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http://thehawkcast.show/itunes Football is finally back and the guys are here to discuss the upcoming NFL season and the new segment "The Tiger Words who is back of the week memorial"(1:43 - 12:07). Power Rankings of Summer Songs (12:16 - 19:57). AJ Hawk joins the show for the first ever swap cast and an interview that is continued over on his podcast the HawkCast (19:57 - 42:38). Segments include "PR 101", "Just Chill Out Man", "Respect The Biz", and the first ever Baby Pool with special guest Caleb Pressley
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eligibility restrictions may apply see website for details let's go let's not pardon my thing presented by sports welcome the port of my take it is wednesday september seventh boys weary full half here in the existence of part of my take six months maybe six men
if it was a baby we could not terminated yes you know in a board us so here part of my take i just wanted to say you know that's six months is a big milestone i think when we started it we were in your house in austin and we never thought we would be in the eu actually we did we knew exactly i know i knew that i would be a i gotta question was like em i am i gonna be alive the elegant take a trainer you can take a plain like those basic question right so we had a pretty good idea that we'd be heard said yes but we just want to give a quick shout out to all of our award winning listeners honestly this has been and when we do if you want i guess how we did the hawk cast we have age a hawk on this show we also need the hawk ass a kind of said this this is then so much fun i genuine i think it's so excited to do this shall we said it before on off days like i miss it so i'm going to say i love you guys i'm going to say i love
our award winning listeners we have over four forty million listeners in six months that's praise yachts is unworthy simmons i think we're tracking wonders say where he has once again that's like crazy crazy numbers and it had always been earlier per i think we're tracking more your trot retract tribunals and it's all because you guys and it's been it's on a phone and i think we have the funniest listeners in the world honestly without a doubt i mean like debts probably the most funded have is like when you re actually like today what i could have done better on the shirt when people and make me want to make that that's probably the best parliament people or i know to be in on the mountains man you know one we're having full moments when great gas or a humble awesome time at the ball part with go up and say how tomorrow as men and tell him i humbly is and how humble you are to meet him and then to this picture but firstly this is not to get sentimental six months we won't do this every six months will do it again one and our one year anniversary will get crazy pop it off
thank you for everyone listening thank you for spreading it it has been awesome let's do the show and i fell season is back yes i'm so excited that thursday night game the juices get like i you got that morning and i am just ams all day i don't even care that trevor simeon is started quarterback it doesnt matter to me who did i just thought i'd see us that's all you care a little bit up on me out ok not to bring it down but trevor simeon is replying of your hometown rights western big chicago gaia so you don't have a route for those big ten t he hears a status on his first outline ready for this he is he's got one rush for negative one yard and that's enough asylum eau de neil he took a nail yes you didn't formerly formation baby that's easy every amy's berries gave one absolutely so like he's the tim tito of the denver rockers this but i'm excited are you guys ready i mean i'm excited
or a football i'm excited firm a gambling perspective i lose my mind a little bit in football season but i'm excited for the show to to get popular in the football season like if we were talking about sports that we didn't care about and people liked it maybe it'll be even better if you eat baseball maybe maybe it'll just get really boring when we're talking about sports that we actually know about and we don't have a cup someone right that's gonna be less funding ok self tossing low screw up here we know what will do little misdirection will screw up some things like i didn't know that trevor simeon was starting thousand screw up very we'll easter eggs guys at home but not really excited for inefficiencies and like you said
the gambling aspect is huge we ve got larry the goldfish making picks force so larry's blind and wonders why and when i say we finally picked up larry if if people don't know we have a gambling goldfish who is going to pick five games for the super contests he's in super contest he paid fifteen hundred dollars he's in the super contest if you buy a part might make sure you are owner of larry like the green bay packers except you actually own something not fake on it and if larry wins money were distributed slash flee the country probably the country's efforts because system neighbor try to figure out of data but we will that's our promise to comes that we absolutely figure out how to get you your winnings i'm excited at larry's half blind i feel like that puts them
more in touch with his animal instincts and so is going to go out and got the areas of football guy so larry also the maybe by a pump i walked into the goldfish torn i said which goldfish lived the shortest you got it you get had by the way they eighty looked to me like that's kind of effective question asked they saw a big i walk into doin there like that's my mark up so the shit out of his own amazon this blind gold i ve been trying to get rid of for a while now go yet this is the luckiest goldfish we have so we have a blind goldfish its most to pick games foresees just gonna go to the same side every time but then no it would do is will switch will turn the tank around they don't know what to do so and then we also have the a little new segment that do every wednesday it's a topic but it's a segment but it's in the topic section
shouted listeners from day one law were talking about the tiger woods whose back memorial yeah so that's the question i ask yourself and sports somebody's always come back or someone's maybe coming back here are they back a tiger back that was a question we asked ourselves for years well we still our dialogue i what we're not asking today but we could tigers done a nice thing to ease lowered the barn himself so it used to be like tiger needs to be leading going into sunday to be back now he just needs to play golden t to be right or east like call into a pod cast my mistake and then maybe he's back me raven back right or or tiger because his actual back is fucked up if you just stands for fifteen minutes straight without being old like maybe wins he's back if you had sex on top maybe turkish government it's all shower back rick recurrent gas so we can make those rights who'd you got whose back so first question allows taxes by taxes back i think text
