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6X Olympic Gold Medalist Ryan Lochte

2017-01-24 | 🔗
Does Lebron need help and other mid week talk while waiting for Super Bowl Week (2:59-7:22). Bachelor recap by guys who don't actually watch the Bachelor (10:41 - 13:19). Hot Seat/Cool Throne (13:25-21:00) World Premiere of PFTs latest hit single song (21:00 - 25:30) . Olympian Ryan Lochte joins the show to talk about competing in the Olympics, what it takes to be a world class swimmer and whether or not he regrets anything from his experience in Rio (25:30-40:42). Segments include Hurt or Retired for Big Ben, PR 101 for Johnny Manziel, Locker Room Talk with Pacman Jones, Hmmmm, Sabermetrics, Trouble in Paradise and Bad Radio while we work out using our new thigh masters. #TightVaginaSquad
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let's go let's none can carry out its to prevent my boy is wednesday january twenty fifth if you're listening to this right now before eight a m eastern stop what you're doing
that was really show it's not australia day yet now it's australia that she's will commit gives us further aids are pleased to have you on board this lovely podcast it one of the most very enjoyable days of the year if all this he upon my tyke for maybe fifty kilometre large cat over there himself the big cats and hike producer is always a chevy onboard good on yeah so it is strictly a day in australia right now i'm zones where yep it's australia in australia plus get this birthday we start birth every anyone s birthday the day that grit was put into this world just happening claude and fight for every age moms vagina trying to get out and those this cold hard world he came out downhill what like iran water what are week in and eighty five to anyone had in a few days we my birthday and then we have someone else's birthday of the last
my birthday the upper limit also nolan ryan i think it is to find a stew five about desert also the great thing about birthday week is we can say that it starts right now but then their second birthday week that starts on our day right and then you re getting everybody in the pursuing february yeah worth were like though the friend in the group of girls low like we gotta go to branch and then we're gonna go out the club the next day and then we have to do the launch of family birthday family birthday then just friends than just friends a really good friend and just like your hook up friend and then right you're side be sort they we currently and that well now let's be let's be honest here if the groundhog sees a shadow on february second that means six more weeks birthday week who good point where i sat on that good point i it also is not only birthday week in australia day it's a definite super teams
the warriors and the calves both what the calves are a little bit of a rough stretch and opposed to and the house the big story that we have waiting for the superbowl to start is leubronn with them passive aggressive tweet i think i've ever seen it was issued double tweet he said a matter upset a management i'm actually laughingly just get a strange is not mad or upset why did you think he was cause he's not non till he put the thought of her death on that matter of set of management costs griff and staff have done a great job good job guys i just feel we still need to improve in order to repeat dot dot dot if that's what we want to do ok so couple things going on there and that's that we just before we get to it we have gone away most ridiculous sub tweet the labelling on his ever is an over centuries direct tweet he didn't add any
nobody's adding the management the path that was like my grandmother when she was so live like when i go visit she blowdryer like that loud she ever visit me as i am standing right here from wild grandma maybe get a twitter account i would read your thoughts a case if we want to repeat if that's something worth thinking about doing if we just wanted to go one done you know maybe go on the first round haven't my summer then you know what management stay pat that's fine yeah we just need to decide do we want to be greater not right he's also setting expectations so like if they lose in the finals like it if i pathetic here if it's a for nothing sweep right hypothetically speaking right that that's definitely not be saying that's gonna hands he's got excuse prepped right there is also this also the same team is lasher that won the championship is not adequate carbon which is actually a dish lustily shrilly that you should put her out drum i'm just i'm really upset that dennis rodman never attitude
like i'm looking back throughout its history has no say like larry bird never sub twitters management which is true i think i don't think that he would have i think that larry bird and isaiah thomas would have been it's like very direct way cod on we're lost michael jordan would have instead of punching steve colonel days i didn't ask about michael do have just been like the always brings us back to let your account pitch sweden michael jordan dabble sweetie i see what he said he said that if a team doesn't draft disarm water the browser draft sharm watson number one they ve passed on michael jordan which i love you want jordan is your quarterback nothin michael jordan would have probably had less that more luck then journeyman so if we want but he probably would have gone to the playoffs is cleveland
i got your so dabble sweeney basically telling the browns don't fuck up even though you gonna fuck up cause you the brown and he always fuck up wild wild thing to say though also de sean said that he was not going to play the senior bull right he said a matter that we see in your ball measurable by the way get it well it's good one thing that they do really want the senor bull as they make all the senior stand in their underwear like five hundred it's not creepy at all their leisure looking into their mouths huh it's just a really cool thing that they do like i would love to be a scout in a non misguided senior bull and to start making up players and tweeting after measurable is yes whether or not their mothers were prostitutes and all that good stuff i also had another striving to bring to your attention will quickly stay class but he actually is staying classy arthur blank is taking every employee employee in the falcons organization to the super what matters
