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Action Bronson + Bob Kraft Busted

2019-02-25 | 🔗

Bob Kraft was named in a prostitution sting down in Florida and the internet lost it. What happened to Schefter's "more famous name?" (2:27 - 15:09). Oscar recap and Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga are having the best sex (15:09 - 18:37). Who's back of the week including AOC (18:37 - 27:24). Rapper/Writer/TV show host Action Bronson joins the show to talk about his life as an entertainer, how he is the best hash maker in the world, the last time he wasn't high, and how he's created a life where he gets to do the most fun shit in the world and get paid for it (27:24 - 69:41). Segments including Lebron Blames, Bryce Is Right, Talking Soccer, Drunk Idea, and Monday Reading. 

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On today's pardon my take. We have all the on talent, rapper tv post book writer action brought then on the show very interesting guy. Very interesting interview. We also have some Bob Kraft Clean up that wasn't a joke Bob Kraft Clean up to do, We have a Lebron blames and who's back of the week before we get to all of that, though, it's time to talk about the cash card from the cash app, the number one finance app in the app store for reason. The cash card is the most powerful debit card in the world and the only debit car,
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from the apps store or Google play in order. The cash card today you're not an award winning listener, unless you do so go download it now. Okay, let's go well part of my the part of my take you to page go subscribe right now. Today is Monday February. Twenty fifth
Did we miss any news, uh the broke on Friday or anything? Is it pretty quiet day? I mean you know how it goes on Fridays in the NFL, there's, typically, nothing that they tried to bury at the end of the day. Nothing squirted out. Did we miss anything? I don't think anybody got themselves into like a sticky situation or anything any arrests or anything Antonio Browns like a free agent or something ok update. So it's probably going to sign with the patriots, so we can get a bunch of handjobs yeah. So the biggest news that happened on Friday afternoon was Robert Kraft owner of the New England. Patriots was now. I don't think you officially was arrested he was indicted indicting in staying for. A rub and tug. It's a little bit darker than that because it was obviously it seems like the big story is human, for king, and this is a larger sting but Rob
graph is obviously the the poster boy of this thing, because it's very rare that someone is famous is him and his riches him gets arrested in a situation like this. Also, I mean there's a lot of facts that we don't know correct and we are in the business of waiting until all the facts come while the fact the one of the first things that came out was that Robert Kraft was I said I think we all assumed just for hand jobs right. Do we know we do not know. There is no video, allegedly video camera two visits, so common takes out the whole. I didn't know where to coupon to have two different visits. Also, if you the or was it the orchids of What was the name of the place or kids or orchards of it was? I can't remember the put in about twenty minutes from where I was at a time around by the way how how lucky do you think you have to be if you were going to or can
that day and it was shut down and you missed getting busted by by by of the planet, lottery chosen name of the place Hank. I can't remember it for real orchids of Asia Day. Spa Prince Day Spa so yeah Robert Kraft went there twice, definitely a place that Let's just say we didn't look like the day, spa of a billionaire right, like right, it kind of cuts coming kind of makes it tough. For if your defense it's going to be well, I was just going for a massage when it was like very much out of the way of his house, and it also didn't look like a place where a there goes. There is also a bunch of other rich guys that got arrested there, like some guy who is like the former president of a big bank based. all the rich guys going there and getting rub and right if you take a private plane to a Strip mall in suburban. Florida you're not doing it for a good reason. That's my big take away yeah, I'm curious to know where the tv twelve method comes down all the stuff. Might my theory is
If you just drink enough water, you know how you like Tom Brady, says you drink enough. Water get sunburned. If you drink enough water, you can't get a hand job because he can't com because you're just being everywhere right. So I think the tv twelve method actually would have saved him from constantly peeing yeah. I just pissing all over the place, so bodybuilders have like gallons, like our jugs of water, to keep all their common sides right more tea right. So we so we obviously like we said, there's an there's, a dark side of the story that we're not gonna make light of, but the like making Robert Kraft, jokes, I think, is okay, because do you like why, wouldn't you he's a famous guy who got indicted? I think that happens to anyone right. Yes, absolutely so, you're right! If now there there is like a lot more. The story, that's going to come out, it's gonna be centered around human trafficking. How much she knew how much she should have known about what was
on the right. Robert Kraft has shot shine a light on to. If you wanna use spends on there, you go to there. It is Hank yeah. He will he's. Now. Is your child, the poster child of a very big problem? So there you go another one another very loud like aged a trapeze. You got now. Let's do it did you guys see this? So did you guys see the the picture? I think this is maybe at Columbia. I don't know where it is. It's something some some big building that Robert Kraft built and there's a saying Here's a quote there. It says when you go to bed at night, make sure the people you've touched that day or richer for having known you, true, ok, yeah that's tied at twenty bucks or another tough one to just be out there on. We also had we also had some interesting names on this list. Do you
the less, I needed okay, so we had Ralph any time a Ralph is involved. You know some sums up steer clear, can't can't trust a rock, although something that I've always said, although, but if, if you're going to be around a Ralph, you want him on your side. Yes, you want him involved in whatever it is you're doing, chores yeah the other and heat with a main food Lou. That's tough! Because it's like there can't be, Many men flew, so it probably is tough to like go home. Diagnose a different man flew honey. Our water me there might be millions of them, though, and true countries. True, we had a Dick Palmer which the joke. just write themselves. It was this in palm beach. It was this in Paulding County. You want something, I think so, and then we had a John Palm County had John Johnson, which also feel like was a fake name, given it feel like that she rub and tug name toilet yeah. So The whole story is: is wild. I'm sure that Robert Roger Goodell is going to probably what find him for half a mil
dollars. How many drawbacks part Scott said. Take all the draft picks awake full draft with. Maybe the hottest take right out of the gate. We said it's the biggest in bear: whenever you need to take the entire draft from the main page, I wouldn't put it past Caddell, I wouldn't either. So this is going to now become a u verse. Caddell again I mean they're wet else. Could it be? Although mister crap is category categorically denied all afternoon, so I'm going to stick with that absolutely, and it's also important that we call mister craft. Yes, I think so Mister Kraft again how well, I feel like the punishment should fit the crime Bobby Kraft begin. Hanjobs. Mister crabs categorically denies all true. True true true yeah, so as much as I would like to see, the patriots get their entire draft this year and next taken away from them for the actions of the owner. I feel like the punishment should fit the crime and he should have Jerk off every other, NFL owner and Roger Jerry Jones would be right in front first person
let's do it. Let's go baby come on out circumcise, my mosquito, you know what I'm saying we had a chef to report to which stay woke, so Adam Schefter quickly reported that there's a bigger name involved, and somehow we just don't have the bigger name so is quick to throw out that Robert Kraft was arrested. The Jupiter police weren't doing him any favors. They were which they shouldn't they should just. You know this guy has been indicted. This is the situation Robert Kraft, owner of the New England. Patriots have been indicted and then Shafter says: there's a bigger name involved and somehow we don't have the bigger name, which leads me to believe that Adam Schefter is doing Robert Kraft, a favor
by basically sending us everyone on a wild goose chase to figure out if Tiger Woods got jerked off right. So if it's in Jupiter, by the way just saying did the Jupiter police on the case just sounds pretty bad right, right, starship, troopers, right but yeah, I think that resource. Finally, yes, space for the job US forces is being completely reassigned to bust old billionaire's, getting hand jobs. I think so. If you look at the the population people in in Jupiter OB, see Tiger Woods name jumps out. Yes, kid rock also lives in June. Okay. That would be a bigger I'm in some circles. Yes, t is down in that area for trainings. This is this. Is that this sickness, or just basically,
too late, based on an Adam Schefter Bull that he put out there. I'm saying it's like the Dez Bryant Tapes, Adam Schefter, we still haven't forgotten. You never released Dez, Bryant's tapes that you promised that you had an that. You would had seen and you would release about four years ago. I think it's similar to that or you're just sending everyone on this chase where we're throwing out names unfairly. I think anyone who gets alleged in this to be able to sue Adam Schefter, personal yeah, not me for saying you're now is Adam Schefter status after correct is using me as a pop it to ya. Think out loud with these things. I I want to believe what you're saying. I think that you're on to something, but the fact that Albert Breer hasn't come out and corroborated that there's a bigger name is tell me, maybe hold off on that, because breeders, my canaries in coal, mine right once he starts jumping on that he's, a big pat sky, then I'd be like okay, yeah they're, covering for for mister craft a little bit
but I mean how much cover? Can you put on that? Well, it's off to see the tape to see how much it works because all Friday afternoon and was like, oh my god, there's a b. It's goes deeper ha it's like now. It's pretty much cut and dry here like we're, not all right! Well, yeah! Well, no, I never know haven't used. It is actually might be on circumstantial preference, yeah it's cut and dry in some circles. I also the last thing I had for the fall of this is what would you guys say the over under for amount of fantasy football names that are going to be division next year, that's going to be just horrific! going to be a lot of league names. So it's going to be like that's just just know right now, if you're thinking that you are sitting on a hot one, people have already thought of it. We all need a name for the scandal. I thought. Maybe big gate could be a good one. Okay, that's about Master gate
Esther gate. That's that's actually come in. That's what I feel like that, where we again, we have to see the tape. Jay Glazer of Folate Gaeton could be another one yeah, so Hank. What are your thoughts overall? You were you were you land in here and Mister Kraft categorically denies all ok, so we're going to stick with that. I also think of it does come out even if they lose draft picks. It's just going to be like last year's my name. I think you're going to kill us air. It's Robert Kraft, getting busted for you know getting a hand job like stars, don't even have to start the chambers of DVD. I don't know I could start with the news reports. No, it's gonna be the tape, the idea, okay, colds, flus, strapless region or say I don't think so I don't think I think it's a ridiculous lose draft. Picks it up a fine in the you know, suspension, where he has to miss the first. I think your mercy missed six games in which is a whole areas thing to like suspended owner yep. So you you can now no longer watch in your like huge sweet. You have to watch it in your mention of a house, but still, I think, that's probably the appropriate way. Draft picks seems a little ridiculous. Sorry Bart Scott. This is Goodell. We're talking about you know he's.
