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49ers HC Kyle Shanahan + Mt Rushmore Of Travel Complaints With Peter King

2018-08-13 | 🔗

We are live from San Francisco for the 2018 PMT Training Camp Tour and Tiger is officially back (2:27 - 4:50). The Tiger effect is real as he captivated everyone on Sunday and oh yeah Brooks Koepka is really fucking good (4:50 - 13:29). We went to 49ers Training Camp and pretended to be real journalists for a minute then got intimidated by a bunch of California teenagers. Whos back of the week (13:29 - 22:35). Peter King joins the show for Mt Rushmore of travel complaints (22:35 - 39:51). 49ers HC Kyle Shanahan joins the show to talk about being a Head Coach at such a young age, what he looks for in a Quarterback, regrets from the Falcons/Patriots Super Bowl, and his ankle tattoo with Chris Simms initials (39:51 - 67:48) . Segments include talking Max Scherzer, Drunk Idea, Spinzone, and a Rick Reilly column reading. 

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Today is part of my take. We are live from your mother, fucker. You, I've sold trust these MIKE's. Ok, we got to do what I say is part of my take. We are live from forty Niners camp in Kelly, we're on our training camp tore. We also ran into good friend, big J journalists Peter King, so we got cow Shanahan, head coach of the San Francisco, forty minors and Peter King, doing the Mount Rushmore of Travel, complaints, which I'll say right now, the funniest, not Russia, more than has been done. He delivered a desert. This was deadly Peter kings. We'll ask- and I thought for a second whose come with its like normie complains. Oh no. These are classic vetoing very specific. We're too for two on our last Mount rush, moors of having guess that we're like built for them outright almost dynasty. Yes, before we get all that, though our training camps, or so we are here in San Francisco, we're going down to allay tomorrow for the rams it is brought to you by Directv, because football fifty is
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more for let's go. Let's not well like today is one day August. Lurching ends did sermons. Obviously, spill preacher weaken for me, just gonna kick in it with the home is ever just like children in nor cow right now. Would I just doing like issues like Super Chill appear in hard with our brows and just hanging like some stupid shit, and I see that New Travis Scott Job John drop out of school drop. It.
John is Billy than you think they also do so he's like girls. Can you do that sometimes caught Scott John is now you, I just say it up too early in the morning, sometimes like you get on the east coast lying is labour are just like we're all. And what's that, hang around for a while, the ravages Flippin Ali, real quick decisions, as nice grind so we're in California and TIGERS, bat and tigers back we we did kick off. Are we getting California by going in and out Hank made a start there just for the content, not because he wanted the yes, sir you're, just because for people expected her yet so, let's, let's we're gonna do over training camps stuff with Peter King and caution. Come up. We have to talk about time, tyres, batten like he damage. Good Sunday. And yes, okay, if you want to look at the fine print, he didn't technically win, but that doesn't mean he's not back.
As we are taught mothers in the car, the tigers, back crew that I despised many years, the two thousand fourteen fifteen tigers back as ie, you know, finished top ten in in a stupid term. In Bermuda that sought now he's back cause he's actually finishing. Second, he's he's only shot like six. Under the day he had that he had that tiger stalk his driver he was Huggin Brooks kept, goes girlfriend like he's back you ill. He hit. I think you miss all seven fair ways on the front line, yet many still shot. What like Bosnia, I raised grave honesty about him right here. He asked they won the british Open end Pga championship on aggregate yeah he's, although from those two tournaments, where the lowest of it Gabriela Tiger Woods to time back to back me, you're title hold were added all up, but he is actually golf and while it was listen, if you want,
if you wanna, be a tiger hater, that's fine as the number one Tiger fan in the world. Only one is good note when you know those I'm using all the time literally geezer this onto no one, the bell and eyes the eye when the fans were like he's. Burke is Burke his bags like Bro he's not back like just cause he's out there in his back as in programme is not back. Now we actually is backs products appropriate. He, like Gulf, is so much fun with Tiger Woods on Sunday. It is must watch tv twitter was on fire Tiger just like it. You can't take your eyes off, and you know what I order a hundred and fifty dollars of in and out for a couple. You know what I love about Tiger is like. He was everything that here, supposed to be he was like electric who is hidden these crazy hook and cut shattering the lad. He is wearing the red and he refused to put away the driver up, but that was so perfectly like fuckin, amber keeping my driver Dave Tiger Woods
if his shaft on the driver was a stick dynamite that had a two second fuse. He's too, we can that's yes, namely that may occur in classical fashion. He absolutely smoked his driver right down. The fair way on the eighteenth sounds next term is like I was in my
Well, that's what I can build on! That's exactly how every rounding off for me go. This is like I have one nice chip shot at seventeen and right when I'm ready to give up got off for good this shit's ease, and am I guess it s, not tat hard so kept car is actually here's. My spends on that. I think a tiger woods of playing as well as he's played in glass like fifteen years, even not just like last time. No, that's wrong, but kept, who have sorry it is ready for this. Cap is better than tiger. Woods was at its peak right now, that's also run no. No he's bombers. Driver Tiger has got those there's never ever on his offer like him. No! No hair whatsoever on rocks kept his arms okay, so that was there was a bad. Take. That's ok! Now you called the moment and you're here I just any of them all. I just think he's under appreciated. All it does is when majors the problem is: that's where he's not a very exciting guy. Well, he's just the due to the big arms he needs to have like something we need to changes have liked Gregg Norman, how happening or he needs to just like, say he's us. No, not Austria and South Africa would be awesome for him Y gotta theory about it. What is it like? You said. His luck he is is to handsome he doesn't have anything we can make fun of EU needs a man boobs or balding hair, like whatever something somebody with that guy, just like us to
because his name is hard to pronounce people just don't say Znayet, that's what I'm saying I always use avoid names. I can't say so. I just don't ever say his name and everybody you forgot about Brooks Keck Coop, yet exact bro. I dont know how to say his name, Saunders knock. I look down the o before the E. Whenever I see that unlike weight should that be the one with those two letters like touching each other and they have to like, say it weird and spit on the personal you're talking to yes, but that's from Saint, if you just got like south african citizenship, Brooks Cuba either sounds good right. It does on good low rebranded. We have more on Brooks CAT kooky through excuse groups, groups, groups Crocker after the interviews, calcium and we can do little Rick Riley reading for the folks to see actually wrote about how no one's talking about Cooper trooper kept, before I move off of golf, can we discussed the course
Yemen is getting worse and sickening showing by the courses we get disgusting lowest, I think score in a Pga championship and Jordan Speed, throwing a bond of water, that's mine this autumn, puking. Can you call the huge you cover calming about that? I know they. Don't let us call on rule violations at home anymore, even though, regrettably did try it or words he tried to snatch on tiger after the whole world was like. This is the greatest moment engulfed in like ten years tigers back its awesome. This is so exciting and then Rick Riley comes over the times like hey Tiger. Did he swayed? Did he hit the ball? Like abounds, you're, not related to the ground, his club, it has, and what a facility ground you're kidding. You hate your club on the ground floor with a gulf socks and so you're not allowed to common rules violations, but you should be allowed to call the cops on your speech I get for from an ongoing greatly, and I congratulate locker so, shitty shown by the course of disappointing you, Saint Louis, yet again, yes,
Look, I'm a course Rick Riley Jordan's be detailed. Kirkland just for could could Alabama the coarse hair. Maybe I'll behold, roll over that glia, thankless icons, women's basketball could be TAT usually easily. So do you wanna talk about Kelly. Yeah What's the ouse getter swags, our colleague his loose chemicals swag talk, so travel welcome back to swear talk. I was with my boys: pittance some snarly ass surf the other day and no ah Spivey Seal and strong its mouth, because all these fuckin loser. Rule on our liberals, these losers. Snowflake new Yorkers are still drinking with straws near Starbucks got disgusting really like, and it was a sea lion to. I wasn't your correct you in the moment cuz the most important part of my savings at living animals life is pretty chill that we got to save its life and then I was like software. They got back to the car, I awesomely store by tactics
sir. I wish we could well you just prior to I forgot. You didn't bring em Israel off the map, my step as it does for he's, actually really good he's too now, yeah yeah, like you, do when you like smoke and shit who, like shares, bonds, likewise beer for, like my girlfriends itself, how old do when they were so what we are actually in committee- and I am I we did go to in and out and we went to weed landed on Saturday night, like one The morning we went straight in n, because Hank is trying to fatten us up and kill us mission. Accomplished and we went in and out, and every single person in that in and out at one of the morning was under the the routine and boy raised as like high as you ve ever seen, and I was petrified there. There were literally like nine and ten year olds in there that our high yeah
in areas like what I want. You look and I was so scared- and I made a note when we're in there. I type to those they dont forget this, because what sort of happened was if you're round enough high people yonder for us and lights, you start to feel like your height and saws like I'd, better right this down before by short term memory, kicks out so high, so high, and I wrote down like why are all these children high California and then we're leaving the gets like every teenagers there was high and just intimating the hell out of me. We went to Niners camp on Sunday, which was awesome because shot out to bubbling great host and it was fun to play ball yeah. We went to the practice. We even stood there. I was actually talking to some guy. You like work for NBC Sports Bay Area and I was like hey. Are you counting like Garoppolo's completions and he's like yeah I'm trying to, and then I kept on asking?