back at me now as it was stated when charlie strong he needed stephen went right now is back did you see matthew mccartney's speech so texas us every year for some reason the media false wherever they bring the kind of hands like mumble add a few words to food i don't know i like inspiring i actually think i have to change let's go at the beginning the showed it lets rip less europe is better let's rip are at doha that's when you say let's rip i wanna take mustard adjust rip let's writ man scupper guys ribbon anathema hey we can do just rip it lets rip written weaponry but that absolutely has to do with its or worse you got his back so i've got texas is maybe back ok let's it be clear here i'm not saying that their back i'm saying is texas back ok first is texas back second is steve sarkisian back
literally he is i liked you line to me said he said that u s he fired him unjustly for being an alcoholic i do know that he could this might not be lost yes yes i predict glass like for me that's a feature not a bug is being alcohol for him i guess i don't know but is start c4 sarkisian back he's interviewing thou about right now i think you got a job is like quality control or some good so if so when our babble wins national title and then bobby between a leaves to go to different ass you see job sarkisian is gonna go level right and then he'll be back but right now i'm still putting him as is he back and then my last i'll just give us one of you is wisconsin back you can answer is no
what causes not back because wisconsin never left there always just in that like mediocre no man's land yoke so they went to big ball game lester yeah no they went to simply on january first usually like to play that eleven o clock last last year with the only play the usa that freedom never prettily gave wisconsin's never back there never gone there just there really is like the clauses we ve ever been to being back is going to the final for but we had never like whenever had that success so really wasn't back it was just like we're still where does their self was cotton never left then you probably better than we ve never been there can be no every line re every half an hour we ve never arrived and we ve never left
so you can come back georgia's here you're just kind of in the neighborhood you drop in a guy off whose back we literally or just like the neighbor who you can be like hey can i borrow lawnmower and does not give it back for three months and you know he's never gonna come ask yet its total push over his lawns gonna look gross and then i was and is never go by one more cause he hasn't want to be like hey bob can i get my law more back you borrowed five months ago cats wisconsin those new segment god that was risk who's that we discuss all i have one on back ok notre dame because nobody was back now another not notre dame they ve been kind of back for the last seven years as a result is surely one of which only why set them back so far you billet essay setting back not bring them back he set them back
it is a very we're losing hang its a bit efforts which i sent them back so far that for the next like seven years it was always i've when is noted i'm gonna be back if you add describe notre dame for the last seven years it's perfectly this are they back question mark that's visited all notre dame that's what they ve been they ve been almost back sort of back never fully back but i think now i've got the right now druthers setback yes ok people forget by the way that brian kelly killed a kid ah yes they do you hear they put their kid up i've airing like an upper reaped yeah yeah that's no significant adjustments are ok really want to talk about that but i
think that was either the most electric or worst five minutes of passing ever the tiger woods memorial are you back if it's box tell us and then next episode will try to come back or pretty when we bring that back that segment back it's gonna be awesome i as everyone knows mount rushmore season is over it sucks but we have to move on my rushmore season is solely for post and be fine until labour day that is one nothing's wrong sports world and you have to create controversies and debates so we have a huge hole in our show monday is going to be mostly me now already wind of the of the football weekend friday is gonna be mostly a preview of the football weekend so wednesday we have a whole and with
can power rankings yeah like tat for top for power ranking so totally different sought to be confused mirage no more mount rushmore but let's do power rankings this is power rankings of songs of the summer because we're just passed so give us your top for power rankings not not rush or signs of some ok for one this is something that we were singing the other day we walk down the street minnesota real big fish sell out plane can it scott a little guy get all hordes go in there get the gag on europe europe europe anytime a guy track that's just a guy got philip what are you going i hit that you guys somersault as summer saga also rubik fish big wine circus front fass next up blurred lines by our thick what a singer what for two years in a row and say that was sung the summer love it
the mariah carry song where she's at amusement park in the video that's always been a big summer vibe for me ok you know what i'm talking about now but i just said because she's ok as open you just move on from the next and then the last one i've got data boys of summer ass with which ones at that was done by now was done originally by i don't know there's eagles are done him anything was only and then later by the sorry ok remind me remind me once all go real quick i'm with put me in coach real throwback to the summer sixty nine i'm gonna throw up well yeah and then i have still my sunshine by led by wooden ok yeah the vaguely scandinavian lent the age of some random dude in electronic it's like that
