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49ers GM John Lynch + Mount Rushmore Of Water

2018-08-27 | 🔗

We're back in studio and ready to catch up on all we missed. Stop the Josh Allen/Bortles slander, Bob Wylie is the star of Hard Knocks and we're trailblazers because we got fired from ESPN before it became cool (2:27 - 10:04). Whose back of the week (10:04 - 17:51). Mt Rushmore of Water (17:51 - 31:07). 49ers GM John Lynch joins the show to talk about the Jimmy G trade, asking Belichick about trading for Brady, his playing career with Warren Sapp, and how he deals with the doubters of his roster construction (31:07 - 50:34). Segments include Respect the Biz Doug Pederson, Sorry not Sorry Trevor Bauer, Hurt or Injured for the UFC fighter with a torn scrotum, Embrace Debate Napkins or Paper Towels, and our newest segment "Monday Reading". This week we read Ohio State's findings on the Urban Meyer scandal.

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on today's pardon my take we have gm and future hall of famer john lynch gm of the 49ers very fun interview with him we also have the final week of mount rushmore season we've got a great 1a fun one for everyone out there fun fun one and a we have who's back 'cause it's monday and we have a new segment that we're going to roll out every monday it's called little monday reading so we're going to be read is something we might actually shift it also to like wednesday so my i'm thinking about it now
days in the fall are gonna going to be pretty packed so it might be wednesday the here's the thing we're going to read something yes every week our promise to you to you before we do that it is fantasy football season and yahoo is the place for all fantasy football it's free it's easy you can join a publicly can get your friends together and create a league you can be the commissioner and dis dish out dish out justice for last place it's the number one commissioners league according two thousand eighteen f s t a updated fifty profiles let you finish high see how you stack up against competition you can do it all from the apps no need for desktop i've been using young fans football for like fifteen years now it the best place and do it on your app like i said so yeah
fantasy is are the only apple you can manage all your season long in daily fantasy teams in one place sign up now a yahoo dot com slash p m t fantasy football that is yahoo dot com slash p m t fancy for
all get in the league it's draft season do it all yahoo dot com the empty fanciful okay let's go welcome to my today is monday august twenty seventh with the boys some guys
good to be back yeah it's good to be back we had our friday night special show joe buck live oral history which i think people very much enjoyed and we're going to try to do more of those next summer i saw somebody tweet at us a name for it so we're trying to figure out a good name for those recurring like oral histories that we're going to do documentaries oh i like documentaries for guys yeah i like that someone set off party for party the guy's a price is forty i like that too yeah yeah so hope you enjoyed that we're good like i said we're going to try to do more those takes a lot of planning that like months and months and in the works but we are to try to do more for next summer we're back and i actually had a question to start the show are we trail blazers what what like like in the sense mccollum cj we're no we're not else there is no i meant are we trail blazers because we made it cool to get kicked off and yes and show because now everyone's doing now everyone
to do it yeah michelle beadle gone janelle hill is not how to amicable breakup and she's no longer be an espn as of september first it's a conscious uncoupling one thing that i i saw it in the press release about beetle that nobody really talk about jaylen rose is pretty much out to really so he's he's gonna stick around a little bit but they're saying he's going he's going to do the show when it doesn't conflict his nba does so you are thinking you've already said this to me off there i'm very well go on this listen it's going to happen there's going to be in by can mike reunion that's going to happen assuming pits is going to go tomorrow i mean we do the right thing and and say mike we screwed up going w which mike is he talking to big mike ok the one that used to play sports yes not the nerd yeah not the nerd ok i get it going to go like i know you used to play nfl an i know that you love to eat and we are missing that element on get up i'm going to double your salary and i'm going to bring michael
junior on every day get you if you move to new york yeah apartment in little italy say all can always you can eat i would love it if if actually a part of the term was that our goal looking green you have to live together and they would it would always be filmed like big brother oh my god it would be all could you imagine go right right you didn't did you put your toothbrush on the counter again week three when mike goal it comes home it takes a huge shit and then green comes in with like an entire suit an he's just spraying for breeze everywhere i go not again go lick why did you do that going to do do out of your took it going sleeping with his wife come on mike 'cause my wife i thought we said we'd share not that i agree she likes football players but yeah
i think it's going to happen yes is jimmy page is reversing every single thing yes which we coming back are we going to get a show i think so the we were the trailblazers we were the first to do the uncoupling and it seems like it's now the hot in the streets and everyone's just you know uncoupling with espn in their show so credit to us yet again tell you what i will i will sign another contract with espn if it's to work on the reboot of mike and mike in there we go that's the that is our offers are out there so probably not though the ball in your court jimmy pets what else do we miss we missed we missed bob he's basically he is the breakout star in the world line coach on the brown see any call that you have to brag his stomach the hot would've been perfect for gay sure if science to get their shit together but it saying that we did
we won two world wars without stretching yeah we won them on jumping jacks and push up yeah driving more maserati and also inventing the atomic bomb yes that too yeah without a graduate a pretty big part of the nerds don't stretch but no they sit down in the lab and unleash the power of the atom exactly so bob wiley was a breakout star our guy is josh allen and blake bortles are under a little bit of scrutiny but it's pretty seasoned sorry show the quarterbacks too yeah shut up make sure we're not going to talk about it no we're not talking outside where it looks great don't worry bout don't look into that anymore do we go back to bob wiley though just for a second yeah like i want to see more of bob wiley i feel like we're just scratching the surface on him even though we got healthy dose of him i want to see him
when his magic tricks like what's the use of having lying as well like that flies planes and does magic yeah if you're not going to show me his magic tricks require daily he looks like the arm he looks like a rhyme brother doesn't yes it looks like a rhyme brother they got too into acid in high school yes and rick reilly definitely watch signs like that that he bob one billy is like seventeen little segments i could do that is all his fun little things that's his muse yeah just just say hey monday night football let's talk to bob wiley first and have him do three card monte while i look on and maze my god i i i really hope that we go back to more bob while because he's a star also you know who else is a star this preseason who just punters in general this is the pre season of the punt okay what's his name dixon from seattle yeah he's like dropping everything inside the three yard line and all the players are like getting jacked up
the year the punter because hawaii football is back real football why had two pointers on a play they do a little a little switcheroo yet they put two pointers on the field see where it's going you don't know where it's going yeah yeah i actually didn't want so i don't know why they had to punish i just saw they had two point i turn it off at half time when i was sure they're going to cover yeah and new mexico state you yeah excessive really bad get out yeah that one yes football is really back oh by the way we forgot to mention blake bortles if he's going to have a goodyear but if he doesn't it's because marquis lee got injured because preseason stupid which brings you my next point shout out my coach matt nagy for bass he's saying that and benching all the starters for the week free preseason game this is the first moment that we're going to get like this now how it chips away that we're going to maybe go no preseason one thousand nine hundred and twenty games regular