and then he just walked away from me, because that was the other consult. Your fuck up. The count was shrine accountancy. What I lost count after three passes edged couldn't pay attention long enough, but it's cool like that. We ve been like hey nine for eleven with one interception. We we almost proved or bad luck again, because you remember last summer invited to a camp Teddy Bridgewater Like fell out and everybody threw up and he almost died and rain front of us. Mckinnon heard his knee, yes and he limped to the sidelines and their testing for an Asia. I was first report and I quote, I don't think it's that bad yeah so
as before he got his MRI Ivan. I broke the news that I see. Ok, I didn't think it was a bad yet saying just a calf strain off. We Gooch Gucci, so he's fine he's gotta week, so we had a great time the shout also to the grounds crew at forty honours it leave. I stadium they. Let us basically hang out in their office all day and we just which set up shop with interview shot, who Scott Interview Peterkin gotten view cash hand. John Lynch, coming sometime in the next couple wings really fun day. We were much Tiger Woods with Peter King. Yes, he screamed at the tv just like us, so maybe in his football morning in America column tomorrow morning, you Michael, Let's nugget like successful, fattened, might get we're yes, so sure do whose back before we get to review some somersault comes back so that we are drawing of us all. I gotta, whose back to just start for the whole podcast. We looked like fucking idiot what these new MIKE's. I mean. It sounds better. I think so. It looks like cool because
Now you see our faces and we don't have headgear on, but I do feel like we are officially douche backs This is a big says is now like you know that you like Germany, that arise and we like the deuce bags. You have a podcast. This is what they do. So when you gotta irish Fucking headsets that making about his way. That knows exactly these act, like you know, says for women to apply shitty microphone. Ah, you to hold them up. That was doubtless gritty. This Like if you close your eyes, you like, how would someone from empty are or the ringer do, podcasting hotel on this isn't what I take that as a compliment. Ok ex level, my whose back the week is swear you little eaters, big AL
took the took the took internet by storm this weekend he did it did as high as they have one every single year. Where some kid like this said somewhere, she came out he's like money, PIG Island Games and now three does you said Bob? Does he actually dinner's. Is it like a good software? Yet while he hits home runs on the national, all you can do TAT S question and I dont want to be this but I have to ask a question permission you other granted. Do you think they'll be a point where these kids become a little self aware? and start doing this cuz big AL is like so beautiful because he's genuine he's yeah he's like we're going to get to that point, where they're going to try to start making sound bites and stuff, and it's going to ruin it, but I love the gown.
Think I might happen. I really think that toward the age thing will keep us, pure and in general, because what's gonna happen is you're going to get a you're gonna get a coach that wants right to go viral. I don't want that and then he's gonna coach, the guys and what s going on substance, awoke retirement twelve year old, plain, literally baseball, guiding us there's nothing more pure and wholesome than that and what's going on, I you got a ruin worse moment there, like National Gerald Geezer than wiser them gambling on them and screaming at them and then laughing when they cry. Yes, that's why it out dinners for sure yes, ledger doses on other, whose back that I notice last week on another, since I was in two and touch with all the journalist last year, but I'm nervous allow more reporters reporting on coaches working out before the games so up which is running stairs. I knows like four: five different cultures: it's like X, x, coaches, here, why running stairs for the game?
those doing very about all. I didn't really think, though, that there is a chance that he might get into the game the greater my by his janitors than you think there might be a chance he could get in the game in and do pretty. Well, I think, I think, the painters, coaches all do it before the game, because they are secretly trying to kill themselves and give them some heart attacks, because they don't wanna have to code when we're going to have to deal with Belgic screaming at them for the next three hours. You think anyone in the chiefs lock rooms like hey Andy, one run some stairs not be great. Seen. Eighty you trend Walter, you back and shape yeah. If somebody made Andy Red try to run stadium, sirs first thing, he would do
the vice president of stadium operations next day and put in escalators here, and we are all just. We like there's no like a tarp around the entire chief stadium, so you can't walk through any this figure. We get a couple of milkshake vendor deals longest urge people to take a broom put arrest area on the Hague is at it. Ok. Fifty around us with my whom speck of the week is training camps, fights I had that so yeah, the our words and J Worship were fighting at training here, and then a spilled over to the stand, which has great because then Redskins fans and jets fancy fighting each other, which is just wonderful. I I I like it? Would I like so much is when you hear the first person say the boys just say, get out there and hit somebody else for gas, and you get to this point of the summer where we're about two weeks into training camp and they haven't really Evans, Polly sick of it. At this point, in his dislike wishes get nephites, we kicked out practical yet like hot and human, and there are
You know what I can go inside and get kicked out and go sitting air. Additional years, that that's? Why Joan Rams you're so smart to get suspend troop? That's it that's a great treat for him for going after the media, yeah, which I appreciate you gotta, keep us in Czech. Can we get suspended, for after telegrams, only after jail rams, or each other or going after players, yeah, maybe tender Atwater had suspended already has a million times over. I thought that was my first, whose back in a week it myself whose back in a week is actually that, as my only whose back ok do I go had yeah. I thought you had the first one I wanted to see you have no one. No, no, I won't say the Steelers fan puts outlaws yeah, so my mind back is my Tom and losing control of his team because, like you just alluded to this tweak affair
dressed in paths and a helmet made. It pass security and try to take part in some drills to beginning its rays practice. He was seen being escorted off campus. The Steelers had no comment. My Tolman declined to address the incident aspects. What kind of fucking training can't be running my Tom laments brilliant move tat. A fan can just put on some ads and jump in its like that. Guy Cortez in Arizona love it legend of the game. I like it. I agree for that guy. I wish you'd gotten into a drill and he's got his asked wiped out or if he had just stuck around long enough it he made the team. That also could happen in those guys that agility says wait outside right word. He would go in the entrance and just ass Bilbil check for a trial.
