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3X Super Bowl Champion Willie McGinest + Week 1 Recap

2018-09-10 | 🔗

The fastest 2 minutes are back. Week 1 recap, the Bears broke Big Cat's heart (2:27 -13:37) Andrew Luck is back, Ryan Fitzpatrick torched the Saints, and the Browns tied a football game (13:37 - 28:13). Football guy of the week including Larry Fedora's memory hole and Syrup Coach (28:13 - 35:49). Who's back of the week (35:49 - 43:25). 3X Super Bowl Champion Willie McGinest joins the show to talk about his career in the NFL, playing for Bill Belichick, being friends with Snoop Dogg, and predictions for the 2018 Football Season (43:25 - 71:25). Talking Tennis, Serena Williams in the US Open, Hermatology Herm Edwards is actually good? And our newest segment "Whats the Beef" where we get an explainer on KD vs Lebron, Eminem vs Machine Gun Kelly, Cardi B vs Nikki Minaj. Plus a bonus embrace debate for football watching sundays. 

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at today's party might take we have former peach it includes a brown great willie mcguinness he works for the nfl network he is an awesome interview we talked about his career with bela check snoop dog who he likes this year really fun time was really he was in studio so you know it was good we awful while guy the week we have weak one recap we have whose back the weak it isn't jam pact show but before we get to all that you know the cash app its simplest way to italy send money to friends it's also the number one apple finance and now it's a number one up for paying fence the football league fees the cash app the official ordering listeners fancy football fee up so if you want to tweet your cash tag and how much you oh your league to a part of my take we'll hook you guys up with some free money download the cash up for free on the app store or google play market do it right now don't be the guy who d
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what the cash out makes it super easy it just one click of a button after you download it and link it to your bank account download the cash out for free on the absolute google play mark in twitter tarkash tagging we welcome some free money ok let's go on its part today is one day september tenth weak ward good to be back
some spread we start in cleveland it was a stormy daniels day as both teams were getting pissed off by mother nature all afternoon might have an audio tomlin couldn't keep his client ben raucous quarter from turning over sensitive material as tie rod taylor swift and the brown have a history of bad blood against this feelers today was you michael jackson's day though as he loves the man in the mirror because that man is now one thirty one and one in his last two seasons plus the brown didn't lose a football game don't let cleveland get steelers twenty one cleveland also twenty one admit of solar we may have to hold off on a certain quarterbacks hall of fame induction as the forty nine hours couldn't find the jimmy juice by turns out spending the office imposing on scoring in the pig sown instead of the red so doesn't make for great put a sort of upwards of one party kirkland signature cousins amount of time in the pocket as the vikings put a wholesale feeding on the diner statements voting tomorrow morning dolls this week might suffer the vikings are often running pretty for change is that truck by glasses teach and i see in this right and lucky's back you goddamn riper frank two wrongs do not make a right as his first came against the citizen i report goes and home and clayton vigilant as one on the cold season ass he picks up the court to come up bengals thirty four towards twenty four pact backpack backpack backpack backpack the patriots machine starts another sees not box pearl as rex torque had were shown that texans deepens is ass all day ass he ran away from their secondary and rob prompt cowskin spiked upward paul like it was a greater rate container full of tunnels my good friend hooty once said time why you punish well that may be true for the rest of us mortals but tom keeps putting our breeding on time and stop me if you heard this before but patriots one twenty seven or twenty the bills needed a spark in paul tomorrow so they turn to nathan j peter men who catalogued another awful hopper football filling the statute with pointless driven nobody circles the urban so rare like buffalo bills it's gonna be along season in western new york as joe camel cool flock of smoke the bills deepens to the tune of forty seven three hey swami bird fact
ravens don't have bills they have beaks thanks for the bird backed each quarter davis with both sides i so much better than me ryan j this into an ally that san diego super chargers and the trees tangled as pie rick hillary clinton burnt always secondary like it was a permanent email firmer say right so what philip rivers cuomo was left reason anthony marketplace what guilty to pig won over by the canvassing commander and the elderly parents or aspect of charges for zogg surf sir i'm sorry sores arts or after a slow start to season sharp sword to the metal as we go where two celebrities were food again it's corny be orioles line nick eamon arguing with his arm and issues running for forty six on upon appear partly from some rumbold and stumbled and bubble poorly sport opponents of five but i can see four miles and miles and miles jack analogue touched out of his own and a chapel sport do george giants twenty fifty broncos panicked socrates and china where pulled the alarm and broke the quarterback glass case of key normative emmanuel sandstorm when don't talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk tat i don t do due to fraud or thirty five yards of tv broncos hold off one of the twenty seven twenty eight boop gets age but get it guaranteed finally we go to north carolina where nor perhaps left the cowboys asking skull apology skull maltese government who did this term duck streets sing bye bye to the cowboys purse gave it a seated dallas
sixteen panthers i beg you switch that offer better sixteen dollars six still got it the prison for border so weak one we are here is good to be back scratching back we're taking this at half time of the bears packers game and clear mac is maybe the greatest got linebacker of all time erasures is dead and the game's over everything's all right if you like a pivotal era in the bears history where it's like everything stormy good from this point forward its have thought it passes the past twenty that are you guys have exercised the ghosts of a fourth towns pass chris conte is not walk through that door this defence is different this defence is not going to let the pact get behind him for a last minute score they are come into play their play with discipline and aaron rodgers he might not plain identifiable here's the thing there clearly
in fucking pittsburgh tied today like we should have started with that and then aaron rodgers i just i hate him are you does nothing that there is nothing that can be done he would he was dead he was done he'd like an i didn't even did the whole like i feel bad guys and i put out a tweet which i probably the worst readable time when i said i want to be the healthy aaron rodgers this bears events could beat anyone you know what you're you're virtue signalling you didn't mean that i didn't you didn't you just put it out i let us airs large probably mean that want to beat the healthy rogers pointed out there are some people like a well because such a gracious winner i really monitors allows keyser you're not a gracious what are you just wanted to put that idea i know i know i do feel bad for you i feel bad but i think it's also important and in our profession to have enemies and you have an end dude aaron rodgers is your enemy i had sidney crosby but not anymore cuz he's a loser we stopped to shoot at them so forget about that hank scott well i guess that's a boston fan you don't
really have hangs enemies is bookie cause he lost z betting it's the bears my five school annesley north lock of the year you idiots hasten amused chocolate milk chocolate many way i mean listen it's you upset i hear was there was like no way the tat could happen and then it happened that's the thing journey to nothing like erasures oh he always come back our worries on one leg that's fine we score one touch summer fine hey guess what we didn't score another touchstone hey guess what george howard went out abounds by accident hey guess what counts for little interception go through his fucking here i was bad and he had a little conscious ran for billion yards yet the the interception that would a sealed it for sharing to do you know there's a worthless roger suppression of the worst part of making pakistan so happy right now isn't there also happy we're gonna do huge numbers of the show because everybody loves suicidal beget is that the one thing that you're not getting that i really wish that every single list could be experiencing like i'm experiencing you can hear the pain and big cats with which is wonderful it's but but it's like the whole dynamic you ve got going on you ve got your sad that bears sweatshirt looks awesome when you're wearing
it does not matter t shirt fatter shirt in the world's whereabouts went mad you're hairs myself ass my second chain is just like really being pronounced your eyes you ve got like a bassa hound eyes it just it's like how could have one up and i well crouching behind your ears and make everything ok i know its weak one at the worst part is my text messages like with everyone like oh my god i can't believe how good the bears are this real and is the competent team this office is unbelievable we might win the fucking eta north it is a little time capsule then we just buried in it will never existed ever you haven't for a little time capsule made i've i made a b i was literally spent the entire sector have made clear mac shirts and i was gonna ask you busy retire offer whom he was this tat he had a speed he had a sack a strip sack of former recovery and interception and a touchstone all