where does that hendrick where does it and i don't know is it like to people who serve hot out in the ushers i think it might be are you the personal contractors are you the person who said that arthur blank is like a waiter at a restaurant at only serves go he looks like a major d at a restaurant that only a serb spirits and get going sector so i don't know i feel like this set up his brow he is totally trot using this to be like hey guys i'm totally not creepy yet totally not a ghost waiter yeah not the guy who you think i am not that i am scared i know this villain notices or a couple on orders about this we're like some anonymous sperm donor and certain towns had like thousands of children running around us ego maniacs this sounds like arthur blake is the father and go and father of everybody hasn't holding the falcons he's like we're all going on a big family vacation because i love you because i love you guys in your my family
the world only here were actually a family i actually i actually had back in the in the seventies i had a whole hospital where i just impregnated women all the time so you actually family looks kind of like a like an old school porn star yeah through put him back in seen from the seventies com hungers humongous arthur boy blake this achievement lies stud farm selected here stick your dick into account milking machine and just have an afternoon at what a creep not a creepy move but now i could remain at your creepy maria my mind with their yeah exactly is just shake everyone's hanish also early stage about here i mean it drive down i ten probably cost twenty dollars per person so good move ngos i soon move though to make sure that there is actually a few falcons fence in the stadium or he could just like slip a crowd noise dvd to the dj sure doesn't skip and have them play that and make your blog before earthen ah
we have bass or talk that's what i thought was its answers for guys who don't watch bats tat every single sports broadcasts in sports who has a bachelor segment we didn't want to get left behind but i gotta watch a show so hangs gonna give us some the talking points so when speaking to michael jordan threerd she's a bad bitch right yeah that from less arts occurring compared itself to michael jordan and abraham lincoln all other girls now we're get mad at overtaken naps and she said you know who else took naps michael jordan took knapsack abraham lincoln took me to the best ever do it yet both known for really come in through on the big plays he asked them there we go thoughts they go what a genius guy you gotta take a nap if you wanna take a shot what what's wrong naps who'd yeah i'm team nap who isn t nap i think i should at last we choose napping during the row ceremony ah little tipsy spends on from her ok little tipp ocean
doesn't drunk you snap yes gotta and the great snap so yeah abraham lincoln yapped little tipp though i don't think so you can prove that lincoln napped yeah nap einstein he was never actually lincoln probably did go away from his crazy wife maritime yeah just pretend it is i know all the tiger narcolepsy varies enormously wake up aid wake up aid and a more law area out to trash turn off the game looted for all you guys entering the workforce at their and girls say on your first say that you ve narcolepsy yes and that you need if you ever get caught napping it's just a medical condition to sticking up in the car we ve talked about that before there's no story about getting at is no shame and tell my pickup truck quick gap in the little protests taken up inside the car you're not in the pick up at last i just closures put some sunglasses on
ok now also every every season there's a big trip that they go on the sheer the girls went in a walkie who there's no laws in milwaukee altered nail i super excited that we're gonna milwaukee answering you could do it every hired by burgers name have talked about before when when you go to a walkie you your city rich you go from like new york or chicago on the walking to people twenty bucks pay for their mortgages lot of georgia and finally nick raven one on a one to one date rape until nick about the time you walked in on her boyfriend having sex with another girl and nick ass her very specific details building counting that's so re battles classic nick you know we talked last week about nick been like a little bit they all that i would say a lot horner nick this is another key ass a corny move by em like oh yeah we position with a jerk all of those who have you ever done that all cool yeah tell me tat i was gonna tell me about that guy there was generally it allows accuse haven't found in and out in an in and out of it
now it back in your neck just jerk off when you listen to this is that it that was your bachelor recap just make sure that leaves you drank went out every single wednesday we will tell you what's going on in the bachelor go to hot see cool thrown heck you ready re dull for hot seat roger good oh oh laugh why but shocked live it is worse namely one million dollars every single year they have thus will press conference on friday it's been conveniently schedule to ones they even though most of the media people don't shop until fraud and let's not really true like the media sir oh yeah me wait wait wednesdays in today next ones however would be great if you made it like a week in advance yeah or behind him a middle guess what has been reschedule through the middle of june you have he showed up at the at the fifty outlined during the probable gave the addressed there
roger and even go to the game despite his private there if i go to judge georgia the closing the icelandic other groups i thought the game was here whoops i thought the falcons we're home there oh no actually like the olympics you know how they always celebrate the next olympics at the end of the summer just watch the entire day for minnesota very go at the mall america boom culture on culture on the core
i might have been an early i said is thirty years is looking more like ten fifteen ah pretty much rowing you're right is chris oh good thing i mean it's like the hottest things like the more or less everywhere saw in my real hospital formerly the guy that quit lacrosse cause it sucks obeyed included have yet to make a living wage so he quit look ass to play with technologies a pint he's a pioneer for the sport no one party or because rent a whit bringing awareness has moved that only such a lame sport that he needs to choose change sports if you wanna get pay decided to play the sport that will take years off his life and make him eat applesauce through a straw in later years from going over the middle and getting his brain bastion just to bring awareness cross so here's a lines rising lines long climb back if i didn't my hot seat is sam farmer from the los angeles times okay so every year during right