Oh yeah, the guy who soup Teddy was homeless right yeah. I feel that happens every now and there were a couple of those guys a few years ago years, one outside the Texan straining camp to, but he was trying to be a wide receiving. Didn't have anybody so was again. Actually, maybe this guy could get right like Little Tipp there don't go to Steelers Camp, don't go to patriots camp, go to like the browns right order, the bit the burial literally we're getting guys off the streets. Last year of waters. We were just go to a team that actually needs talent and you might actually just fit in long if this stupid showed up to see hawks training, camp wearing an office of Line Jersey, Tom Cable, my out and like I can work with his yes executive in five months in her in a room with a monopoly element to a right gorge and he can handle fistfight with me a fine signed so we have arms Rushmore, we do Mouth Mount, Rushmore Travel complaints be its with Peter came in. He brought it like seriously brought it before. We do that, though, a couple quick words: oh sorry, my MIKE, my new might might use back, might get fucked up is meant to strike my fun. You ok
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big, J journalists are here I'll. Send you right. Well, I I think that I'm anywhere near your level, yells I'm gonna try who I am right. Try I'm sixty one years old now and my goal is to try to get to your level little right now. Next interview that you do, who are you intervene? Loretta, I'm interviewing Jimmy G, show a picture of Peter was penis. That's nice had ever be that would elevate. That's the last into power would elevate, noticing cornerstone work. We're here. We ran into you at training, can't watch in practice, and we thought let's do about Russia. Because we are travelling your travelling, you ve, been to how many camps over fourteen fourteen are gonna hit all now. Ok, how much wanted twenty off just a twenty one piddling
so it links we are going to do the Mount rush. What I also was it might Florio's house yet we have been too is. Why did you go down his one seller? I did that I just a dungeon, I think he's kind of a dungeon. He hasn't really filled it up because he's not Joe wine yeah you're coworker might for he is younger on NBC. I believe you should refer to him. Is my underling, your? Isn't your PA, I'm not like Florio's boss, that's laird that we're gonna like that, so because we're travelling render them out Rushmore of travel complaints, but before I do that you wanna do quickly Europe for Micro Bruce like yet. We should do the the top floor. Microbes, we don't. Why do you do for a sign of either three or five or ten Madeleine? Were so my Rushmore invasion K Arza my number one of late? My number was Butler platinum but light line, but my orange, but my draft,
wait a minute, but there's no such thing as but Light Aarhus. Not yes. Oh yes, yes, arabic, brood, with real Lyman Orange Peter, ok, miss our friends, sorry silly who is here, for we just give you all bars and then we'll do the marsh we're trapped. Ok, I'm gonna give you and upset or what you don't start with number for you just do yeah. Whatever already will ominous amateur start with number four: ok, it is called the hinterland cherry wheat, beer guard. I actually is. From northern Wisconsin. Every ingredient in here is a Wisconsin ingredient, so you gotta, go impressed with their sausage fatty acids, cholesterol, yeah, which reminds me. I went around on my training came true basque and a lot of players around the league, all kinds. For me, weird questions like Kale, good or evil,
so so we can, when ITALY funky with what I did ask I did ask MILES Garrett. If you could only one food for the rest of your life. What would you eat? Niggers, eighty, my mother's oatmeal? Who will ok things, that's nice, oatmeal oatmeal any and I said Gimme the ingredients. One are you one of the ingredients in his mother's oatmeal is sausage without our office. Now that is good out. Ok, the second The second micro brew that I like a lot, is parodi it is Micro brewed in ITALY, in gigantic bad, yes, NED. I drink the Prairie United States, but as long as you drink it out of a small glass, its microbes tat. Of course these demands, and then I like this, but this beer also from Wisconsin it's called it's called Luna,
shoot what is the last name of it. I'm trying to remember last, I shouldn't I was his father's. It's a coffee! It's it's! A coffee, stout, Luna, coffee stout! Now, can you drink staudinger, where you can drink in the winter time, but can you drink it in the summer time, like India is just like a Guinness. It tastes like Guinness with a little bit of espresso when there is nothing wrong with that you two things that I really like you spotted gap? I love the cow love our house. Good is MIKE so Brazil smart caused great because they actually arrest people who sell spot a cow outside this day was counts and you can go to the airport in Madison Wisconsin and go through security and by twelve packs, spotted but you can take away prostate lines. Yeah. Can you bite in Minnesota? No, no restaurant buy it. Now. You can't buy spotted cow in Minnesota, it's against the law when they sell overturned like Gobio story. Maybe once every couple years, where Minnesota restaurant we'll have a league,
spot a cow kegs in the back like the enemy like off menu, the elder of Minnesota after his enemies of larger, do ok, but the last one is now the gas White Notre yea. Famously yes I'll. Let you know I mean it's a little bit of a clean shea yeah, but I mean I have two or three allegation waits a week. I mean it's good beer. What we have until you, you ve done a list for the allegation white brand. What maybe Odo Becum has done for the Supreme label because there were Larry nicely. I think I have oversight knocking at our producers and their both shake their heads because they know how wrong I was. That is just what you have done for allegation. We're dodo. Becum is done for cocaine. There we go thing alleging? I like I do I like to do my service. Austria, ok, we're those afforded picks up blood that allegations number one is otherwise. It would just walked out development so disappointing, but we do have we ve gotta travel complaints ready to go to another way that we do. This is like a snake draft style, so we'll let you go first
then big cattle go then I'll go twice back to the cat. Then you I've got. I've got to really be sort of eco points of content? Is I travel around the United States? One is that you're going on one right now at many marry at properties, and he started all of a sudden. You get water orange rankles, saint and p. Who would simply who would do this law? the bathtub, and so, when you get in the shower any started, all of a sudden, you got water orange rankles, saint and p. Who would simply who do this? Last night, fair, free, in and sweets in. Where was it last night in the Glen Dale Arizona, Fairfield in Sweet, the the
drain is closed. So what happens I get in there to take a shower this morning. I look down and I'm in a pool of my own tepid filth and what do on I had to go. Do it myself that and our worries us earlier, but it's like that at every single area that yes corporate the ideology corporate policy is many times that have your router aim if everybody tweeted Maria, be, I am sure my pick I'll just go with flight delays. We all deal with it as a big J journalist. You deal with it. It's the worst and you don't know. What's gonna go on it's one of the reasons why my training came trip vast majority of it. Every year we drive yes, because you know you can't cancel
a drive for even in a rainstorm yup. You just got one. Even if it's like traffic jam, you just take the bike land we ass tree. I have done that before every no mistake. Do you want to hear the story that yes, please? Although likely idly, I think you told us no tell it to get no did I tell you, sell it again idea tat. Yet was Philip Rivers and Philip Rivers had x amount of time? And if I didn't get Erin X amount of time. I was not in a real Philip rivers. That's why I was there that his insemination schedule that it s not the amount. I don't think he would like the amount of time that you have a fillip rivers that equals to how many bikers lives. Fourteen ok, So if I think it is worth you got the interview, rightly ok, good all's! Well that ends well. My first one is going to be
I would just go your hotel room, not ready for checking. Yet that's good was specially for higher when you have been on the road for whilst- and it's it's in the afternoon- sometimes like five six clock. No here here's the thing here, something if you get your hotel in its two fifty three and your room. Isn't ready. Yet that's Certainly I think what have they been doing and what are they ve been? Do wearin spend all their time pushing the shower drain thing down. I had to wait that adds up because rate for this young, Sound Ohio set the scene for a young central higher for the rough and ready fights. Last weekend I had to wait till three forty five for my check in that a darn it. I got there to thirty, it's down very well. What have you to discuss, and I saw what did you do? I ate all the cookies Cosette, the free warm cookies legislate like six of those, and I just laid on the couches. It was terrible how about the one up,
the one that I'll give you way. Why haven't? I know you have time to go drafts of the aid we are about our or you're gonna be ok. My second one is going to be a wifi broken on the plane gear, winter when it wifi logo on the side and you're all prepared to good. Watch some good internet and you get on there and you just can't do knew where the great Travis Bessie we run deadline up on my next one is going to be when your air conditioner doesn't get cold in a hotel room when it's either can't control it or you will say, like it, he'll say likes you're at sixty, eight any just won't feel like it. Sixty eight you'd like this is seventy two guys don't lie to me. I know it. Seventy two, but I want to be sixty eight remorse and that's bad normally give you my yeah airplane farmers Are you you strike me as a guy that might do that not saying anything right now. I have no comment at this time, but the airplane for