on one one aim game and the only person to ever do that before was clear back he's unreal he is unreal so that's a good silver lining was yet clear may i read it and then that the first half often look pretty good i think i figured out nagy so like though the first is that he had which it looked like he was a reinventing football yet often suleiman split out why don't do that don't you dare jolly i really hope that i really hope that they like a visually throw screen pass to attack will the elite make my day so he's a he came out there doing his mad scientist thing for while it's like i'm if if i go to a wedding i'm right the good a dancing in the first three songs because i've got my moves i've got like my i've gotta go twos and i know people that haven't seen me do those moves beforeblacker hey look still this guy my pinocchio dancer but then after like uptown funk is done and they start to get in there the catch the eye one idea electric slide is i just like to step in clan who s been that's what nagy did after the first couple dropsy just went back like basically
to feel needs to be wider that's the problem because i can already tell were were not really a north south team when it comes to pass and game which is coming to spread it out in i'll throw through a lot of shit to the sidelines so we just need to figure out how we can make this the field a little bit wider and then the bears often so we stopped running about you guys do a lot of like raymie reaction gray brown gives a lot of full back to which i like in that office i don't wanna we want more make this a bears pleasure i have one last question keanu before we move on to the rest week one do you think nagy is making a mistake by wearing advisers ball man no in fact i good i that's a good take away i would go i think the opposite it is important to make sweeping broad visual judgments on new coaches and just things that we're gonna harp on for the next five years managed with him i actually like the visor look on on his bald head
because it's like circling his brain is like a circle around his brain telling me how smart is all whole cauliflower head do squeeze apple eyes wide receiver maybe if nagy wasn't so toxics masculine and was able to have female daughters i would have been a visa as opposed to our sails orders or female we will check on it gonna got even of sperm subjects that are masculinity is so that was yeah i guess i was the biggest story air riders rose from the dead i thought we'd have other season without em there's gonna be fuckin sweet i do like how the packers earned a never ending cycle of guy in a tight end in the off season in people's like this is gonna be the tight and oh yeah that finally fits into the area of energy we unstoppable the things you mean grand like two and a half years to fit in with anyone right he probably dont even breastfeed untanned aaron rodgers errors makes everyone better so it's like you could throw anyone out there but i know he's actually can be good eyes we did bury the lead though the real story the steelers and the brown tight
daddy browns the browns did not lose a football game for the first time in life whatever was twenty months or something few jackson itself was a sad one thirty one in one which is beautiful way if he can get nine hundred preying on women nineteen hundred and eighty four more time than eleven bertha who dhabi good that's very related harm and big ben i so what when you do let us was preface everything we say here with its all hot takes because its weak one we're gonna make just knee jerk reactions is big bang he's bad out any skinny because doesn't know how does he doesn't know how to operate without like all their extra repairing around he through three interceptions had to fumbles i dont what it is watching him now but he he like doesn't actual think there's a rush ever
like you just want he'll run was sideways and and throw the ball and weird like underhand and all this weird shit a color reminds me of when brett far for the first time we thought he was done with the pact he would do that our shit where he just like run pass a lotta scrimmage and throw and underhand pass yeah like big bends gotta get into that senile quarterback age where it's like these do shit that's not even in the rule book he doesn't have peripheral vision immunity thing here he just dropped back and since he doesn't have a patting he's used to like defence events hitting em in bouncing off and you are just being absorbed by his fat but now that he's like lost a little bit cushioning he gets it and he gets hit and he feels it so like it's a different big benny still learn these figures value is on body you ready for this growing into himself you ready for this that since the brown came back in the nfl teams that have plus five and take away in a game are hundred thirty two and four and one grounds have two of those losses in the time ahead
there are thirty two foreign one allows have to those losses and more those ties using its part is possible for the brown to tie sixteen games i would love it i love ties heizer the great because you go through the range of emotions reelect i would need a winner and then you get here point through the overturning we too we need to make the dynamic nab jokes and its cultural sovereign than the game ends in areas like this can be awesome looking to stand as a flowcharts we even have that one that always fucks everything i've ass for the rest new year yet about i gotta become an annoying me in there in the standing jabers could become a mathematician doing fucking having percentage share like well i don't know how to figure this year if you dont have a dog in the fight ties are amazing i love to but if you are so a fan of one of the teams that is involved in the thai they sought because
you don't know whether you should get drunk because you're happy or he should get drunk because her sad bengals happy for me not browns happy for sure brooding lose again data lucy gets huge but do you get drunk because you gotta took because you tied yeah i know that in in the brown spans i'll fucking love cleave around fence it was raining there's half full at the end there just slip off the camera going crazy over every single playing a new tight and then they probably trunk in the whatever the muni lot and had a great time they had absolutely had a great time can i ask you a question yeah could alabama beat the bills those that's a good question curs the bills this is going to be a bad season throughout the bells which was lost forty seven three they got smaller major flacket look good again which is our gioia lack or made himself hard is again nathan peter men five for eighteen twenty four you arts and sean mcdermott still said i want to take a look at this
yeah what's it we i dont know whether he is good or not we even ojeda zero point zero quarterback rating at one point he i forget what it was he was like four four twelve with two interceptions and then he through an incomplete pass and square back rating actually went up dude how to show mcdermott after the five interception game he was like i'd still want to look at the tables yes some of those were good thrown over now you don't you don't know the whole story we and everyone in the world knows the native peter men is one of the worst quarterback small time except his head coach the odds are thus progress due to last time he started he get put at half time this time he got pulled three minutes into the second oh he made always so by weak seven he'll make it all the way to the two minute warner yeah so the other games we had andrew lock my lady care less real quick on the bills yeah also at stake
pooh pooh the ravens the ravens do look like a good football john our bottom unaware that division john harbours a weak one gangster yet fully always know he did we want as his time the shot yet they're gonna win that division but always with bills they have a decision make ok trash on time i think they're going to i don't think i should i'm worried about it because it's not ideal when you talk about ideal situations for quarterback i dont think the bills this season in urban be emmett i'm gonna struggle to find one would you gonna mentally abuse him yeah and psychologically abuse them if you put a matter for fixing or fertility van so are you still living off the high of last year making the flask that's a weird thing that's a weird fear this is a play off to yet another revoke italy play off they did lose two faces are off line and down a little nice nugget that's got handsome throughout for the early games he's like cause the rate when the when a game gets away from him he's like war what's the point of going back to it and he said like in the third quarter listen these two teams
technically had the most winds combined from last year of any match up in the four in the one o clock is right the raven should have been a play off to india so i did my team that's gonna win the end of sea north the cincinnati bangles who we such game on friday trash take their their color refugees were fire andrew lock is backing the fifty three times any don't hear did pop more in the cholera and they all have a ton of they have a ton of talent and as long as an adult and there was a funny moment that game where it was like the game started and youth you'd like not used to football being back so you dont know if like your score bug is like it it's like glitch you're something because it went any dalton interception interlock interception back to back place like wait now there's some wrong airline nope actually these guys just go