fidel's addressed that it gives to the media sam farmer got the first question in the first question was always when are you gonna bring a team to allay oh so for like twenty years twenty five however long it was that the rams moved out of town while so now he's got to so he's gonna be sent there wasn't we sternum like yarborough you asked every single year every single pocket here you made a big point the outer so greedy now you have to and san diego has none well azured flip it though this year as you say when you gotta move the team out of ella yeah we're germany tamed yet to eighteen get em out roger we got a we can't drive anywhere on sundays it's as possible get around i also went up i'll just ok nazi goes out to the city san diego yeah i was mean to them when they lost searching on p2p debate i was mean to them when they lost its aim he'll say romani over here but he should go through what they went through some sorry not to guess the my cool throne is coach k yeah
so grace and gone too little scuffle they lost a home game for the first time against anti stay in like twenty years twenty two years but a psychological fault nope yours there so i guess what coach k waiting wings to come in save the seizes whoop it in yes gonna do it you know what i think they should actually make grace now anne and cannot sit until coach k comes back at least grayson yeah one of the two he's like you know win win the u s puts in there through policies were the vice president and the speaker of the house in the present can all be in the same room like i don't one cannot and grace now to both get injured during a game and for coach katy come back and not be able to coaches most able blurs he's cut you don't wanna wasted yeah yeah i agree i have
two hot seats one quick one joe lunardi i don't know if you guys saw but they are now going to try to drum up a little more intrigue to the ncaa tournament so they're going to release the top sixteen seeds starting mid february it's going to be like college football so they're going to change it every week i shall comment it is yours i'm saying you like me forever they're gonna said if the tournament started tomorrow here would be your top you're one through force needs bracket i hate that so gentle and already he is i think so but out of it one of the great things about that turn what was i didn't have to spend any time thinking about it until that sunday rather still gonna have a three hour likes yea i jail cell but it also makes sense because it changes like they're gonna show us and then dukes you blues dancing state and then they're going to be two to see any means can change instantly crazy my other hot seat no pun intended anecdotal climatologist so
all the people out there who always you knows say that these are another type of climate change will a glow global warming is a hoax and not real and there's a look at all this snow look i'll call those it hasn't been called this winter pretty mild winter but guess what cool thrown people saying about that whether for you
yeah oh it's away you can you can deflected norway's and all those people out there they think that the amount of snow they have to shovel is directly related to the climates health the temperature and marine rumble is directly did ass a thing polar ice cover to greenland it might be really fuckin cold there right now so we get our minds toyed with so stay work don't give up the fight just yet all give it up just come in one day and that its sixty degrees like humid going in the middle of january go into work and just be blowing your hands like who vs ie the temperature map and greenland today it's a real freezer here keep putting nice bar keep turning on your car like twenty minutes before you get it yeah yeah just do that just a habit cool thrown baron trump officially off limits it make forbearance rumpus kids or off limits no baron trumped jokes he's gonna be in the nice thing is now that no one can make jokes about him he's gonna be a well adjusted normal adult i think it's great
last less several but children of presence that we found the white house have gotten buses at some point you drinking having either bush will comply with the bush twenty eight and twenty lish twins like a part a yeah i dream something chelsea i think chelsea who doesn't dream but having sex with two twin little insight love it just in the euro zone at each other yet i see how you look at her yo yours is wound was now you certainly know each other's bodies but you used to take paths without zadig bath in me but chelsea clinton back in the day i think she probably fucked around and didn't get caught for anything has her dad was busy taken there right mobs not gonna stick in his manners into pussy mobs not gonna worry about you like smoking to join in the white house bathroom right bills godlike makin udo and set a grass exactly so she was on the cool thrown there's the bush
when they got busted until march was a saucer malea earlier malaysia smuggle joy is bag during last year's allow his latin for bad means bad malignant bad girl i think that there's like a support group once you turn like sixteen the last children come and they d let your shoulder tap on no biological no it's actually support group in its run by sinbad first get first get rigour but am i for one and in very eager to see would bearing gets into once he hits the age like sixty kiss outing because it has to be fond ass it is can be fun don't say it we do in rails off today satellite tigers lock in the west we are we have a great interviews ran locked we for we do that phd wrote a song for
what i would have those treatment and jesse yet i found out they looked like yeah over the weekend i don't know who originate it so i don't want to give credit to the wrong person but if it ended up oliver twitter all over read it and it was just ass it was a picture of trade and in the broadcast booth before the falcons game and he looked exactly like a eight version of jazzy yes and it got me to think and would have fragrant was also wrapper and he wrapped about his dated eight it well it's not that hard to imagine let's hear it
you do what people cross channel tat people most of us live for alpine terrible adjourn gonna call back until the pills old pork receive america's to drop back were passed my home region overturning might already with the crank runners get call me a queen you know me well without beyond party in a pale it's sunday silence owner might like using blue weep with they knew the tackle box he said drawing pigeon bought your pocket chatterbox we have worked hard knocks hideous serious questions about its bit they watch its top humbly the gypsies lighted pretty nifty bread muslim is eighty billion is it because you bitch like college boy that's right out and put described with my job to jimmy i add rock you know it's here when i get on making the life in terms of looking exactly like easy but why it's live for alpine terrible sunrise sleep sea to be somebody flows must all much even if used homeless proton academy which each is teach departed on those matters governed the onus we cut you returned with pain is not agree inform the online doubt skippy was opened the closet door but it never came out i'm a big shot mr putin's up with red light switches hale you may as well you don't eat like a chaplain time not live for alpine terrible live for alpine terror that's ok i was a hot hot trap was shut up