And force, however, like partially, can enforce it right. I also think that the cold should take full advantage of the situation and hang a banner hanging from the rafters. Just saying Bob Kraft got caught getting jerked off at orchids. a spot in Jupiter Florida yeah, and your hang that right next to the a F c finalists to our door, just simply Jim Mercedes, too drunk to come in yeah, I would wear. So that's an ironclad legal defense like this probably got him out of a lot of sticky situations like I can't get up yeah and then we have to look into the semantics of the situation. Pardon the phrase, but at what point does it hum legal, because I saw the list. If you saw the window of orchids day spa it had a list of services that they offer there, including something called a table shower I'm pretty sure is just getting better stop right, but at what point does it become illegal like if there's contact made if there's a row but no tug? If there's a tug but no rub row, many it's it's like the catch rule like do you have to have possession on
It's like no, I think a football move. I think it is like chess. You once you take your hand off the peace that comes the talks If you just stay with your hand, laws use over the rest. You can you don't have to move your piece. I just can't sit there and think I'm gonna need to see the video before making a joke. As this I mean this story is obviously going to keep going for a long time. Hank it will no, this one's going to be like I mean it has all the makings of you know people just firing off ridiculous. Jokes people like this is, you know. Sorry gonna get a! U Porter are just like a porn parody of this right. I feel like I might rest up and reinvigorate run. Germany's career yeah. They need an elderly man to play the the part of Mister Kraft. The head I'll, just get him a white wig and let it go the guilt thing which open air, a rap verse yeah. It already has interesting, interesting, okay, so ongoing story on going yeah. Well, they were close it again. The
could take a dark turn. He has we take you, don't turn it out. Yes, it has it has. We are not making fun of the no of the human trafficking only because if that is in any way, true, that's really really up correct and I think you do need to ask a lot of questions like who should have known who did know, but right now, I'm going to get these jokes off right. There's definitely a difference that people I know that Twitter, like you, can't make jokes about anything anymore, there's a very clear difference of making fun of the owner of the patriots. And, while also being like this is a fuckedup story like it's a real problem and hopefully like I said in a weird way, him being involved actually should help like the solution of this problem. People should be looking at it more and police department, and all this stuff should be like hey. We need to start cracking down on these places, hand up if there was a tiny percentage of my brain. That was like, maybe I'll go to rub and tug one day I think that's out the window. Also prostitution should be legal, but yeah.
his gambling should be prostitution and we take all the bad things out of the shadows so that people don't get heart yes, and you should be able to do both on sports yeah. I should be able to and they should have prostitutes in stadium. Yes, I'm all right. The other news we have. We have Oscars recap. So the recap is Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga are having the hottest sex in the world, allegedly yet she's homeless. That was steamy. How many did the slide into her on the piano bench, man, yeah and the eye contact and then ask for Bradley Cooper. School friend was sitting in between them and that's that's socks, Bradley Cooper's, Girlfriend was doing a live action. Meme of that this is fine dog, yeah, she's, making so happy for my cats. Yes, and it's you know, it's really unfair- that Bradley Cooper is talented as he is at some point. It's like come on. Man like you, should something
what it is, but something's got to happen. There were like evens it out. I'm gonna write a movie hit him like she, you know. Maybe it maybe is golf swing really so it was like that. Is you know, let's sunk, you would one best actor. I think the lip sync right into hers who nice well? No, he denied, lady I was going. It was ready to risk it all. They looked like they were going to kiss yeah and Bradley Cooper said can't do it do it she's got friends literally right there. That's your only reason that if she had been in the second row, they probably would have made out with the fact that she was like front and center. I gotta go back to my seat after this, yet they still gotta do best picture. If this was the end of the night, we would just walk off and hop in a limo yeah it'll be on. So we also got to see the extinction of the host, because I don't think they're going to have ever get way better. No, no stupid gimmicks, you know when they deliver pizzas or do the self fees or whatever the happens when, when you run out of like pets, two hours into the Oscars no host is the future yeah. This is it actually Billy Crystal my died, and I we my
wake up tomorrow, and he has nothing left to live for because he knew he could get that call every like third year. Yes, I need that gig pencil, then guess what Billy tough break in at over it's over Midler outlasted, you yeah, it's unbelievable. It was also pretty cool, seeing MIKE Myers and Anna Are we get out there into the Wayne's world thing one more time? Yes play the hits yeah that was great in the in the in Scott's Alexis just play the hits jovian all right. Let's do who's back hey once you start with who's. Back of my head, Are we going to talk about af at all, we'll be sure to tune in clear, more touchdowns you're the live MIKE with who is it? Someone got a lesson, Charles within said no one's watching this year because of bleacher aches. Will each yeah I'm I was back. quickest JA rule to he. a halftime performance at the Milwaukee Bucks game this weekend? Yes, there was some major technical difficulties. He was like that one ready to go and then apparently like
the sound wasn't ready, so he had to sit there awkwardly in silence for, like twenty seconds, Milwaukee Giannis just started like warming up for the second half, while the performance was going on, so that's how little he gave a fuck yeah and then afterwards the timberwolves for the bucks were playing said. They quoted the fire fest and said: who were hustled scanned, bamboozled hoodwinked, led astray. in general. Is not happy about that and he said you just jinxed yourself talking to the God. This way your curse, now I don't want to championship for the next thirty years in cat. Is Lee oh my god, college lies not with so hold on so the This is a superstar star, NBA players going to leave from a small market
and also Minnesota, is not gonna have sports success. Do I have that right, wow, which was a to know that how that might actually help in guys yeah, it's so rolled. My eyes are rumored to something here in a sort of timber. Wolves will never win an NBA title you want to. It has been good layered sold. You yeah well short of what you throw in the Viking you're missing a huge kick on a big important moment and we'll just have it all. I also saw one of these like fun fact: random twitter accounts that was like it was a thread of like movie roles that people pass up. That was really dumb. General turned out. Five hundred as another paycheck for two fast two furious 'cause. He thought the offer was beneath and then that would that would only pressure was on like one hundred fast inferius, yeah, yeah, Geelong Player or not it's not a good business. Making steak is that I think you are going to do okay, see for her
sentences in there on Thursday. I know it was: he was great great weekend. You know he really performed. Wasn't came, came out of no, where and and did it when people weren't expecting it per se, I oc yeah, I don't see. Yes, he does look to see that well see it going for specially New York yeah weekend from yeah New York, all New York yeah. Some may say that it hurt. That's it yeah. I got it because of my whose back a week is Nike yeah. So Nike recovered gracefully from that disaster. this Thursday that they had in the stock market when they lost one. it was a billion dollars worth of. Are you take out three billion dollar because of his eye on shoot for like for some people that don't understand how business works? They were down? One percent in pre, Okay trading, like our minute yeah and died during a felon, Jay Williams, both for like see yeah. This is what happened is I did make one shoe bus in the whole market. Tumbled but then they recovered once the most famous Airforce one where in the World Bob Kraft got bust.