let's just good midwestern for bulgaria andrew like before the game was sounded like the biggest work overtime hours are happy to govern vehicle because walk and authors corporate my eyes for death so and then we're just gonna whip through the whole league here the herb are the most important ways can elect suck my frank reich roquat yunkers are he moves the needle he's still at the stage where if he walked into this room right now i would now overflowed you'd have to we were called paul he didn't do anything like noteworthy stupid or entertaining freely even recognize me at source exist i just act the only way that i'll acknowledge m is if i can chew horn his last name into a nazi joke yeah switch you can i knew you listen i know i can you and you will then i will you ah the saints defence is trash and ryan fitzpatrick had the greatest game of all time he had four touchdowns fought for seventeen years i've this my long time theory the rhine fitzpatrick just herpes any easier
get flare up every now and then cause he you gonna forget that he exists and then all of a sudden you have one or two games worried like wait what all day yeah harvard rife its propaganda he's actually competent and then next game he'll probably throw three interceptions it'll have like one of those the books are still in the game in the fourth quarter in rhyme fitzpatrick runs backwards we know twenty yards and just throws it up for dinner sap no he's like a con man from his the guy from catch me if you can't yeah he switches jobs lot and then he'll be really good and everybody loves him for a second ease and then everything is blows up in his face but yet this was incredible game like there's no two ways about he was actually very guess this was unwell and saint stevens was transoceanic attract but he was making some pretty awesome throws end the beard the beard this year's sick
i'm ok with the saints going back to what the saints are in the end by that i mean always being able to bet the over because our defence socks and the air the ball out like the saints you needs it last year suck because they ran it and you didn't your brandon catch up to it the saints need to be big twelve football for every game the lights a common mistake which on painted today he obviously just ran with the game plan that you put in place for the field of eagles fat lay offs last year s that that sales game there he's like this is my next game plan that was next one of the charge so he just went with that and did not game plan for dirk cutter and his bud brilliant offices dramatic sprang fitzpatrick is also time s question if there's a quarterback controversy in temper who cause i think through zirk i mean if he goes if we give she was three three games
three now roger guitar spun the wheel and landed on some random ok recently got you people forget you saw it was an overdrive or not a lift driver ok i'll give you three instead of four here what we ronicky mothah sent three as you know that odd number you don't really know what you did and if you apologize if you gimme a half ass apology by this and we got us reinstated and yeah if you dont sexually assault any more service providers then i'll just cut it down to two hour you ready to jump off the jimmy g bandwagon because boy that was tat i the forty nine we said this all off season like they were the team that everyone said this is the team and jimmy jeez guy he had three pecksy look bad and the vikings events obviously very divergent by way do you agree with me the cook look shorter in purple i think looks dumb i think looks really i don't you i don't know of i'd say short i just say look stupid ok
that's where he such a nice big that's you but i think he does look shorted like one jeff green or the calves jersey look like he had jumped area her cousins or shorter and in broken out i'll run without makes them look squander yeah we argue that i also things the mat helmet tat might be what you're thinking it doesn't have that shine on and sometimes a shining giver reflection thea was major local knowledge his yeah i got what our shiny hats jimmy gi are we amr you could be like hastings ah i will give you five weeks because vikings differences really get ok very there are various air fare do no one person than i do have to take back my take is patchy my thanks thank you when i was i listen this is what i do i give out one really bad take start the seas and get my legs you know under me last year as a blow up the saints this year's patrimony sinks sanctions as could be terrible guess what i'm a big
i'm a bigger man than most i will raise takes you don't you that was very fucked up when you when you have a bad take you just pretend it's a joke i at least say hey i was wrong so i was wrong i guess i'm just gonna cut yourself biologists admitting that iraq's are easily like as you think though i was watching as electoral you gonna go back if you say yes i know he's electric no i'm on however in him now have like a threefold believer he was electric and then you have it i knew it now he was the latter has tried all he was electric electric i'm on the palm on the right side of pattern that's my homeboy deniers he's so good every throw that he may he's like make it throws off balance economic forty two yards in the area of incredible stuff jimmy but are still not appoint ira not not yet see that's what not he gets absolute asked the pretence joke i have to own asylum is central to our biota i'm a passionate homes my by jerzy fuck it am i just
do it attaches arms tat to do it you won't you what about you if i get if so what you want but you have to eat horse pooper fundamentalists and ninety horse proof once eating or our except you as well and we don't even a few eight horseshoe there's an isolated visual the evidence of it i sought where as you know you didn't see it aegis you smelled hank pooped our hey hank puke yeah elk has got weak stomach the recent what other games you want to touch on roquat dec we sit settled albert wrought fraud both cowboys are the frauds sick highways of the fraud dac is a frog losses of fraud i think i still think to dolphins a fraudulent ok ways data lightning delay which was just screwy that was awesome because of lighting it is stopped for two hours and it started them stop for two hours and you just didn't know if it was gonna i wanted just keep going so that we just had extra football at some point and this is actually a brilliant strategy if the u s government involved in it because
the one way to get americans to act on climate changes if we start having more and more game cancellations and the unified there's been a shitload of whether delays in college yea if there is like one fall were twenty five percent of major college and in a fellow games or cancelled and found you better go if we pass a fucking bill were joining the kyoto protocol weren't join at paris climate court again back inner would like both feet no father for so fast don't fuck my football so yeah just stable but welcome that oh i had one other thing seemed bradford may not be answered arizona notion that means that means what its clementine baby when you mean glens at her with a jerk josh rosy orbiting elam set to get a little learn that i also bring josh rose i hope brigham mike i hoped in berlin has so bad i hope they pregnant guy that that guy that guy like a multi multimillionaire matches does fucked up the world is and is not in a right balance when my clinton has that much money i just looking at
are you gonna call the giant frauds i'm looking at my fruitless right now giants have a question mark of whether or not there for our now i'm not gonna call in france because seek one is awesome he has yet exactly is advertised and their job is terribly ever the jaguars defects is just as good as we all do not mean there there was one of the best units in football as jobs are exactly the same as they were the sheer and i watched cause reno obviously to new york are gonna watch and whole game you eyes deaf old and definitely is not like he missed a couple wide open guys but i'm not ready to calm frauds just because i think sequence sake one is good enough that he will keep them in games but it is being they are on my watch list though that you know that's fair that's it but they're not even you can't put off you can't make a team of fraud the one three games lasher there is already started as fraud right but i think a lot of people were dismissing that because of mackadoo mackadoo do i think it's the other way round is will the giants are be for real they started as fraud
so it can they be further come up pretty oghee i dont know if it will be of earl yeah they are already in the frascati real yeah exactly any other any other teams that we wanted to touch on i guess the patriots one again when the broncos o the seahawks could be you know what you know what our monetary football is next week bears were successful limp there's a loser leave tongue in israel whoever lose their game is not coming plants where where's again that's in chicago ok i'm like al can we that's when the other so i think she hawks they hate travelling each right yeah that's a went for sure ominous could actually kind just do it right now can i say it's a window to plant that you'll be basically to not yet once we get a twenty three and twenty four nothing we we'll be you'll be one and a half and oh yeah exactly i shall we go to our football guy the weak actually before we do that velvet a velvet a cheese velvet macaroni and cheese i actually
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gave a great except in speech so first album gilbert yeah first up we have sirop guide you have seen god you no worship guys from you i do so serve guys a high school football coach let me pull up exact where is from here he is from his coat car michael and he carries around into my mouth on his austria like it's a gun on the sidelines in her hands out shots of syrup to his off of lime and whenever they have a pancake block eyes so i watches video it is so beautiful watching a guy come off the field a big office of lyman asia's pouring sirop down his throat that's for jonesboro high school love he's also the wrestling culture that's a double job jonesboro georgia our next up is larry fedora who is the coach of the u n c tar heels he