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you're here you're doing a little tour around new york the power bar fresh start to a year i want you to tell us about it and then we have some questions to you about how to get in because we're both out of shape a matter that you're a little out of it so power by certain whole new campaign for twenty seventeen it's called clean start much everyone deserves a clean star and you know the odd obviously from me from rio and everything on putting deafening two thousand sixteen in the past and i'm looking just looking forward to my clean start and twenty seventeen in my cling star is you know i'm having a family now yeah yeah we read that congrats on sexy eyes had signs at least was governor was confirmed once while will actually have the dual blood tests on the baby but yeah yeah to find out
can i get you a little bit appears little tad butler when he was trying to not look in the past he took his rearview mirror out of his car could you that little dangerous on safe now you if you don't look at me i'm gonna have a kid i'm bored so you know defiling anna had eulogy florida writin no movement you moved to allay ok and florida you don't even need to have any mirrors on yeah yeah are you can it are you gonna be one of those dad's it has like baby on board on on like the bumper sticker now i can't go there you mention power bar one thing that we began our thing
about getting into a lotta biceps work out just like stricken strictly by sentinels for the girls just curse all day revulsive weeping considering coupling doing that thing i saw you know at the olympics everybody had those remarks are you what's the story that i think that's the reason why i don't do it because it will leave hickey salam but spend zone ah you are you in future wife or your urea ukiah yeah you could go get hickey is nothing should but you could go quit hickey then do i k i was just coming outside the port covered my now evident laws will dry billiard could happen but no that ok that's where i'd so we had our good friend conor dwyer on the show your good friends and we talk to them about being in the pool he say speed in every poise benefits are you the same o biology ok guys as it is an old wives tale that some poles have like markers and i'm so when you p like green shows up
purple shows up you know i've i think that's all whilst hailed because there's no way because then the pools would always be like dark green right are everything will just be scared little kit philippine yellow you see the good thing about swimmers is we have the biggest toilet yes in the world which are for fish with the ocean while you i'm your point here but you can also swim the ocean so so have you ever taken an awkward up chlorinated water distant water in july that sounds like a gas but not we're gonna pull in the ocean ganging yes everybody should our nation for date like a whole like for five hours and the corset
called chairman the waters adds day i have re exactly so were always interested in a limb peons and their training regiment and their diet what there's a lot of like publicity about phelps and how much he ate what was you're like calorie intake per day and you think i should be a swimmer just like you need a lot to answer saying question first yes you should be a swimmer seek any everything yup you know being an olympian anna especially a swimmer you burn so many colours in the water because you're using every muscle in your body so you burn more calories so you can eat a lot more so on come soon mean probably sixty thousand how is it that sounds amazing awesome party lotta let us movies you know it's alive it's a little bit are very
you know as i get older my body can recover as it used to sew on definitely have to watch what i eat now have the watch lake you write a my rights could i could do dangerous skip everything it by his popular right i think i remember an interview with you a few years ago we said you're talking about trade the after a night like going out in the town he said something like if we gotta be a man and now you gotta be a man in the morning this being a man in the morning look like like war crossing near her and you're doing zigzags water you know you know it's like it's a motto that like one of my coaches always told me like if you're gonna like you using any change me basically and i was in college so i wanted a party and he is like if you're gonna party you have to show up to more in practice and kick everyone's s like so you gotta be a man and now you're gonna be
in in the morning seawater university florida right yes did you ever hang out with their internet have i ever hung out with him i mean i've seen him at a bar before you left immediately when he walked and so is it going to want to be around us but you were there what team freshman year tebow's freshman year so did you ever get to hang out with ended the swimming team i'm intermingle our swimmer girls like the football s interests it yes they did do you think tim t bow has the power to cure people he's done it like three times where someone out like a stroke any just touch them while other better why have i seen it but ok so what are we about one open ideology eric i won't see until i blew ok i'm looking at your eyes and it sounds like you
it's as you do you still get in touch with the floors from criminals are you know every once in a while i do have a couple servers that were on the passing of the team that i still keep in touch with they still want me to come back and train with home for twenty twenty so i've got a great idea for the university floris worm team turned the swims like a george pattern swimsuit so looks like you're wearing denham shorts but the really tight i like that i think that's a good idea but i think it so i think you're onto something here's an a good question at what age did you stop laughing at the name breast milk just do as i should have your guy every hour left and right now i've always laugh when people bring up breastwork so i'm not great swimmer but i've always wondered are some pools