it on Friday, yeah stocks shot back up to ninety dollars, so yeah it's. They need a little bit of that bad boy, St Cred, that Bob Kraft got him, so they got exactly back to even my other hope by the way. Well, just just for a second. If God brings up Hank, are you a little concerned at all about Zion being injured in eating and not working out? No okay, guys coming back next. ok, alright, alright, really fast 'cause. I saw in that polo on Saturday night. Looking diesel chocolate chunk, chunk chunk, his eyes, chunky is a Charles amount. Charlton athletic uses. Chalk is John Chocolate. He he's Chalk Fleck Chocolate cake. I like to go. I like that. Okay with Charles Barkley would be chunks letter. Yes, yeah he's a more chunks, Fleck Charles Barkley, okay Zeebo would be it would be chocolate. My other who's back in the week is the fourth of July so see save the date, because America is going to have a giant party-
on the fourth of July this year. It's called the salute to America, the country so we're going back to 70s? Actually a salute to America? like I like country, added that that's good addition, it's called Celestial America until you said that. Well, you might be talking about S, America right talking more, the band, America, the whole entire continent yeah. So so the fourth of July is back this year as a celebration for Merica. That's it that's it! It's just like what do you mean it's just back yet just started this so Trump tweeted out there's going to be a big in our nation's capital featuring live music page rock patriots. And and Donald Trump on the fourth of July, perfect. Finally, Ford's rise back I have two whose backs first is bowls. Because we have action Bronson on, but balls are back. There was a Washington post article. That said America's hung up on bull culture. What if you like to eat from a plate? So I guess both
like the hot new thing and people who like plates are just being left in the dust can eat soup awful plate. Everything is getting put in a bowl these days. Did you read the headline that a company that article it was like plates or pulling flat. Yeah yeah, it is great person, was very upset. The plates were getting smoked by both bowls are way way better than plates. Would we all there's nothing that you can eat out of out of a bowl? Well, that you can't or no wait, there's nothing that you can eat out of a plate that you can also eat out of a bowl. I mean like a like a t. Bone steak would be kind of weird out if you have a big enough bowl then just cut it, and then you put the mashed potatoes on the bottom. Now you're talking about one of those just indicate hybrid, I just invented KFC Famous bowl yeah. I don't know I mean I'm a big bowl guy myself Hanks looking at us with the I don't decide I want to get out. It was like yeah. I know plates are done dude. I don't ever you to play, see or you can go without eating from a plate. The results will
the issue of rest of my life. I think that's a but someone I just wrote Buzzfeed's new article and that's what our buzz for staff are comics when a whole week without eating from a plate and the results will amaze you yeah, that's what they do. It's like. They do these grand experiments, but id ACT, get Facebook for three days. Yeah. Here's what I learned about myself! I wanted to kill myself, because I couldn't look at anyone's pictures comment on racist article yeah it sucked all right. My other, back. Is that baby back bitch Police Logano, who blocked me on Twitter for calling him slowly so not to he block you that he block you, or is he just getting in front of you to make you go fast at you? That's true! That is a good point. We know NASCAR now, but he just he basically treated and said I had a great car but sometimes doesn't break your way, which is a classic like hey dude. You could have just said on my name. Are, we still gonna when I go slower than everyone, so I felt that in forum and then he blocked me yeah and the fact that he said he had a great car. It's like trying a little
too hard to get out there and be with me in my car was really good. I promised my team yeah yeah fucking, raunchy gonna block me Bich, alright, before we get to our interview with action. Bronson, a quick word from a couple of our sponsors. Your call football is back. You probably remember it from last season. We were involved. It was awesome. It was a total game changer. Now your call footballs back with four cancer
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well to be presented in that manner. Right yeah best, not it's not so much about the actual money that you make from the novel. It's just for the rest of my life. It's New York, times best selling author David is action. Bronson you everyone Losinj, is when they show up well, no, I asked for one and she brought three. So I figured all of us share. Have a nice day off, you still have yours and how do I have to my throat? That's all good, because the Throat he needs to be sued after the wrapping in the talking and all this zero you've got to keep it here, yeah. So you don't keep on Wishin around the mouth. All right I got it like. I got that players will know how much exactly like dip. Yes, so you your throat because you're on tour now exactly and when, when do the torstar last night in Boston, okay, the White Bronco to a alongside rocky Marciano and Ma'Am the my two good friends. I don't know what else to say we're over here: fucking demolishing shoot water. What other like? Where else are you going on the tour? We got the beat the people. I got him
tomorrow night, at Irving, Plaza, then the next Warsaw in Greenpoint, okay, then get to read a little silly kinetic it made west done Irving Plaza. Yet I have yeah, I was, I was gonna, say the only tip I have about that place. Use the bathroom before you go there, because the bathroom situation and the groom green room is less than optimal they'll, usually never a good situation in the green room. Bathroom yeah, that was a humble brag. Pft played Irving Plaza when a play. Back in July. No big deal so that mother fucker out here, I like to hear some good shape, yeah so Do you have a bunch of stuff cooking right now? What would you say they give everyone? I introduce you best, selling author rapper chef, what what's like the number one thing that people like action rods? What's the first thing you want people saying I don't know man of the people really yeah, that's it. I don't really care anyone says about me, but I am a man of the people. There's no doubt about that. I like,
One thing that I noticed straight up about you that I appreciate is your shorts guy always, and so you beyond today use it. I start getting back into shorts mode and typically MID February, just 'cause. I get sick of the winner. You ever wear pants. I haven't worn one in like twelve years seriously. I love this. That's crazy! Ever get cold not pull the vortex. Whatever I've been to at all, do you own pants yeah? And you just look it up? I don't sweat pants. I own, I own a pad couple of his jeans, but I just look at the notes. Yeah. It was a long removed from me fit in no that's crazy. My legs with thick yeah yeah, you ever wear suit yeah I wore a suit. Actually I was in Paris. I did a show called we love. green demolished it. Then I had to the cabin go to a four star. Michelin, restaurant excuse me three Well, that's good! I had a where I had a weird thing yeah, but I still My card showed on so. Let's talk about that, you are you come from a culinary background. I do or a fire flame chef. I'm told
what is fire flame mean? It don't even know what the fuck that means that sounds horrible right. It's beautiful, you are just awesome chef I mean yeah, I was I was working in kitchens I was trying to be. I was trying to be there yeah and you had a you. Had an accident in the kitchen. Yeah took a spill broke my think I was wearing some bulshit new balance. Five hundred and seventy fours Falk that book, those shoes I was making burgers for the children and my man, my man, young man, who was mopping the floor at the time somehow water mixed with oil, and I slipped and cracked my crack my whole fuckin' leg. Did you get insured? money was my. Was my father's restaurant shoot him he's a fucking prick? I couldn't swim, so you did you've done a bunch of cooking, shows as well or shows where you basically from what,
understand you essentially have figured out a life hack of you can make a show out of anything where you just doing the things that you like to do thanks. That's awesome! Absolutely so you do when you do fun, that's delicious! It literally is you just eating the food you like and go into unbelievable places all around the world with my friends, smoking weed and get it taken care of this living the dream yeah. We also did that ancient alien show where we just smoked, weed and watch ancient aliens, which I love to do so. I've done that many times I've never gotten paid for it. So I handsomely yeah I'm trying to be paid handsomely for these things. I want to ask you questions about the food show, but while we're on the show talking about the shows you've done. I have a pitch for you for a shell told him, knowing that you can basically make a show out of nothing and make it interesting. We call it so meek mill going to be. We don't even have to have meek it, just maybe in the title, sponsor it's called dreams and nightmares, and the first ten minutes of you is you just sleeping Is this video of you sleeping?