as a little memory ass she watched you know he doesn't have a memory issue because he is such a football guy that he has decided he is selective memory so someone asked them they platy see you this weekend they lost someone asthma out the blow out lost they had a couple years ago and you just like on which talk about these like me just pretence of jokes yeah examined no answer and even know he doesn't even do that he does he just said i don't know a stronger baby i should certainly again anyway and then someone followed up was like hey when you said you didn't know you're talking about do you just not remember exact yeah i'd you could say that i don't know what you're talking about andrews a race the loss from his memory rise won't bring it up will he uh that's that's pretty fitting sir he's the guy that says that like that united military depends on having football right right so yeah you as we don't talk about words that we lose correct ever so he these just taking after the troops yes yes so i mean i like this move just arrays things that you don't want to talk about and thus will exactly larry floored absolutely move on
we have coach my grable from the tennessee titans who before the game was running for length hundred yard wins prince you back and forth yeah i think i do so you know mike i know my keys in ten sky coach coach sir please be ours ok we know coach and we know the he's an intense dude he just like taken just like we always say with it with a dog if you want you dog itself just make a tired so he's got to ease ease i trained himself too to just tyre himself out so he will go cycle satellites and bite a reverie he also looks so intimidating sidelined and i love that i love watching a guy like that guy he could he still play maybe someone here how about their legal dan what's his name damn campbell from
the man cambodia the arrow mike tyson thought we i like my taste for sure was i say i feel like i've got a little bit of that year i fell agreeable they had just like drag him off the field during the lightning yeah he was like now just an eye contact and let me tackle lightning harrison lightning i'll take care of it and then we have a posthumous football guy ward for denny green rest in peace what was that story for denigrating so i think tony don t mention this during the lightning delay on thursday football but he said that at one point coach green dirt precision delayed one of his teams flights on purpose though there are about to take off you gotta precision game and he delayed the flight on purpose to show his team how to face adversity i love that just come trend here just hang i sorry fights flights laid woody mean it's like clear its you know half his career use arizona if your minnesota in the summer yes he said it was during procedure not a lot of travel delays in the summer
and so he just like monitoring how's team handles adversely just like looking around the airport and write what were obviously no one's ever higher delayed on a flight before no they actually do that for new journalists yeah first year in the business like they should delay or flight and see how quickly you can take to twitter yeah so vote for a part of my take also quick shot out to colorado wide receiver maybe my favorite college football name in a long time lavrushka should not he had like a hundred civilians against a brass guy and i just want to say is the discussion on logistics le viscous should not go i like i don't even know how that's a real name but its he's research i should know which out ok yeah but it is it spelled french but they were saying it's not the whole year if you play football any of a french name you there i agree to have pronounced america also scuff ross i know i've talked about scott frost taking nebraska to the top guess what he does not work
maybe pumped a brace of not knowing how to work clock pretty big mistake here he had a backup quarterback and they were trying to build the clock and they just kept on stopping with fifteen seconds yellowclaw is great it was ass it was pretty cool when everyone at world level and would even talk about huge action kicking that feel go with thirteen second laughing overtime ends and giving the steals a chance to win the game i would have been the most promising ever if that it up yes if they had just somehow got no miracle touch i wait you i just listening to you in my head answer those questions at the press conference we didn't we i feel like not seconds was enough time for them to take the ball downfield play to win all right we got our who's back of the week hank who do you have for your who's back a week i got i got two first ones meek mill and drake ok so their beef is over draken concert in boston meek mill came out performed i dreamed nightmares they hugged embraced so that their past or beef i think make broke up and nicky menage allows kind of like what started
birthplace so they can bonded over their hate of nicky bernajoux neither back open making music soon as is he gonna be doing more things would like the earth the seventy six years in the eagles cecil hanging out i m is our chance straight did this is because he got smoked in that far beef likes a few months ago and you just can't handle another beef yes like everyone now knows about law stripper thing in all that he's got battle scar yeah he's completely vulnerable she's gonna make friends with ever days play and the like better are united than divided brain because you don't get burned again drifts ok the mothers bag is andrew bigham ok i saw this shared reported that the former to time champion all star has hired representation and attempts of an mba come back ok we only thirty years old is able to jump still out there i don't think i've ever words is each one of his arms is like seventy luck i'm here for the injured by them its crew i stunned that he was thirty years old yeah yeah like the fact
that you would you would have thought okay and about a week for three right right right mama he's got worse meaning kwame brok of our mutual do bigger nokia kwame for share cobra lakers they have open spot that's true their rosters already just an absolute carnivores mozilla to surrender bottom in their equal everything vitamin bellies put real carnival ah well the governor whose by my homes back of the week is adrian petersen who ate appears back he had a really good game for the our words we whenever we mention adrian petersen we have to throw the phrase how much gases have left and in the tank oh yeah i think his tag is like three cores away florina yahoo diesel adrian petersen galloping the battlefield looking for the whole thing was quite as explosive and was quite is angry as it used to be a brief still really really good also he's planning instead cardinals jacques ill ill be awesome of adrian petersen has some kind of like weird renaissance because i feel we ve got to
adrian persons from a bygone era of football like when those running backs were actually like that now every running back has to be a catch the ball and all that stuff and if he could just have a renaissance brocade member this is what football used to be like a pretty obvious spent an hour after the aim we get the gamble and here he packed in the biggest lifted of every change he looks like bubblegum yeah when he had when he had it is it is insane how much chewing tobacco here it's good for hemp yes my other whose back of a week is hold back guys are more specifically davos hold back guy at clemson that guy i don't know who he is i think we whose wherever nominees or for bulgaria last yes last year he thinks his hips he squares up on davos asked and he's out he just reaches out there and grab some by the pelvis and just drags and back excellent exit execution and clemson my clubs in has i don't know how they ve gone from the clemson thing five years ago to no matter what happens clumsily
here there are lucky to get out of the lucky taxi him put an awesome will also love i notice my jimbo fisher jimbo fisher if you were to cry eight a southern football coach he would have the voice of that person he is the perfect voice words like lower that acts in exactly as from but it's got just all southern four points away he's always like a little bit disappointed and whoever is talking pennies wet he's always way oh yes i know that just happen because salary he was playing the rain but he does always seem a little wet yes you are my whose back is actually kansas football so kansas football one their first road game in nine years maybe central michigan so this is the weekend if you're paying attention of light our trodden teams have big glow ups the brown tied in kansas football beat mac school in the bears tone in half an hour s road a shadow markets here he's florida yes finally be florida which doubtless aware is watching all our friends and took his words radio who are on
you know we fall on twitter but they celebrate like they want yo yo incredible international law as a long straight for the other shirts off their public champagne there's pouring champagne or each other they could kay i mean the sacred just declare themselves national chap and like you see if it is not really a better known ass right that you ve won the kentucky national champ right up each case the dog down you chase the car down any economy yes off while also shudder to line backer catch annual who tried to nominate himself doesn't work out what are the women but we appreciate your support but it doesnt work yet but it was a cool video is an awesome video by looks bad ass someone else s nominate you look that perfect amount of like oh this guy pry played eighty snaps in a really hard game in the swamp but yeah you can't you cannot make yourself someone else s number