isn't mcveigh's doing that to have a pencil as others so i i mean i would be you don't take whey couple preseason give us call more regular season i be okay why not i would hope i would totally fine with that i have a question for you yeah is buffalo about sports some so we do low buffalo yes listen i don't i know we have a lot of listeners out there and we went out there for a regular season game last year we love buffalo but you guys to your friend you don't i actually that think that makes him a great sports stuff yeah because that like the kids yet and also andy dalton got them in the playoffs and they're just still i think that high so it's like the best sports down they don't they don't forget people who help them out by fulton your if your friend a buffalo once your friend about flow for life it was only watching andy dalton like received at ovation because he wasn't really sure whether to smile or to be offended by it will because fans were cheering for him what is no i is is very happy with this has happened since tcu that's interesting is very weird yeah and uncommon all right so i think we're caught
richard oj two in buffalo true fy i could point still not suspended by the nfl yeah also j still has not where do you is right now he's i think he's in vegas or floor he's just traveling across the country looking for golf course a lot of play in the killer and the real killer the real killer is on the 17th hole at sawgrass oj has somehow managed to not look into a mirror for thirty straight years it's credit to him all right so let's do our who's back who wants to start if you watch his going to his dog i want my first who's back of the week is texas so texas football is back twenty seven sports they said i think the ranked like they rank two thousand three hundred and twenty four minutes something like that idea and twenty four slash seven sports said that they're going to be this year's georgia oh so that would qualify them as these national chips they're going to kicker with weird glasses yeah they said yeah tomtom herman tom who's man's
her is this is by new nickname i just came up with on the fly right now this said is doing what kirby smart did for georgia but he's doing right now i am firmly in the camp of i will not listen to any texas who's back until they act played a meaningful book okay has he pretty well any many times then your it sounds like i like discussing it i guess i i i go i'm going back on because i do like sculpting it but i will never believe it until they actually prove that they're back okay i feel texas every year there so right now we're going to go seven right now you're in the tiger woods two thousand and twelve part of your mind where it's like don't talk to me when you don't talk to me when you're on call me when you're on my mercury morris how many years in a row we've been like will taxes they they played oklahoma tuff that year between a state oklahoma and usc the only
by total of eleven point three games wow so stay busy aren't losses three statement losses yeah they they they lead the league in state laws yeah last year yeah but sounds like you're more the usa today cap that said the texas isn't back yes yeah but there we're going to be back later on this year yeah well there's a pre they actually are back because all they had to do to be back is for everyone to talk about are they back so they are happening all my other whose back the week is read it nfl streams so for preseason games yeah are finding these hot streams and then more to the point the the chat that goes on the side yeah it's all people asking where to find other live streams for other games yes and everyone born in porn well it's the internet so yes type yeah but it seems like if you're a commenting on a pre season football game on a live stream you probably can't find porn on your own that's probably there should be a dating site just for people that stream actually just is the live chat as i wonder if
never fell in love in a reddit nfl like preseason live chat is there ever been a woman in one of those uh question there's probably been a lot of preteen boys pretending that there will yeah oh yeah there's been a lot of lesbian connections with two guys that are twelve years old yes absolutely so hot i'm talking to this chick and it's just yeah and you send each other the same pic yeah oh wow you have that one two oh wow you look a lot like nikki benz thank you got yours do you yeah you got yours i do alright so go ahead my exact the week few pacman jones is back is adam jones adam jones and doing what side with the broncos nice so he's back i feel like he he's one of those guys where i assumed was going to be out of the along time ago so the fact that he keeps getting signed over and over again is jerry jones for really turned his career around that was the that they had adam jones and tank johnson and
terry jones was like i'm going to put twenty four slash seven security on these two guys that go wherever they go and then he got signed back to the bengals got arrested our friday night lights is back i don't know if you guys have seen it but the pacifico has a commercial or they just play the music of friday night lights in it which dentist triggers me like i'm not watching from la to set that slow song that they used in the in the thirty for thirty about the bears when mike's and they started to cry i think like it's like slow and it builds up slowly yes yeah that's great football song yeah grateful it just it's one of the triggers you like you like friday night lights and then now i'm watching it over and over mm singletary holding back tears as he says goodbye to buddy ryan probably for the last time you said but i can't fully cry
they they should do another season friday night lights but this time it's buzz bissinger who wrote the book friday night lights and just like update us on his leather shopping yeah how many how much money have you wasted yeah you know all these websites buying leather pants and then the winds back again is not his back a few weeks ago but it's kinda like football being back where bird man they did a concert in vernon apologize to him because he was one that's been holding out his music for so long without his uncle or a contract dispute it is it is dad wait what for real legally is not his biological father but he got it it teases fake father and he brought him up in the game they had okay they had a beef he all the way in like ten million dollars scott he finally would be fine all jobs which is another sign that when when's new music is coming out soon that's worth ten million dollars in a policy right yeah yeah little back okay but it to him for apologizing to somebody that's very very big very big of him okay i got out to who's back the first one to
we all agree on we talked about it before the show silicon valley and the people in tech fucking with us and that is shout out to gmail who decided to completely overhaul what it looks like and now everyone set i assume everyone hates it yeah everyone if it's anything new people are going to hate twitter doesn't update instagram doesn't update they fuck everything up we're used to what we like why the hell do they do this like how do they do this every time website doesn't update they should just give you the option do you want to just be stuck in the past right yes i absolutely i'm done learning new things i've done adapting to things i've done as much learning as i'm going to do in my life actually shut out to our sponsor yahoo fantasy football 'cause i remember the year when they did it and everyone flipped out and they're like you know it will give a classic mode yeah it's like when you play when you play new video game we played baseball video game you like do you want or hockey like do you want the new the new controls where you could do a bunch of geeks and cool pitches nope give me the just the only buttons i need are xo
an up and down trying to foist a passing cone of vision going no absolutely not no the last the last good innovation that tech had was the truck stick yes that was good that was big but then yeah i mean dot the lot of missed tackles that year yes and no one was well i was just trying to struck yeah but if you truck did made you more likely fumble true sir yeah it would you the lord giveth and taketh away tough all right my other whose back is fantasy draft season so are we cook sometimes about this football your but i will say this fantasy football maps are so much fun the actual drafting of the players keeping up with your team little bit harder drafting the players a lot of fun and it's a classic when get when when men can be met you know you get together with boys the get the you sit down sit down put on jerseys you make a bunch of fart jokes and you just do this for like three hours just talking about fantasy football it's back and it
