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Adam Sandler and Kevin Garnett + Week 15 Picks and Preview

2019-12-13 | 🔗

Lamar Jackson continues his MVP campaign and we say goodbye to Thursday Night Football for another season. (2:35-13:29) Week 15 picks and preview plus a Big Cat's cant lose parlay is now being used for nefarious purposes. (13:30-36:01) Fantasy Fuccbois. (36:02-39:18) Kevin Garnett and Adam Sandler join the show to talk about their new movie Uncut Gems, in theaters nationwide Christmas Day. We discuss KG's career, starring in the movie with Adam Sandler, Adam Sandler's movies, being loyal to his friends, and at long last the Final Boner Dogs pitch. (41:45-1:11:22) Segments include Fyre fest of the week, (1:15:32-1:22:48) hot stove update boras is getting paid, (1:22:49-1:27:07) and FAQ's (1:27:08-1:33:00) 

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not telling anyone it's very hard to do at internal spit a few weeks but awesome interview with them uncut gems, out December twenty fifth Christmas day?
accented, Ethel, defences, nice anyway phd thanks, be waiting to another sideways to the movie
you, ve can hit with tennis balls, and you just think that job. That's just what revolve around his sleep. He says he knows likes to get hit with tennis ball. Then last week was the bears being back, and then this week we concluded with Lamar MILAN Milan La Marvel at marvellous. Olaf's range trip it's been this year on Thursday, I looking back my best. Memories are our men, Schuman, men, sanity? Well, this is and that in the swag
It is one in them last one gets two and three
he's peeking right now. Here we are in the process watching right in ill as good as he's, probably ever as good as his body is capable of playing football. the rebel they ve got two out of three other last games can be this match up right already. Thirty one points per game for the tough for the Titans since Ryan ten Hell took oversees. The court appears why that's happened last. I'm really tell you, though,
It's a game, it's the best, often in the NFL, since he has taken over it's crazy Yes, there was like some incredible like a really detailed static, came out about why these new types of routes that that ten hills, throwing too are working so well form I couldn't even Remo Brain round. It was met that rots and of mesh points between the nine and fifteen yard. Ranger dude excellency in years rating is number one in the league. At that point, and I was just looking at then saying: there's no chance it might variable is intentionally don't it's crazy and you're gonna get paid a shitload of money, bullshit shitload of my wishes. I would slap attack on slots at TAT,
here's a fact when you hear the sun brigand renegade by sticks on the dark? It slaps
now it and show them that we don't need their signs when by thirty one is of course a what is also said in the last five weeks, and it has not worked at once, but what
awkward lock the week. That is, the lock would lock the weak chaired has found it. They have bounced back, they're gonna be making that push What do you think the chances are in this game? Like you know it or when you had your first crush a middle school, and you would, you would basically, like you know, come linger outside
I don't hear I would they have you plant
twenty six years older, however, when paint Manning was twenty said, Yosemite interception see through gee. I forgot about this with genius. answered every single question that it was God who did it like like day, even
My order, your I underdog, is going to be undertaken, Broncos, who in its actual revenge game for July. We wonder why why? Because earlier I do know this has ex girlfriend. Is the daughter a hunt game for drew law? Yes, that's a big time in honey, rom! Really in the hunt. I kept my favorite still on the board, the last home game.
Kenyan can in drink. I want a few for you. Ve heard the stat, but he is the curse. Monkeys, paw of the season, his on undefeated,
this that way, but you don't even know what they're going to wear when they show up to the game. Shakers might be dressed and I don't care if you have your right by don't care. I hate give me this that the chiefs are three thousand five hundred and sixteen and one slash two, the under as home, favorites under Andy Reid, some take the under Broncos Chiefs under forty It's you Adam Sandler and Kevin Garnett
I actually having I logged out for my daughter, but you don't. Why expression you want the regular signal with a last minute go pay. The extra money is now worth ways boys not worth Sadia penny for when you need them distress, you never know. What am I sleep is carpets throw off. You know you saw me thanks. You gonna get some jewellery get her a nice carpet really take a day on a credit card by God, wires via register by relaxing builds up this big time. Tony builds webs darkness, weak, illegal, videotaping people and they pretended like it's nothing to be concerned about the, despite the fact that you all know by because I got a cousin who got arrested produce suggested. The big show me the way the government needs to keep their hands. Are your pants Nottingham who thought offensive that hate Alpo males here they do I'm sitting Garrick Poles Beard, that's right! Save that should off your yankee. Now, guy, underpinned by a country with a bank account right, yeah, three or four billion dollars, which that translates to infinity dollars per page that you, through a game, seventy character sites, I'm sleeping carpets, that's right, especially haven't come spot on your rug, just like every guy does we all know without that's what I call tat God. Every guy has gotta have a spot. You used to pause guy gravy load yards because tissues kills the advice. Every time you come in a paper Taft. You told me to see me when you go why my name is totally camp, but now I am, I started a real person, my start amidst rigour, Tony I fucking love. Rigour Tony promote, I should know not both types of ship with they got all please fingering. My sentiments was on you. I don't like that past. I never did it's too wide. It's crazy we can make was on his son is overrated. He said his father. I sleepers penny pennies. Great positive,
I had been out or no like. I found the supermarkets in my apartment. I found butter noodles like for my money, making those a kid, and I just bought like ten bags of spin hallowing, rising your streak eater crushes eyes either. I now so have been doing a half bag and noodles a night and just butter patterns all you'll. What the this little honey booth as Mamma do favorite, Spain sketchy art.
hey ready, ass, a cagey. It is me I'm a smoke must watch movies like definitely one of those movies you gotta, go and see in the theatres, gonna, get a big extra, large popcorn and just go to town. Ok before we do that speaking of cagey, this MBA season mountain do is all about the trees, the shot, the changing the game as beverage the challenges, people to pursue their passions, mountain dues aligning itself with the most bad ass shot in the game. emits
We gotta go. Let's do it, others to write you contact like they are born. Yet, if the painting ass, I work on its bless narrative I find the guards Zermatt eyes. I, like you, and I wait you and cold openings for the pod gas, so people can guess who, although being the title, but Adam Sandler and Kevin Barnett, uncut gems, coming out December thirteenth, yet that dead. That's that's
when everyone she, when they show you sitting there waiting for your Oscar ever gets Green Granby, like others, cagey zoo, camping him. I'm gonna sit with my my of cabin to have her seat.
I'm not kidding I'm about twenty mill short Phil Movies, ass, sharp. How would you describe as games? I want you to than describe as acted so I want. I want ya, to understand how we talk. Basketball, hardly eighty place, eighty eight percent of the time and he and his partner or probably the
the ship. The hell out is an icon. Overpay. That made me feel a little better about game mad about little poor boy, Tom Rickets. Also
walks in the door there. Just start on simply have in a wonderful Christmas time we're doing anything. What is