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two time probable or willie mcguinness you can watch him him nfl total access at some pm eastern you can follow him on instagram or twitter at www mcguinness let's start there do you ever get a call from oh jack being like hey what you're part of meat now you're the enemy i get the joke yeah i mean all the time i get the joke but you know what it's it's open arms i have all access is pretty good i know i work on total access but i have all access i know why and to keep my mouth shut in that and when was the last time he kept a mouth showed by destroy every time a visit ah scenario yeah there's a lot going on i do have every facility so i'm i'm cool it a lot coaches and gm so when i go to the differently i have a good reputation of keeping how's business in house ok will show how much does bilbil educate alex guerra i don't think it's hate
at all events i know you are a jet yeah i did i brought him in house anything is done great things for players in an organization i just think it's it's what i call at it configuration type thing he loved triangle here so i don't think there's hate that's a strong word you think that they're the stories about the rift there is any truth there you guys have found remember siblings do you ever get into a family members yes that's what happens ok it happens with family there in others the a but achieved everything at the end of the day they all understand that they ought to be on the same page to win games tommy's the focus he needs to be prepared right and bill as a system in place that he wants everybody to follow and you know that's how it goes but can we fights family has low disagreements we disagreements when i was there with coaches and different people we worked it out but the last
they want to do is make it a distraction and blow it up like it did in and get all over the place you you spent the vast majority of career in new england with low urea twelve years than you were not to cleveland for a couple years three when you got to cleveland you know you hear a lot of stories about guys they go into doing that for the first time like it you eric decker hawkins they get in there and then they just immediately quitting that's enough for me reggie way retire retrogressive gotta last law at least he stayed therefore year though a guy he got it out he's right when you left did you go to cleveland near like i can't do this ugly light would not suffer there was talk for a lot of people come clean and they talk about the fun aspect right of not having fun in new england at a lot of fun kicking people's ass my entire career the same and it wasn't a big deal to me but there's things in place that you had to abide by this is the individual the individualism kicked out the door it doesn't exist it's about team farce
when you have team success you have individual success when you go to other places the preparation the structure everybody being on the same page every we being held accountable the same way superstars free agents the same a lot of people care really handled that people being called out the same topped the bottom its consistency and there's something that we built back in the early two thousands that still exist that players understand that you come there's gonna be a certain way and it's it's a proven winning ingredient how quickly did you buy into bela check as you had p carroll and then belt that comes in our ability to develop at first then you happy carol than you had better check his headquarters
were you all in right away or did it take a little bit of time for his look is obviously not the most gregarious guys about friendliest guy you're thinks no i don't think so but to get results as he does and how about it right away i would say that for all my coaches ivan body would be careful because i do i understand i realize you can win games differently you don't have to have the same type of demeanour coaching out of which our rights and times you take the other team before the game sometimes you talked about their animals so many different ways to if it did it happen you know how we are you talk that up right at the end of the day there is a lot of different ways and there's lots of different teaching style so i adapted to all and when belichick came i was honored because we knew there was a small group of guys he was going to keep a handful of guys and everything else he was going to clean house and i was i feel special to be a part of that
we want to keep their right where you ever look at jealous that when he was put in place we're like reva was catching touchdowns i wasn't no he lobby for that all the time like rebel wanted the ball address all rebel square i cut off by while i be quota caveats down but since he has lobbied so long to play tied in
and then he was finally actually got a good at it i can blame will europe can be done is gonna bullshit though that he was lobbying he was i going behind your back me like a long enough for me no back very was not going behind our back you made it known to everyone that he had the best hands out of the lion backroom crew in long arm along those those going to lie back of now we are we have had him on the show and he resolved to combine in he like slap me in the back and i spent a dazzling greece's crop it's there is low he still says yes yes he's married or what is still hidden with the guys in use in his hands and bagged rose and all oh yeah what about what about brady how quickly did you think like when you saw him we like ok this is gonna be the garden nobody did right but he saw brady when he walked in may i just gave drew blots or a hundred million dollars nobody said while that's deck has proved to be the goal here but to be the best thing since sliced bread nobody knew that until we start even when he started at the position of office
is dominant there were sufficient they were consistent they took care to ball but there wasn't dominate like our defense was you know the foundation of the team at the time i've got a hot take about this patria seemed ready for you gotta hard to yemen to show a bit about the business how you make some noise bays yeah yeah hill the new running back that again took courage and setting he's gonna be the most physical running back in new england since corridors and maybe even more forceful can you hold onto the football die that's not what i'm talking about the same idea physiology he might drop to bob it'll run your ass over so it doesn't matter would have laid with that here that's my point ok you can't be physical on asylum
the last gotta didn't take her to football remembering in dress near the football in his hand the entire gay yeah yeah things like that happened into england that was arm was was a grey they had three touchdowns and again i say was sung held radiant apples and then they just cut his ass basically they say do not belong in what we started talking trash and a lot of other things too distant fit with what they do their yeah so so you say mrs rex perkins backpack field nor say it's gonna be running back by committee like you got white offer giddies there i met a wide receivers are not known for cared about as well by a white gets a lotta carries ok i got a head and you got here you got web two right yeah that's i don't i just i like watching hill run ever since it was alice you are like unto you just needs to take her to football is a lot is your rattle point because he's physical so he's fine for extra yards and sometimes i'll gets expose or he's going to the ground still fighting and nine
jobs will a big percentage that that's them said knight up a big percentage of fumbles happen when the run it back go into the ground still fighting try to braced himself who was d almost fiscal running back you have read out say corey delos deftly one o clock killing he gave us like almost two hundred yards when we played against in the year we won the super bowl they beat us the first game of the season i believe it wasn't two thousand and one and he racked up over two a yards he's one of em i mean gone back up played against some of the best backs ever do it drawbacks was big i don't think he was physical michael statue interesting what do you mean by that to us he wasn't there gaza we rather play against him than the other backs that they had why he's getting lower just in law we have actually now we put that that flipper right in his chest play did you guys eddie george yeah did you guys ever have you no privacy played some big games against calls the steelers did did ever feel like we just
you be mentally have them in like there's nothing we can do it you ever because there were two good we just felt like we need to do everything in our power to prepare and be ready and go into those games were confident and i think the big motivators nobody gave us a chance to win a lot of those games because they were so the talent wise you know people to look at us as have an all battalion across the board at the earth at an early age far cells yeah they didn't air which superbowl means most you that's a tough question yet random i guess the first one that was deja should actually said the next one that don't worry about planning now in an average was now that i know retired there you're out no look like you you you have not aged thank you yeah i don't know what like secret saw she got by all up working with the money they're paying guys now i wish i could just hit a button
we said and go right i can't write back yet right back into one thing i've always wondered about i think is a suitable in two thousand for those agenda jackson nipple gate did you know that i did not i did try to pick a peak the you know but where the sight of time i did not come out early but i didn't i didn't get a peak did word make it down to the field in the second half like hey just stimulate jes exposed to injections breast no not i think it happened right we went out we heard that oh you so you know it you play the entire second half knowing that doesn't timber lake nipple date was oh mamma i would have been able to focus what's wrong with you i see i don't ask him when the big one what we i get to the big one that's the point we got to get me one before the powerball is get to the damn playoffs starts you still laying i'm going to go to all of them cuz of work and different things and i am an empath