who did that song standing in my telephone booth something that's lansdale my sancho know there's a first i have a purely technical song and it became ahead i have no someone tell me what that is thank you moving on summer girls who nuclear down the block acute who had punch your heads job loss rude makes me sick yeah i like that because of the average i mean fish product play yes i didn't have abercrombie features a kid yes and so when i came on a real excluding legal guy i was airport staff as big took a guy who frost active spook gaga right the old lady pretty small animals kept the old maybe pretty slick the old navy stripes likes to strike shirt were eugene cook it ah i was not i was i had the the pants that became shore
gay let me tell you something about genco kids if you were ever and go kid everybody in your class still remembers you as the jews radio that's all that they know about your resolutions as pets yeah he's act when he's not a kid he's thirty one hank rushmore number one dams are no no no no i'll hang bluing looking aim at night they didn't realize it is basically the same thing is my rushmore until he's just bluish power ranking thank god power aching someone dies zaka douro dont know it absolute either you deftly noticing it daughter eda meeting i'm so about willingly spanish maybe a spanish ok you oblast when you today europe via ok damn jotham guida ok ok
so by this fresh air ass a year in us more french that's why i didn't know it was cheerleader ok our nose the upshot is its this summer last summer which was this summer this summer's desire still go and look at it doesnt into i dont want gives a meteor algae in astrology an hour and be this is what happens when you do power rankings meat those everywhere is it still summer is it this summer or last summer for summer of two thousand sixteen but less ok so this summer is too that someone who doesn't have i learn it we taken over dj out ok timeless classic major key and logic of red yeah ok good want our country slash western the optimism of every summer he opened up thrown those days you do so you showed me the days do guys out i'm old navy guy pieties air hast thou your daisy dixon
i was i was irresistibly slash hurley crossing point we're across john locke not a lesson in that vein diagram now who are people could put off both ways but you know i was i was a chameleon i because summers over we have football how do people go to games for body that is such an awesome site where these seek so we went to a sudden baseball game with our good friend marlins man who is so humble that he just gets all the free tickets eddie want but for the rest of us out there we need to buy them and if you want to buy tickets to one of them cheap and you want to get great seats i'm gonna use seat gig is always the first place i go to it for tickets to game maybe a candy west concert because our have people thrown tickets at me to go to kenya west concert for free unlike some people so if you need to get tickets a country where you can just you seek so what you do is you go you install the seeking app on your phone and they do all
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hop on over to the hot caston for our swap cast sick wife swapping yeah except for the broadcasts so less exotic but still call ok i obviously something that was gonna get in trouble with a jail he can't find us isn't where resolving our offices like published on the internet or anything we could take him yet alright let's kick it too we now welcome on former green bay packer former ohio state buckeye former cincinnati bengal for hot minute age a hawk age i want start are you retired or not i guess i am officially not retired at the moment ok ok bravely reagent retired ok silver teams after looking for like some veteran help you're gonna pick up that call yod big i've said it i think i pick up the right call like the right situation that came about i think i am
i completely died but at the same time also are so excited about moving on as well as if that call doesn't come so what are you doing what do you like pension everyday run some sprints in the back yard when you don't keep in shape i mean pretty you pretty much now man i've nine acres here in ohio since it one from a farm i'm on a farm i'm sure you're from chicago because you figured that but i still people i don't even know anybody the group on a farm so i'm from the suburbs but political this year i run in the yard you like rocky work out so i could little little five old daughter man chop little trees down put him on my back do launches around the yard squat rack invention the basement so i'm gonna sell
sufficient had to leave can i give you a little chap because we are we're pr wanna one guys you need instagram your work out a little bit more box chops let people know that you're out there that you're free agent because this is the first some hearing of it so i just a quick tipp tomorrow maybe put like your five year old on attire and drag me around the yard care like a big like log up a hill and then you'll get you'll get you'll be on a team by by fright or jump over your five year old you think i'd better checks out there watching scrolling instagram he absolutely agents yeah definitely to show off your vert leap over your five year old like duncan dunk on the five year old that's it i like this this is this is the i don't want to go to camp situation like i don't feel like on training camp so i'm just gonna pretend i'm retired and then floated out their early september that up age hockey's out i mean we broke it here right yeah yeah pregnancy so i'm surgeon podcast now
how frustrated you get that if your interviewing somebody that you don't like you can't just enter them like you would in football game and luckily though i mean you guys i guess he tied to turn a little bit and impress but i'm sure you guys really only talk to people well as i should say that i'm out assume you try to reach out to people that you don't mind talking to be right made of some goes bad the thing is i can just act like my skype connection messed up neglected good latin click it off we're die but what i have had to make those ok we almost had to do that with with your namesake age a green did you ravage agree we had we had a john have you tried to reveal i have not had i ve never i didn't hear you with the most all europe is so don't know them within an early one oh you must miss out one every few quick give us a power ranking of ages on the bangles lesser last year ok i mean