of all time was I'm a when Continental was still an airline. I was flying from Newark to Providence. So or maybe thirty, eight minute flight and I'm going from New York to Providence and we're on flight with may be sixteen seats on the plane, tiny plain, but it's one of those things I can't even stand up altogether in the end, the airplane you getting kind, a hunch over, so there's a guy. I in front of me, and I suspect that he's a further because It was what he's doing or the chief zone, you that it is doing at the savage and so the guy across the aisle from one point said: hey hey, Science and the guy ever go said? What negroes will you please stop. And this guy would not admit what he was doing, because people who were cereal
orders, don't usually made it now, because the original yeah yeah Anne and all I can say, is we were trapped. Eggs. Actually, like you were in a you? You have noxious gas A very small area and all you can do- is smell this fart man and it was brutal. I didn't the young ordinary another one, my other one now this wandered pick. It is my third pick or some would say my turd pick this is. This is what it was about funding now, but but here's the one to me that really really bothers me. You check it. A hotel and maybe you're paying two hundred and seventeen dollars a night and they say oh Anne, So if you want internet in the room, you're paying an extra sixteen dial up so tell me first, please, the worst: that's awful marriage, you! I my third, try
we'll complaint is James, James hardens little step back movie. Does. That is absolutely true, to walk every single time here. They were not only gave you ever call it. They travelling I called in the NBA exact anyway disgusting. Now my NBA. That's why I watch college vast wealth is better product. Ok, my third one is going to be when there's only one pack of coffee in hotel room, and you want that. Maybe room service doesn't come in or the doesn't come in, change your room overnight and you still you have that one that you already drank, and so you second night in the hotel next morning, no coffee to wake up, that's bad. I hate that and then my last one is no lotion yet when they don't, you
you, like lotion and the room? Why? Why do you like those? I enjoy Lucia? Ok, no, why? My fourth I've noticed is actually gotten better, but I still see it as a problem: pry, half the hotels, the guru tv not having a menu. So you go and no tv guides that Latvia and really good that's a very unusual, basically have the guest, the channels the whole time you gonna in then you have to figure out. Ok, I'm watching me, ass being now. I want to watch the melody. You have no idea where you're going right. Ok, here's the last thing, then I would say- and The only reason I save this until last is because I know that everybody watches this or experiences this in whatever way they are going to say, we really hate Peter King, much more than we really than formerly. We found
it has to do with the quality of coffee on em track, train coffee, reliever, water go off, yeah is green off horrible, you'd be green Mountain and I think they use the filter sixteen times. Now is how your true now it's Duncan doughnuts and I think they put the same caught the water through the same filter twenty seven times the name, and I always get the twenty seven times and it tastes like barely office. Flavour yonder and I M not putting up with the Africa serve one, that's a great one, because there is nothing worse than think. You're gonna get a good cup of coffee and you get a deal. We walk off and am track used to be known for their great cough. No righted, never been known for their coffee is better than your coffees always been terrible. Ok and I love interact Badcock, so I noticed you didn't include where we have some honourable people that talk and quite car. I'm surprised you guys, I just like people who talk in the quiet car. You were a pioneer raising awareness to that. No, I
I understand that in other parts of the train, you have to talk how about this? One, though, how about the people who are in the hallway, in hotels to fifteen and their having occurred? Virginia hardy to fifteen whether or not their partying whatever it is this. Skits my honourable mention deal weeds, you were talking to forty five, a m in the. Creating and sweet. Are you a confrontation guy we now I'm on now I wanted there now you know what I'll do I'll tell you what I'll do? I will for an all you nor say we got a couple a deal. We all. I also have first subway travel when you can't sit down. That's a lot of that the mid section. So it's bad on the knees Dubbs only about a trick, that one is the hot train as well hot serenest era. We don't have ruler, conditioning burn, walkers monoplane when the person s you want some full conversation earlier. I you know, I just wanna sit ears and deal with this house.
Time that I wanted to talk to kneel digress Thyssen on. Her plain, and he sat right next to me how about that he fell asleep. He was having a gun at me. He wanted none of sport and maybe the most intellectually curious man in the world. You put him to sleep, yes idea can I slept the whole way, but you know what I think happened. I think he was faking it because the absolutely did not want to talk sports. No way, though, I wanted to talk astronomy. When we have a chance to talk astronomy, we would have talked meteorology in astronomy. That's I've been wanting to suffer and would have when you're travelling for work and like a celebrity dies and you'll, have anybody to tell Then I have to tell the waiter I have to say holy cow. Do you know just happened now. What happened? He died. He killed himself himself. Did you actually car the waiter.
Nobody was very shaky thought he was going to write. You broke news. I've whisker I probably would have been better of breaking wind the because it was turned out to be not a great thing here, but I do think I do take credit for this. I never reach between yet so never anniversary, never whose two days ago, I owe it why? Yes, why? How about that not have run Williams, death of your tweet once more important heads of more important anniversary. That was that by the way, did you see the the documentary and Robin we now need to see it. I heard it was great friggin. Unbelievable. The greatest part is: is him singing as Elmer Foot. Singing Springsteen is Elmer Foot is generational talent? The guy was pretty good. Ok, so Peter. Thank you so much where you, after next I'm going to see the Dallas Cowboys and Oxnard Caliph pleasing geared huts
I think it's toasty it's, so we don't ever Taiwan elements job, but it is it's a little those days those they are. Thank you so much three time recurring guest. While we appreciate it worried about in the fault it will talks and for that matter, Rushmore Peter King was brought by eighteen birdies, the rules of Gaul fortune no, you can't pick up the phone, throw it out of the sand trap. That's not what I mean.
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curse Head football coach house in an We welcome on head football coach Cochere Shanahan, we are sitting in the forty Niners. The bowels of the stadium. We're in was his ground screw That is the grounds crew equipment area we ve got herbicides behind us. Yeah sort is actually went thumbing through a book. It said forty nine is often to play book turns out. They just use that, like Shell, the binary data, like all regular acres in France, Austria aspire but a year, so we have had for barcodes caution and I go start as big football guys. We're gonna ask the question. Everyone's wondering has a better physical camp yet has their physical, but nothing The whole thing is trying to get through it and knock at each other. Her, but also gotta, play football, is going to happen and you hope you can make a more physical now. So you don't during the season. I actually read something that I think it was a former player played under harbour and now is back with the Niners saying that you
You are a little bit more loose with the players. Little more of a player coach. Then then harbour was what is like the balance thereof. Given the guys they offer letting him have fun, but also, like you, said, playing football me. I don't know how they were. So I just go by myself, put on look everyday Zanu Day, so I don't have any hey. I'm gonna like this on this day, go to page six hundred to tell you how to answer this situation. I just try to assess our teams how they feel, We try to work hard if I feel guys are sore and tired and more work hard words hurting M, then I back off so this year's different the last year. I got a better future for our team now than I did last year, but, as always changing depends what I think are guys needed. We based off a film everyday and really erupts. What did you change us off season? Did you did you take away the ping pong table, or will it be more strict, or did you Adam assented pinpointed nothing. We got two in their eyes were never taken away. The ping pong table our. It is important that I won't guys to hang out,
ere, I one guy. I really believe that in all the obstacles be tat You gotta, be prepared in everything, but I always feel the tighter team, the closer team as an advantage over the Tina scientist. I and the only way you do that is by hang in here spent time together and export like pong tables in there too. So people kick it and they don't go home right away when they're done with their stuff and never last year. You know we got off to such a bad start and end, starting over nine in everything in a guide for everyone miss all stuff. I got players. Hey. We got to take the ping pong tables out. It's like cuz. That's not why we lost five in a row by three points or less it's. It's not the ping pong tables. Let's not make too big a deal about it. We just got to start. And the ball or make those right place? And now we're about Ping Pong Elsa gets me grapple. Oh yes else, the Ouse Cinema, you mentioned the bad start. Lasher you guys finnish strong. You are now I called the Regis Bilbil Pick because Spellman used to go on like what it was. The shell did the best day
nobody should one morning morning, America with CAT, whatever it was yet he used to go and he black here's. My pick there's my dark horse pecking to be like the most obvious pick. So everyone's talk about the Niners, and this is the year that they make that job. Because of how you finish last year, how do you like keep that you know from getting It's a guy's heads and also tempering the you know, expectations which is here with me. Quality, and I we were six and ten in a way. We went through a struggle last year and you know we ended up turn it around. You know, Jimmy came in our team got better and I will say that struggle back for anything. I say that I think what made us who we are and are we going start this over again and I get it when you end with v. I get it the hype and everything when you end the way we did, but it doesn't mean anything and you got to save your players handling to get back and if our guys came back and had to work while they were gone, can their kind of coast and say no he's got to get so weak one. Then I would feel panicked about it. I did dress at a time but