to the programme and i take a lot of pride in my trojans and i know that they are trying to put all the pieces together we got a young group of tat young man we need to get tough in the trenches on the online and delight that's why i think our doubts call has been the last four years if you gotta compete with those i'll stay tat i was a bag eclipse of alabama all those teams you got it you can't you pushed around in the trenches so we got a figure about what stoop doglike slope as though do you not everyone out with them all the time but it is but a couple of weeks but all the times my brother you get drunk tessa if an hour no i said i hear everything else logging in his anybody who hang around the baltic drugs as it is based on a contact contact high whose funnier snoop or will fail to go welfare is one of my favorite actors
he's pretty good as it is he still funny or is he just so i can i find myself watching a lot of those old movies of him i like him and he's a big trojan fan so i give him a lot of respect what's left sakharov the two thousand eighty nana fell season real quick would give us a dark horse and you can't say the forty nine hours there are undergoing everyone zeiner or fancied although i've chargers ok yeah that's like doesn't orders were my best either not make the plant slashing right there might or might not sit over there you dark or they gotta get off to a fast start that's what they ve never done in austria that franchise look at our own for every season will actually for the year before wanted three yeah so he got it all figured out and you got it can't lose for games or whatever might again by three points or less so i think the key instead the players they added they ve got a shot they ve got
shot but until i see it until i get off to the first quarter full bodied somalis two or two then i'll be local category to replant yell tests i think that's fair here's another heartache i've got german jane lovely he looked over the next a level at that's that's not i could dark horse or surprise everybody though the also stole the charge everyone because they laughed at me like everybody knows how very is people forget about it he can cover is the first time in his life and life out about it does it all well he's abolish on tailored to point out what club give us another one gives another one malarkey horse yeah t have you been a bunch of the camps i want to say tennessee ok but i've been watching the quarterback little my ass well ass not to the new global here they're getting i just need to see more to quarterback you through more pigs in textiles last year and i belong the prices and hasn't been chris so you gotta have
consistent quarterback play in or at least a quarter back that's gonna take heritable yet and their talent they have a talented roster i just need to see more than old divisions be tough though i give us a kansas city no they ve been to the plaza last given i do you don't think they're gonna we get this year they still play a question mark gunslingers were quarterback dizzy remind you josh alan no path that you wanted to say briefly put i answers joshua i've been watching network to these reckless i'm glad you keep up yeah no i think actually every california team is gonna to sir about that not the rain or not growth and thus its
i think has a little bit too much hype because of the coaching yeah because of the coach edition we are we have fallen shall we say that mike gruden jon gruden's coaching like it's one thousand nine hundred and ninety eight he's got his own time machine so he just wishes that it was like it was back when he first got into league i think that he's probably going to take some teams by surprise based on how simple he's going to play the game you know what you when you got a good quarterback you gotta pieces around him his eyes shot that thing cars really good looks like one as i was saying you know why don't i do not think he's i think he's weiler right i think a mars what is it not high time we had a barrier go before that though you can disguise off one yours what all i join us oh yeah i can ok how we do it in the me so we're was called knee jerk reaction was the big thing of bounced back player comes back and has a great year after a barrier yeah i know i'm just gonna throw him out there are ever obama rhine you like marin yeah can't when the big one
he's had some bulgaria is that some good one still waiting for the falcons by their best game it there's no solid dollar is ok ok yeah i use like top ten they i think he was a product of ways you can he was thirteen three happily without kasza these terms in political terms how two years ago i got your computer or propose that users on five quarterbacks tougher yeah breeze we're don't worry i'm not giving you an order i'm not going to go north breeze brady rodgers big boy in russell wilson and i think this was five pence doha bins obese a lot like borders led him twice in its own backyard blake borders of thirteen no blackboard like we re loudly oddly wait let me look to southern is forty five to forty two also later look up harmony tested this court or defence this
covenants url puts that's that's the kind of relegate euros details hidden points and i saw you get on defence and you gotta quarterback won't know that you get credit for those hear me i'll be right that's why you're me i'm because an easier way right team is the tea was the jagged without reason and in practice blake poodles throws a lot interception so we goose's he gives us defence wrapped up so in print out her hands good and then when he gets good of course regular season they now he's fine on also stevens backs can catch i got it that's how you do you to allow me to fix it a precision in practice to get him red exactly ok ok here's a good question did tom brady may bob craft trade make bilbil gentry jimmy grandpa though nobody bilbil said do anything except for this one time roderick it made him said i'd say what would make somebody do some your play who your play ok
of you have exceptional play in you're not fallen off like a lot of people expect when you turn forty or thirty nine or forty why we hear the but that's a civil right legally be bright didn't you kind of like we can this kid aside right now is not fallen off ok see you talk to him all time like he'd the the ballot check why bela check is the best coach in the end a fellows that he always let's guys go a year before they maybe three year yet right or three years like me more rights more years put do you think is brady gonna be the exception is he gonna let the already has banks have somebody's gonna let him get bad before he legs you gonna give him is he a change is ways for tom brady i don't think brady's gonna let herself get bad before that happens i think he'll walk away before he becomes an average to below average or bad quarterback i think your walk away i think it's the toughest thing who bore as a coach slash gm to be able to avoid the way it know when it's time to move on
or move on right before that player starts to go downward nothing bell attack is the best at dawn that while a mean not always right the metallic adults did lead the lincoln sacks last year right so he still a real valuable player but when it comes that that position it such a huge shortage of italy greece and i'll use those words what a certain with certain quarterbacks italy great quarterbacks there you have to hang on and why would you move on from those guys what would you move from breeze we reserve hard feelings when you left me i was pissed off you're auspices wherever you cut we but something called a ghost year dagger a ghostly or someone you gonna make an extra and asked don't motto mining right it's not a real year it's meant for us
the term to contract in and do a new deal rank and then they tore it up and say why wasn't have you in any way it wasn't a road it wasn't a really it's one of those years so that reporters can like tell our agents can tell reporters hey i got this guy eighty million dollars over five years over one year is like something curiosa conversation like dodi bill seats that you guys like hey look you know we have we didn't we didn't have when i bought my conversation was widow skopje ali who knows the jail at the time we had that title and these you know sometimes players gotta take cuts and do certain things sacrifice if they want to stay places and i was pretty much like is no he told me he did it you know i i second crisis of stamps that but you can do your job for forty years right i can't hit runnin people so we but we haven't we had a great understanding and they told me that they wanted me to be there the conversation didn't happen the way they were supposed to happen and i couldn't sit around you know i had to go out and
and see what was else out there one wants other teams found out that we didn't have a deal in place or we were not negotiating we'll start to come through the door like wildfire in the first place i went was cleveland where romeo was the head coach the defence inside out the transition was easy of the great football city they need a leadership they need a guys the show the other guys of what it takes to prepare and get yourself ready in now how you should be a broad enough to fill all those things and when got there did it let me leave without i d give a courtesy call them before i saw to say does the last chance we can do this is what they gave me is like whoa that's a pretty good deal i think you should take it and i was like yep