a green agenda can and energy are probably in that order yell three clear what what was the mood in the locker room after you guys blue that uclaf came i was pretty jovial manner was was excited i dont know i had my yes i'm like yeah yeah i have myself here a couple weeks ago and mike was in the locker room i remember him come up neither do what the hell happened in there and you look around kind of like scared the vienna locker room because i would say it was a bit hence i mean there were some are nothing to crazy but i'd say guys were more shocking didn't really know what to do and i've been a part of water roughly mrs mann i was gonna see chairmanship game a few times well yeah about what was there was a bit of a dagger for sure what about volunteers perfect was aegis like did he just wake up and what happened like i saw i imagine him every time like i e screws up laws game is like do what happened out there
now mr bonde has locker was directly next to mind so i get to know him pretty well here he's very aware of what's goin on he really is so he knew he felt like he had a good clean here on the guy antonio brown i made you watch we are thinking in tone you got got off pretty good only haven't like a slight concussion cosette was yet he would find it we're spot man you spoken it yet so here's what joint border that you guys ever talk about that when he came on a few thousand women at my next question like canopy like that's your responsibility as the enforcer that defence to take you out see i know joe a little bit and i joey you put up a good fight with no pads on against our whole team so we could turn into a forego malay out there if we ruin add to that the chaos the joy is out there he knew what he was doing manage these talking to pat man about is not deal i'm in a just get an on going so i don't know i love joy but that was
maybe some gamesmanship maybe some gamesmanship my walked basically just walked out there in the middle of fields and did the sweat from like bengals to bundles he's like let's just go to this now and changed not bad memories my that you learn from all losses right yet right did you say that you do so already established are you not fully retired yet play last season cincinnati tell me a little bit about green bay you wanna superbowl there how crazy is that town to go party in just as super bowl champ well if you really want to grant what're you hurriedly find a green bay in any make a short thirty minute drive down the road appleton was how can you guys really does seem to travel the globe so you probably if you go down away gave a video game every awaiting stays at the radisson right in our appleton so desire just stay cows connected there's always all kind of a little weird bars
a kind of weird college slash young professionals last like all creepy deeds hang out so if you wanna go that's good member rebates it spot i suggest you guys go what's the china food situation like this the what china food the edge attitude yeah oh i don't know man you guys are you i'm drawn a black anyway caesar anyway sees big on china food that's why outside of through my bad meditation chatter food and beyond what is in this respect the business that's that's eddie that's eddie so the famous quote cause woodson same old j i'm a bears van when you guys lined up against the bears you obviously had our number for many many years was there like a feeling like i'm a big j cutler guy i'll defend him but was our feeling like he's gonna make one or two mistakes here that will reveal a capitalize on women
about j here jail come out in the first half sometimes therefore five touchdowns and then something i'm happen any throw for five pigs in the second half so whatever that flip whatever switches that gets fled man wants a goes he just start fireball employs metal make some great is that he's a true gunslingers mentality that's what i said yeah i did my research on you i saw that you recorded thirty one tackles in a game in your head any did three times exactly thirty one tackles why was your defence so badly needed to make thirty one tackles area that's a good one to man if you if you're making thirty one tackles your deep at some feel a lot the diva socks see how my defence that would be my linebacker code i was just trying to get me a scholarship may i would just the the hardened
those coaching fiona high motor do trying to get a high state of me so huge problem i stand up and hope monitor jim trust will take notice jim let's talk ohio state real quick october eleven two thousand three a sir eighteen year old future blogger drunk out of his mind in the stands robert reynolds stay classy ohio state chokes jim sgi the backup comes in ohio state is undefeated coming over national title seventeen seventy nine your touch on evans rain everywhere badgers set ohio state you're on that team talk me through that loss that's the ultimate media question yes it's true professionals in belgium hate when they say that talk out until we get what you want me to talk about robert so you're eighteen is that you became thousand as a freshman wisconsin i think i saw you i was the off more ok go figure soil
i bet you do the job around between third fourth quarter i shared it assured it though rob reynolds man is awesome dude and i was what's crazy probably i don't think you can find footage of that clip online but i was in an attack what i made the tat one is due and i was laid with my arm wrapped around like his chest area of my head down and all of a sudden i heard sword you die i'm thinking what's goin on men and i stood up in there oh offensive lives run at me trying to kill me and robert and i still ok what was going on and on after the cipher heads i get off the sidelines and look at robert just had his helmet off just like a savage didn't care just taking a knee looking at the dudes welcome then cuz i got to come on let's do this he's a southern kid from kentucky but yeah about about tat game in great double move leovince dawn got beat so what is that karma hoof
it was nice move yeah that was conversate so people don't know cuz that actually was so two thousand and three was coming before the internet was the internet that's a that's something that if that happens today like that choked me straight up choked him on the field if that happens today he is ashamed off the internet what does this tell us you did with the biggest cheap shot ever my right watch nagging okay so often suleiman aren't that smart its possibility that he thought that the play was so go on like maybe he thought he was an approach rockwork because it gets painted alice users i maybe i'm a professional and maybe like this guy up so i'm gonna give that guy pass on that i want to ask you about ohio state you play for trestle how many hours of practice does he just sit there would like two thousand yards they're talking about punts says he's as men when he first get three men he sits in the pot maidens better jobs it puts the most important