Our team has been that way. Our team knows that we got a lot of work ahead. We notice is going to be easy and we know or try everything we do was their prayers only meeting Lester. I don't think so. I've always wondered about dialogue as a coach, it there's a place. Only me Ok, come on guys lemme get in here now. It's not your fault. You just have legal us. Snitch shoe you're close with on the team. Tell you what happened through. We aspire to my words at least bugged. No, it's the players, only meetings that can be sometimes you like a month or done right. Sometimes they can get out of control. There is always some guy and their who just like to hear him self talking just start steam wrong and then guys don't make very good points, but it depends on the type of integrity me have we got some mature guys and we got a lotta young players to, but
Our guys have worked for everything. I don't think anybody just as expected, handouts and I'd be confident starting to talk to each other, that without us there, what was it like having the last named Shanahan being in football? Do you think people kind? I thought you were given you no special treatment when you're coming up, because you yeah receive accomplish a ton as a young, coach and you're kidding, you know, assistant coach, very, very early. Did you ever find that where people like this guy doesn't nobody saw nobody just getting a job cuts dad I, and not as an you, find it. But everyone outside United, I feel like I've, never had that issue with people I coach and stuff they might think it the first time you go with them, this perception of human nature, but I felt very prepared- and that is a color story ever been issue with players, but. As many of my whole life, I mean when I made the best. What team is a software in high school, all the guys that didn't make it? It's the only reason I made it was because my last name- and I got a walking that euro, probably
deletion. Can they did they think the Basle coasting care about my dad he's out of regulating lose all agree. It is now those are the things that puts a chip on your shoulder, your whole life, so you want to prove everyone wrong and especially when you're younger and everything it's you you wanna Provera one wrong in as I've gone gone, you starts going through my career. You start accept that you can deal with all the aid There's you just gotta worry about yourself and be as good as you can, and you know it's tough on me in Washington because you know at a gulf my whole, I was in. I dont want to work with my dad until I felt I had paid my dues and before that I started in Tampa whence a Houston was a receiver coach, the quarterback ocean, the coordinator had two years as a coordinator nor will we worth number three in number foreign leagues and I felt had proven myself and everything my guy you're, my dad just go our last year, He gets back in a league. I do want to cultural them as a gold. Mine is something I will if you
passed away or- and I never got a chance to do that- I'd have huge regret. So once he got fired, I realized when he got back in the league. I was going to go work with them. I didn't think of you He also had paid my duty, I thought, and then I get there and very quickly everyone. So how is it working with your dad in Denver? What would have been like- and I dont Ozma first day working with my dad of nowhere to them before, and you start to realise that our one thinks you're ran it be hardier in every time they talked about the headquarters, always Anne S. At the end of his name, it was the Shanna hands right and as I wait a second I'm just thousands coordinator and see, I had to deal with that awhile and I think it may be stronger. Mimi allow more battle tested. I think I went to a lot of stuff is a coordinator just media wise and have an answer to things that a lot of coordinators don't go through, and I think it's made it a lot easier for me now to my head coach that I've been battles s while you're in Washington. You got to coach orgy three had a dynamic, often stereotyping, obviously Wretch Rex Grossman. Third,
people I realize he is a real rg3, real Rg3. I remember I remember when you did get Robert Griffin in there, like the offense, that you unplug. It is kind of like on the bleeding edge of all this read option stuff, and then things happen. The way they did their did you ever like? What's your process like in terms of evolving that offense over the last, like four five years could have seemed like defense is caught up to? after about a year and a half year. Not I personally think they ever did if it was the- Lack of being to continue doing it, you know anyone Get a quarterback was a skill set. That's he's faster than everyone, and I was
I first I'm studying the zone. Reed United, put a lot of time into a ones who made that trade. That was your first time ever employing that office was the I've, never never coasted. Anyone oughta do the hand off. So you basically just like we're gonna. Do we're gonna work to his strength and change every philosophy when they at once. We once I have realised that that's your quarterback was gonna, be. I knew that I had a very important job that it had to work rain, so you gotta think of how can you help this guy be successful and that's what you wanted? Do you mean what you look at it and look at his skill set? And how can we figure this out to make him play like a first mpeg? And when you watch his speed, his arm talent. We knew we were going to have to use them as a runner. I hadn't fully developed in college as a pocket passer. We thought that would come with time, the candles, though a guy into then fell who's, never played in a pocket and think you will learn that in the heat of battle and you can do in practice all the time. But when those when the ball snaps NFL game, you're gonna resort to a got you there
but when you are Heisman, what's major successful and that's why you have to put in that stuff to help I gotta come along now people saying differences catch up, I don't get how they can catch up. It's a sound thing is Reading a deepens event that makes your gaps different makes eleven on eleven football. If you don't do that as always ten on eleven, that's why differences have an advantage in the wrong game so to do that balances that out, so people have to be very smart and what they do from a schematic. Standpoint idea limits, although calls they can make they now don't have enough people to fill the gaps with to throw the quarterback running. So all that does is limit. The bullets. Is everything go against? There's no hay! Stevens learn how to stop it and they just have to play simpler, which allows you to open up everything else now. Are you good enough to open up everything else? Can you continue to grow
quarterback, can you stay healthy? Can you put all other stuff in and if you do open up everything else, that's how you make them pay and if they go to defend that, you come back to this zone red, it's a very balanced thing that puts guys under duress, but the quarterback as it be committed to. He has to stay healthy. The organization has to be committed to it and that's what I found to be very vexed at also has to be committed to yes and that's. That starts with organizational, if you're trying your hearts may people successful and once they do that's what gets hard. People are always know what was helping them be successful, especially owners and things like that is fair. And then, when people started, we have the hype and dictate stuff and say you can't do certain things subway commercials and then they learn the hard way over here. I'm man, move should have allowed, I reserve sold tickets interstate him that were blocked by fifty foots the bill. You better not played on the sand pit
Prevention of Indicted Tom Cruise every game just because he is the only real time when I say that there is currently no and I'm not gonna start. So that's interesting point because I think a lot of teams what they do is they draft a guy and they just try to like fit him to whatever the quota system is so here you have as their saying with our g20. You changed your entire philosophy for him. What have you done for Jimmy like what is Jimmy strengths that you're trying to bring out coming forward? sexy little Jimmy's, I mean he's an elite thrower and I think I won't get to his arm talent. How quickly can get rid of the ball. Even if you don't block very well he's beacon, speed it up so fast. It is very hard to get to him. So so I can You can separate consistently verse man get enough guys out for his own and trying to teach him where to go with his eyes. So we can pigs owns apart cuz. He has the ability The talents do anything you want as far as in their pocket and with his arm now, just Consistent with no hesitation goes. No. When you have that arm, tell you're gonna, let things rip and use
Do the on bad days guys are like that are going to have a lot of pics that stuff. You look at all these good once they've had their for interception. Games they've had things like that, and Jimmy hasn't played a ton of football and he's won every game he's been in, but he's going to have those days where he's going to be letting it go and he's just not seeing a great news going to have a few pig games and it's going to be, how does it respond? the adjust to the pressure and things like that. How does he respond to adversity? That will really allow I'll make the difference on whether to me gets better or worse. Do you ever catch yourself being like damn? You really is that good looking? the more. I think that we, I am reminded about it, a lot over the shock value now and we have got to eat your breath away. I mean I'm, not gonna Eliza Visa. Looking guy, everyone knows the shock values over. We see him every day here. So he's gonna born a scenario in which what something bad about show me that I can make fun of me now is like the perfect guys, never lost a football game, started quarterback and he's incredibly attractive. So I need something that I can latch onto.
