jones. Watching the Texas State Finals, Jerry Jones grandson, was the quarterback of one of the team's wearing number. Nine for Tony Romo So that's, probably not the best visual. That's alright! It's a good visually time your boss has like. Age of you in their personal life. I think that's a good thing not to brag
Erica put up my poster in her office. Your is your poster in okay minds in there anyways. But yours isn't so that's weird and make yourself by the way I goes right, ok Asian make it did make it myself just saying, like it's a good salary, I think it's always a good thing. You disagree and I I don't doubt that I would disagree because you're not in the same position. I am so and then the other bad visual Hank. You got bad result for us. Sheldon Richardson, before the game. Sheldon show was on Snapchat and he said it was just a video of him saying where the hoes at fuck this game, I, like your Hank, has become our Snapchat reporter. I also things in the S c world. I also think that children Richardson, I mean that's, not that bad a visual jets are really really bad. Thank you can't really be mad at someone only cares about hose hey. Can you that's that's a good point right I mean they were getting ready to play. The dolphins was cold. He didn't want to watch that game, so yeah farm fell, but can you explain
and on the streets for me and tell me how somebody got this video from Snapchat, because don't they disappear forever off the internet? Nobody ever finds out. If you put him in the store, as for twenty four hours, so someone recorded their getting with another phone yeah third party? According everybody, should only have be able to have one cell phone that can record yes, agreed. Gregory runs until all the dog kill, the cats won't more dogs, and only one thing today, no just I'm just saying as your own. If I need more dogs You be lying. If you told me that you haven't thought that, if everything went to get know how long you be able to survive just eating off Stella, no, that's so disgusting! We're going to cut this part. I think I think, in the event of an apocalypse I can survive for like get out. Six months on the ring is I have something more fucked up a a new segment
myself about my dog feed off, may yeah, it's very brave you could call him. I have something that will erase this whole dog murder. Weird thing that you're weird mood, let's just admit that it's weird boat, I'm just being honest. Okay, we have a new segment, that's enough internet for today, so this happens every now and then you'll see a tweet, a story. Something- and you say you know what that's enough internet for today so days the inaugural comes from because fault this is actually on Friday. The story the headline was: My husband loves leaving fruit in my vagina all day, so we can eat it later. So that's probably enough internet for today and that's our show I've got one more bad, visual. Okay, this is a emergency, bad visual update, not sure if it's fake or not it looks real skip Bayless. Doing a facebook live
and he commented on it without signing out of his own account and said skip. You are the man exclamation point love the new show on Fs1 exclamation points that actually just yeah. It just happens: Bayliss isn't commenting on his own star. His own facebook live stream complementing themselves, that's a bad visual, bad, visual, wow, okay yeah! He did forget money, no yeah skip. You are the man three exclamation points, wow love the new on FS. One eight people forget is the show that the players and the coaches watch scary. That today too well skip it's a bad visual. But you know what you got to be in one fan right: yeah, hey! You can't love anybody else until you love yourself. First right there you go. That's exactly right, spin that way that way: ok, let's fish to show any shout. Oh no, I got no shots. Okay, alright right we'll see you all know,
shout out to the homeless population of Minneapolis, yes, stay safe out there and so
I love you.
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