but in football i just kept repeating him i was at work is he talking about what the point is not even close so important and i was on the point team four straight years and it grew on me though i believe them cuz what time we play the crystal ball if my people would get bored we win games like fourteen to nine and just play great defense and let maurice clarett run the ball until you got buddha school after a year and a half per merciless russo's in my recording classes you ever get a goose of them i do not know if we left the facility you worked really hard when he was there and none of us but any idea what he did once he left of motorways apathetic sir oh god i'm not idea would you ve got your do of course ok eighty nineteen maurice was like a high mckinney from from day one the highest a classic moved so little rigorous net water bottle yourself readied earlier we will you think i'm doing riotous poland's right is that gregory serious aristocrat
but you re going to ohio state why does the logo look somewhat like a we leave the buck ali i mean i don't know what that's like subliminal messaging coming from whoever invented you doing research who could do that up some stoner i don't know not to buckeye leaf man your brother in law break when also famous you ever like giving shit for being a little bit of a pretty boy now remember i tell him all the time he cites explore you receive radium person i have not he's like six four to thirty shredded like super naturally tan began horse you always talk i'm he owned more clothes than anybody i know he has since he was young look here this is what a year he's into man but he's like he's like like a hybrid his ease
they they draw quarterbacks up to look like i think him i guess i'm like a tom brady type do yeah good looking it so re ever norma you're at ohio state degree hair out to honour pat tillman you cut it recently why do you no longer like petulant that was a thousand journalist move right you ve ever had turned whisper somehow i guess it i love that so whenever he passed he died and i have my hair long for a long for eight nine years and i had to i had to let it go i was just too much work look at you you're long here i know we spoke earlier for second where you're not exactly a public figure you are slowly when herself out there a little bit more d ever worry that again into trim that up and become more professional people recognise the flow and i can let them have that little piece of me i know there is a merry audio callously who's the guy depriving who told you to cut it proper
both of them at some point mary adi i dont think mary adi knows who i am i don't think that he knows that this show exists to be asked what do you now eighty when you had long hair we're at we're in las vegas and we are at stake house and a waitress came up and was like excuse me man do you want some more sir line was talking appear fifty did that ever happened to you yes of course there is a particular problem in my girl i'm good looking girl exactly lay in a poor looking man i guess what they get bigger doesn't understand as i wouldn't people call you ma am it's actually is that it is a sign of masculinity and logical step off on our banana growing my now until danny what had wins superbowl so should be cutting it anymore now he's within yes yes it is i got both of their good to go quickly let's do some real football talk i want you want to division winners or do you want to do just your super bowl champion
boy division what are you guys go first out ok i the chicago bears such a new york giants the seahawks and who's who who i think the reasons are gonna have a bounced back here we ve got to go through division by division without haven't written down again i also sought my head and i think i nailed it i'll be all right there are not enough i mean they did you see my boy just sit just sit and know how did you know tat i love that move and also teddy bridgewater got hurt so they'll weighty most worried about was the vikings judges narrowly missed out on twenty four hours or where you might have ethiopia curbing us really close also but the bears
cut braver meant so like that's that's why should a wash let's only do the annex ii ok enough see picks out west i've got the cardinals like preserves have you ever played for research i feel like every was played with reserves at some point i have not a shame i get area i got up in the north i'm to go with the packers in the south i'm gonna go with the panthers and the issue of the redskins get away to go chalk broken i'll start in the east i'm going to take the giants and ben mcadoo the head coach the best dress coaching nfl in the west i will take arizona like i think bruce arians is legit i think it's a little paper boy hat will put them over the top it's gonna be a battle between them in this house in there packers for sure north i mean lobby begat i'll say it and no do my listen no difference they need to asia hawk type type
what are you so i may be a little younger yeah little younger october who would i miss her son you're about to set about south who'd you take fifty i took the panthers but i wanted to take the box and have to go away there is for sure i will i will mean about will be going to take me what about all that's why i can regret that was part my takes lfc pecks we'll never get your area of sea picks i realise how boring that is due picks like as we're going through is like those that saw this man who doesn't like the picture so bore ok i always liked printed in the newspapers like here thirty five people's picks out ok we know about predictions are picks if you get him right nothing happened right you're out if you get when you get it wrong people will come back and kill him for it ok hoosier and bp it doesn't matter what should we be ok moving along by
we're so just urban those really go to our last three questions tune into ages podcast we're gonna continue this conversation on ages pike s he's gonna interview us a little same day home and home it's gonna be exciting first island anyone's effort on the subway sirs subway sirs between new york and ohio so what what's it wasn't him the pocket the hot cup castrate huh cassock that's hard words hawk cause high cost her hug behold regressed talk like my last name ass with the matter if you can't find it i didn't cap hog cats ok i got a third last question do you are sure apples yes why why not because i want to get zika were aids oh you think those both come on apples can scam ignored stance in your pocket aids from an apple well