faster than others like antennas you ve got click words and grass cordelia are some pleasure psycho that's fastball it's fast on you know there's a certain there's like the depth of the water comes into play you know because if it if its under like five feet like you won't get the turbulence from doing the flip turns so and it does all gets like wash out under underwater the water temperature ring you don't want me to heart you don't wanna be too cold what's fast which fast water is hot water factors corner colder ethical employers older i like old water though in your muscles will get to take all that's good though for factors like make as you get out a cold water like what
has he been lifted like now all my mother was just my bodies compare that re examine how the famous olympian nancy care again she got club in the nearby tanya harding everything by doing that michael phelps now know a good answer i mean you know swimming swimming is like one of those sports that it's like it's a clean sport there is no trash talking one is to face like i love you right before the blacks i won't be talking crap i felt like it that just doesn't happen what will you say clean former wasn't there the whole controversy about the body suit thing didn't they ban body suits the thor peter i see animal let's just that just technology ok has nothing to do with leg got at us spore itself like swimming that's just the technology like people were developing new suits were master suits whereof that chinese guy did a lot steroids well then his job
what are some some really i don't really worry about bowler i like whereby you gonna lie solve gotta be your own personal best yes what did the poor water in rio tastes like everyone else a regular and brain or poor even when you got my chlorine and turn that weird green color while know that if you were actually went into the like an ocean or anything like that like we were
like in the pool like swimming pools over there is like chlorinated water right i thought that will maybe we just diving that's right the diving poor light green like grumbling yeah that was different than the actual some ok what after source cures but this with the libyan so after rio you you are like don you been training forever how long does it take or how long you take off and when do you like start retraining again you know i think it's it's every individual com you know some people a lotta younger guys as i heard that there were back in the water within less than a month and like us older guys like we need more recovery time right so for me i'm still am i break right you know i went to dancing with the stars i did that and inside have a really gonna break off of lake doing it
activities and got it says so the i'm so my i burger note and how to shape our you like is it very very noticeable next time you get the boy you like while i'm so even though you look the same ray you can you can so they tell that i have not been in the water of lately irene instead of seeing an aid package six back and while we have a right to live like yes you can see my pack anymore because evidence will that's why i say people want a keg one patenting is i want people to think i've ever to urge turkey before yeah right can you do best michael phelps angry face we do say mccord bad radio and i figured this would be a good one for barrier ready michael michael fills angry it's kind of like your constipated eli
oh that's good ready i always say and about the concept of democracy it at home but that was star was really has great on what's the biggest honor you ve ever had is it winning six cold bundles or being nominated fourteen choice word oh i have to say the most thing i'm most that i love the most about is now becoming too other i think that trumps over the gold medals yams over everything new year new you build up and say i am here knew me though do you cry for the national anthem you cry a little take his man cardiac i'm joe bach
hand over your man car you you can't take my minute or no one does i think that's mankind prove you can cry yes answered contracts actually we take a man court if you dont cried right actually riah everyone almost my other he asked i sing along yes ok i like if i were in the olympics i'd be a singer and cry out sometimes like everywhere what do you do with your silver and your bronzes do you him the same place into gold you d have to segregate this now there i'll in right now and socks right now who zack aware and what your dress the ones that you're wearing right now known as the other up a hug arena high it so we have three questions we ask everyone and the first one is called its game we play called headlines
so we're trying to you don't make a splash in the media for trying to grab some headlines so our heads grub headline grab with you is michael phelps tokyo he's swimming yes i'm going us very go you know i i i have said this before in two thousand twelve i said he he said he knows his retirement you mustn't gonna come back and i was like you're gonna come back come on in guess what he did he came the same thing is gonna do i think he's jealous i think he's gonna ok so my hardware first breaking news breaking points one ass i don't love will be alive and i'm gonna get twenty twenty see tokyo between twenty michael falsehood be in tokyo swimming yes not ok second discussion whose most famous person who suffer as a hardline gala stars in there
i don't know what to do to name of hosts dancing with the stars my elopement snow right did the dude roma america's funny videos bob sagoth thou tom tom barons or yes tunbridge of his arm now i don't doubt of good you are comical thoughts we ve called before we have even gone regard konrad column alone how can you know he's vienna dad right now oh yeah yeah yeah dad cocktail yeah near a kid rabies do you know why you fucked up the last question question my ass that you don't have to answer any regrets from real you know what there is no regrets ok the reason why i say that is because you know if that didn't happen and i didn't learn from that i want to be a better person than i am today and
no i always believe everything happens for a reason and you know maybe that happens for a reason for me to wake up and like smell the roses wake up and you know it's time to become more of a grown up and you know i probably wouldn't have a kid on my way or being engaged to all these great things are this bright partnership with power bar all these things that our great and new coming into my life i don't think that would ever been possible if that did not happen that's it that's a great spencer lifespan zones yeah if you if anybody says it you should regret something like are you saying that i that you hate my baby yeah oh yes that's it instant combat you ever all like like if it wasn't for further the whole real experience we will have that awesome give of al broker stirring his drink when he got really upset that's a great gift should name your baby real or gas station