great it does feel good i the sound that your computer makes when you're on the clock yep little little russia blood down to another regions will happen so if you do a live draft you have someone who has to you know the loser last year us to do a punishment which is always hilarious and totally new every time and it's great it's great you guys wanna help me drop my team again yeah yeah when is your draft i don't know i'll try and set up for tuesday thursday yet do it so that we can do it live again let's absolutely do that although i came in like second last last year so jordan how are picked up i was very dalton aj green yeah not don't got the bills in the playoffs yeah first like twenty years yeah celebrated should we be less to our mount rushmore okay so we have the mount rushmore of water very open ended this is hank's idea which is a great idea so hang with that why don't you start let's go
thank you have t me probably do you concur with that order okay so her she so hank mount rushmore of water all right my first one i will go with whatever jumping awfully got off a bridge into a water water in the middle of the night after a night of drinking when you're hungover yeah the night you wake up you feel like you're going to die like you you wake up in the desert and when you can just go go i mean i had the idea to just have the camel pack that goes in your bed so you can just drink yeah that's another talk another time why why not just of water mattress a water bed that has a strong connected to it yeah also we can't use draws anymore yeah i know yeah we can do that they were strippers straws the fall apart after once yeah i feel like it's always situation when you wake up in the middle night and then whatever like water bottle you have near you isn't even close to as much water as you actually have some brace debate does water that's been sitting on your nightstand for over three days taste different now does it
like the room little dust in it i feel like it taste like the room you ever do that thing where you thanks so much i used to do this back in the day when i would drink all sunday and then try to go into work on monday i would chug so much water when i got home that i would puke okay just i've i've got your bong water for i have to it's effective it's a good way to do it yeah all right pft siri hydration okay my first is going to be the atlantic ocean ok very versatile ocean interesting you can go down to florida it's always nice it's it's it's clear it's blue it's nice and warm like bathtub one or you can go all the way up north to let's just say the cape cod region and you got great white sharks woman there was no sign somewhere where like the that linda could pacific ocean like nixon yes keeps i keep keep porn in south africa that's the atlantic and the indian this where brooks keep guests from yeah it used to
swimming there all the time is from when the sharks would be grade level after the water right now looks keep here it's from a south african yeah yeah that's very south african right libra ended my first one is going to be i'm going to go with the rain to break a super super humid day that like quick rain then it the water comes down and then it's like a nice it it doesn't stay wet for very long in the rain yet but i just know that graham civic rain yeah oh i'm sorry can i not you do this specific glass of water can i not do a specific no i think that plays yes absolutely plays when it's super super hot out and then it rains and then it feels like twenty degrees cooler an it's also i like to pick you could have gotten in the fourth round i don't think anybody was going to take it alright cool all right i saw that one is i mean you took the atlantic
yeah it was a terrible no pretty strong what you mean okay fine i'll take the pacific ocean no no you are took forever so my number two pacific ocean okay he should be making picks that will shock twice the side of the atlantic ocean twice i saw it and i don't want it has like hawaii all that cool is literally not teens is not ostracized motion of the ocean the you'd be a cool callie teen in the in the pacific our area what japan panel yeah but it also has deadly levels of radiation from the fukushima disaster now that so that yeah that was just a drop in the water i don't know many many okay okay my second pick is going to be michael secret stuff okay from space jam okay it was water spoiler alert not but it made the tune squad defeat the monstars yep and it was michael jordans tricks oh okay and if you hate that when they hit michael jordan you're saying that lebron is the goat i'm stunned this one is still on the board but my number two is kush
yeah i had that call and then my number three i will go with salt water selves in just in general rackets articles of the pores soaks up xx oil oriel balances oil oil production it's just good it's really well do you have like if you know if you're wounded you go in they'll saltwater water also you're healed a great way to attract sharks yeah is going in there with an open cut you worried about sharks when you go in the water it's pretty sad i thought you said that you like sharks i think what are you wearing shorts to come up to me sounds like he's going against his first no i think structure bad as i just went back with them if you want to if you think sharks are bad us you know which specific has way more sharks how do you know that because the great barrier reef dude like you thought you knew australia the great barrier reef is gone literally although i don't think you know that much about the great barrier reef all the chores dying an alarming rate okay alright
my next one is going to be lazy rivers yeah love lazy rivers i mean whatever so i didn't like you know i mean it's a it's yeah i guess yeah it was great man made lazy rivers yeah yeah man made man made yes uses a pool many it's a lazy river to go done watermark got waterpark got it okay i will go i'll go with the jon taffer the mix in the water at the bar when you've been drinking too much and you got a mix in that one water and it basically gives you all your life like if you've been that if you have like eight beers like here's one water all while i'm a regular human being that you're sober again yeah then you can see drink more beer also if you put a lime in it you
tell people it's vika so yeah absolutely you get less drunk at a point when you're trying to get drunk no no no no no no when you're to dress in the waters to save your life and the life saving water it also extend your drunk yes in may in the end you and you feel like a responsible adult you're like i'm i'm still even future me right now it's the nicest thing you can do for yourself all right my last one mmhm thank i'm going to go with i'll go with a hose water on a hot summer day that's my that's a great water back in the day before we were millennials we should drink straight from the host when he drinks three weeks ago that taste like copper no it does not taste like copper i'm sorry you don't have good hose maintenance hank it's great if you either you're playing like wiffleball you're doing yard work
what are you doing you get that hose water you feel like a man to drink like hey guess what i'll go straight to the source i don't need to come it looks bad as too yes it does and you can spray that people when you put your thumb on it yeah that's great so holds water very versitile sounds great it's great it's your plant to especially if you are not a human all right my last pick is going to be ice in the urinals that you get to pee on with your pee that's always real fun okay okay on my last one i will go with poland springs just actually just hose water that they put into a bottle in charge you five dollars and you hurt the environment yeah the floating plastic islands i'll talk about the actual springs not the oh the actual springs about deer park you gotta problem with deer park no i just prefer poland springs ok what about a little aqua fina make feels fancy it's not a spring what's the fiji fiji water water all right we missed a lot miss a lot of water yeah plus about their advice is ice
this is the first snow first snow the iceberg that sank titanic yeah sounds good quality piece of water it's a big piece of water is the song by ugly god actually but since the atlantic ocean i also did take noisy oyster bar s there is there is definitely was not there is a matter is neither created nor destroyed it's actually went to the pacific ocean because the currents if you look at the current you know what about water on mars so that's should i thought about taking them because they re discover water on mars once every six months just to get excited warm shower on a cold winter morning that's some good water again that hot our in outdoor shower after the b o yeah that's a big mess yeah that is that when i'm new to me let's see lake water love lake water uh oh the hungover rainy morning water when you're just when you roll