might be able to react depends on how you like what you do the apple isn't like apple is an aids what apple because then you could yeah we'll know who was met with arrival before it was delivered to the greatest actually i think is i think now i'm an apple wash that was really wild god who is doing in the back room here ok all right ok second last question most famous cell phone number you got in your phone gotcha do you think about it wasn't your show they all say i was the one eyed man i would say so wish i thought you would like a boy s bp cause a back you gotta be kidding me unreal are famous for i would say that it's time between he probably your boy aaron rodgers the the bears killer in bread michael's all nuclear cobra uncle both
i don't know you may try yellow brick that i want to get here and on the part just man you interpret its place yeah can we sing every rose has a story because voice you want to get this is really i guess you have always knows why don't call such a road like you are calling not available gonna burn i may have you gave you second cell phone number where's guessing course anyway just in case if you out of this anti smoking is bad for now ok i'm ready rose has is though just like again as it is now our home
just like every cow sittings this song every rose has is always allow now would agree i was actually goes on my rushmore of satisfying yap after her eye final question question but i ask you not to answer but i'm ask anyway what of storage is clay matthews doing he got cleared men cream criminal himself right don't have to ask ok that's i want you but only when he was with the packers not with the bears what was julius now that's the thing man their claim you knew it was today they do you think i should have taken the interview no fuck now
but how would they would have to leave so they were going to sit you out man but if you don't take it actually i'm going to take that back they actually should have cuz they would have just been in brady deflategate situation where they've been a pissing match and they would have been suspended yeah and andrea and furious sounds great to me to turn them down in which they they did for a long time cuz truth sets a bad precedent but they kind of had two little taken four game checks right where you kind of upset when clay came into league that he was biting his style with along here white linebacker thing now is about closed with which a planner when like he was a little kid my wife and i did want when he got in town also what type of stories were using i wish man i'd still be players i was just now jeff jet mainstream feed i'd be up and you know i sir if you don't instagram yourself working out the next two days then you don't you are serious about this come back here yeah europe
maybe i should know what if what if i snapchat oblong no major us looking for you will be your pr departments we have no shame and do not have none we already have a recital three might put another no job in between into boot barrow rolls on roman smash one or two other media interest town it was the grass was most as a verbal e binding contract will take ten points it will be a pr though you got what the beak and we'll get you chauncey an agent taste three percent you guys take ten salaries ruled on nature were right where you're promotion to worry we're like we're like don can consider us like a head hunting placement firm ok oh yes done can preserve residing on a seminar organised at design on ten guaranteed money that's it that's how you negotiated contrary words you are making no one again remind everyone tuna and we're gonna switch over now of the hottest finnish listen to this episode of part of my take
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stockholm enter the coup coupon code take wisely coupon code it's promo code come on two sixteen promo code take the fifteen percent off in its already free shipping check out do products dot com enter promo code take fifteen percent off already free shipping do that right now let's do some segments our first one pr one on one chat kelly swag jelly so you're so might be are want he slid into mere khalifa known for browsers of browsers for fame slid into deeds yes that's led into he was trying to slide visa her dams you just you just stopped it slid into her hair it my bad mistake whoops so slid into her and so he got aired out after they got pont by four
state in the second half meekly for said maybe you should have spent more time with the playbook than trying to slide into me now slide into my de shad kelly has lieges twitter ok first of all charger pull yourself behind the eight border add move putting up knows why did you delete your twitter like you basically admitted fought so here's why here's here's where my pr one on in chad is the loot chad is one of the chad chad's the worsen no one likes a chat swag is the man he comes back a swipe kelly on twitter can i like it when superman died in the comic book and then the four different version legally change your name the swag no way that however backfire when you're you now out of the nfl sewing car insurance in like spawn fuck mississippi right you will be swag kelly for life and you're good to take a picture with jim
post a picture online you and jim killing oh uncle jim uncle germ happy uncle jim we can't just visiting uncle germ he's really healthy and is doing great that's jean aren't you guys happy hey area thanks for being such a friend i've been going through a tough time with uncle john yeah that's that's really i need to do i actually think the euro they always say that to cancer is the best way to get out of sliding into a porn stars dams right of further feuds ivy league in southern stand up to cancer sandia they have the big banner that says slide into browsers chicks dams i think that song bag actually showed a lot of maturity so he got the yet the boot from his last college he's at some well documented insists wagons why russia with the largest sweat being too swag the fact that he did not send her dick picture tells me that he's he gets
he's a little bit so just like emphasize that fact you know if i were him i would have owned it in like yeah i slid into her dms i was trying to hit on her but i didn't send her like a decision making on my part why do you guys always hit on port services they are with our guys that dumb we're like this gross had sex so i should it as simple as that because maybe said it yours weak there they are proven sets having so it's like oh i think i can introduce sacks of made his check is not like other cheeks she banks is why it's why mill stood like woe at one point she had saxo so she probably might do it again if i'm in the right spot it's what it what's the old saying opera the meets opera success is when operating really means preparation reprobation rights first part of preparation find a woman who has had sex before right that