it has always been our and here i suppose i ryan lahti thank you so much everyone check out yes power bar were actually going to take we do little exert if you think it takes like three minutes were going to exert view sovereign and into that we will release that today really see
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peter he had we had some fun with it we did have fun with it there i'll put it this way without giving too much weight we get into the little reenactment of situation that happened in assumes your machination brazilian city o or we also had sex them so that we reenacted his childbirth and he is up coming that he succeeded we reenacted the precursor to his chair that he's so very wholesale worry at is how wonderfully wanna tell us about when we didn't ask him about yes let's do some segments we first up have big ben this the most big then story of all time so much self than he started his own segment heard a retired yes so big ben said on tuesday and ninety three point seven the fan undertake take this off season to evaluate to consider all options to consider health and family and things like that and just gonna take some time to evaluate next
listen if there's gonna be a next season each is duly big bang we know we all know him he's doing this for the attention probably he's here is is dressed last week use dress like a football player he wants to play football so i thinking about this there is also a chance it big ben thinks there's gonna be a lock out the summer so he just got his years screwed up he said is if there's gonna be a next season he could just be soaking costs that he's like are we have a labour dispute coming up right you know what i i can disagree i think big ben is always retired i think he's retired guy that happens to have a job yeah he's just he's gotta wear sweat solvents p of chance have change all the time being being
unemployed is a state of mind and big ban is always in the same way just as a job he shows up joint sundays yeah so like he's right now since he's not playing football for the next couple months he thinks he's retired right he also might just tricked himself into saying that he's gonna retire because been injured so much just so he can walk walk around in a walking boot into the entire off season lao i really gotta get this ankle right for the full bogeyman playin seven months right even those her if tomlin just tells them carry football with you in x like three months right he's gonna be like okay now retired anymore and yet if you look at this woe how this football get him i had pens gonna do that thing wherein like sixty years i've been he's not can be lab in six years in our way in twenty i've years who throw up to live tv the heirs of chauvinism exceed the steelers reunion and as long as non jail or might be in jail yeah we'll see basinger shut
other reunion and my tomlins can like asked him to get a drink but you sir coach right always coach always ready to go pigments not retiring come on now i would love to see that i will look reproduction though big bad has now reached the point of his career where he's just gonna breath farmers area like you'll end up yelling for some weary of big bends destiny is till i play one
weird season for the jaguars yeah the cardinals yeah i can see i'm gonna carry out like a gas where you go when you have we retired and who is so like i can seem spilling ought to pay as you go play in arizona they got old people there not a golf yeah people forget that their golf courses ira zone next up we have pr one on one the student becomes a teacher johnny manzella tweeted at donald trump any said hey mr president don't stay away from the nerve notification section on twitter shit will drive you crazy lead the country and let them hate and then johnny immediately the leaders twitter but i'm in good job i johnny i'm i've always wondered about that with people that have reached the level of fame and power like donald trump does he actually like sit there right
scrolling through his attentions know we ve talked about this because there are the people on twitter who respond to every donald trump tweet on both sides will be the pebble le loup frog hey guys i wasn't that gets punched error doubly the nazis who respond in light we love you tromp and will be the people that will respond the liberal cox and they'll say delete your account you ve gone too far dont shall never sees any that shit so stop doing i don't know i don't know that he doesn't though because i occasionally he'll reach we he does a weird quote tweets they like he's only person on twitter that retweet somebody this wearies yes puts a little quote a rat and then he adds little message on to the end right that's how he said the tigers wife looked that's right and it wasn't was there was someone else someone else someone had somebody else's account right and i just called treated but yeah so he has in the past red people like applauding him and then retweeted those so like there's a chance he might be just
scrolling through all your delete your account cities into him every day he said right guys he said that he was getting sick of all the negativity being thrown as well how ok maybe maybe tromp his all that will get driven off twitter by everybody trolling without i think the negative it was the fact that he has like ten million women madame here at the same time will also the good news is if you didn't have a twitter account then he'd stop doing all the stuff to people mad at him for true so also ah i like him to keep the twitter account because it will be the first official twitter account to get us a new nuclear war which has fought praise one history is fun i did have some actual pure one one for johnny mental ok he's he's trying to make a comeback making companies going to lose in the midst of a comeback let me just fix that is already begun yet see everyone knows the first step of a comeback essay i'm gonna be coming back no you forgot the first step of come back you sing
problem yet no i wasn't ass all last year but this year zoo your new me ok here's a tip for johnny cause he's gonna bring back a twitter account at some point let's be real is probably already back by the time this is being downloaded your phones he needs to change not his twitter handle but his twitter johnny men's l and then comma and then throw a bunch of letters after in some weird akron have you ever got an email from somebody and it has like six acronyms at the bottom they took like a project management course at some point they have neither a cd dv away certified yes dvd certified editions yes so here