like super strong over you look out and awesome i don't have to go outside today yeah how about the what about me yeah when it's raining in your hung over you like well i was going to do anything today anyway so banker in my said there's nothing better than being super hung over and and having it just like be a thunderstorm outside i don't have to worry about anything what about those fears follow me i just never had to go ask where you've been laying in bed and it's like you're super hungover you look outside and it's dark and stormy and raining and you're like yes now i don't have to go out yes so thunderstorm with a specific knowing the context usually kind of you did you did what you did a glass of water in the middle of the night that has a lot of contact and then you just shat on all my contacts is it like what what i can't use context real quick going back to room water
what are the taste like the room what room would you want to drink water that's been sitting out in like what's the best room flavor in the world probably like the basis cold the sistine chapel oh you're talking about second all around the world may oh what about water that's in a pyramid pulling up front in the middle of a pyramid with horses cats and a nice but it's also got ghost now it's holy water we missed holy water holy ours pretty pretty pretty big mess by us about squirt is squirt water yeah yeah i guess it would be right priced a bit i don't know that's that's a loaded question that we do not know the answer to ask us on wednesday for guys on georges squirt it's p is it no i don't think it's p but there's water in p well there's water not us like i can say myself yeah i'm seventy percent water yeah armor i forget how much the human body is interested interesting any others that we missed mount rushmore of worst water would be
the mystery water from air condition units that's it that hits you when you're like walking on the little spray also the dirty river water you know where there's like just huge snakes that a right underneath the surface that's why you go you're lazy river fina are cool you know like aquafina on got it okay we're back to sonny sounds good the design is kind of fallen off the map it's a also on the list on worst waters when you go to drink get a glass get of drink some water out of a bottle and then it's actually dip spit really yes yeah straight vodka when you think it's water that's also a bad one okay so treat us your mount rushmore of water is dirty eyesight pretty bad to decide before you vote if you white context or not if you if you're okay with contacts on one pic and not the others yeah that's fair right that sounds just make your you can make your decision off then okay let's get
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wait wait for a little bit but hey it's it i tell you what and then this isn't one of those canned answers it's just every time that list comes out and you know i think i've been a finalist last for five years like to i think that you know the guy that started off just trying to make teams is on a list like that it really is a humbling time and i pinch myself but i would like to be you are in the baseball hall for yeah so you're as you're drafted by the marlins and you threw the first pitch ever in organization organization i wasn't in the big leagues it was the organization history erie pennsylvania okay plan at the elementary school where like right field i was a hard throwing right hander so like having a right field that's about two to it wasn't really really a good thing but that's the elementary school wall was our right field fence but that day was cool like wayne huizinga and the team at the time and all the brass and major league baseball everybody was there
as for that day that little elementary school look like a major league park yeah you know i throw pitch they come take my hat my shirt and some you know as as i tell people in for the first seven were balls i don't remember that yeah we can cut that part down so you mean you're a football guy through and through live football free football but was there ever a point that you were thinking like pretty close because i know it ends at stanford you're like i michael just play baseball yeah well you know i was drafted higher in baseball baseball always kind of was the more natural sport for me you know my dad had had a cup of coffee in the nfl played for a fifteenth round draft choice of the pittsburgh steelers and i think there's a part of every little boy that wants to be like their dad and it was like the more people told me you know you got stick with baseball it's safe you know all those things that we kind of just spur me on to that a football really is my passion you know i'm i'm
was a good thing the seventy four yeah enough your first couple seasons or even sometimes we like a i'm not sure if this is like if we already got i think i mean we were the we were the yuck sentiment tampa bay buccaneers for the worsening of forms of ninety three great you know for the cream circles real intimidating bucko bruce winking at the hot opponent that you know scared a lot of people but you know when i when i isn't starting for the worst team in football i started thinking you know what i love football but maybe at some point you just got to be smart and baseball's there waiting for me maybe i to go pursue it fortunately i just
work in things fell my way i heard that ronnie lott might have had something to do with keeping your eyes internet that's well i did read it was very week we played a pre season game you're three and right at the end of year two they threw me in for a couple games kind of at the time when you're full you know three and eleven and you get or you know three in ten and you got a couple more games left all right kind of like let's see what they got i think the general manager made made the group put me in and i played fairly well but i don't think anybody was watching ronnie ronnie lott was watching and know i had met him when bill walsh was our coach my senior year at stanford and i just switched to safety i used to be a quarterback and i'll never forget like we play and the jets in preseason and ronnie came up to me after the game and he said hey i watched you play those starts last year you can play a pro bowl level in this league and i'm and i'm going wow ronnie lotte just told me and that just kind of gave me the
for that said i could do it and we had a coaching change done she and her mad words in those guys came in and things started taking off for my career so the you mention the ox and i think there's some parallels to taking over the niners last year you know you're on the box the franchise isn't going great that's kind of disarray and then you turn around when win a superbowl you come to the 49ers there was not obviously the 49ers are one of the premier franchise in nfl but you could see i think there was some dysfunction going on when you guys came in there was some you know a couple of coaches in a few years gm that kind of stuff how do you how do you kind of use that experience from the box and then put it here where you're trying to change the culture you know so you i think you you hit a big point that it in tampa there had ben success you know maybe some early on right when they started with john john mckay and what not there nfc championship game but it mostly been bad so there was nothing to kind of hang your hat on here you had the forty niner way and so one of the things we do
drop on the old culture we started you know took you know i remember and then and almost like physically getting sick because all these guys and i'm not mad at them who hadn't done anything in the league it got the pictures on the wall took me ten years to get a picture up in tampa that used to be a big deal and yet you know the that lots in the joe and the steve's they weren't anywhere in the building and so we put a lot of that up and said let's we have to create it on our own but we also have a great road map of how to get there but some of the lessons you know tony dungy is one of the wisest man i've ever been around and prior to him it it always been changed was the answer we got a change and that's what it happened prior to us getting here and i think them giving us six year contracts allowed us to kind of say hey we're not going any for awhile so we better by
and most important we got the kind of guys who who love the game good good smart tough football players that kind of that's what sets the culture people and think i think we're on the right track and we'll see this year yeah sir prepare for your first job as a general manager how many times did you watch draft day fighting back no matter what you know i'd i'd watched it once on an airplane yeah yeah i was i was studying at the night before my first draft well is it you acted like you'd watch yeah that's what i hear we only do we what was it like going into that first draft like you would obviously you know been around football for awhile but you hadn't been i maybe had been in the war room and seem like all the intricacy that goes behind the scenes i how did you go about preparing for that well i never had you know i did an off season with the broncos right up to the draft but i didn't go in the draft you were in charge of their fax machine worry yes not with those two were known though but