where you have to knock down any boundary i'd like do you do the sex no you know that it actually london ones out right eliminates fifty percent of the barrier right there so ok that's that's a little insight into how guys think so that's a great sake way to jerry jones talking about tony romo he said there's there is no use circumcised the mosquito on this and that our segment just show out man seriously to shut it like i don't needs it when i saw tat quote obviously my brain was like war they circumcised mosquitos and then i just went down a path that didn't need to be at just chill out man i don't know that her boy mosquitos and girl miss garth i just a single was set up is one of those things where they impregnate themselves take like i don't like it like a flower are you a worm warm
i have sex of themselves hanks got mosquito porn pulled up right now we're united and looking up he has ever watched in the scheme to fill up as as it by two threw down the second son horses either yours it's moving along with my dream bird makes he green bergs dumb rules he had this wheat today i dislike overtime and college football so much i genuinely believe ending in its eyes not only more just it is a more satisfying to that asked the worst opinion of all time he's had some real closures to leg is it just in the last two months since we ve been doing this segment he's at some time hush opinions but saying that would think it was more just and entertaining to have a football game in time is probably the
war is that's satisfying that satisfies the soccer opinion satisfying that was got word used was talking suckers my green birdwatching football games retires ike it would be really address and see how the college football committee had a plan can any deals with ties ok they ve got so much other shit to deal with that in their messed up system that doesn't make any sense not only that but every one kind of agrees the college football player overtime is so exciting right eggs it is like the maybe the only thing about college football that doesn't need to be fixed yeah it's like when when hockey player say you can just watch the fourth quarter of an mba game right you can just watch to play off of the cultural programme also is a better who always betsy over love it yeah you got a score touch it's free points is what it is yeah i think so here's deal college football guys in general we're not that smart guy we understand winds rynason losses through a time
the next likely s rank repined yet this yes rankings are computers it their binary geysers rosen once if you throw like it too and there is like why to kay the whole mainframe run short circuit right the server room yes explodes right so you see now twenty four right so don't do that and tie now roger would you have my chamber dumb role to add to it like what we should do instead of a culture of overtime yeah i think that if we actually just had the coaches have a fistfight body david i do the cordial area in the middle very little and watch that yeah maybe try to get a job again gaps ok so there you ok mike vote we will meet you half way ass one no ties coaches what coaches oklahoma drove the yard my poor quicksilver metrics very quick thee royals praying met
this is no longer didn't die hank didn't kill it they just like they retired it which is the craziest thing ever is that right the other retarded they sent it to a wild life's they killed it they killed they took a picture of it in like terrorism but you really think the team like drove the praying matters out i had we have a respectable real quick drake men him out and said he's very upset that fox hired skip bayliss if the people on the back story skip ellis wrote a book in the nineties that implied even said the tradesmen was gay hey troy you can't use unsubstantiated rumours to sell a book like that's what the businessman scan the whole point ran like that's why be a big j for once put on here let's make shit up to get these books i was going that's
the bits show little empathy maybe you'll think about somebody beside yourself think about skipping think about skips kids scattered mouse to feed our thanks ask it's ok we'll have skipped vagabonds gives future kids yeah like what are they gonna what are they gonna do for their next meal right thing about had them think i'll skips nieces nephews you want their happiness talk to you want them to go to their christmas tree nothin under there i saw that said he had to say you're gay to cells books respect the goddamn bear hey troy so you go into the media and you're talking all this crap about skip because just go out there sling and unfounded accusations that people in the media that's not how you do it brown i guess alone professional treatments part is right as easily median yeah a toy back when you were a quarter back in the nfl scheme this was a fan and he paid your salary so without him you probably would be poor right now because you are
this clear and welfare and he was given you money lotta good points all i know is try respect the goddamn best also i read something somewhere that try re up his deal after skip was already come in a fox so this has little then stick man work written all over it now i'm now i'm seeing we're coming from so eventually they're going to have a fight yes there going to be a skip is going to fill me not going to fill in for shannon sharpe win has to aids lay down at some point in the near future be given them such good ideas right again they i guarantee they haven't thought about that but getting troy and skip on undisputed together a few ratings maybe tebow's reverie sweeps weak ok woody advertising soccer i was let's get our last segment this one's gonna be fun there often critical current one thing here a quick fun went out there we have mr kill presley here with us
he is worthy of our work and of the show every now and then because killed is a very very funny guy and he played football at you see so now our credibility through the roof weak when people say procedure gee i'm like we have for energy it even when he's not on the show we are now hurl all these unfounded accusations people like do the jeep and play the game actually yes arkose is speaking of which i actually not decide track here some what we were in minnesota we were they asked us if we had a veteran if we re veterans for veterans discount and i tried to say that chaps is a co worker so they should give it to us didn't work right so we're here that was caleb next time were like while guys such ways rather like hey man who played a high level were like a worker planned got acc for backup ac she's pretty high level backup kubi that lazy silk you be says still cuba in your title backup limited scope