please you come up with like a bull shit lay over thought it over thought it his twitter account is johnny men's l too is james l two issues come back james l to point out that starts good don knew your new him hashtag respect except the esa to hashtag respect my comeback process there no negativity ah next up we have little locker room talk although it before you that another pr want one on jackson oh he was out in the jar by an instagram model that called that said to sean jack i'm already sickened store yeah he's built like an asian which all correct you right now it's rare model that's not a word we use reuse oriental marlins man taught us that one does your word i assure you that a word pr one on one what do you do i think maybe just like girl foot lockers are trying on sixteen i sixteen shoes in front of every eye you you changed to a very large cleat negative you might lose a couple statue but guess what you're gonna look like
behind like elephant do that thing where you rang like a tight genes in your keys are in your pocket and you take that picture and i mean everyone knows it's it's keys but they also like whom maybe it's not a golf ball scope offered golfing when you put a bunch of gulf balls in your pocket it looks like a big dick yet just bob yeah just charter such up before every gamer yeah oh here's what you do you just put like the hand warmer than they give you four games to stuff those down in your pants now only is it like a little extra lump down there but to make sure that you're not you not you know hanging to close the body i pay i don't hate it just expanded little but do you think chip kelly tradition jackson keziah sloppiness allegedly no i think giving given chip kelly's racial history yeah you re more likely to be traded guides getting well now because like the instagram model said to shine jackson has penis like an asian chips kind of a white only guy oh
here's what we do if you if you decide to actual appear when one for you sewer go after her with everything that will have for you you know what remember we had this business yes we are willing we will see her for you to show the only way you can get people to stop talking about your allegedly micro penis alleged is to take her to court yes put it in the papers may so that everyone knows that if anyone says dijon jackson's got a tiny hog guess what he's gonna come after you the easiest way to make people shut up yes or just tiresome people who call on radio shows and say while he's hung yeah that also i mean i'll do that to you it shall jackson here here about his huge diccon hey democratic will send him a letter bill i came we just did pr for you send us ten thousand the hogs or back in dc oh shit about thou ontario next up we have locker room talk with pakistan to address out of a joke for dijon oh i guess he's no longer a deep threat
oh wow another one fire and were fired locker and talk with pachmann jones this just proves pachmann jones got arrested everyone knows that a redundant statement pachmann jones arrested but the video came out and he told the police officer he hopes he dies tomorrow canonize psych we should get one more day go to heaven yeah right he said i hope you gotta haven't right he also told the police officer suck his dick so lock him talk happens everywhere do you know well locker if we're being honest a jail cell that's like the biggest soccer room across the back of the cop car i'm not saying when you get when you in prison right that is actually more of a locker room guy i mean do than any nfl right right like we
shit yeah have you seen as yes that's the best example lot on shawshank yeah really taken when they put him down to try to get the boys dick pinning down literally logarithms aka this look ok so it's called the export market among its home sucker dick system to four hours ago that's been to prison jail is alot luck talk allows ago expert analysis was total mixed up too bad about
lenny kessler jail used to build the ball ass were the prison makes it easier to take a linear yellow pine turns back o connor was talking about vexed up we have a i have this for you a living among aaron rodgers girlfriend she wrote a legit girlfriend illogical friend she wrote a letter to all pakistan's after the season ended in atlantic on sunday here's what it said so proud of this team sorry they face the lot of adversity on and off the field but battled to get this far thank you to those of you who encouraged and supported them by choosing to put out only positive energy and help them get this far interesting so can i jus she left out something there she implied something yeah her heart and positive negative people positive energy on and off the field adversity bachelor
shows the brothers she said packers fans the right no actually know she no it was just to everyone did say packers family nope there's no family in this letter no family no family mentioned interest almost like she went out of the way to not mentioned him ah ok olivia just really you know what when i have my heart ripped out by my favour team would i want to here is a letter from my star pledge girlfriend yeah she did little hearts to one's graham ones yells ruinous touch pertness ah we have a levy a stick to sports and also nice brag that you can come right in cursive cocking years that actually so to me that writing cursive is the new cut out magazine ransom no if you write me a letter in cursive
i shall ask you to show off and you're trying to conceal you're trying to hide something you think you're better than me do you think you're better than me i've been written in cursive since ninety ninety five that's it's probably been that long i tried the other day in the other day i mean like five years ago now than when you think in writing curse of his literally connecting dots who acting all the dots ha and she's herself is also laser move what you'd it too i too lazy to pick your pen up between letters so so in summary olivia my mom says off field adversity connects a punch dodds positive energy i'm not saying anything but i think she just
said that she scientologist she hates aaron rodgers entire family and hope sale burn in hell it also it also sounds like a letter from a cult member only positivity sounds like a coat but maybe a cult wherever one buys fake shares to something and they don't actually only yeah interesting who we have a safer metrics this big this is i mean obviously german veil was the one who broke this the patriots wear white jerseys for suitable fifty one by the way the roman numerals always fuck me up just fucking say can we go back to fifty two to safety they just got rid of those in and put the knife results should not all of us are jesus and a lot of us are really dumb myself included nazi teams that have worn white have one eleven of the last twelve suit