i never been in there and you know to be honest with you i thought kind of i'd always be this conservative guy who you hold on to your draft choices draft well but the thing just played out you know we had a lot of we had a lot of pics going in the thing fell with the bears and you know a lot of people got on ryan pace about that i think the bottom line is hopefully that's the thing that ends up being great for both franchises we got a bunch of pics which we needed if mr basically turns out to be what they think he is then they go exactly what they wanted and needed to you know hopefully it's a great deal for did you ever did you ever think about nothing much where you ever looking at quarterbacks in that draft we certainly looked we looked hard you know we went out and kind of did it too we saw him we saw the sean watson and we like them all but we felt like we needed so much and you know we just need a lot of players and so we kind of went away
from that we also it would probably emboldened by the fact that the free agent class was gonna be a good free agent a lot of options and then the grappler thing came at a at a no war yes yes go head did you ask for tom brady i'm not supposed to talk if you did that's ok but i told you but i like that like you know it's your first year in the league as a general manager why not just take shots yeah we're still happens it's a no right we were calling about jimmy and we did have that conversation and got got quickly yeah i'd say so i figured what the heck you might you gotta take your shot really can't you can't score if you don't shoot yeah i had to summon up the courage and building laugh
the last basically on up on me but you know i took my shot yeah i mean it worked all these you got jimmy you know was that some something that you circled like hey this is a guy that we can potentially get when you're sitting in the draft passing on quarterbacks yeah you know but i i i would say that because we we made an effort and works quickly rebuff we kind of thought okay move on
from that option he was a guy they kept showing up kyle does a great job kinda having a library at each position these are the traits were looking for and rob lowe kept showing up on the quarterback as he does some things that you can't teach that that you look for at that position and there was a throw the other night in preseason game the marcus lawrence you know reading down on and he's got zero space and the quick release just gets the ball those type of things kept showing up and so there wasn't a huge sample size but when you're blessed like that we felt like it was worth taking a look when the opportunity presented itself and then he came in there and showed showed us that not only does he at the talent he also has got everything else you want in a guy who's your guy and he just kind of war on us and his teammates made everybody around better and we lock them up and we're glad we did and he's really good looking yeah he is that yeah we ask how about that yeah it's like yeah it's sad to say
boots at an ugly quarterbacks never won a superbowl we fact check that was mostly unsympathetic well i mean how hot do you think you like manning is or brad johnson fred shots what that super bowl it was obviously very interesting because you had jon gruden go from the raiders to the box did you guys other place yeah but you know that logic doesn't work as they should have known are put our our plays seattle by that logic just coach them for however many years you know so there are some some instances within that game where we did i think the bigger deal was they couldn't protect rich gannon and warren sapp and simeon rice and greg spires and those guys were just breathing down i think we scored three defense a touchdown
you know that that year began with a guy and they were the number one off it's a league and pump and he remember he had said she'd throw from all angles so he you had to believe when he pumped but i said you know what when they do that the pump for says he's going to turn around someone's gonna hit him in the mouth and sure enough it happened early in the game and i remember saying around a barber game over yeah yeah we're this is over you have also had john gruden's play if you just like picked up a playbook from nineteen seventy two did he make you guys watch films like the seventies it's one of his great great skills and you know caught work form and kyle does it now kyle's great at showing guys he doesn't use old film that gruden used to be like a tee shot how to run three hundred and seventy six drag slant on these guys ass and we're going to hit our heads on the goalposts just like jerry rice and john taylor did back in nineteen that you know whatever eighty and then he would show you a old granny video and it was awesome it was like he was on monday night football and so it was he was a great present
and kyla kyle is really is kyle feels most comfortable talking to our team i remember there was a time when he was talking to every employee in here from the on a wanted to talk to everybody and he was nervous about how do i messages these messages i said do it with film that's when he's at his best and i think you learn a lot of that from john group yeah absolutely absolutely what what was it like playing with warren sapp a bigger trash talkers ei feel like you trash talk to his own teammates he did the ultimate man i mean you best not have thin skin if you're going to be around i will tell you he can also be one of the most loyal people in the world but he can be you know few waiters dinners over the years yeah he's parked at yeah it's not always pleasant but i love the guy he would do anything if i needed him and he made
job a lot easier how long did it take for him to stop saying that you grew up with a silver spoon in your mouth well i think we flip that on him you know was one time where they used to give us that old story and brad culpepper i think picked us up and kind of drop the mic on these guys that you know one day he said hey guys you know when you think about it let you and i are at the guys that really have overcome because there's thousands of guys from the hood
the nfl like we were really the ones who vote he's right stanford yeah right right and that whole silver spoon thing was little blown out of proportion yeah was like we were the but you know warren sapp i mean he did i i could imagine he will he'll pick at any little thing that he can to toughen up his team everybody but you know he's also the guys that you know pick me up numerous times no hey nobody else i want to play with and so you you know that's the thing about the sporty it's so hard and it's difficult in the u battle together you have you heard together so that you can you forge these relationships and
you know i brought him out here last year to work with are the line because the teachers it really well yeah i was just can do it other guys can do it and teach and mourns one of those guys i believe that who is the toughest guy europe's tackle anderson no high i used to used to say that i i deserved royalties from cadillac he sponsor him at the time because even like he just turned fifty out connect all kinds of messages hey dude you're showing up on all this highlights and good thing with is there is no shame when he did it to everybody he used to really get after the bucks though number eight yeah yard runs yeah those on you too yeah we had we played an eight man front defense then yeah i was always eight guys so kind of the on black guy i later learned it pro bowls and stuff talk into their their offense alignment that they would call that that's berries guy if your own blocked and i remember he'd sit there and he never you know he was like expressionist
he would go and then he looked back at me and i'd say like gosh you know that's probably one player in my career other guys are research i respected everybody but like people say were you ever afraid i was afraid of plan against that guy because like i think someone best described it like you couldn't pull as flag in a in a phone booth i mean he it's just the guy that you were like where where is the yeah right was that much better than everyone on the field and he couldn't not only could he be g heating bearish yeah you were make