right there why why do you think it is that in places like cleveland or kansas city would have you when there's a coach that leaves from new england they don't always get it right you know it's like it's always a thing to get that offers a coordinator is tough stuff they emulate wooden labelling check has done and i think not only for knowing them but i watched the giants you know could you last year have a guy as a costa probably should have never been a coat some gaza best fitted to be coordinators and i'm guys are coordinators like a young shall mcveigh was only a corner for half a seat the quarterback coach goes any he's a great be ones there fell coach of the year so i just think it is not right for we body to be a coach is as is a tough job at a play coming out of the shadows of bilbil attack you can't emulating you could take everything you ve learned from him but you still have to your personality and do things your way so i think a gala map
to really understand that in detroit and he's what things his way but he's take all a magic all that daddy's learning is incorporated in his system but do his way and uses all personality and engage to a players and do things the way he wants to do is not going to try to try to emulate bill and every single in that he does not serious is that belch anxious since courtiers utterances go to a really shitty job they have perhaps ass term growth off the failure of works for you it's all i haven't easier jobs act as super bowl then i'll hire you back as criminal yet leave them out of just enough meetings where they don't think i'm smart enough to be seen ass you know workers do you know something i would say this if your call a nato or my staff and i know you are trying to leave would you teach them all the now said the trail now and then they go somewhere and beat you u else build doesn't let his courtiers me with any atoms ernie's his guy earnest
he's gonna what's their hearty annabel early out i know i was ernie items yeah you embody didn't know already adam's report we didn't know it started doing read all these videos behind the sea we didn't even a worthy adams was really was there yes it was like i walked around the glasses are important make it all sounds and noise always in offices were built like who the hell is that we didn't i promise you we did not know until one day started talking is that here we got this from early he's our guy like it took us couple years no worthy was ancillary did you ever do you ever ask like straight up what is ernie do already does a lot worse the moment of where gurney did something we're only he only showed you i'm not gonna give you all the secrets cause that want that's ernie's position but what a play ernie's pointed out to earning as a great collector of air formation like when you go and scout teams when you go and pick find things that gives you the little edge i would say
evaluating talent guys could do certain things versus certain teams no one put guys and places his efforts you should go home of that makes sense but it sounds like a sea ice ass he easy something did he ever say that like hey willie watch this like this can happen in the third quarter he always was say like they got a habit of common outdoing certain play the beginning you scripted teams that like to do certain things right soils one game i think ernie we were taught it feels like a you know expect for them to do some time a gadget play within the first six or seven or eight plays of the game so they were planning i think it in san diego somebody they go out and get a first out like ok as for doubt and it kicked into my ass a substance come in their set me up for something it was like a reverse player sums creepy like that stayed at home and made the play immediately
like i tried to look for and he was somewhere up in a nasty and cut out like that was already put me up i was already ever going to try something they did so i allowed people talk about how bela checked pinched malcolm butler for this europe if you want to tell us why now would be great time just we iter accordingly we will begin here he enters the did he begged him or did he benches was he a part of the building itself about did malcolm benjamin now through his own actions low i mean hears it they won if you're not mentally or physically prepared in the biggest game of your life bills not gonna play and you dont practice bills not gonna play if you have issues or he doesn't think you're there the day men it's maybe even hours before the game and you're ready the glamour perform he's not gonna blow you're gonna go out and get the guy was practice in all week who eat things got his way
get in the game that is consistent making certain areas and things in practice what about if you're secondary getting torched and halfway through boylike hey maybe i should play did i just tell you treat every body from the the first big to free the free agent two guys drafted on a draft freedom the same also have a theory about about his eye would build does to the roster before the savoy he's couplers night before the game he said players hall dishonest super guess is simpler than that that thought that they were going again the game with you in the superbowl he he switched your position or that game he added play even savannah you know your shit yes yes oh he wanted you like spy mc nabbs whatever that worked out well forms he's he's had like a lot of success one into super i think he saw i forget who the guy's name was put together they played instead a butler row yet row row row
who's on the eagles and the eagles got rid of them until i think he thought it said this guy's got a chip on his shoulders he wants something he's he's got something to prove against his old team so that makes malcolm butler a little bit more expendable i'm going to play this guy may your a hundred percent wrong will have a greater say led up the waves it told you having more minute husband at all dear whose good no sale whose one might hold you so you know the real story but you keep in it and how so that i can give you reason offices of what it was cut himself was a predator urge you but i think that your very detailed appeared before god created disagree on the wrong before yes last question seeking question put him promo code take good any nfl game this year ten dollars off with promo code take a gun to your head tom brady how many more years and by three humming marsupials as you win one interesting
interest ass pretty quick right either what say you ve given that answer before you have had a gun to my head before yet iran's right with others in their like hey what do you bugging me no one will know how much longer to embrace gonna pull allows the exact pretty experts in his last questioned you were i read that you were in a boat dogs in harmony video was i was the copper one you're you're nor did they let you do that because you are probably the best defence a player inclusion bronzes august neuter under their manager ass ends with that's what i want to get some guys in like low cameo roles in at a cost anything did you get me to gas of course who smoke or like we crazy bone or soup doc sloped are always whereas they got like a cloud of weed smoke that follows him everywhere young alright will willie mcginest thank you so much like i said check them out nfl total access seven p dot m eastern
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i'll take this mosher said old takes exposed all of big cats timeline you're just can't lazy on it you give me the whole thing my a swipe whatever ok we have talking tennis sir it was a big one voice a youth serena had a big time issue with the john paul chair umpire chair umpire for the u s open now the chair i saw grown on twitter i was watching football as as we do on saturdays and sundays in the far but i sovereign on twitter flipping out and i tried to do a little research meaning i watched like one video and read a couple tweets from what i understand she was already losing and she was kind of having a meltdown and then the cheer up her pyre
gave her said you're getting coaching which everyone does but it's like an unwritten rule like don't talk about it yeah so and then she put down com a thief and everyone said of the empire was in the room was so what happened was yes she was getting coaching she denied that she got coaching gotta and she better coty such because gap with every she did the as a father three she pulled the leubronn and said emma a mother and i would never cheap because our exposed my cheating to child soldiers that caught cheating she complained about that got a deduction are they gave the other person appoint naomi sure he gave her a point and then she smashed racket and she penalised for that as well and then she flipped out on the chair empire for penalizing refer smashing racket call a thief and then the chair umpire gave naomi a full game whew but she was very low she's already was already oil me will probably looking you should always really good so here's my question i know that ever most renal whims
i get it she's unbelievable best transfer of all time ok but if felt you mean like she has been a little bit of a baby and she was losing and wanted to qana make a scene and it's sort of stolen the moment from the person who actually did when no means osanna didn't aren't you now apps right assess i agree with you i think arm she can it she covered offers of pretty well after the fact when she kind of where that she turned into big thing and ok she didn't want it is still the spotlight from naomi me gotta her victor even though a kite did from what i've done a little better research oh you did more than yeah why what i read and other tweet arena hurriedly another king i read on it and we have a lot of time and effort in this tweet it did show like numerous examples of other athletes their tennis player is like screaming at church empires and not being penalised got it subtler the men women thing the men women think i'm still a bit words like unladylike earth it's it's interpret as being like not lady