has an interesting and in the next twenty minutes you waking up, and then you tell us whether you had a dream or a nightmare and what it was about. To be honest with you, I never remember whether I had a dream, and I so here's so there's a third thing where, if you don't remember you just get high perfect, let's do it. and also, if it's a nightmare. We have a horse on deck and you get on the horse and you just trot around talking about your nightmare, I'm in dreams and nightmares done. I think you could make that show in everyone be like this is fucking awesome, 'cause on Ronson, with meek mill, gorgeous? He doesn't idle. Well, I was thinking if the budget doesn't allow it. We could just put a picture of him in the title trying to figure out how he would you know he can host it. I think he could seriously think that would be amazing. He'd, be the guy wakes you up. I don't want that. what walks in he's like hey action, wake up, probably
work on that angle. Okay, all right, but so you you make these shows and legs have fought off. That's delicious you've travel everywhere. You eat everything. What's the best place, you've been and the best food that you pat Well, let me just say this: I know it looks like it's ridiculous, which is fucking around and like that. But honestly we bring it. oh yeah, you know in a different light and other than being talked down to, and you know feeling like you don't really with the fuck is going on. It's man of the people. Well, yeah! That's really what it is right you able to relate to all of us, 'cause we're all from queen. isn't just some regular guys right! Well, I I think you, you actually make a good point, because we have some similar going on here, where it there's something to be said for making it look like you're, not putting a lot
work into something that you really are and then not stop working alone, but keeping it a level where people can watch it and they don't see it as something like over produced. Big show makes it relatable, that's the key right. So what is your favorite food like? If you had to do death row, you get one dish, maybe a dessert. Well. What is it it's so hard to say I mean I don't know if I would do my mother's cooking, but I would probably hum you say bagel and eggs, but I'm stuck. Over bagel and eggs. Ok, I'm thinking some sort of Pasta, dish. Nice olive oil. I appreciate the best olive oil in the world. Be appreciated in other people appreciate wines, olive oil is like beautiful things. So I would like to have the gorgeous the most gorgeous olive oil. Next to me, nice, The plaster was in trouble white truffle at the peak of season,
favorite place to be. I don't know. I really love Japan Just because of the experiences but unsure your beauty, no zero, There's nothing like really you the heights down there we did did we went to a we wearing Carrie. Carrie was nose like like Jurassic Park, crazy beach. You have to hike to the beach black sands next level. Do you think truffle there's scammers out there. I feel, like everywhere I go now. It's over truffle fries, look terrible shift, yeah, truffle fries! If this truffle oil is not real trouble right, it's garbage jewelers hurting the truffle, I'm done with truffle. To tell you the truth. I haven't eaten truffle in a long time, because when I do, I wanted to really make an impact on my life again. The way it did the first I'm so truffles that they're they're, real big in in France right there's is. a big reason that a lot of them are grown in and not just it's? It's usually the count. They come from. Northern ITALY, okay, I'm gonna know that like I'll, but they have the best stuff to like these beautiful white
I mean this sounds all around those areas. There's some in France, but the most pungent ones come from there. Now is there a way that we can set up like Bio engineer, acclimate somewhere in the United States, buy a piece of land and get it so it's a good environment to grow truffles. So we can start our own truffle business here states I'd, make a lot of money. That's something I'm sure they're looking into have no fucking clue, but I'll tell you this, they don't have am anywhere else in the world, but there yeah yeah, the other ones and they're not they're, not as tasty they've done black, ones that are not, you know, do whatever, but just to get them. Naturally, when you start by panicking all kinds of shared it becomes in a knitted any natural, it doesn't taste the same. Doesn't now have you ever collab, with Guy Fierri, I'd actually talk to Guy Fieri, I that was in the same room. He let me taste his cheese steak. Oh hell, yeah was at like whatever
wasn't impressed by God fairies cooler? It seems like a really nice guy, like he gets a lot of shit, sometimes because, obviously he has like He wasn't a very nice in that he wasn't very nice to people really hey who's. You know! Well, you know not only well he's got a via yeah like he's a big deal he's beyond the big deal right he's a few more than a big deal, exactly he's one of these icons in America. Yes, I agree like millions of years from now his bowling shirts be reproduced in China for money. Yes, yes, what about New York cuisine? What's the best like pizza spot? What's the best? What are your go to places? I mean localities is probably one of my favorite pizza spots on on the planet. Okay, also love new part. As you know, it's just of those classic slices. I feel like you can get it
DC slice anywhere in the city on earth on yeah. He's just lies that edible and it's pretty good pizza right right, Nothing mind blowing, but there's some mind blowing places. I like golden fountain chinese food cantonese Chinese on metropolitan and 116th sixteenth in queens. Okay, it's higher level, hood chinese food. I like that yeah, exactly go to chinese order, 'cause I've felt I've fallen into that rut. Where I get the same hot and sour soup or yeah hot and sour soup, I like to get a sometimes I like to do the spare rib tips, because their lack in some flocking apple cherry situation with hot mustard, always a nice swing, fried hard cut up. You have to cut the wing into pieces young. Can be a full wing. It has to be three pieces. They give you the little thing on
tip exactly like gnawing on the wing tip like it almost flat, toothpicks yeah. If you like the foot of the chicken I like the foot of the chicken in chicken soup. Now you get a lot of flavor out of their networks. Is nice yeah? So I had one idea: I've been trying to figure this out my own head for the last couple years: I'm a big soup guy. I like it, eat soup every single day every meal, and I would never get tired of it. I'm trying to think of a way to make dessert soup 'cause. I've never seen it offered after the meal. sometimes I eat soup for dessert because it fills in the cracks of everything that you just previously, which feel nice, but I've never seen like a sweet, dessert soup and some trying to work that out of my head. I didn't know if you had any thoughts on that I mean I always let ice cream melt just drink it. Yes, that's a good point. I think normal pointed that out to you have you could also that you could break cookies and shoot into it and get it get real fat. You know get disgusting put all kinds of
it into the melted ice cream. I like that. That's for you guys do so now, we'll talk another one, I'm not fat ice cream and not melted ice cream that it's an actual soup, where it's not just like a bunch so you know mess which actually, like a quality, Well, the soup yeah, instead of instead of like oyster crackers, you put in just broken up Graham crackers, so it is ok to search soup done. So we are tackling a sports podcast, but we go everywhere. Your New York Sports Fan one hundred percent that sucks it has for a long time. I mean I mean, except for the Yankees it has for a long time, but like the Knicks, do you Kevin rank? I rear coming? return that they say these people are coming. They just never come to New York. For some reason, I don't know what New York is in the destination for mother there. It is,
I like going to the garden, I don't wanna ST okay, we'll say for you know: you look just shop just wink, my friends, yeah okay shop, the Guardia you're, you know you're doing great stuff there, it's a terrible situation! Honestly, I don't know that's been for years and as a fan, in a fucking sucks, but you know it's hard to change alliances, yeah who's, your favorite, like like old school player, I mean you doing. Yeah you, my guy oakley I mean they'll, does team the nineties on X, yeah Ste. I love spree young, you know sprees, I I saw it's is the name three somebody airport not too long ago. I think he just lives on his yacht in Milwaukee and just hangs out. It's not a bad life, no, not a bad Latin, the law, okay, yeah yeah, yeah, yeah, Michigan's nice in Summer Miami walking
walkie yeah and then like Monaco Stores of the yacht cities yeah. So that's pretty good. I'd like to are you a? Are you a Mets fan? Yeah he's been Yankees? Okay, so you got that going. That's that's! Not Yankee you know next glow. When I was a child, but still heartbreaking. Yes, the jets- let's not even talk about that- please for sake, yeah, although SAM Darnold, I mean yeah, okay, The problem is that list. I listen to Joe opening go every day, yep, you know, and I I have kind of a flip it upside down. I said on it, you have it upside down. It's a stone booked as well as sorry. This is book. It's called stone beyond believe there. It is. Do you take your times, bestselling author of fun. Has the report on the cover? There's no doubt about it. Come on. Do you take monster, hits monster hits yeah flicking smoke a lot of hash. Ok! Well, I'm in the monster hits only clubs yeah. I smoke a lot of smoke a lot as you smoke, hash, really smoking just weed. What's the difference between hash and weed
well, what I'm smoking I'm smoking is pure hash. They take weed at its peak right, and it's cut down and they freeze it instantly? So you get all the oils in essence is frozen in time. Then they take that and then the gentleman wire they gently wash it with cold, very very pure water and pure ice and just gently. Knock those heads off. So then that collects you draw that out and it becomes as beautiful white powder. Then you take that you put that through a coffee Ok, okay, the Revlon hair straightener You could out this pure, like five percent Thc Hash clean, as could be
you owe it folks me up all day long will never get too fuckedup, like sometimes edibles. Lock me up really bad yeah yeah. We don't make this yourself, I don't press the hash. Ok, I have the red shakers yeah do the revlon, but that's yeah. That's also! as a talent in Norton itself, that can't squash can squish As for right, they don't they don't get the right yield right. You know it blows out. You know this matter very seriously. I like very scientific. This is when it I love people who are very passionate about weed, because the you know take this wrong way but like at the end of the day, you're just high yeah, my yeah like like when you go to like a weed, dispensary and they're like well. This could do this and this can do that. It's like put that bullshit again high school shooting range mites, mind altering you choose your choose your path once you, why are you a hoe wishing? I was deep into cash card that can't even believe, I said say that again for the people
What did I say you choose? You choose your own path. When you're high you choose the destination, make sure you fuckin' right that doesn't matter if it's Halloween nails, you choose your own house. Looking Lenny Dykstra hit me up on twitter. One time he's a friend of ours. I love him well, I don't know and that's why you don't need that yeah, the more he got more. You know the less you wanna know showed up this office with a gun once so that was, oh, we thought later that he carries a gun everywhere. He goes he's he's licensed yeah. Well, I don't think so, and you always yeah. I got a little trouble. You'll meet yet over at an issue with him. Producing the farm is a difference between indican to Tivo. I don't even know what that see you know like in apparently one makes you head high and makes you body high, I'm Okay, hybrids and smoking all kinds of things I like I go for flavor I go for during taste in the he gives me instantly? Yes, once last time you had a day where you weren't high, yesterday I was on and off
I wasn't fully trash, that's high yeah I was high, but not there hasn't been a day where I've just taken off for a long time. I don't feel that any to take off right, like what am I taking off from you would have crazy dreams. I think I've always heard that, like when I, when you stop smoking, you'll get like insane vivid dream. But the thing is when I'm awake all those things just fly Adam Life is a dream. That down to don't need to suck and be sleeping and not forget it. When I wake up, I need to be conscious, saying these things writing these things. Earnings these lines into some sort of rap. Yes, so what is the current like talking about the creative process you're in this scene, a creative guy? This is it you sit in a room and write stuff. Do you have a like White board? You sit and bounce off people. I have a White board that just says I love you. My girl wrote that says: that's it. It's a huge white boy, just as I love you in the bottom left corner
It has to be someone to make you a racist her again, but I haven't taken the always you who you know has no reason the fact that it's empty. It's like it's just a plus, so for you to just throw should I use abilities in this possibility and once you put something up there usually doesn't even go. It doesn't come to fruition. Yeah MEL's comes from that. It's like when I was a kid, my dad coach basketball and he wrote out a play, but it was with a sharpie and we just ran that same play the whole season, because you couldn't wipe it off Well, that's a good place before you work yet well, it's like in Madden, like two thousand. You know I used to do one play with with the jets it was with
call back this one and that one yeah I worked all the time so we're out kinda, it's not a wheel, the wheel kind of goes that way. It was more of a indian cut, with the fullback actually get off it. Yeah like an option route him right over the middle. Once you find that one playing Madden, it's like not even fair, it's not fair, I mean Pft 'cause. I found this one play where I just had the guy go over the middle. That's why I'm saying just like can't stop back in Madden. Ninety five there's a play called Maverik on defense, where, if you just blitzed with middle linebacker, you get a ten yard, sack every horse, Don Kirkland, yeah yeah! Exactly do you like spot, as an artist. I like Spotify, but I don't have it. Do you like you Joey so then, I guess the fact that I know what I'm not really up on a lot of technology, which is like I mean I don't know Spotify. Everyone got that shit right. I guess it works. I don't know what the flock, but you get I don't have an opinion on it. You get paid off it. I don't know okay,
have enough stuff up on there yeah. I don't have all my life, my first couple of mixtapes, like blue chips, one blue chips to the ship that really pop me off. It's not up there because there's just it's not able to be up to you, know right. Those will no way, because there was so many things I wrapped over that you just can't what was it as it was at named after the movie, absolutely hello, yeah, a movie houses willing. So you class that day, and you also did a mix tape called the program with Latimer on the clock. Yes, you know starting defense places the table. You already know that yep absolutely do you have that Alvin Alvin MAC, yeah and fuckin' Latimer, Hell yeah, you make a lot of sports references in your song there's one line in particular, I really enjoy it. Would if Alan I've when was chinese writing on a Harley and dam square cop in Charlie, if you ever been Amsterdam, there's always a moroccan guy, Charlie Charlie Charlie, is asking if you want coke, So this is like this layers of things there ipod.