your make it highly yeah they're likes guys yeah we've got over their own feet yeah we watch very sanders highlights like half the defense is looking the wrong way yeah transaction and everything derrick brooks always played well and in a lot of it that's derrick brooks he was a he was just on crack incredible athlete in his own right but he used to say hey what he wants to make you do stop your feet and then he can start a whole lot faster than you can sit wherever stop you features go and so i started doing that later in my career and yeah you're gonna swing and miss but you're you're also going to play i'm a lot more effectively did yeah did you ever have to tackle mike alstott or was he always on this but i did actually when i went to so when coach angie first came down mike was a rookie i think then that that so second year he was a rookie and early in that training camp i came up from free safety and i've heard a lot about this guy how tough he was and i was going to test the rookie and he and i collided and it was as loud as i've ever heard and coach dungy grab me after that he said you too you don't hit each other
you know like that that happens no more it was just a bad deal and so i never hit mike again until i went back as a denver bronco in my first year at the broncos we and with his big fourth and one at the end of the game and some have that's a trantor yeah we busted yeah and got him in the back fields yeah yeah all right so we got wrapped up in a minute because you have a meeting you gotta get to appreciate the time i'll do the c key question put in promo code take you get ten dollars off for seek purchas go to 49ers game come to come to levi stadium come and see if so do you think with the twenty eighteen in the nfl with all the rule changes how does john lynch the safety make it now because you were one of the most feared hitters and guys to lookout for it well i like to believe because everybody sees me and even kyle tells me all the time there's no way there's
the way you could play it out and i'd like to believe that it if you're a talented player you did just i will say though that sometimes i see like it's just whether you use your head or not they're going to err on the side of safety and so if you hit someone hard at the safety position these days you nine ten at nine times out of ten get a get a flag thrown and that that really what it boils down to it that was my greatest skill that that kind of stuff they used to tell me in tampa hey we tell everyone else go for the ball don't go knock someone out that's contagious it needs slows down the other team it so our guys up so i think the answer is yes i would have changed my game and i would have done what i had to do survive but i think there would it would have pretty i think i'd be highly penalized yes i got one more thing here a lot of people don't know this about you but you have a dna test company and i have one of your kids right here and so what you can do is like 23andme except you can have
send you my dna and you're going to evaluate my performance my toughness my resilience in my spirit based on my dna and like my cells and stuff yeah i'm just going to hand q cut out the middle man what is this i think it's a how you visually urine or is this you put in your mouth how do you guys use work share this well yeah we yeah we have a lot of guys being do your testing or whole podcast yeah so what would you say just what will send this and put give us our you know the john lynch genetic toughness packed down would just looking at us and being around us what what are the what are the options and on our dna testing what are you performance toughness resilience and spirit those are the there's the complete rundown of the trades john lynch looks for high performance you guys you guys are great performers you guys can
first does it out yes huge success tough this site i don't know that's debatable i let's put it in a surprise attack okay dog well you get you get points there what's number three resilience resiliency i stocked bob laying for five years and so we got to this point just shared a swab that's pretty resilient and everything else in there at all than the last great spirit okay so we'll just standing with his hands actually you and i'm sure that your dna ladder at home yeah you just you know take that to the people when we'll get back to us john lynch best a lot this year thank god wants fun math you guys are excited everybody in the building was excited when you guys came around yeah it's fun we're coming at ten it was actually pretty awkward because we got confused and thought the you got inducted this year so i texted bob what are you guys going to be in canton he's like i don't think john's going until he gets inducted you know that's three
there's a funny thing though you know it's because like my parents raised me that you don't write your own press clippings and that whole deal and and you know i tell you and i that's the my true feelings that i'm humbled every time but like i do one in that thing and yeah you know it's one thing if you don't think i don't maybe i was i really believe but the way i played war it's me being in there should be safe to say you would attend your own yes monica we gotta do i'd be there statement and be like i will attend if inductors i will attend if inducted here we go i won't do a ceremony at stanford university breaking news so so canton oh in duck john lynch appreciate it that interview was brought to you by mint mobile the big in big why add list provider stands for a lot of things it ends for big contracts big bills and big fees like att's new one hundred million dollar administrative fee increase yikes with big wire
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it shows you how far players left to go at any point during the play to get a first down we'd so that's the yellow line which is not official but it's now filled in with green oh i like that wait isn't there a green it's a dark shade i differently gone lighter if i was that part of this committee yeah but i can go with darker too i don't know i kind of like you so it's like highlighted the field is highlighted i like this i think there should be a red zone whenever there's a really shity quarterback throwing a pass like inside their own twenty when it's about to get pick six yeah that would be nice weights that would just be the to sean kaiser's yes sir with sean kaiser zone slash here comes here comes interception
you think yeah he's not as the sobs on yes yeah that actually would be great if instead of so on the red zone they should have an option where you can just pick like third and longs for should be quarterback like here comes in in your subject there should also just be a red zone for backup quarterbacks when they get in the games that also would be great i would watch by the way the brown once eagles ratings were like insane and it was a five month it was so so guess what all you fucking haters out there say the nfl all you all you beatles so you're not watch the nfl guess what the nfl's back the head of the back and there's a shitload of us watching it we love it got no problem saying it i feel ok getting out in front of him being like hey listen i still love wait i'm going to do a verbal mean you're ready yeah so will justice warriors is labeled on one of the big strong hands and then maggot twitter is on the other big strong hand and there
shaking hands in the middle and then it says not watching nfl games i like that i like that bring them together i also have one the the hot chick walking down the street it she just has nfl honor and the dude looking back is everyone and then the their check is nba twitter and they're just like that i forgot that everyone loves the nfl or you just not just the nba being a twenty hey guess what the mbas twelve monthly guys know it's not because i don't give a flock from september first two super bowl guess what the nfl is is petty too or sacking the quarterback it happens every single planet sauce have it have added randy gregory so petty exactly listen we're about to pull out to feel it boy so not like listen these people at least they pile on the nfl in the offseason yeah we're back it's happening rate is going to be insane
we have a speaking they are fully respect the biz to doug peterson who got a little surly with reporters yesterday or a couple days ago when they asked for like the hundred time is carson wentz going to be back for week one so doug peterson she don't love is respect the biz because he's actually fully respecting the busy said i'm not gonna keep answering the same question asked in a different way and then a reporter was like how often does carson wentz get evaluated and then he went and answered it for like you know three minutes being like it's a process with kerr somewhat so i like this doug peterson just telling everyone telling reporters do a better job yeah that's like you that's how you talk to a two year old to as like to ask me different question gives your nice words hey doug are you worried all about carson in the humidity in september playing in september yeah we what is bill belichick wasn't a dick after all and he just didn't answer questions