to scream at a chair and pirates it's one of the things i can't judged differently for men in this is coming off of in the u s open i think a couple like in the first couple rounds one of the competitors took off her shirt and chechnya shirts could she had it inside out or something i know you're sports brought and she got penalised like that's no different than federer take off his shirt no because she has boobs oh you don't get boogie understand anyway i do i do think serena williams gets like to benefit the doubt of time yet what her she does that's that's absolute yours but she is like the best to network and let's get to the real story here john hammond poor john hammond oh jon human baseball writer big j journalist tweeted after her bad on carlos ramos o serena an apology and also the fans who came to watch parentheses me and my family included so sir he's demanding an apology from the chair umpire a personal upon you got a really have your head up your own fuckin ask for that to wait he's asked
for an apology for the way that he made serene act towards yes for exposing him turn around it and ok that's where he and i think that we have been at work mostly for the kids yet everyone needs an apology direct apology either way that was so much tennis that we had to like date took over a lot just took a nap tennis started just cascading my my tie options map not wake up yet all i want to talk about is just the latest dipped her chicken tend to cook yet right that's as much tennessee i feel comfortable restrictions on civil for we have speaking if body of her metalogy we were very wrong about her medworth term edwards one a big game against vision estate and i actually think harm edwards they they now do this thing that i watch the whole game they like he's running it like a sea oh no he really is and they had the whole structure set up and am i
i can't believe i'm sitting you're saying this but i think i believe in her i think remembrance could recruitment ya know he definitely good recruit you just couldn't make you into good football knows actually not and i i saw it yes i'd turn it unlike saturday night the game was over and they said they went out of their way to be like and heard manage the clock perfectly at the end of the day as is one duty is like not fuck up time out and radiant and they then discuss anything else they did but you're just like his clock means not calling place incredible just hitting the start button at the right time actually i think i don't know some about somebody harm when he's got his swagger gone you can you can feel that you can feel that you can start drinking the cool it yeah i know a hundred percent agraea stephen che are resident bucks van here he's the producer of yet he doesn't mean her medworth impressible you should get him to do ok i'm gonna get him yes that's a weird thing for him ravenous really really good impression that's very weird thing happens arsenal ok
last up we have what's the beef and we have a shitload of beast to go through so hank you're gonna help us with this the first stop is having read the did a rap song together that is not beef i don't think they squash the beef they squash beef that i don't think exists in the fans minds it did this is such a classic leubronn thing to their they also cause they also dropped that at a very unfortunate time with the very sad passing mac miller that can overshadow it while in the sensitive of them they should deleted it yeah women they are thing if they drop in on a friday nothing else it happened it would have been a much bigger like john here on a friday language do album that's coming around like right now my new make is katy s guests had bars though you realize the brown was terrible any obviously like braun had thrown the lines about how we look like how humbly isn't came from nothing came on
as a result of braun wraps like he wants one of his best friends to have like killed someone or like than setting jailer something about like he doesn't have any right right you're sweating like i bet you he got katy to be on its own just for the marketing because katie's others burners introduced replied i also surely it's like check out my sound clout sold so beef squad these washed it was a beef hank if you make a beeping if a fan makes ape in their head like that's a beef ok that's for sure beef these quash ok the product like you to see the move on i will gladly send turn into like a two part peggy situation as soon as liberators teams that thing turn around no eight eighty will project up here ok next we have machine gun caught kelly verse eminem sugar
gonna killed eminent we went to a machine gun kelly constantly did whose whose in between them in order in the second quarter of calves gave yeah they disappear because everything on kelly honest he just jumped up and started wrapping what's goin then even dim the lights for such as in this does this beef goes back like two thousand twelve machine on kelly tweeted that eminent daughter who was sixteen at the time was super hot she kind of this programme all that time not at that time she's now yes corrected sixteen year old girl not a long time she wasn't now she's so this is two dozen twelve eminent in respond until last week when he dropped his album through a couple shot at him and the machine kelly put out a whole distract which kind of like buried eminent eminent hasn't come nonsense words like
somehow someway eminent managed to get like bodied by machine it takes eminem like you know six years to come out of our kids get somebody fucking words i ve never met a guy that uses more words than imminent put eminem is on a different level than she ghastly but that is what a she alliance don't concern themselves with the noble eminem eminent started by mentioning a year correct but he started back he said king until his name on a song ok it's our own shaded answer he should have done that lumpy highly responded in knowledge and body him then i m feeling very up to date on all this stuff ok so machine gun kelly beat eminem beef number two yes bees number three thank you minister a shoe carded tragedy through shoot and nicky monotonous why because the plot to because you hurt years talking shit yeah yeah nick you're not it had some sub lyrics inner album and an apparently she was talking shit about cardy bees daughter and how she's bad mother he do that i can't do that here as a mother but we have
how do we have a kid like a month ago yeah culture hot even of she's a bad mother yet exactly as it does creatures are glad she hasn't she hasn't put her kid on and i met yet but our pat another or some other bars employ you swore for visa one in produced loving hip hop carded be was on it thea said that he produce one of the reunion shows in that they had to take care a b and her sister shoes away from them because they won't stop throwing shoes that people are delighted as this is this is right of cardy busily it's like a little dude from of moss and powers as fucking awesome there don't get cardy being george bush
the same i would never or no she would take george bush out yet she had one that radio cameramen right and george bush will be dead right now wait so she's just a shoe thrown yes and so help remove yes agreed gonna bring shoe throwing back just solo at their vat in making out like a whole crew and yet it because it won at her i'm team cod liver oil you can't and you can't be team that's mike that's my queen the nicky nicky nicky all reason for the meekin trick but he always trouble tat and nicky she's she's picking a careful yeah she also harass gone to bed i'll just say yeah does she's plants like and what action yes you got injections less keep it all not around we can hardly be raining down he not your ass slow your lyrical flow yes exactly in the floor oh did you ok let's finish with this we have michael bennett coming on wednesday ok i had an epiphany today what i was doing my fancy corner in the morning someone asked if they go out like a deserted what yeah what
an epiphany idiotically frozen tree it's got a little slicker larger scream from out of india so someone asked if you go to your friends house to watch football all sunday are you allowed to shit in their apartment well so they're coming washington yes couple questions here how many about it until you how many bathrooms it s okay so here's what i came up with its it's actually a formula that you multiply the a number of bathrooms times the feet from the out to the bathroom and if its anything under thirty then you can't take a shit there look like if there's a bathroom twenty feet away from the couch but there's only one bathroom the whole house you can't do it i would say though it also depends how many people there yeah so if there is five people there then i would say probably not ok just you and your body and you there all day
i think you can't you do a quick one two yards like you just get there you do like veto in you know and you like the thirty five second once yeah this wasn't real ship but it was just more i was already come on farming yet my but is very dirty it in white thoroughly but i'm back put its i've been in houses words like this would be very uncomfortable someone took shit yeah i think i think it's if you have over four people have just a private matter what will depend we're you i like sure all you should smelling absolute shit and one so you're smart growth is like more often than not nice shits or not we use shit shaming united i didn't hugely minerals and you look like that takes smell issued in future and to be fair you do it i m just adding insult injury tonight i have a cough no i should make no undue speaking facts so these are true
ok what about pfc does he look like a nice takes smelling yes member he city not only suit the case oh no i grow stated on friday to jim loaded upon us at last my hair done his soup that car was willing skinny people don't take take brutal should so it's like if you're gonna shit in a toilet if use of you in a toilet no one knows i refer you to the round should a toilet
represent riddles riddled riddle me that big don't bring your golden corral should sobered him i owe my god alright that's our show to talk some more on what are you looking at me
its pardon my take presented by bar stool sports
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