That question and I had to write it yeah. What if what the fuc if Allen, Iverson was shinies riding on a Holley yeah. was almost like God, a West yeah kind like that yeah. But if that was actually the only question I had written down, for that was just like what? If, because it did make me think here's a good question. What do you do when you get too high sleep yeah eat, take a shower Now we wrote, we drove a bus down bad and I got way too high one day and I was stuck on an rv that sucked yeah. Yeah, I don't never get. I don't ever get to a point where I'm like panicking. I just ride the wave yeah you gotta just ride the wave. You can panic, because it is what it is who pass yeah. But if you get too hot to sleep that happens to me sometimes name a sopranos, that's good! What's your favorite season,
of them yeah. I just finished watching it for the thirty six times. The best unbelievable yeah they had that they were running a marathon HBO. I got caught and watch like the first two seasons. Yes, it's tremendous to past yeah, Hank actually hasn't even finished it so don't spoil I heard a while in the well yeah about the ending of it. So you know it cuts to black at Hank closer years, but it cuts to black at the very end, the theory was that the person that got killed at the end was actually you. If you were because you're not gonna, help write the back of the head, you got got, you were in a life for a while. You learn to love some of these characters, even though they had flaws. You were as invested in the life as they were to a certain extent and power and he is beautiful and he was like feeling people people at the end, which actually remember vividly like one of my roommates at time actually were saying this- that we got so bloodlust so blood loss for everyone to die that he was like it? I'm going to kill you the viewer. That's some see! That's that's why I made the big bucks
David Chase? When was the last time you cried because of something that you saw when you're high, a lot of these fucking Dz60 for stings of the you know when they do like these, the hospital? Yes, you freaks me out for some reason. Yeah, I don't know this. Is me off also like. Why am I correct doing this? On purpose? Jack gets renew yeah. I hear Jeremy Shops Voice, yeah yeah are the little like piano comes in and the dude from out Tom Rinaldi starts talking yeah, I just water works. Some believe I don't know why. I got so high, the other like a bottom three weeks ago, that I cried because I was while I was flipping back and forth in a hotel between college basketball in NBA and college best within score for like ten minutes, and then I went to NBA Klay Thompson hit like three threes in ninety seconds, and I was, I got all teary, as long as beautiful as heavy yeah. The last time I cried like a baby. to say, I was in the I was in a van with alchemist.
I had some edibles that someone had given me. They would just extremely strong and he started. Playing Billie Holiday and I just started fucking crying like a baby uncontrollably right. I need to know where I couldn't do anymore. I was just crying it just hit you I like that right nerve that it's just you know crying sometimes feels good yeah beautiful release. It's a good point. I don't cry enough. I don't think you need to open up more. Should let yourself let yourself crack it may just fucking strong, stern gotta. Let it just go, there's, also nothing better than like get laughing so hard when you're high and getting in crying I think, Ryan. You laugh always yeah right. The way there. It is just ride that wave. So Our producer Bubba sent us like a few facts about you before this interview that might not have known. He says that you claimed to have fixed some games at some point back in the day,
rap lyrics of fixed Miami of Ohio in who don't match yeah Grambling state don't play; no, no could did you. actually fix Grambling and Southern. Ok, let me explain each other. You know, like a million fucking, make a wrong if I'm going to make the the accuracy mission of myself that I fixed the game, I'm not going to get the teams right, I'm not going to get the wrong conference. Is it fair to other yeah? You know 'cause, I gamble too much, so I knew right away that name. I fix the game between Kentucky and Miami of Ohio, playing the MAC right. No Kentucky doesn't play them back day; they did play each other well, what did they play they play in the West and the Midwest conference yeah? I know that. No are you maybe, as western talking in all my evil. How may I am a high place in the MAC? Kentucky plays the SEC. It was a long time ago. We could look it up. Look up the lyrics fixing I'm on it, I'm
ok, it wasn't true, but you don't know shyt yeah I'm definitely fix some golden glove. Fights who fix some ham bulugh some handball matches in Queens Sohail I highlight down in Florida, was big for Maine Greyhounds. Also the dogs. I only bet on gray animals. That's it! That's it horses all along it a better right. That's it! That's not what is horses dogs, whatever it's horses and dogs only the grand mals. I guess I know there's plenty of gray and sincere goes and mother I'm a great artist. I fix the game between Georgia, tech and wake force. That's eight! Oh see there you go the Asus yeah yeah That will right. That makes sense. So do you fix a back when the when Mulberry was there know there. So there was the Wake Forest Georgia, Tech, ACC Championship Football game was wake for against Georgia, tech and we force. One hundred and ninety six was a
What is that yeah? That was me out and what's your what's? What's your relationship with vice these days, rocky yeah? What happened with that now you, Just when you don't feel like people are appreciating you and doing the right thing by you use. You know you start saying: go yourself right and is that the worst part about the job, because it you know like I've, said you're in saying the creative guy and having to deal with, maybe politics above you that's going to suck it's annoying, because nothing is above me I mean I could deal with all that type of thing, but I'm I know what you mean with that type of thing, but when people say things to your face and then do other things right, to rubs me the wrong way right now, if you're going to say something to me and we're going to go on this We need together, don't fucking bullshit me right. You know, that's fair. It's really, it
yeah. Do you have any interest in doing like a narrative? Television show, as opposed to more of a talk, show a reality based thing. Like some of you sit down to write. Well, I never really wanted to do something reality based you know. I always wanted to be just free form. You know, like those other, reality shows are scripted. We literally driving one take along but he does anything over. If you miss it, you fucking missing, there's been so many is Miss is never set up. There's never yo! Listen! We're going to talk about this! Nothing like that! I I'd like to sit down and write something yeah, but you know mind is I can't I'm more of a like when I, when I dictate I'm able to get my my my thoughts out more clearly when I write I feel like I'm rambling. Sometimes you know yeah. I get that
it might not be as authentic, like you seem like a guy that lives his life just out there in the moment right away. Yes, so when you write something down and you try to distill that it's not necessarily capturing the true action exactly do I call you action or or Mister Bronson, even call me back live. You can call me bam bam. You can call me brown so like Bam, Bam, Bam and school events, real cold, that's yeah hardware do that comes, Bigelow. Ok, my whole life look like Bam, Bam, Bigelow, yeah, so you wrestling fan back in the day. Was your favorite wrestling, let's say bread. stone cold. You know I. I love that attitude. Ever I like two years before I've been watching a lot of WWE network. Yes, the prior years. Yes, like all the shit, I forgot like these fucking like weird tag teams like the bumble, bees and yeah kinds of crazy shit needs to have the little rubber figurines for yep. We watched a couple weeks ago. We watched Kane, verse or sorry undertaker versus mankind. The Helms
Go back to watch that all the time yeah. I know you be watching it like holy how many clusters he made so he took the dive off the thing then went to the fucking cage. I don't know how and at the end, the tax denomme and then he came. He got off the stretcher yep there's all these one of my favorite actors, Jack. I like the C w yeah the c w more come on two o'clock in the morning on MSG network. I know right there so to watch national should a lot of not a sandman, let it as my guide says: just we ask yourself athlete Yeah I played high school football and baseball Bayside high school really get I was really good, actually was a good center offensive lineman because I'm low, the ground and I have quickness and I have a lot it's like an explosive power, so I was good pulling center? Absolutely
Gallon space run somebody over absolutely and I could flick and stuff anybody 'cause. They couldn't get lower than me. Yes, right, low man wins. It is no matter what I have one last question, see key question put in promo code. Take you get ten dollars off. You can go see, action brought Bam. Bam. Sorry on is toward the white Bronco toward that's right, go check it out by your c, keep ticket you get ten dollars off right. There were like that actually comes out of your pocket, so right now, I'm just getting it's all good put a sofa love! Take yes for lawful money! Yes, I actually said this year when we met when you were here a few months ago. Yup and you did not care about, this fax from a no. I remember what you said to me. What I say you said to me that we were on the same plane. You do remember. I don't have it come on