go belcher now search results belcher built it wasn't a dick he just only answer questions if you said please if you were just pull yeah but he's waiting for the magic words and then he'll answer you know he'll go on for five minutes about tom brady's thumb injury hill bella check is actually your first grade teacher yeah like do you do not get anything unless you say please thank you he's just been waiting silently for the last like ten years for reporters to start being nice to yeah hey doug do you think the training staff will have to be washing carson once once his jersey after week one that's is that's what you're going to do it online in the no answer yeah doug is not he's not you know i'm considering betting five thousand dollars on carson wentz starting in week one yes would you recommend that i do that would you say that would be a good idea it would that be a sound investment strategy aug before we do your week one game in the kickoff of the season how large of a cup do you think your quarterback will need
extra extra large or just the large ok doug thanks i like that the answer did your starting quarterback get married this offseason for week one teacher thank you i think yeah he did he seems like a guy that probably will just get married every off i was browsing the oxygen in the house i still love this lady yes yeah i lover another register pieces another ring even though nick foles wanted yeah we have a sorry not sorry for trevor bauer so trevor bauer got in a weird situation where he there was a fake tweet that someone said espn aired turban flipped out turns out if you didn't aerate and trevor bauer then had to say sorry so he had say hey mlb network and espn i would like publix is it demanding i would like public statements on social media and on your networks clarifying that the information you
only reported as fact earlier regarding my recovery timetable and process is false and not a quote for me the report is damaging an absurd turns out he was wrong so then he released a video saying my bad as i'm wrong which is the video no one asked for but i guess i know demand an apology and you're wrong you after then give an apology trevor bauer just he kept digging and digging and digging until it became a story because there are few things that i care about lesson life than espn report getting trevor bauer's injury timetable incorrect but he kept trying to make it a story and then i think the initial report was like trevor bauer this is going to be out for multiple weeks because he took too much silver yes so like harness the cia is mind control it was something like bizarre obvious joke tweet yeah and then he got tricked into thinking that the joke tweet was actually on the air then he would it basically amounts to is trevor bauer is the dumbest player in major league baseball possibly sports or the smartest
because he's thinking yeah he said we're talking about him and he did sign that contract the four hundred and twenty sixty nine contract we had four two thousand and nine all over the place and he does he is a drone professional who is enthusiast easiest is also a weird i don't really understand i don't i don't i don't think trevor bauer understands for that you just you just said trevor bowers sneaky genius because who would care about trevor bauer on the cleveland indians besides indians fans unless he was doing all unless he was fake eating silver to harness power and demanding apologies and having to apologize for demanding apologies and then cutting his finger off with a drone while uses fingers to for his profession
power strikes me as a guy that challenges people to debates a lot yeah so trevor if you want to debate whether or not you're a genius or an idiot yeah once you come on podcasts yeah he definitely is like a well actually an also like like what stats do you have to be to back that up here and he has in his back pocket like two or three statistics that he always goes to like those are his go to he's got him he uses them it's like it's like the fucking green bay packers power sweep he's just going to keep throwing these statistics out there every argument ever baseball politics whatever i challenge trevor bauer to take an iq test against hank i think he'd mop the floor with them who know we gotta do we gotta send out a fake tweet yeah that's true
hours of allowing you trevor bauer admits to having little i q issues yes because of these had too much mercury because he snorted lead paint when he was in high school yes yes he's yeah he he actually broke he he melted is fighting necklaces and bracelets and drank it yeah trevor bauer got spooked by a fake tweet in twenty eleven that obama was going to take his phiten necklaces and confiscate them so he snorted them and then got lead poisoning and now he's a dumbest player in baseball that's true but not sure about what we're hearing all right before we get to our reading we have a embrace debate this is from the little league world so i didn't know this was a debate but we have to embrace it 'cause we are debate show they asked all league world series players paper towels or napkins the hottest debate you've ever heard yes well here to weigh in yes share my was not on the list no paper towels or not because i have a very clear to finish
of answer yeah i think paper towels for me without a doubt they're more versatile they hold more liquid they napkins or get all messy and like their little what's in a restaurant i would i would love cloth napkins i would love if restaurants just had a roll of bounty at every table yeah and just like here you go how fancy it is yes yes that would be a great would you say that's an upgrade to a napkin think about like if you're eating wings how many how many napkins you need versus you could do it all with like one or two pieces of paper towel and so it's easy paper towels yeah clown question very much in the worst ever yeah and don't get me started kleenex call man clinics is like a poor person's napping yeah exactly well except for some cases no but i'd say i just i'll submit that paper towel shower paper in every way every use ok so you can use you can use paper towels toilet paper if you run out i can't believe they ask this question
i'd rather use paper towels reviews on paper towels and napkins toilet paper yeah greenies answered this by the way is both please can probably paper towel still his dude if you if you're after the napkin there's a good chance you're going to get shipped all of your fingers or the napkins just going to get stuck in your butt yeah paper towel rescue run is clogging the toilet and i'd rather that than cutting open your anus with a paper towel can you tell us what you could do those things are you guys you got pete davidson body yeah and paper towels yeah he's a man you've cut open your but with no i would never even think to do that i'm not a doctor but i'm pretty sure it's healthy to have a little bit of blood in your stool at all times blood on the on the white yeah right exactly they're not wiping hard enough yeah you don't have blood yeah you have a yeah i'd rather have blood then a dirty but hey guess what speaking of blood we have one last thing before monday reading hurt or injured for the ufc fighter who ripped his scrotum with a drill not an actual
a drill a fighting drill he had in his pants oh wait no no no it isn't so brave mitchell no his explanation as to why he was how he was doing some home improvement of fox he was holding a board above his head and then he he like stepped off the chair any of drill in his pocket so when he stepped off the chair his leg hit the power button on the drill which tangled his scrotum up sliced in half twisted his balls all around and then he had to like i assume that in a moment he had to hit the reverse function on the drill and then try to time it so it got perfectly unreasonable fighting drilling or apple inc drew no no it actually this is why i never attempt any home improvement drills falk this story i'm moving off i'm looking at the picture right now at the blood all up in the scrotum area he should have been wearing me
it's probably would have saved the life yeah they can stop they can stop a drill bit it don't quote us on that ok let's finish up with our monday reading it happened while we were gone urban meyer officially not fired he was suspended credit to meet did you say it as well i think i was the one i was on the right side of history here in the right side of history well you're under office here on the right side of the wrong side of history i said right away he's not going to get fired you thought i was going to get fired he survives three games he's going to be suspended for three james jean smith i think is suspended for a month or something i don't even know but either way ohio state released a statement and we're going to little monday reading from wouldn't getting suspended as an athletic director be awesome yeah like you got suspended from your office job with pay i don't even understand what athletic directors do they just basically have to make sure this shit doesn't happen yeah so yeah you should be fired