To make myself feel, but why I'm asking everyone has something in his teams e week that, yes, all over and stuff, so Bob made a clear we had our teams quota already. Is the Niners we're trying to stay out of that, but of error Jimmy and struggled, and that aspect actually want to get it out of the way? Only deaf or are we gotta know what we're gonna do it do before these frameworks right you liked it? Does you like messed up feet or something or hobbled act in his name is Jim? He goes, but Jimmy isn't a grown man Jamie's come on come on man, Jim Jimmy Jimmy yeah. I guess fuck even has even its deficiencies. Are you genius, now and not at all. Are you married a boy genius known? Are you worried about people? Call you genius cassettes. Like always, I feel like when they call. Or guy a genius than its it could go south pretty quickly way. I genius is usually a set up. People build, you knock down. So you tredah you never try to get into that stuff. I learn that a long time ago that if
if you dont, want to react to people he non you, then you carry out to people of a new either because if it makes you feel that good it's gonna make you feel that bad too, and that something like Ireland. No doubt you will you stay away from you. For that reason, you should do like every now and then just do something really dumb to make people believe he's. Not at all I mean views have to listen to talking. I mean if I'm talking about four boy can sound somewhat Marcus. That's all I work on asked me to spell not a very good reader of my wife in English Major and she will tell you that I'm not the smartest person. I ever get everything out for football players book you read was that was less book. You read while hatchet paper. I loved ass hatchets items with grave when you have this works awesome trying to get my kids out into a I used to think Europhile underlines. Dolphins, Osgood Giver Euro is a good one. It wouldn't be fair to say that you love for bats.
I do love about nice. I love what they can do for an often so like the tide is cancer. Swaying in the last couple years to see more more coaches, not even have full backing. Ross your? Why do you always helpful back? I does like to dictate with orphans, wants to do and when you are, when you know, I'm a fall back in the game. The difference dictated a lot. I mean there's only a certain amount of runs you can run. They can have a certain blitz in that they can force you to pass talk about the Seattle New England Super Bowl and why they threw it and then run it. That's goes there in a personal group in that they couldn't run it. There was going to be unblocked, people and people can just say all they want that Marsh run over someone and carry him into the end zone, but that's, an extremely small percentage, very small and when you have a full back in the game and as a matter with the deepening if you want to run it, you can- and they know that just like when you have the threat of a quarterback running the zone, Reed
that's always a threat. They know that and if you have a threat of certain things, they have to be gap sound they have the limo what they do. They can't have their whole playbook because they know. Oh, my gosh. I can do this at any time if we run these crazy third ambulances and they have a full back in the game there. The gashes for IRAN. That could go sixty like that, so it simplifies the whole game. The problem is, when you have a black in the game all the time, only two guys and get out around spouse, sometimes three with a tight in what helps us as we are the athletic full back. So even we have a full back in the game. You don't know, no be european tobacco, one back you don't know whether we're not running offense or passing offense, and that gives us an advantage. Speaking of that, Seattle Super Bowl, how pissed off for you that the patriots waited to bench, Malcolm Butler, for the super bowl after you, corn, extremely past life. Without a ban. It would have been very nice. The very heavy happy every watch, the tape of Falcons Pitcher Cyril, yet defiling have you, like I mean obviously
I think there was a quote met rain. We watched it after and said that he wishes. I've for my presented was a damned if you do damned if you dont need, because it's kind of if you run the ball, then you're playing not to lose and, if possible, wire to running do you regrets from that or you at any time. You lose and gamey regret everything you go through a back and forth, but you always think of you're thinking at the time and I I know all what happened in the super bowl and I get it's very easy when you have a twenty eight to three lead and people at the end of the game are going to look at your run, pass ratio. I know what will be said every single time when you blow a leading run, passion run, pass ratio is not right, but also go every situation as a play collar. My go through, three announced we had. I go through the coverage as they were playing to stop there on and how much they are committing to blitz and everything to get himself back in the game. I look at that. Already plays compared to ninety place. It's
tough to have around pass ratio when you have forty plays compared to ninety, when you're oh and are one on eleven on third down, I'm not a guy, just goes run run pass and I never will be. We're gonna have a good run ratio. We have to stand the field, men all set things up and will eventually get runs, go on, but if you can't get a first down unit we're gonna, throw and threw down likely. So what was now you know what I will say it with one regret I had actually got down, there was stone and on second it in you, I just ran D Rana, but accident and on asking the sack we got four guys out that we get into right there and I thought if it wasn't, we throw it away and we did it which, as happens, we took a sack, and so we had to throw next play to get back in the game. And so we did and we did. We converted it. Mohammed New gotta strike back and available range, but our left tackle had a holding call which put us in a third and thirty Now we have to throw again and we don't we through it.
And had upon. If you should ask you should adjust, it goes bounded on third third relax now totally and then I would add one less paths which would help us everywhere that didn't you ever. It was our moment when hullo Jones makes our catch we're like we're about when suitable defiling yeah. I felt that way the whole game, and it was I've never sat in a box so long and watched other team does Tom was unbelievable. I mean he was automatic on third down. He at that guy's recovered pretty well and he was just put in autumn and that source affect us too, Are you sit there and you don't do anything it felt like rose going about forty five minutes at a time without touching the ball and eventually back and say: hey screw this. We're not gonna hope that decision. Happen. We going to take this into our own hands and you start to get aggressive with that cuz. I don't want to give it back to Tom Cuz. It sounds a man he's. Gonna show it he's gonna do with that's all screw that was doing on our own, and I think that made me make one bad decision, which was passed and second attend, but
to do that, you don't hesitate to go shit. I gotta run in now. Now you I we got. Nothing overcome that overcome that, though we did this new, but we had a holding call. We tackled long flame, Chris longed for our seas and he's a games. There's no doubt and frustrated the heck out of me because we got rid of them. False, quick as we could Snoopy Man a man coverage, and it was over like that than there was a flag there which, as stills a quest suspect fly but it is what it is going to deal with. You still get fine for talking about a suitable right. Now I hold not. Now. I think that a fellowship scared of Barcelona that will generate watch has allowed anywhere. I we suspect, flag reshape yanking. I referred no balls, we got a guy checking what will be the fall guy here. Last time I said that exact words that I got five: twenty five thousand nobles you're fucking pussy. I said we we send our seek. Equatorial Arap appears in practice in a minute putting promo code.