we were on the same plane and you thought to yourself that if it goes down yes you're going to be overlooked. Yes, because I was yes, 'cause bam it, but it's a because I've gone down into place same plane twice: we've been on the same plane twice within a matter of luck: charm, Bro, the first time I remember not going down. I was flying first class not to brag, so were you obviously you're bigger than Maine? You walked by me and it was just the most pungent weed smell and I was like who the fog I was like oh shit, it's action, Bronson and then I said well. If this plane goes down, I'm going to be like way down on the list. No, no! No that yourself, you ever think about that. Like not a plane, I don't know ok so don't take so I gotta chill out. I take so many planes to be worrying about whether it's going to go down or not. I was on the fucking plane from Australia sixteen hours over the pond who come on man like how many edibles is that I actually was sober
There you go that's a whole day. It was no, it wasn't a whole day. 'cause I got off and instantly got smashed. It was despicable. It was a despicable right. I watched every crocodile Dundee I watch wood stock that took six one slash two hours to watch, which was great and now you're only halfway there exactly and then I've looking you know I walked around the cabin a little bit. I had some ice cream at some passionfruit. Ok, they had passion fruit, so I had like twelve of those yeah so yeah, no, no edibles, none! Damn it's a long flight there was no edibles in in Australia, I got really high for like two minutes. because the weed is so bad out. There really talk what you gonna own us, I I mean York's got to be legal soon right. It's been legal for twenty years. In my in my book, yeah, that's true. I've been going up, town and buying weed from Dominicans my whole life,
that's with no cares hell, yeah guess what it's legal in my book there. It is, I mean it's gotta happen soon, though you should. You should be part of the political move. Yeah I'm not really into politics, but they're mine I'll definitely I'll definitely reap the benefits. yes yeah, so it legal you're going have you know something that's front and center like some branded nah, I don't think so. I'm not I'm not trying to take advantage of this of this beautiful plant. But what I will say is this I like to I'm more like a chase chase maker. If I like it more than likely you're going to like it, I think that's the pinnacle of life to become a I don't like to call myself that put in hash some people can call it with hash to the press or you're, not you're you're, the head press guys with best pressed on the world. I'm one of them. Do you know the others? I do were there any Stormin, Norman, ok, was a glass blower out in Seattle, tremendous he. Squishes tremendously,
or Jeezy out in Philly tremendous these guys what they're doing with their revlon's. This is like the Kobe Beef of yeah making one hundred percent like massage it just right. Also my guy Ritchie from dead ash, rising straight out of queens or your shot at Richland Rhona. I think rich is a listener. Actually, I'm sure he is so wait. Well, how many would you say you're like the top, if ever, if established five point, five hash, rosin squishes sure, no doubt about it. My guide doctor vered out and in in Portland I mean an organ yeah come on his who doesn't know him. It's a countrywide thing. We're gonna have our own baseball cards, who you think Rev One is called on to this, download pinnacle of Revlon Start sponsoring you to squash hash and I'd, say this: it's a relief looking ridiculous thing when you start really
zing. I was the first person at Walgreens at seven, a m to buy a fuckin', her press 'cause, I landed in LA and I need it right away right off to Australia Flight right in early six hundred and thirty six, forty five. It was right in front of Walgreens in the cab waiting with him like yeah. They open at seven need my one why the flat working as a what the hell you need this one yeah? You don't have a good question. What I'm question anybody else would have purchased question what I purchased, how many, how many here street, or do you go through a year? Well, I've had this one, that's the golden the golden standing now for about eight months. There Now I have how you should give it a name yeah make it look at it. It's like a character of its own. I don't look at. I look at as a it's like, It's like, b dot B king named his guitar, oh yeah, Lucille Lucille. I think, yeah. You should name your hair straight Bertha
oh yeah, I, like that Bertha yeah, I mean if, if it's been with you for that long, Gertrude, I don't hate Gertrude, the head pressure, Perchard, the hash culture as the noise it makes as soon as you squish it just goes. I need to smoke some hash with you. Do I mean you could come to my studio needs. I I absolutely well. I want to smoke some as hash. I want also watch use. When was this was yeah right for sure, Castiel's page. Yes, he it's like yeah, I mean. Do you do? What you want to see MJ in is what our prime no well yeah I have is. Next most people would like to see you know the best of the best, the goats. Do it I'd like to really like this go Richard Jefferson in his prime
Richard Jefferson. It's my guy friend of our furlough program. Yeah we've had a mellow guy, yeah he's a he's, a good analyst. He is good and I think he's really good. On tv- yes, yes, yes, he's whose do you guys like watchin? Would you guys enjoy you like Stephen? A on tv I like is the musical lies the fun I like the way as an entertainer yeah. I think people should stop taking them seriously, for his analysis, just appreciate him for what he is, which is an entertaining guy, who screams about sports and is wrong. Frequently. Who are you like a lot? I don't I like, like I said I like Joe opening go yeah I like Joe. It never ends, I'm a big Francis, a guy. Do you think he's so we're not you know new Yorkers, but, like I've, got a kick out of them. What I do I've interviewed him before
Israel is one is visible, Actualizar Classic, but he it'll make guys like that anyway, right. Why you just got to appreciate that and just what about the fact is always wrong. It's just funny because the way he talks to so pompous initial letter is knows everything pretty government and I met dog, also dogged it just yeah, just looking for characters right. It just New York characters like a guy in my neighborhood called skip he, the fishermen, had a vest. You got the paper with the horses in pocket yep. Every time he sees me starts off with the jets story from sixty nine, like they don't people are generally. You got just appreciate that type. No, it's true! They the what makes like for a guy like princess or even Stephen, a Smith unique. Is that they're just like out? We, finish in their own right and, like I want to listen to that guy. It's not just you know, Michael Irvin,
I love Michael Irvin spots on on the radio, each fuckin' nuts yeah. I know what the difference is. One of my favorites, I think a big difference between skip and Francesa is alright, mean Steven in France as a stephene has kind of started to feed into what the media has created out of here for sure. So it's become like a little less authentic, whereas francesa- I don't. He gives a was almost got a more authentic because he resists like the new age, soul, soul, heart rates, everything he's a winner again. I just used twitter to put my thoughts out there. I don't I was the first one. He tweeted really no way check it out, Microsoft right now, checking real with them. I've seen him. Do you think princesses from smokes hash I'll get him to okay as much as people you'd, never even of the same name. Maybe I can name name one day. I wouldn't care, I don't know.
take care, not I can't name names I can't or someone who's public about smoking weed I mean there was a good deal with. This was a good one with me, and my boy body add to flocking. Fourteen twenty three, forty to twenty third 23rd anniversary, while prince, was playing prince. On stage in me body which is blowing it down. Jordans Jordan's dressing, room, okay, I met Moses Malone that night hell yeah. I took a in between Dominique and Clyde Drexler imagine how that picture. Look from the back! Yes right! That's going come on this tremendous like our yeah. In two thousand twelve, you tweeted in P Mike Francesa. Fan six hundred and sixty New York City, that's right as first Street no Francesca's first tweet was to Maine, but the
cash back when it wasn't on one hundred and one point: nine. It was still on six years and everyone know it's six hundred and sixty. I still listen to it. On six hundred and sixty he's, I mean he's a character, he's unbelievable, which is twitter, handle there. We go. So everyone he's going to find it, but everyone go to the White Bronco tour by bamboo Em's best selling book called don't be out all the best selling book is called fuck. That's delicious funk that solution. So this is the second book in the fuck. That's delicious trilogy called stone beyond belief. What are you fucking doing? A game of thrones, I'm doing a fucking trilogy things always ditch the divine number. So this is this. Has this gone bestseller? It will soon.