either way they just raise money that's all they do here so here's a couple we're going to do a couple clips from the finding was twenty three pages way too much reading or not it's monday reading it's not monday and let it go with your biggest responsibility as an athletic director is hiring the correct sir firm to do your job for you yes absolutely which which is outsource everything which is essentially hiring just lee corso to find your next coach all you do is yeah you just kill polian lee corso will find you a code you just buy expensive bottles of bourbon for your biggest boosters and get back with him and during the middle of the day and they always come up with john fox yeah okay so here is a couple snippets from it let's start with this i pulled out a few interesting parts they started it with in undertaking their review the independent investigator tory council interviewed more than forty witnesses some multiple times they were viewed over
sixty thousand emails and ten thousand text messages so i want to start there because i'm going to ask you guys i think this is the cool of all time they did that and how many in two weeks two weeks ten thousand to it going through other people's text messages but like as your job you know what they should have done the office they should just like wikileaks that your member when they hacked the dnc and and then everybody online was searching for some person yeah they just released it to a select group of this i posted a link to all the texts and emails on and university of michigan message board yes and they would got to the bottom right for four hours yeah i have out of boys okay so yeah well i mean ten thousand text messages will be a lot of fun to go through they never that sounds crazy emails no text messages yes you could find a lot of stuff out of context i'm shocked at like an emoji see it and the emotions would be so funny to see yeah urban meyer using a mode you would be like red flag put in the put in the find yeah okay so it go
as on to say although coach meyer and athletic director smith failed seed here to the precise requirements their contracts when they concluded that they need to wait a law enforcement determination of file charges the i a r here's the big part other than mis misunderstanding of the requirements triggering reporting obligations neither quote coach meyer nor athletic director smith violated any policy rules law or contractual obligation misunderstanding so no i didn't know that he had to report a missing stuff that he had to report so you can't blame him for not knowing they misunderstood the requirements triggering reporting obligations so not even reporting they just misunderstood what starts the report right urban meyer didn't go to osu to play reporting requirements i love that line there miss under think of the requirements triggering reporting obligation yeah you got start somewhere guys you got to start
triggering of the reporting obligation he didn't know that domestic violence would have been something that triggered him reporting domestic violence right he didn't know a coach underneath him that he didn't know that of his job to make sure the coaches underneath him don't commit felonies he trusted his coaches too much to not commit felt right exactly here's the doozy though this is the second last thing here's a doozy though we accept it in july one thousand and eighteen coach meyer was deeply absorbed in football season an wanted to focus on football at big ten two days well i mean you know we put image in jail for being a football the firing of zach smith the day before the first time coach meyer had fired a coach was also on his mind as was the funniest media report of a felony arrest of zach smith in two thousand fifteen we so learn during the investigation that coach meyer has sometimes had significant memory issues in other situations
he had prior extensive knowledge of events i love that because it's very specific that he he had issues when he already knew everything about something that's when he loses member yes it like all i forgot my car keys it's no you years and years of finding out this guy was a fucking scumbag but you forgot that part yes it what was that exact statement like he has had significant memory issues when it comes to subjects that he was very familiar is that what it is yeah thank you is that it is i have anything to like game planning our like this is one that has that much information i had all the time to trust him to run your like multi million dollar football organization who just forgets of all the time i i i'm not mine it's a very particular case of amnesia because the
as pride he has extensive knowledge of events that i forget yeah he forgets stuff that'll get him in trouble it's it's a curse you really smart and then in this line he also periodically taking medicine that can negatively impair his memory concentration and focus i think is by taking those out jones memory pills yeah is it yes are super male vitality yes he sure setting up his memory every marsha said i had a big bowl of chili before the press conference i'm sorry i was switching reviewed all the documents i just made up a giant a very substantial bowl chili before said surely you can understand to urban meyer listen credit to him figure out that if you just basically like fake fake heart attack fake having bad three n like dementia and having to take pills for what no you can probably get i ever use the out from in defense he is it because i got high i forgot about my coach had been arrest yes yes there also was away shocker the urban meyer's never fired a coach before is that unusual
i i i feel like that's very very and what it is it's like a supreme court position yeah urban meyer hires you as assistant i guess they just either just their contracts get up or they go get new jobs i think killed yeah yeah i'm he also said coach meyer we had a whole thing where he they couldn't get any text messages over over a year old yeah and apparently that just how his phone was set up yeah so now we here folks just the phone thing now so roger you sell would have suspended for four games yes so that so he's staying on i i hope we didn't for your house this is the hard part about talking about like college football big scandals like urban meyer probably knew a lot more than this report has found doesn't say isn't like hey your ohio state fans you're the worst no it's actually not like you can separate but you shouldn't have urban meyer be part of your character as a yassin so yeah
hold yourself hot head high ohio state be like you know what you're better than i thought it was bullshit he probably remembers everything and guess what he's he's still coaching will how states you probably want it loaded the funniest is people saying like something like this would never happen at michigan know something like this type of stuff happens probably at every single major program in your country is good enough they'll do the reverse engineering where instead of being like let's find the fax back let's find the facts to make sure he stays as coach yes this is what happened here let's find the facts of his selective amnesia of extensive things he had extensive knowledge urban i'm going to need i'm going to need a perfectly correlated list of everything that you've forgotten in last yes and just just a little long like you know warning out there everyone just for me make sure that you trigger they were reporting responsibilities that's all you gotta do yeah make sure you trigger the the start of it well no we have to do is you have to learn when to trigger the reporting responsibilities and then remember to not forget right
going to trigger the reporting possibilities and you'll be fine yeah you're going to be fine okay that's our show will see everyone wednesday and i don't even know who we have on the show for we got a big show wednesday only is it is it hollywood no it's not hollywood this one no what is that that's going to be hello is going to be the wednesday after labor day so weak from ones week from wednesday so we don't have decided we're going to have an for hand up i thought that this is labor day weekend twice until a lot until friday yeah i got a week ahead of myself i just want football to be back so badly and you just didn't trust me 'cause we had this conversation a week ago yeah like hey that labor day weekend like nope that's not but guess what a week from wednesday will be rob well we don't know who's going to be on wednesday we have a couple in the hopper as they say that that was that dvr that they tried to make i tried to read the diva no yeah but the hopper member that yeah yeah they're leading edge dvr just works yeah it was basically the cyber dust mark cuban cybercast
mtv celebrity gossip it's pardon my take
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