If you get ten dollars off your seeking purchase, go to, foreigners can go to foreigners, precision, game promo code. Take the browns quick, so you went to that. You are obviously at the Brown you left you guys, rather Johnny Manzella. What would happen with that situation, where everything just kind of went as poorly is possible for Johnny and in that quarterback room and how it all kind of played out a man like I'd, really like Johnny as a person that Johnny you know he was put an unfair situation where I thought he was taken higher than what he could produce and that's a lot of time. Drawn a guy in a Johnny can make plays he's quick and things like that, but you know that everyone there one meter. Run the same self with them as we did with energy. Three Archie three runs for three Johnny runs a four six eight. It's a different type of running style. Johnny
isn't gonna run people to the edge on his honorary Johnny's. Go downhill, make you miss, which has quarterback draw quarterback power things like that. The problem of that stuff is that's where you get hit. We'll get had gone to the sideline. You get hit, going downhill and Johnny as the quickness to make people miss, but the next guys gonna kill him. So You can't do that all game than evolves, so that was my worry for Johnny that you could develop a running game to protect him without him getting hurt. So you can have our pressure on I'm on how to learn to play in the pocket and more than other guys who you see, is running quarterbacks and win him. He comes and as a first round pick the hype of having a plan he was not ready for that, and then the pressure goes along with it and obviously Johnny. I think, coped with the ways that a lot of people maybe would but arm. He was good to me He worked hard. My way
and the best, but it was. I think he was set up the veil from beginning we had Chris Sims on the show that what six eight months ago, like that huge nerd, do regret. We figured you regret not getting a better quarterbacks initials tattooed on you like a little bit honestly. He is, we see it. The crescents, that's not as it is known as now. I know, and that's the most embarrassing about it. We had five of us in college. We were a group that we were tight group. Oh, is me Sims Montreal flowers both gave and rod favours anyone talks of Abraham anymore. I just found out what he doesn't do phones, but I actually went to Texas of a few months ago, MAC Brown and was in the college to all things. I gotta see him and it was just like twenty years ago, but the issue is so they all want to test. First of all, the guys are all tat it up anyway, is except for Chris and I, and
They were just wanted excuses to get another tattoo, and I did think Chris unease the most white guy in the world in asia minor Albino and he should I have to say that the short term I saw my guide of Chris gets a tattoo I'll, get it at thinking. He never would The next day he came, men were all plain halo comes in, puts his ankle. Go up on the on the desk and has W magazine tattoo up a whole calf. The next day the rod goes Outing Arbogast's out against the looting w on his calf rod goes gets. A huge westside w on his half Montreal gets a whole w on his arm
and I'm the one who doesn't want to tat too, but I'm a man of my word. I said if he did I'll do it, so I get this little weak. One just say that I did it and now for ten years or twenty years ago to hear that christians- and I have are initially like rebellions zone. Yes- and I were talking about- was bother me good, yes, actually was loyal, can be those cool actual the hard won, because I got a tattoo and no one of those guys just one excuses, but so I got your anklets, that's. Who is the most mainly thing you ve ever done now? I've done nothing downgrade you from football genius to mad signed, yes I'll. Take that works. Aren't last through real, quick, real, quick questions. The first one. Do you have a tanning salon in your house like your father, it is so funny because I've been asset, my whole life and we crush my dad, for he is They will take a tan performance. Now. Ok, you got my dad is so funny because he is
We ISIS, that is to say it looked like the mask for the Redskins, yet he is burnt rare. In the end, the Broncos time take off his sure one day he's got the widest just in the world and he never, as we just puts his head in the derivatives markets like the time not absolutely no matter even indemnity gets mad. He gets twice as red yeah, oh it's, a good deal is gone, but I can promise he has never got in. Attaining saw that century that Erasmus House, with its own shuffler little just get a standing better Antonia. So full that I have no right by the same two I've gotta one before I promise you he has now that's back in college, winnows, training, etc, of Christianity and iron, tight shirt, strain oppressed peoples of disease and changed last last question: this one's been killing me forever. The worst play called all time. Two thousand fifteen falcons here against the forty Niners forth into under three minutes down for Dan Quintus, feasible
what the fuck are. Theirs, I'm out of place all mean the worst decision. Ammonia decision play- God you did where you were you at all. Any point like eight coaches is crazy. What are we doing now? Because you don't wanna, you don't want to mess with, could I mean gone forth a gut feeling and put it was as you wanted to go for it. I gotta call the play and I wish, to conclude, I areas and may have made of made it look like a grey would have been a great all of the play worked Ivan megaphone, thank whenever since and I like it slowly the circle of people to get the joke when I, whenever dank when, like gets close him like a bright once taken here, getting smaller and smaller, so like three people, I loved Dan is very rarely a lost money on the game, so I'm very upset about it, but the anomaly we lead the legal thinking going for it. Yet I got very used a fourth and always being run as a coordinator when you don't have to think about, anything else as awesome as a coordinator cuz, you don't ever want to punt, so I'm always like ready for my fourth down call and then gave it to us a lot which was risky, but I thought I paid off.
Good, more than other that you waited the entirely to be like the grand fanatic waste has been bother. Knowing that does talk, I all that I asked coach squinted to combine he's like a thousand mistake. The we learn your by my first Games negotiating. I went for a four times. I was very excited by thirty three percent. More plays datura shovel passes such is my. Why shows tells me to start out again with Hail Mary? Yes, why not one shovel pansy DC with Josh, founded on his first work, now suitable six five years given out about swing it over yeah yeah yeah, my car, I got one less closely is given Montrose, Sir, if you and you have to have a Montrose approach, not I'm a mantra about more shovel, pass, swore shovel pass along or take place. I want to entertain you yes, as Michael. I want to entertain you I like that. Don't hurt him mad scientist current thanks coach, thanks to us
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Let's get some signals. First, to get some breaking moose tete, a tete, a tete, a tete, a tete, a tete, a little like published cover them them is fighting words ashes, break moose. Do You won't get new monitoring. What would your Brigham came out? You're breaking my brain moves, as is treated by credible source on what the FUCK Facts and everybody is a cartoon network longest running series in the show attract an audience of thirty one million households in a hundred and twenty countries, its alleged listen, editing! Eddies, I saw nothing. He's had effected Y gotTa Guy added Nettie. If you need a visa to cover up a little jesting, you know what I'm saying we can't that we, the talk here he exactly you come in then fuck is like is like the war was the Wolf from Burma. Have you never seen that movie array aided in areas like a human squeeze you bought or I'll get in there call up
you're right, I don't briars new clean as whistle. That's replace it about my car. That's repartee knows broadcast. Ok, my break moose sources. Tempers flare between Joe Matted and Alex Rodriguez during Sunday night baseball meeting probably I'd say I was his fine words about you, ye, yes, so, but if you get to the ever you, if you read, I don't worry the awning. Why aren't I wonder if it has? No man says? Hopefully this becomes a good friendship between Mean Alex, were good, ok button the other was bad, but we're good temperature flaring up. So it's like a amateur how I have to back Joe Man in this like he well yeah yeah wool is noble. If your manager of a team, you got a circle. The wagons as my friend Chris Berman, O folk and also brig moves the cubs. Just walk, walk off grand slim fuck. Yes, that was awesome. I was sick, who had literally just happened that was fucking sick body. Falk yeah dammit
I was actually gonna stay, the say the back earlier. This part gas, but it's a good thing and then say that that was that actually velocity one ten. If you're listening to this new Miss the game, I wait. I'm doing my window now I suppose and launch angle. It was by my estimation. It was dead centre. It was about of twenty eight percent launch angle. That's pretty sweet very soon calculate ten percent of speaking of that game. We should do we start from statements with our talking chooser. Yes, all the Cubs just. The just one on a walk off mixtures withdrew eight scurrilous tensor. I guess I actually think my negative one. I like this is gonna, be the game that comes here to look back on. This will be the game they put at the start of the championship. Dvd spends on Didier ROD just light the views that the Erika,
experience. Yes, he would be the one to galvanise in a locker against them. Are you worried about your job quarters? they began a serious notion? Oh, are you Are you decide you picture man sighed over? I understand your man and I only have you said. If I had. I guess I act to galvanise the troops. Are you circle? The wagons are you and then I was Ruby interrupted by a grand fuckin slam, so you're not, as is only right that what you're, not a union sharpen nor, I think IRAN trust me as an employee. Now that I can, I can speak out. However, I would management wants you to say Don't want you to think that your throat he doesn't want me to be yes, man, that's not why you brought me. I think you need to start a union at a rock or that's what you need to do to get paid yet
gotta get paid in error and general. Ok. What? What are you demands for union? Sir? I'd? Like a paycheck all's? Well that ends well. They got a little too little, scuffle pre pre game and then the cubs you to walk off home run that ran slant that shot barely left party extra centre. What a fuckin homerun! Next up! We have drunk idea and green bergs rules so yeah. This is a drunk ideas, slash my green Burgundian. I was, I don't think I was drunk you. I was drunk off football. It was on Thursday night I, at home from doing the podcast. I wasn't ready to sleep, there was more football, and so, as I can watch more of this new reviewing a catch on the sidelines. Okay, I know some toe drag swag, that's what the kids are saying now. That's two things you got to keep a lookout for Qb1 is big this year, saying that and saying toe drag swag