it hasn't gotten out he's not out yet as much nineteen, oh ok, so March, 19th of March 19th, Backspace or not that we have the power. You have more power than uh. No, we need. We need that many there's gotta buy it, I'm looking at it right now. We get some, give you some ideas. There's a there's, a pro tip in there I had to stash weed, underneath your nuts in between your asshole and nuts right in that area, where you guys do exactly that ain't, the Gooch yeah. trick to Holden. Well, you like, you, have to have a thick thigh, okay, yeah and I can hold at least four ounces on to my notes. That's what I found on the my not sham comfortably comfortable here. We got even feel it not! I don't even know. What's there from my good friend says a met met at action. Bronson, he promised me he was going to hit a home run in Cece's softball game. I didn't, but I hit I hit a double. Did he call you he called you out, I hit a fucking doublet babe, Ruth that they had and double an I
ACT, Mariano, Marianna, okay, that's fair! That sounds really able and I was pitching marry. And okay more. He had me come off the mound. To give me a talk, is I come on Baby baby come on baby and that's it. But I've been at work before he came out pitched a perfect game. The only flow in my game, Nate Robinson, went to fucking catch a bola. up up that had English with his fuckin' bare hands, he's hot dog and he ruined my fucking perfect game. That's fuckedup come on T Mac, Addy, here Jorge to struck him out any softball game. fuqing softball game at Yankee Stadium. Hell yeah ship, that's awesome was Willie Cologne plan Cologne played yet a double yeah, not he's our guy. He works here, hello, really yeah. He also pulled. Does somebody? Yes, I remember that video yeah from and he goes all out all the time, I'm all right you so
Thank you guys. This is been a lot of fun. Michelle actually really do want to come and see you squish ash. Any time like I said we'll, do it we'll do it? He? go to the White Bronco Reservoir check it out, and I buy the book March nineteenth coming out: cold, stone beyond belief, action Bronson, sir. Thank you that interview with Action Bronson was brought to you by square space, the best resource that you're going to find for creating your own beautiful professional website. I know what you're thinking that sounds like it's too hard and too complicated, but it's not Squarespace has it nailed. They developed a beaut easy to use, drag and drop user interface with fantastic designer templates that allow you to create amazing websites quickly and easily. You can showcase your work if you know how to do normal things like computer, like add a picture to an email. If you know how, who files around drag and drop stuff. You can create a fantastic website. You put this website to sell products and services of any kind
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as an amazing deal, I'm Talkin sixty dollars off. That's twenty bucks off your first three boxes: good hello, fresh dot, com, slash, pmt, sixty and interpret promo code, p m t sixty it's like eating six meals for free, that's amazing, okay, let's get some segments earn bohemian Rhapsody won best picture. Oh wow, really, the other breaking news. We had that breaking was brought to you by talking. Look for real cover, you, the tastes, real good The other breaking news we had is the hot twitter tip gambling tip. That was going around twitter late in the afternoon on Sunday that Bro,
your go slant. The most is that its name yeah best director odds from forty five to one all the way down to like two to one in off the board turns out. He didn't win, which just goes to show you, as always, if a hot gambling tip. If, if anyone gets a hot gambling tipping, it said out loud on Twitter, it's not a high cabling. Yeah, you have to be a real dummy depend on that. You have to be a real moron. I put a lot of money. Well, like I was bursting you in Marty's bubble, when I came in you guys said, and I was like dude there's no way that kind wins because it just if it's a hot gambling tip. It's never said I got a tip the it was usurped out. That's put everyone hello tip. You know, however, has a tip it's not a tent. You know how I knew that it. It are how I should have known that it was fake, because everyone was talking about was that dear Revell tweeted out. We all know that Darren refuses to tweet out actual tips that he has like what the first song was going to be at the halftime performer right. He moves again is actually the green book that one best Oscar picture. I try to look in the control room and I thought it's a bohemian Rhapsody Harvey on us yeah. Well, sorry,
that's good! I'm glad that that, but he mean Rhapsody didn't win because I didn't see it and I've just heard it's bad. So I'm just repeating what I've heard from other people- and I haven't seen the green book either. But I've heard it's good sure yeah great Oh one, one of the movies this year. Yeah I mean I, I I'm a big. No, no, it's all black Panther! I saw lonely so woke. No, I'm just saying are the ones that I saw black Panther black Klansman in and if it's deals, okay, but also vice and solve, and stars born. You resolve a mix up on that one yep, okay, the, but seriously, though that that hockey, like I said exactly like that time that the couple years ago, when the when all of a sudden, a ten to one favorite at the Kentucky Derby, went down to like even knots and ever on foot down on. It's like it just doesn't work that way, otherwise we'd all be rich. I was kinda hoping that that Spike Lee in his acceptance speech would just roasted James Dolan yeah that would've been awesome. That would be great, although he wants sit court side. So we can't that's right. You got to respect the garden. Yes all right. First up we have
Lebron blames. So this is a big time live claims, Khan blames after or losing to the pelicans playoff activated. I think it was Friday night. No, it was Saturday night. He said this about him. team, it's how you play the game prepare for the game. It's not even like when you get to the arena. It's like way before that it's the most important thing in your life at this time, Lebron, J, These questions is teammates dedication to the game after loss to pelicans, when a space jam two coming out, they moved it up. I think he's actually going to happen. I think they had to move it up to this off season so that Lebron could use yeah this impending free agency, I write a little more hey everyone yeah right, but I yeah that's off Lebron bra. It has a point I mean he obviously is very committed to his craft, but the fact that like in a million shows now probably probably brings a little.
Followed some of his teammates. Now he's got a be coming out there. Maybe it's going to be on the next day being everyday, this! Yes, there, you have no tampering going on there, yes, shot shot on our front Tommy for somehow getting them together, which is an unbelievable, that's pretty crazy, so yeah, the Lakers. Are we done training Uh from the playoffs well Buddy healed Bettys house that the kings would make the plan kind of house. Does he live? He said he's got a really nice one, so yeah he's kind of one. and our cat and yankee and poop at like cages just this his house. I I'm You can train him yet, but it's there definitely on the fence, so what I will bet buddy healed. I will bet Buddy Hield's house that they don't make the playoffs. You know it's going to happen, though, will probably just going to fucking go off for like three weeks straight and just dominate people's teammates. Hey I don't know like he's going to just do that. It's going to happen. He said this is what it is every year when it when the bronze, not gonna, win the east, and I was like well. The problem is he's now that just think just put in a
perspective now at least we're saying well, the brown is not going to make the playoffs and he still going to make the playoffs, but we get to say: Lebron is not going to make the playoffs if he doesn't make the playoffs. That would be. That would be so. He will go down with an injury with as soon as it becomes. Let's pull it up and it seems there under five hundred down as soon as it becomes like. This is a realistic thing. He will definitely be like. Oh, my hamstring hurts because too much sheesh, my groin yeah his groin issue. The Sheesh is added weight to my groin yeah. I need more load management. So right now he's they are free games. Three games out of the playoffs and There's the kings are in front of them, so I got to leap, like the kings and their three games out?
tough to call to gays. The kings are not bad either. The timberwolves are, are four games out so stuff sucks like the curse, is working yeah, alright, rule rule in the you got Jay, but trade it through home all right. Next, we have braces right, Bryce, Harper, still free agent, so I heard that what the I don't know. The did. Gnats GM said that they haven't heard from him or stop worse in like a month yeah. So that's not a good sign for for Washington DC, but I think it's pretty clear. He's gonna go to Phyllis well, designed to last through the last team. That's willing to deal with this bullshit right is basically he's doing a pretty good job of weeding out all the teams that would get pissed off at him. If he did sign that big country- yes, he's he's being very extra right bit, which is good, sometimes if, if you're like a, if you know that you're tough person to be in a relationship with then just be like straight up with everybody, if you're, if you're dating around a little bit like listen, if you can't handle me that it's not gonna work out right, just know that I'm gonna be.