the bulls wow that really that's good so it is true a boston doesn't have good luck with eleven at a twelve things oh you know him say an international day s eye reference are they you're gonna make like a white one racism joke i will i will ok let me at their core for your who else minister know who else all wore white is kkk up just looking through the patch roster after wide receiver positions were still seem like the kind of guys might be right on horseback with some she'd stripped over my fair part about these stats as they obviously choose a point in time specifically because the three superbowl before the twelve all the dark colored teams one so much don't ok dark color that's either way i we had this discussion if the falcons want to make the superbowl they want i'll ride the needs where the throwback blacked yours is a d on sanders one thousand i see my really go where the red ones
we all know who the fuck is end with the big had had an actual embrace debate moment about this earlier in big that was you know what a team should really just go for it and where their throw back in supervising the super one as i cannot think so and they use a year you right out opened the coach up to like you talked about a lot truth that's a truce anywhere i back the more i thought about it if mighty was a simple they wore throw backs and ever saw him about it and then they lost i be bullshit than coach why'd you put us in throwback you ruined you jesse at that point i grasped ranch and for anything to blame it on and i'll go back out you can win you can't win games and candy asters just why organs everyone to body i miami dolphins have never want to rule but the falcons throw backs are not candy s now i'd actually i i'm gonna go on said their new jersey kind of candy ass they are they look like a robot is wearing of appalling i'll go one better they should where the old throwback black jerseys and
we should all wear black bandanas like do you do do rags bring back the director absolutely yes so i'd like the patriots wherein all white but i dont like the fact that a team that got rid of the only virgin in the inner fell is wearing a white old disrespect here can t buy bring forget if you bring if you have to go on eurostat that ok that's what belgic do he's gonna cut somebody the night before like you like spur on tv bring tito on and then you're gonna go all white or even the gloves while the helen white even the back of the pants white cleats night not the back scientifically white cleats do make you faster that's actually just science you just look a lot faster you feel a lot faster look good players we have a problem paradise explained this one yeah this is wild stuff here brain spikes everybody knows brain spikes former patriot former bill will occur denny route jimmy release like a porn some chat roulette glenn issue some people so use chat roulette
should we must carry out get embryonic alright the terminals for later but so british likes he was moving from massachusetts to buffalo and i rhode island buffalo and he had a fish guy fish tank fish tank die and he needed move is fish tank and all is of exotic fish and his fish guy moved him form then branded in pay the bill went according nano granted spikes has been playing for the last year getting his paycheck docked to set the three thousand dollar tab with his fish guy why bread and has a good point he says he didn't pay the initial bill cause he killed some of his fish that's fucked any fish guy killed your fish yeah i say that that ones on the house you is job i'm not paying you to transport my dead fishes body to me remember when we thought we could take larry from new york to any nap was that was one of the dumbest thanks yeah really into like if there's like maybe this bosses kind of
bumpy and yeah don't think is gonna work so being a fish guy harder job than people realize yet it that we got really deep into some harvey message boards at the time when they are telling us about oxygen pelagia the second they told me i had to go to the store to buy something i didn't already have i just said fuck it i'm not gonna do i'm right if i if you tell me i can put larry's tank in the army and then drive don't do that you tell me i could put in my backpack of interests be i'll throw their order and then get it in a week later otherwise your thanks also aid we should goin out right now hank is not in the city or this right now i have no more yeah hake wanted to kill larry yesterday as he did he wanted to kill him
he won't have we had a special guest in there was helping us put together pick video for safe name of ours has names just do fighters to fund a resource the source of the man saw wheat yet so we did we did a pic video about larry and we're trying to figure had ended and he goes what if he broke it with you broke larry's tank with a baseball bat and then eightam and look what the fuck was invited you heard her and hake was ignore you gotta be imposing seriously do what has been said the key word here brow and we also kill fetch here and so a heck was dead serious about it you'd know some account for she killed her first when i learned my lesson ah last up we have bad radio vagina rejuvenation is our doing was a cold houses has better it oh yeah we're gonna ruin a boost our so someone actually sent us we talked about how we wanted to get our legs stronger someone sent us the suzanne summers time ass time asters i've been news hockin hard also we ve been taken
it distorts just just atocha stay and take the edge off yes not don't know anyone going concern right now about bad radio taking steroids in thy mastering i've can here i'm gonna make up and i ask you can ask our king shaking one i got mine too our aid worker laugh so yeah we have five asters were tiggle is little bit little little drop steroids every now and then so if i'd say the party might return to that part might take poyser r r back were journeyman cell to point out that right so look out for us that's our show friday we have jamal hill and michael smith they came into the studio to people you probably recognise from your speech had a really fun talk about the persecution
white broadcasters white male broadcasters are taken our jobs it's great interview otherwise i'm off to houston hake and i are getting on the r b right now so fries can be skype episode pieties joining us on saturday we together all super weak and we're looking for a lot of good stuff
let me guess you always needs you away prowler raindrops may come in those cooking on negative stereotypes that is true also already be welcome
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