i hear he's a liar so we're gonna workmen some videos that we have planned and this is a sex ports are introduced yes sir we ve all heard of death for death toll is when you bet that if the goat is gonna die every year this is all little different this is the first annual part my take sex pool so i what we're gonna do is working to try to predict the opposite of death who is going they have sex this year procreate procreate who have a baby lighter i have one question for can have already has exe
i think they have had no no you don't ask me first for example of sexual rubens i really don't think this through let's take a vote on and would you guess i say no proven sex it's too easy it if these ones orient sex right you didn't i gotta go back to the well yeah right cause you could just be like they got the age old rivers wife yeah my one i kill you start so where we saw we say no snow proven sex no proven six new legacy get done if that's the case okay and i love this person i would love to see ellen degenerous good oh i think this might be the year she flowers tat is a great how zone fifty step might have be even better recall because rage cause then it will be like wow ellen that's life ship anyone figures that up you're gettin you're gonna get a triple points if that happened i like what are the facts and to because she is lesbian so like her
getting pregnant that would be doubly impressive and doubly doubly impressive of the fact that she had sex man doc i didn't we a reorganise if she gives me pleasure like is pregnant before i get somebody pregnant i'm just gonna i'm gonna quit vienna iii i think all people have to i gotta go i got one for you ok i have a pair anna kendrick who feel like cheese made he's gonna do it she's brutal but ready for this we look into her eyes eighty four guys gonna have little come back soon might be might be the case guy that any kind of scorn for johnny knoxville i'm call my shot for the pair that's while in i would be shocked of joan acts will then have a killer dislike it requires a feudal but he's not
over your clear like anna kindred and joining together no yet they're gonna get together have a kid while yeah call the pair ok a big shot produces after peter turning your movie producer right you listen to me just when you ve when you film if there's like a leading lady she should be obviating when she's on camera guess proven that guy's anger those are more attractive to girls when there are just as science you can only film take ten days a month and showed that's how yes so just on even number days you can film i want to ask you something since i called my shot with the pair do you want to predict degeneracy sperm donor no i think it's a good idea is i think we should think of some those who this could be there for sex it's always runs
the other point i would also like to see her i would like to see you get bayliss get it done all i would like to see a skip it was only to lose his air well now that would be that kid's takes would be too much to the world's not ready the mind is you know i have to make an audible here because i had robber griffin i was gonna have robber griffin in his new ok friend from wood floor to state grit sister i forget gretta gretta greta you have to say like gretta gretta gretta energy three i think archie threes get the sex but he had one baby a baby yeah all bananas on the rebound other and so i think he's gonna like he's gonna fly in alone fat ac india where you get the we not see the touch you in your area he's not he's not being careful put our yo can i come in come back sexually you yeah this is why like that they would
come back sex of the year a word brooklyn oh if can come back and have sex again at this time and say it goes right really can you imagine oh you mean like you knowing a have periods she'll have again oh you always use your clients of another appeal but no your little bit younger than us i don't know how many human sexuality classes you ve taken your life ninety nine percent sure that hillary clinton can have a kitten am i know better about ellen dinner yeah yeah yeah i also i know your younger than us use images hank i dont think kellerman bill or have had sexually twenty years less was once come back ok it would be huge combat bp off all back it back the old white house back in their old room so your just assume you heller's gonna win that's real nonpartisan evident why that i want you back off that forces
maybe we'll see here's the thing by hurry is she's got a lot of really bad health disaster disorders right now i cannot if your guess others but she'd actually be a better person or death poor because she is she's very very sick right now ok pretty much common rights also without none gun allocating relies guess stun gun to shocker to keep her heart back in but maybe one of these seventy shocks her he makes her obviously so you could be innocent religion egg then our now come full circle haggle who do you got jaded psmith who's that the actor was missus son oh how it is these eighteen nineteen you better hope is hiv and how he does strike me as a kid who definitely don't worry i'll pull out the army like in those bad bad news bear i don't they
tat jaded smith can talk to anybody for long enough for them to everyone have sexual now i disagree i disagree its hollywood hollow only he added he ethos ah i well i think if i had a rake them power rank them i think kill windsor their own generous i come and second with my pair would you say to pity i said already three gretta holier thus covered sheep i feel a clarity havoc it ok fine which it up but they don't have a kid in the first place i'll get my new pig is roswell some of you that's actually great back room it wasn't step now that i think you better rustles is absolutely he's gonna have occasionally as having a kid in my lucky cheating on record february of next year he's having a kid that's for sure but we do this segment again in a year from now rustles in averting etiquette ok i
that's our show friday we have might florio back we do little preview of the nfl weakened coming up and that's it right neutral for partnerships which once dopamine spot revenue actually did with his first we'll talk about it
i intend to do about i shirts and will see right now
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