Dykehead, sometimes and Bryce. Harper is amazing talent and he's a very, very good baseball player, but he he goes through probably two or three dykehead streaks a year where he doesn't play well and he'll do things like doesn't run, run out of fly ball or don't yet doesn't run out here around their cares more about a shared gets choked out by a pitch that you brought in free agency that one is Jonathan, yeah yeah. I know that that's a tough one, yeah it'll it'll do things that occasionally piss you off, but then he's in a men's town who really really good and electric when he's playing well. So it's a good thing that he's alienating all the teams that we end up not wanting to deal with his shift. Scott Boris is sitting there waiting waiting to break Manny, Machado's record, which I assume I assume they will like this point, there's no way that they'll sign for three hundred million ten years. They got it be three hundred and one at the very minimum. I think it would be three hundred and fifty yeah from what everyone is said also shout to Bryson he's back in Vegas yeah right now chilling. So like good for him. If you're going to make MLB Gm,
go on trips to visit you to try to woo. You might as well go Vegas right, yeah, that's absolutely true and Bryce Harper gets to skip spring tree. She doesn't really make sense. You know how like Brett Farr used to wait and hem and haw so that he could miss training camp. This training, camp, sucks, yeah, spring training for baseball players, pretty sweet new like take one at bat and then go play. golf yeah! That's it that's pretty much it that's everything they could to hang out. You do a lot of simulated game, yeah right and just hang out. Alright, we have a talking soccer, so there was a big so Dori, and I don't. I can't remember what color it was. One of the cops the Chelsea Keeper the right before they had extra time right before goal kicks. to get expelled X. The the manager for Chelsea tried to take the keeper out and he just refused, and that was talking soccer let's talking soccer, so what happens name is keep keep it yeah great name, pretty cool.
happened. Was he faked a couple injuries and try to get to PK's just a waste a little time? Sometimes they do that in soccer, if you're not familiar, so he this is a load of time and then he did such a good job of faking. His injuries that his coach was like. I'm gonna pull you out also. I think the other goal is more of a p K. Specialist. Yes in keeper is so the Try to pull him out and it was just a standoff
you're just staring at each other, just reviews he was like I'm not leaving is coaches like yes, you are coated, got his man car taken that doubting tight if the rough just came in just flashed on the main card yeah. This is the third card in his little pocket. Just runs around yeah. Well handed it to me that it took to get right back but yeah there, the manager tried to leave the stadium because he was so pissed off. He was about to go out the door and he was like this wouldn't look good. If I just soccer team sport of the future, a running joke down. Okay rhetoric rally, Joe Ford Ready for this Rick, probably had a joke tonight too. But yet I know you tell me Rex, for okay, so Rick Reilly decided to get in on the Oscar jokes, which was always it's always great to hear from Rick. I feel like he hasn't been around for awhile, because you know it's not golf season and tiger hasn't done. Anything that makes Rick really really disgusted and wants to like tell everyone is a bad person because he won
time didn't talk to Rick Reilly after her match or something so anyway, Rick Reilly, I digress. Rick Reilly said if Roma wins best picture, I'm going to just set up a camera on a tripod at the bus station and let it run for one hundred and ten minutes that sounds illegal Rick. That also just like. what the sounds like Rick is, but it is just kind of testing the waters to see how his idea of just videotaping people in public without their knowledge, yeah going to fly over a Rick. Don't do that yeah Rick right. What is lack of Roma wins? I'm gonna go to the library and just start video taping women's feet everywhere. Well, that's cool! There is a for the Oscars, yes, the ob or fee for the ASA, all right. So what your job! So my joke! It's about! Chelsea, okay, so hey! I haven't seen it Lc Dumpster fire like that, since that terrorist, how to blow up that crack pot on 24Th street yeah? I got it, I'm sure yep! I don't remember that and some yeah that was maybe one one group, one twelve one one two about a three okay: everything
not not super relatable, I mean we were it's relatable to related yeah you just for because Dave Cousin Chelsea were like. Please, please, don't Let that thing go off is what I was going to say. You guys didn't. Let me finish do you have any other segments before Monday reading? I had a drunk idea. Ok, so when you, when you sit out in the sun all day, drinking margaritas, firm, Arbor Margaritas, there's got to be someone who's drinking sperm there. I guarantee there is let's get drunk idea. Ok, I like the way you It works. I just thought that Andy from Fire Festival, he should be the new face of the would you do for Klondike bar commercials? Oh, that's pretty Well, that's pretty good idea. Yeah do they still have those commercials? They should bring him back. They just went back and have him though, but we've already debunked. That guy is a meme placed into that movie by Funk Jerry, it's not even real, but he came out on Klondike BAR, and so I would go viral.
Yeah. It would do you think this is a long con by cock Jerry because they do Carol advertising just to try to capture the Klondike account someone look into their financials and see if Klondike his son them, I'm sure their financials are all on the up and up yes, absolutely wow. What's the shelf life for that guy we got. Who would suck a dick for a bunch of water? I mean he we got past, yeah my religion, so yes, yeah ha by the I've got yeah? It's it's tough! It's a rough out in these are real, tough, you. You know you're one day, you're on top of the world. This is the guy who will suck dick for anything. It's hard out here for a meme when you're famous for trying to make a guy cream go there, you go. That's it! That's it right. There That's the tagline! Alright, let's finish up, we have we have our Monday reading. So this one
do quick, I'm just going to an excerpt from it, because I'm still kind of trying to wrap my head around it. So it's Armie hammer who is Armie hammer. He played the Winklevoss twins in Facebook, he's an actor, ok, so Armie Hammer, weird name, which is very weird, just think arm and hammer Armie Hammer Interview straight white male. This is threatening to everyone who's, not a straight white. Male cool got it so here's the important part of this art he's sitting in a he's sitting in a in a London hotel room talking about straight white maleness and how much it's kind of like getting his life, so he
here is the big one. He said if you see a straight white men, not acting like that, not assuming his privilege in a way it's very threatening to your street white male Miss, but at the end of the day, what a straight white male this, if not threatening to everyone else who is not a straight white men? If you stop assuming your privilege, the only people you harm other people who were actively taking advantage of all right, I do follow. You lost me at the first and I'll. Follow. If you see a guy, that's not straight. Men are going on not assuming this privilege in a way it's very threatening to your first so, if someone's acting like the art, if someone's not flexing their privilege on everyone else, though threatening to your privilege, so like? Why is that guy not using his privilege? Those advanced could be an I'm using mine. So it makes me think that I shouldn't be using mine. 'cause he's doing something, stop assuming your privilege, the only people you harm or the people who are actively take. So if you stop
coming your privilege, you only people who are the people who are actively taking advantage of it. This guy is like the that's. You thought way too hard about. This guy reminds me of the terminator when he just looks at people and he identifies yeah their name or they friend or they fo he's just looking at people like with the laser sights and be like acting on a straight right, which I think is basically saying like he's using a lot of words to essentially get to the point of don't be a dick yeah. I he's thinking way too hard about. Just simply don't be a dick in general, so many saying I they got more for you wait, wait, wait! Wait! This whole article is actually like a very good demonstration of his straight white privilege. Yes, well that someone can get a glowing profile written of you for talking about how woke you are as a straight white, male correct. So here's here's another part of it. Yeah I mean there's There's things all the time that I catch myself doing case in point sitting here with my feet on the table. He says suddenly offended by himself. I mean like I'm just
comfortable and relaxed, but, like There are things all the time that I catch myself doing and I think wait. A second is this white privilege yeah. I think it is look at what I'm doing each his size. Fifteen feet stay on the table. So it takes no action to correct his. Why publish that? He identified, My feet are straight white male privilege, but I'm not going to fix it because then someone else could take advantage of it. He's raising awareness of the fact that his feet are straight white all. So I have one last line for you that you're going to like specially PFD, so at the end of the article, so they go back fourth about straight white male privilege and roles. People should should take. I'm trying really hard to like take a lesson out of this, because I feel like maybe
Maybe he has a point that he's going to get to it: okay, so so here's here's kind of the end of it. He says that being said, the conversation is different. Now people are asking, should straight actors, take l g b, T Q, a roles? I don't know. I'm certainly not the authority on that, but we are much more sensitive involved world. Now then I mean look people used to don black face in movies, and that was acceptable. Now we say no, you can't do that feel like that was an example for very long yeah he's talking about like a bloody face of the nation. Yes, like Woodrow Wilson yeah, and I think that's right. I completely agree with that, but I don't know I guess the answers. I don't know four can article He concludes looking a little dismayed. This is now his straight white male privilege he's like a dog watching a garage door, open
he's just side. I'd like what is my street right well, privilege sounds like he's having a stroke in real time, yeah pretty much, at least for now. Having these conversations, I say this is the writer talking it's important to think about these things, just like it's important to think that he interrogates his own privileges ready for this one. This is from his wife. it's like Schrodinger's white privilege identifying. It makes it something. Ok it, but it also makes it it makes it exist and not exist at the same time, correct. That makes zero sense whatsoever. That makes zero sense like if you identify that you're acting like a Dick NEWS, us you're still out here, like like leisure yeah. I guess it's, it's basically the the alternate! Sorry, not sorry yeah! If you stop acting like a dick, then you're no longer acting like a dick, I don't think that it can be shrug stroking, his dick or not. This is wow. This is quite an article. I'm still.
well, I'm still my head is spinning from this. Guy must like it must be a burden walking around you just change. Your name, I feel like. I feel like this whole article, would be a lot clearer to me, no matter what bullsh is spitting out a few just had a different name. Besides Armie hammer, I don't be able to like look at it like an inkblot test and get out of it. What I want to get out, but I'm too distracted by the fact that his name is Army hammer damn his shoes are big. He's got big old, fuckin' shoes sitting right up on that alright well fellas, and make an executive decision we're no longer knowing our feet up on the table during this podcast, officially disavowing putting your feet up on a table
there. It is well known and said: no, we can, but we have to acknowledge while we're doing it that it's the wrong thing to do, but thou still, but then still correct correct. Do it harder? Yes, to raise more awareness of how bad it is really get some mud on your feet? Really! Do it yeah you, okay out, yeah, all right! That's our show will see everyone Wednesday, love you guys stacey dash. Are you coming in the three of it's part.