where you know they did a review replay review and you saw like the little pellets coming up from the from the field, turf one whose rags foot they need to make different colored field, turf pellets for the sideline and the regular field. So when you review it, the second that the toes sidelines like red pellets that come up. Who I like yeah, I read me, runs out, abounds yeah. I why don't they do that because they have it and just like me, working in the main office, that's actually and you shouldn't they should make the pellets edible. Yet he could eat em like cereal or something make em out of lucky jobs or something you make him like gushers, yet dipping dots, deepened, dots environment. If you're home for twenty five years, but seriously. I think that'd be pretty cool yeah. I agree finally find me a reason why that's not doable. I that's a great idea and then you also drunk idea for a deer you, Jim
I'm Sula had his own drunk idea. He was being interviewed at Redskins training Camp and they were talking to about like how to had a drink beer. He was talking to a report about what a good australian beer wasn't. It was like well here we break. Tb are- and I learned this- it had grown up in the mills. I guess Jim terms. Grew up in a mill, not surprised. He did, he says he and he was born. Actually, probably you know the Sunday for Bali do Pittsburgh and they have the melting steel. He was born in one of those. Jim Thompson definitely tried to dip like a piece sausage into Morton Steel like it was found in them. He ate the eighty eight I said this is from Chad Ryan. He said that I jumped obsolete trick to drinking pr. Is you take freezing cold PBS? Then you put a pinch of salt and it will change your life. So that's, basically, what we're doing
The rest will rest well, I've just pr with with salt- and here I would also say, like put an egg in their daily anyway, that they ve drink beer on the wire, your brother's dockworkers, ISA yadda crack awry. Into their bare yup. That's that's! Not working man sets golden hair on your chest. Yes, ass, if Some so definitely has some here on the oil by Mr Thompson he's gonna. Do you think he would ever get another now As you said you had grown for years and now I feel like I'm high contactable being called his what's gonna happen. I'm gonna say maybe to answer that Fortunately, we're gonna work ourselves into lather. Getting all say that is next job, you so good what he would it He got to steal that we ask somebody and they just never fired and we are so. If you will today we're go around the forerunners facility and the other one five walls. They ve had a bunch of Venus famous famous players, fans, history, all the stuff and all we did was asked. You will give me some sensible symptoms, Lotus Jimmy Jimmy was. It was about fighting
it was you for bogus, remembers first interview, and he let her do it looked like a wet dog before we finish with some Rick Riley reading you have spends on real quick I'd have to spend on. This is from its new quote from Hugh Jackson, so they ask you Jackson about like little disagreement that he get into TAT Hayley during hard knocks ruin here Actually, I think we ve have replaced played. Ah, yes, and TAT really is like respectfully, I think would be good for a football team if our football players practised and huge actual said. No, we don't do that here in Cleveland, there some about that in huge actions, and I'm really glad you asked me that question, which is what you say to somebody when you're, not glad that we ask is equally I'm glad you brought that up, because I went back over the last couple years and looked and we haven't had any soft tissue injuries and training camp over the last couple years or so what now so mission accomplished? Don't we you. Don't say that when you know you'll apart or get they haven't
Did any soft tissue injuries during training camp last two years got it so the two thousand? Sixteen two thousand seventeen Cleveland Browns were mass of success. Yes, maybe you want to get guys injured so that other guys can play, and maybe, when gained swell,
the old Buffalo? Third, the yes security. I killed early, yes and then the herd moves more efficiently because you'll have the sick ones weighing down yet so wise and huge acts of thinking about that. I not Hayley definite thanks methodically thinks about soft tissue alot. Yes, and I'm saying oh yeah, oh yeah, let's finish with rally so Rick Riley has a story. He actually wrote this juice credit before Brooks Crook. Crop car one looks Cuba Pga championship by wages that decide tangent out of you. I saw, but rarely was doing so. My twitter crowd sourcing for his tie. Your story, that's gonna, come out soon. He just was tweeting at random people, saying whatever you and we will run for tigers, heyday running a peaceful, ethnic thanks. Where do you live? How crazy you go? How old are you ready for the authentic thanks? You just tween random people just ask them if they cheered for Tiger. I wish I had gotten ass had what come on Rick. So he did a Brooks crooked peace and he did it again folks because he is probably the most reliable writer in the world. It starts with no matter how
many major sea winds to mutter, no matter many trophies stuffs in his car trunk people look at Brooks, kept and think hey is at the guy who move my piano gap, because I tell you: I've had people this and I've had my piano moved at least a half dozen times like most thirty three year old American. I do for fun out of skip people to move my piano back and forth and somehow it just like the same guy. Every time any looks exactly like proofs kept guy, incredibly good, looking guy who's in polo and looks like he just came from the golf courses always moving my piano yet one house to the other side. You get you get type, castor, move one piano in your day in all the sun. That's the only job! You can do. How many people do you think in America have never had a piano moved, that's a ninety! Nine percent, yeah yeah
that's. Probably fur is not like having buying a because now the life you know, then they just die with the piano in their house and then dirt. They asked or children like in their will to give it to one of their kids and the kids like now I don't want you want. Do you get that golf gotta? Come move this piano for me, I'd I'd. Actually, wages are more pianos are destroyed in America. Moved yes, he's like fuck. This pianosa smashing lot of Patrick rate would be an excellent piano. Destroy. Yes, oh yeah, we get the fuck out here unless I sent a size are, and so we can listen radioactive. So he goes on to talk about how he Brooks Kafka and doesn't Johnson went to the gym before the round on Saturday Bros Captcha Rick rightly says right there. He couldn't even talk. It's the people recognize them recognising him, and he said he could have even told them that he can bench three hundred and fifteen pounds, which is more than Johnson do. Do you think that is an impressive? I can't decide three and fifty
I mean for a guy who has free time making just bench anytime. Deuce got some beefy arms, ok fashion, jaunts. I've got the long arm sauce tougher on him. To do that, I find artless he's got other things. Are these sites a period when travelling people move ahead of you know the bench press before now we're getting reliable, but then we have to go back to wreck Reilly. Is left turn here. Is that we're dead, you're bench pressing the morning of a major championship, nor think that's got cool, put in a coach us so like for me, I'm begging, sky. If I go out bench press the morning what we gotta who bear with me, I've been put who looks a bit press in the morning and I tried to shoot a basketball and I end up like the auditing neighbours, cats, with my shots, and so it seems like Gulf is a fine touch. Sport like when you want your muscles, not be exhausted yet, but I guess
just part of the Enigma that is boost. Cape gummy crushes drives, so we get too thick has evolved door. Captcha looks like the guy who comes to repo your boat, not one of the best potter's in the world. Again how many people and boats and really will get their boats reaper, whereas Riley's obsession with like Brooks Captor showing up to his house, I just taking the heaviest peace. Everything that this guy's not well known. So you know how to make a more well known. Just say that he's mover yeah for everything and ok cool Brooks kept a really cool brooks kept her. The guy that looks like he shows up at your wedding and takes it. Five hundred pound on Google home because he said too much drink. A brick brooks kept the guy who, when you are trying to get the fangs sway right in your office, he comes in and moves your desk for you, that's what Brooks Catkins crooks captcha, the guy.
That comes into sea vs, says you're, making a purchase and takes the receipt awake to heavy for your brooks kept the guy who runs across the Jim to help spot Rhine Reseller, because he can't actually bench anymore and ease almost gonna die every time he's on the match, first check, so bitterly she's not making like marble down the Hood of Corvette reference yeah. This is a little, better, but he went on to talk about how no one knows him in a first t, announcer ones, pronounces name as Brooks Cupcake, which actually kind of like he wandered playful in Florida flooded and want him. I feel like that happens. All the time, twitter followers worry Mcelroy three point: two million bubble, Watson, two million kept a ninety nine thousand his girlfriend Jenna Sims- is almost is famous him him, our biggest movies, sharp NATO. Five that's
What does he trusted? You have Terminator five is huge ass, big fuckin movie, and then we went yadda yadda yadda. He actually kind of male descent because he ended it not written rise early. We must be taught. My different was like it was basically five paragraphs in four of them were tolerable, Brooks kept moving objects, he's working on this new com about whether or not people like watching Tiger woods. So that's Rick, Riley getting Brooks kept on the map by this he's. Given him the my truck treatment, which is like writing entire articles about how nobody knows who he is yeah, he also this is so clear because what he did was he asked him one question a media scrub and then wrote a whole article about him like he had sat down with him for like two to our area, but he doesn't actually books kept the guy that works and home depot and carries the entire palette of wood out to your car on his own brooks kept, go the guy who says which waited await room and Tommy Boy Brooks
You are on the right of sleeping with your wife repeatedly and you're too scared to saving about and because he strong and he looks really handsome- that's our show Hank any last words: a lobby Gus.
Its pardon my take presented by bar stool sports.
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